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Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, well look at you. You can’t deny you have feelings wow. Well, what’s going on with the two of you is exactly what’s going on with me and danny. How come you can’t accept that?

Daniel: We’re not talking about my situation right now.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, there’s a situation? I didn’t know there was a situation. Well, that must be really awkward. You know, lily and all.

Daniel: Okay, this is about you making problems for dad and for christine. It just– it feels like you’re up to your old tricks, mom. It feels– it feels like you’re being the aggressor. It feels like you’re not having any respect for anybody’s boundaries. And this is supposed to be you on your best behavior.

Phyllis: What’s going on here? Is someone in your ear? I can’t imagine who. There is nothing like that going on between me and danny. The pull is completely mutual, okay? There’s no aggression.

Daniel: Okay, okay. You saying he’s gonna wake up one day and realize that the two of you are meant to be together? What’s that?

Phyllis: Fate, destiny.

Daniel: No, no, it feels more like ego. It feels more like ancient history. It feels like you being more concerned about beating christine than any feelings you might actually have for dad.

Danny: Cricket, wow. What brings you here?

Christine: I came to see you. The run-in with phyllis. I couldn’t leave things between us like that.

>>: Danny: Yeah, it, um, it wasn’t fun for me either.

Christine: I know. We– we just need to clear the air. Can we go inside and talk?

Diane: Hey. I saw victor’s car was gone. I assumed it was safe to return.

Jack: Yeah, he took nikki back home.

Diane: How’d it go?

Jack: Well, she’s not as furious with me as she was. I thought she’d never forgive me. The look on her face when she saw me standing there with victor at the bar, I will never forget.

Diane: Well, I’m sure when she thought about it, she realized that you were only looking out for her.

Jack: She insisted I remain her sponsor.

Diane: Really? How did victor take that?

Jack: Well, she had to fight him on it, but he agreed.

Diane: Hm… you know, it’s touching, actually. His love for nikki transcends his animosity towards you. He realizes that you can help her. I just hope the truce will last as long as nikki needs you.

Jack: Well, don’t get me wrong, he’s no fan of the arrangement. In fact, his blessing came with a clear warning. Anything happens to nikki on my watch, he’ll see that I pay for it.

[ Audra sighs ]

Audra: Thank you.

Nate: May I join you?

Audra: I’m not expecting anyone.

Nate: Not even tucker? I’m surprised.

Audra: And why is that?

Nate: Oh, every time I see you two together, it’s like you’re growing closer.

Audra: Keeping an eye on me, are you?

Nate: I’m just curious how your new game plan is going. Is public handholding a part of your new scheme? Or are you actually falling under the guy’s spell?

Tucker: Hey, billy.

[ Billy sighs ]

Billy: And here I was, enjoying a nice, quiet drink alone.

Tucker: No, I don’t want to join you. I was just wondering, is ashley back from paris yet? ‘Cause I thought she came back with traci, but the word on the street is she stayed.

Billy: Yeah, well, my sister’s whereabouts is none of your business, tucker.

Tucker: In this particular instance, I must beg to differ.

Billy: No, in any and all instances, it’s none of your business, okay? She’s done with you. So, why don’t you just move on with your life? Oh, that’s right, you can’T. Because you’re a bitter, hollow man that feeds on anger and retribution.

Waiter: I’m sorry, madam, I don’t recall a broken glass or an overturned chair. Only that the gentleman got quite loud, he made a scene and then he stormed out.

Ashley: No.

Tucker: I’m done. You go to hell!

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: Have you convinced yourself that I was actually violent in paris?

Ashley: Don’t you dare try to gaslight me. That’s exactly what happened, and you know it.

Tucker: No, ashley, at the very least, you’re misremembering. I’m done. Goodbye, ashley. Go to hell. I told myself I was ok

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… now I can be myself again.

Diane: Are you worried about victor’s threat?

Jack: Oh, god, I’m not intimidated by victor. I just care about helping nikki.

Diane: And I’m sure you will. So where do you go from here?

Jack: Well, I’m glad everything’s out in the open. Won’t have to sneak around behind victor’s back anymore.

Diane: Yeah, hopefully, that will make her feel more at ease about reaching out to you.

Jack: You have been very supportive in all this. I know it hasn’t been easy. I love you for it.

Diane: Thanks. But I do have to ask you something, and I want you to be honest.

Jack: Ask.

