Days Short Recap Monday, February 5, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John demanded to know what Konstantin wanted from him. He wanted to know why Konstantin wanted to meet him. John demanded that he tell him everything he knew about the pawn. Konstantin told him about Victor and his pawn.  Wendy told Tripp about her conversation with Ava. She told him that Ava basically threatened her. Stefan felt guilt about making love to Ava. He couldn’t believe he cheated on Gabi. Ava reminded him about his role in what happened. He tried to blame her, but she said they were both responsible. Ava told him that they needed to keep what happened a secret. Johnny talked to Chanel about his concerns about them getting married. He didn’t think it would be safe for them to get married. Wendy continued to talk to Tripp about Ava’s conversation. They thought she was trying to get them out of town. Tripp felt like Stefan got Ava mixed up in something. Stefan reminded Ava that he had more to lose than her if the truth came out. She said she had something to lose as well. He reminded her that he’s married. Ava didn’t want Harris to find out about what they did. Konstantin told John about him being a killer. John pulled a gun on Konstantin and told him that he could kill a man. Konstantin told him that a woman could get killed too. John wanted to know what that meant. Konstantin told him that Katarina got in the way when he tried to kill. He said he wanted to show him something and tell him what it meant. Konstantin showed him the card, and John backed up.

Konstantin called out to John, but he didn’t remember his name. He told him that his beautiful Katarina was taken from him. Johnny assured Chanel that he didn’t have second thoughts about the wedding. Chanel told him that she wasn’t afraid of his family. He asked her about Allie. She assured him that she didn’t love her anymore. He couldn’t get past it, and she wondered if he thought she was gay. Tripp and Wendy went home and saw Ava and Stefan together. Tripp demanded that Stefan leave the apartment. He warned Stefan to stay away from his mother. Johnny wondered if he would be enough for Chanel. She assured him that she’s ready to commit herself to him. Chanel didn’t need anyone else. She told him that he protected her even when they weren’t together. Konstantin was able to get John to put his gun to his head. He was ready to pull the trigger. After Stefan left the apartment, Tripp wanted answers from Ava. She refused to talk to him about what happened with him. Konstantin stopped John from shooting himself. He wanted John to do things first. Konstantin let him know that he would go back to his family for now.

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