Diane: Jack, do you really think you can help save nikki from all of this? Or is she too far gone?

Tucker: Thank you. If I may say, billy, you got a lot of anger.

[ Tucker scoffs ] I think you might want to look into that.

Billy: Well, it pisses me off that you think you deserve any information about my sister when the truth is she should have a restraining order against you.

Tucker: The only reason I ask about her and if she’s back, is because I wanna avoid running into her.

Billy: Oh yeah, right.

Tucker: You know, she went to paris to gather ammunition to use against me.

Billy: You mean to defend herself against you?

Tucker: No, sir. No, she is the angry one in search of retribution. I just want to steer clear of her and protect myself against whatever attack she has planned next.

Billy: And you still have the audacity to paint yourself as the victim here.

Tucker: That’s something I will never be. Anyone’s victim. I am prepared for someone to try to make me one, however.

Billy: Right, prepared in the same way that you were with the press and how they were gonna trash you about the cover-up scandal?

Tucker: Here I am, I’m still standing. I don’t share your knack for failure.

Billy: Well, actually, tucker, my days of failure are over. Yeah, I’m on top of the world now. Running a very successful company, in a stable and loving relationship. Two amazing kids that actually like me that think I’m a fantastic dad.

Tucker: And modest, too.

Billy: I have all the things you will never have. Because you’re too self-absorbed to actually be in a compassionate relationship that has a give and a take. ‘Cause all you do is take, tucker.

[ Billy clicks tongue ] Poor you. Always on the outside of everything that matters in life.

Audra: You know, why do you care about the state of my relationship with tucker? Okay, you made it clear you are happy where you are. Okay, you have no interest in any plan I may have in the works. You are just so content to bask in the glow of your cousin’s forgiveness. No other ambitions.

Nate: Going in for the kill so I won’t notice the dodge. You’re falling for the guy. Well, I hope it doesn’t cloud your judgment too much. Or you may find yourself out of yet another job.

Mamie: Hello, nate.

Nate: Hey, aunt mamie, how are you? Uh, you want to find a table? It’s getting a little crowded over here.

Audra: Um, actually, I’m just leaving, so why don’t you take my seat?

Mamie: Well, I wouldn’t want to rush you out or anything.

Audra: Oh, no, no, not at all. And, um, nate, don’t worry about me. I know exactly what I’m doing. I have my eyes wide open.

Mamie: What the heck was that all about?

Danny: You know, I was just on my way to the recording studio.

Christine: Okay, it won’t take long.

Danny: I don’t want to trouble daniel, you know. He’s home and I…

Christine: Are you making excuses?

Danny: I don’t feel like I should have to. I mean, I made my feelings perfectly clear.

Christine: I know you want to take a step back. But, you know, we were in the middle of a very honest moment when phyllis barged in, insinuating herself.

Danny: This is the kind of argument that I just don’t want to get into.

Christine: Neither do I, danny, but I just want to finish the important conversation we were having. Don’t we owe each other that much?

Danny: Yeah, okay, um… one coffee, and then I really have to get to work.

Christine: Sure. Thanks.

Phyllis: I can’t believe you’d say that to me. I would never be so careless with your father’s feelings because of some petty feud. I’m actually hurt that you would think that of me.

Daniel: No, no, don’t do that. Don’t– don’t play the wounded act. Look, I saw your little social media post, okay? You’re not fooling anyone. That feeling you get when your ex plays you a love song. Come on, what is that?

Phyllis: It’s– it’s just social media. It was a beautiful song, daniel. Who wouldn’t melt from that?

Daniel: And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel that way. But when you take something and you post it on social media like that, and you tag dad for everybody else to see, including christine, especially christine, it just– it seems like a calculated move.

Phyllis: Maybe I was just happy in the moment and I wanted to share it. Sue me. I mean, I don’t understand why you have such a problem of your father and me reconnecting. I don’t get that.

Daniel: Because you guys were never that way before.

Phyllis: So what? I– I know it’s odd that two people who aren’t together but share a child would reconnect after having problems in the past. I know that’s odd.

Daniel: Okay, no, no, no, no, no, don’t– don’t do that. Don’t compare–

Phyllis: Don’t compare you to heather?

Daniel: Yeah, no, don’T.

Phyllis: Yeah, I am. I’m comparing you and heather to me. We are in the same situation. With daisy sour cream every bite gets better

Daniel: No, no, no, no. I’m not gonna let you drag my personal relationship into this. This is about you. This is about you doing whatever it takes to get whatever you want with a blatant disregard for other people.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’m not gonna apologize for going after what I want, okay? I’m not ashamed for going after love, and I couldn’t care one bit about what christine feels about it and how she wants to stop it.

Daniel: That’s literally all you care about. That’s literally all you care about.

Phyllis: But you know what? I care about building something with your father. That’s it. It’s something special. How often does that come around in life?

Daniel: It just really feels like the golden opportunity here for you, is to make problems for christine. And then rub her face in it. And it feels like besting your old rival is the only thing that makes you happy.

Phyllis: I– I actually can’t believe that’s how you feel about me.

Daniel: It’s hard to feel any different from your actions.

Phyllis: Okay, my actions from before. The old phyllis. That person. Not the new phyllis. How come you can’t accept who I am now?

Daniel: Because I– because I need to see some actual change. You’ve talked a good game for summer’s and my sake, but I don’t see any difference.

Nate: Audra’s making a deal with the devil?

Mamie: I don’t suppose that you were referring to jill.

Nate: Tucker mccall.

Mamie: She works for him.

Nate: Among other things. I’ve been trying to figure out what her end game is, if she’s actually partnering with him or has her own scheme going.

Mamie: And this matters to you because?

Nate: We were colleagues, aunt mamie. I considered her a friend. But I am done worrying about her. If that’s who she chooses to throw in with, then…

Mamie: You know, the woman reminds me of a young jill abbott. Ambitious, but scheming. Nothing but a whole lot of trouble.

Nate: You’re a sharp judge of character.

Mamie: And an accurate one. You stay away from that one, you hear me? Well, on a lighter note. I’ve also been right about you. Bringing you back into the family business has just been the very best decision.

Nate: It’s been fun being back. And working with devon this time is much smoother. I’m looking forward to building on that when lily returns.

Mamie: Looks like everything is going just right for you right now.

Nate: Well, it seems to be.

Mamie: And I do have one question. How are you getting along with billy?

Tucker: You’re right.

[ Tucker clears throat ] I am self-absorbed.

Billy: Hm… honesty from you, that’s actually refreshing.

Tucker: But it’s the secret to my success. And of course, it’s a prerequisite to self-preservation.

Billy: It’s sad that you actually believe that, tucker.

[ Tucker scoffs ]

Tucker: You can stop with the high and mighty billy routine. It’s getting pretty insufferable.

Billy: Not as bad as being lectured by you.

Tucker: Yeah, but the whole moral superiority act. It’s such a crock because we both know underneath it all, you’re as ruthless as they come. How long before you need your next fix? Huh? Before you start jonesing for that next big win? Yeah. I bet you don’t hesitate for a second and use your new position to get it, too.

Billy: I don’t need the power in the way you do.

Tucker: Hey, maybe you’ll be the one to take over jabot.

Billy: And why the hell would I do that?

Tucker: What better way to best jack? Now, that’s a takeover I would enjoy watching unfold. See you around.

Jack: I don’t believe anybody’s so far gone with addiction that they can’t be saved, but nikki is facing so much. One of the people that set this whole god-awful spiral in motion is her granddaughter.

Diane: I know, it’s– it’s a lot. I mean, she has to deal with all those complicated feelings and try to maintain her sobriety.

Jack: And there’s her fear that this woman who masterminded this whole vendetta against nikki and her family may be on the loose.

Diane: Jack, what if by helping nikki, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way from some psychopath?

Jack: Victor has his security team on full alert.

Diane: Well, I’m sure he does, but that probably doesn’t apply to you.

Jack: We have security of our own, believe me. I just wanna be there for nikki when she needs me. I gotta help her conquer this.

Diane: And I love that about you. You know, there’s one more thing that’s been bothering me.

Jack: Tell me.

Diane: Well, you’ve been so caught up in nikki’s crisis that it has to have had an impact on you.

Jack: It has been horrible watching her go through this.

Diane: Yeah, so I– I need to know. With– with all the stress, have you been tempted at all to start using again yourself? Before my doctor and I chose breztri for my copd,

Jack: I promise you, I have not been tempted to start taking pain pills again.

Diane: Would you tell me if you had been?

Jack: Absolutely, you have my word on that. I hate that we’re even talking about this.

Diane: Well, how can I not be? I mean, you’ve– you’ve admitted how stressful it is to see nikki going through this.

Jack: That only strengthens my resolve to stay clean. You have to believe that.

Diane: Okay. Okay, I do. I just– I just want you to know that you can confide in me if that changes for you. I mean, jack, you don’t have to protect me. I just– I don’t know, I just– I just wanna be here for you in– in any way that I can be through this.

Jack: I don’t doubt that for one second. And I am eternally grateful. You are my rock.

Christine: You didn’t mean what you said earlier. You think I don’t want you to be friends with phyllis?

Danny: You don’T. You know you don’T.

Christine: I– I just don’t understand how this has become an issue other than that’s exactly what she wanted.

Danny: Chris, let’s not do this.

Christine: Danny, I felt what was happening between us was real. That we were getting closer. You made the sauce.

Danny: Yeah, I– I did.

Christine: And ever since phyllis found out that we were spending more time together, she’s just been throwing herself at you.

Danny: Now, come on, I– I wouldn’t categorize it like that.

Christine: Okay, well then how would you describe what’s going on?

Danny: It’s exactly as I told you. I have feelings for both of you but in completely different ways. And then all of a sudden, this whole thing blew up, okay? Again.

Christine: It’s just so obvious that she’s going after you as a slap in the face to me.

Danny: Because of course she could never have legitimate feelings for me.

Christine: Come on, this isn’t a slight against you, okay? This is about phyllis, who is incapable of having any real feelings. She is a narcissist. This is about winning.

Danny: Okay, this is exactly why I can’t do this, all right? I am simply this chess piece in this battle between the two of you. This is about you and phyllis and your hatred for each other. And you know what? I am sick of being stuck in the middle.

Phyllis: Well, love, I mean, if I haven’t changed, why are you even talking to me? Why am I wasting my time trying to reconnect with you? I mean, why are you dealing with me? Why don’t you just cut me off?

Daniel: Because you’re my mother. Because you’re my mother and I love you and I am trying to salvage our relationship. And I keep trying to guide you in the right direction, but you keep derailing yourself and that is so frustrating to watch over and over again.

Phyllis: Can you hear how condescending that is and degrading? Oh, I’m trying to– to guide my mom and correct her at all times. Seriously, I shouldn’t have even come here to see you.

Daniel: Come here to see me? You didn’t come here to see me, you came here to see dad. Let’s be honest about that. Because you will not stop until you get whatever it is that you want. And you’ve got the poor guy tied up in knots now.

Phyllis: Did danny say that?

Daniel: Oh, my god, oh, my god. You are not even listening to me, are you? I hate seeing dad this way.

Phyllis: What about me? You don’t hate seeing me this way? Seriously? It is like a dagger in my heart that you are pulling for christine over me.

Daniel: Christine and dad actually have a relationship. You guys– you guys– no.

Phyllis: No. Your dad and I have a connection that is growing every single day. Choose christine to be with your dad over me. Do you know how much that kills me? Your own mother. Your father and I actually have a chance at something this time without her interfering. We actually do. And you are proof that we make magic together. But you want me to step aside because, oh, I don’t know, it’s the right thing to do.

Daniel: No, no, that is not what I’m saying. You are twisting my words around.

Phyllis: Yeah, when I see lucy, when I see her look at you with so much love in her eyes, it kills me. It kills me. And she so desperately wants you and heather back together. It warms my heart actually, but it breaks my heart because you don’t want the same thing for me. I don’t wanna have dinner with you.

Daniel: Mom. Mom, don’t leave. Come on. Hey! I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Do I love speed walking?…

Nate: Things with billy are fine.

Mamie: Just fine?

Nate: We’re civil. Maybe a little strained, but nothing I see as an issue.

Mamie: Well, I would like to suggest that you put a little bit more effort into this business relationship. Matter of fact, I think that you should make billy your new best friend.

Nate: Yeah, that would require more than a little effort. Why? What are you after?

Mamie: We need to know what billy, more importantly, what jill– what they’re up to.

Nate: And that makes me think you’re trying to stir things up, aunt mamie. Can you even name a single move that jill has made that indicates she’s at war with you?

Mamie: Then why do you think that she brought billy in as co-ceo?

Nate: Because billy was already coming on board. The timing just happened to work out with lily’s leave of absence.

Mamie: Honey, there’s more to it than that. Jill is feeling outnumbered. She had to bring her family on board so that she could balance things out.

Nate: Okay, and if it makes you feel better, what’s the matter?

Mamie: She lured billy and chance. Oh, you do know that he’s personally grooming him, right? Clearly. Jill has plans to install him in yet another high-level position. She is threatened by me, and she is just trying to shore up her reinforcements.

Nate: Aunt mamie, please, don’t do this.

Mamie: I do this to protect you and your cousins’ legacy. I do this to take care of you, which you don’t seem to be able to do yourself. Damn right, I’m worried, and you and devon should be as well.

Billy: Worried? About what?

[ Phone chiming ]

Tucker: Let me know when she gets to her house.

[ Knock on door ] Yes, I was hoping it was you.

Audra: Before you get that look in your eyes, this is about work.

Tucker: What look? You just made my heart race again, is all. What’s on your mind?

Audra: Well, you know, I’ve been doing some digging on those cosmetic businesses you want to acquire, the ones you want to fold into glissade. And two of them definitely have questionable financials.

Tucker: Do they now?

Audra: Yes, we’d be taking on junk debt. Two of them are over-leveraged.

Tucker: Well, that is unacceptable.

Audra: You know, I’m surprised you didn’t catch it. But of course, I found two more viable companies.

Tucker: Of course, you did. You know, I– I knew they were duds. I was just– I was curious to see if you’d catch it and, uh, come up with alternatives. Gold star for you.

Audra: So you weren’t testing my analysis skills. You were testing my loyalty.

Jack: Ash.

Ashley: Hi.

Jack: You’re back.

Ashley: Yeah. You sound surprised.

Jack: Well, from what traci said, I thought maybe you would stay in paris indefinitely.

Ashley: Why would I do that? This is my home, right?

Jack: You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that.

Ashley: Well, I just needed a moment to kind of shake off all that anger I was feeling towards tucker after his latest move.

Diane: And were you able to?

Ashley: Not exactly. Did traci tell you what he did? That bastard actually bribed the waiter at the cafe to back up his version of events.

Jack: Yeah, she, uh, she mentioned that.

Ashley: I mean, how twisted could one person be, right? What’s that about?

Jack: What?

Diane: Nothing.

Jack: No, we’re– we’re just concerned about you. And happy to have you home.

Ashley: What aren’t you telling me? Hey… it’s me! Your dry skin!

Jack: I think we should all talk together, as a family.

Ashley: So talk.

Jack: Well, traci’s out with a friend. She’ll be back soon.

Ashley: We spent a lot of time together in paris. We’re all caught up, traci and I.

Jack: Well, I’m sure she’d like to be part of this. I don’t want to speak for her. And maybe abby would like to be part of the discussion.

Ashley: Why are we including abby in any of this?

Jack: Because she’s your daughter and she’s concerned.

Ashley: About what? Okay, what the hell is going on? What do we suddenly have to discuss as a family?

Jack: You.

Nate: My aunt mamie seems to believe the only reason jill brought you back to chancellor-winters is as the first step in some sort of power play against her. And I’ve been trying to tell her she’s wrong. You agree, right?

Billy: Mamie’s a shrewd woman. Your rivalry with my mother has gone on for years, so your– your fear is understandable.

Mamie: Oh, so you’re admitting that you were brought on to shore up jill’s power.

Billy: Well, I’ve worked with chancellor-winters in the past.

Nate: Exactly what I told her.

Billy: But you’re right. Originally, jill brought me into chancellor-winters to make sure that chancellor is protected. She also believes we need as many recruits as possible because of the threat that tucker poses.

Nate: Yes, exactly. We’re all trying to work together against any outside threats. And you don’t want to start an internal war now, do you?

Billy: No, no, no. Of course not.

Nate: Okay.

Billy: No one wants that.

Nate: So, are you trying to smooth the way over with jill the way I am with my aunt mamie?

Billy: Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

Nate: Why not?

Billy: Because I agree with my mother. Mamie is the one who’s a threat.

Christine: Hatred for phyllis is not what’s motivating me here, I swear.

Danny: Cricket, you practically seethe when you say her name. You can’t say that that’s not a factor here.

Christine: Okay, well, do I despise her? Yes, I do, and with good reason. But that has nothing to do with you and me.

[ Danny sighs ] Danny, I came to see you because I couldn’t leave things in such a mess. And I needed to know that I wasn’t crazy. That what I’ve been feeling is real, and we’ve been reconnecting. And it’s been exciting and– and special. And I’ve felt feelings that I haven’t felt in a really long time, I… please say it was real for you, too.

Danny: Of course, it was.

Christine: Okay. I needed to hear that. I just– I hate the idea of walking away from this and not giving us a chance. So, I promise, I– I will give very little thought to phyllis. It’s just she keeps forcing herself between us and riling things up, and it hurts me that you don’t see it. You just– you just let it happen.

Danny: I am not blind, okay? I understand how incredibly difficult she can be. I do.

Christine: That woman is a walking apocalypse.

Phyllis: Hey, um, well, so much for danny’s request for space.

Danny: Phyllis, please don’T.

Phyllis: Let me guess. Did christine summon you here because she wanted to give you some sort of lecture about big bad phyllis? How’s that going so far?

Danny: It’s not like that.

Christine: Can you just get your coffee and go? We’re having a private conversation.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, no problem. Um, listen, I’ll give you guys– I’ll give you guys some time. I just wanted to tell you because I forgot to tell you earlier at daniel’S. Um, I have a surprise for you. I got you tickets to that concert that you’ve been talking about.

Christine: Was she at your apartment earlier? Is that why you couldn’t get me out of there fast enough?

Danny: Yes, because I was afraid of this.

Christine: I don’t know. I mean, it’s–

Danny: Wait.

Christine: It’s– it’s as if you’re playing us off each other like you’re enjoying this.

Danny: Not a bit.

Phyllis: I actually am.

Christine: Okay, you shut it.

Danny: I couldn’T. You know what? Enough, you two. All right, like I said before, I don’t want any part of this. I really don’T. I– I can’t handle it. And if spending time with the two of you is gonna be this kind of drama, then you know what? I think it’s a big mistake for all of us. All right? I really do.

Mamie: Did I mishear or did billy abbott just say that he and jill both see me as a threat?

Nate: Why is that?

Billy: Because I agree with my mother. The only reason why you came back to town and put your money into chancellor-winters because that was your first step in trying to oust jill abbott, which is coincidentally something that tucker would like to see happen as well.

Mamie: I am so done with tucker after what he did to ashley. He tried to make me an ally, but I refused.

Billy: Oh, well, you might’ve changed your mind, but the impulse was still there. After all these years, you still tried to stick it to my mother, mamie. That’s saying something.

Mamie: And she’s trying to shore up the company by bringing you and her grandson in right now.

Nate: Okay, okay. I think, um, I think we all should take a breath.

Billy: I’m perfectly calm, nate. You asked me a question, I’m giving you an answer. I think it’s important that we lay our cards on the table.

Mamie: And now nate can see that I’m not causing conflict. It’s already here.

Nate: And if tucker is really coming for us, internal distrust will only help him. We need to be united.

Billy: If you really wanna help with that, nate, then I suggest you try to convince aunt mamie that coming after jill abbott is a fool’s errand. One that I guarantee will fail.

Audra: You’re still not sure you can trust me, are you?

Tucker: No more sure than you are that you can trust me.

Audra: You’re okay with that?

Tucker: I’m more than okay with it. I’m thrilled with anything that keeps that fire in your eyes. Because that fire might be my favorite thing in the whole world.

Audra: Oh, stop it.

Tucker: Stop it?

Audra: Okay, go ahead.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh.

[ Tucker grunts ] Who’s home? Dios mio! You are still keeping tabs on ashley, aren’t you?

Diane: Ashley, you, uh, you look exhausted. Why don’t you go upstairs, take a bath?

Jack: Yeah, that’s a great idea. Unpack, unwind, we can pick this up tomorrow.

Ashley: Stop it. Both of you, I don’t wanna take a bath and I don’t wanna unwind. I wanna know why you wanna have a family meeting about me. What did traci tell you about paris?

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Sally: We are in serious trouble. Everything we worked for, we could lose it all.

Chelsea: I just got off the phone with the teachers at connor’s school. The news was much worse than I thought.

Chance: Would you two care to join us?

Phyllis: Sure.

Nick: No, we’re not gonna do that. No, no, you guys seem to be, um, having a good time on your, uh, is it a date?

Cole: What’s wrong?

Victoria: It’s my father. As usual, he’s gone too far.

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