Y&R Best Lines Friday, February 2, 2024

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Tucker: Now’s really not the best time.

Audra: Your moods are relentless these days. Now, what’s wrong?

Tucker: Nothing I’m prepared to discuss at this time.

Audra: Oh, you don’t need to. This is about Ashley, isn’t it? She’s yanking your chain yet again. And you’re letting it get to you.


Sally: You know kids. They don’t like to draw attention. Connor isn’t shutting you out. I’m sure he’s just trying to keep a low profile.

Adam: What– what if it’s deeper than that?

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: He trusts Chelsea more than he trusts me for a reason. I wasn’t around for so long. For years that– that really matter to kids. He lived without a dad and he got used to it. But, I mean, hey, I was just keeping up a family tradition.

Sally: You’re not victor.

Adam: No, it’s more than that. My father grew up without his father and I grew up without my dad. So now what, it’s Connor’s turn? And, I mean, if he grows up resenting me for not being around, for feeling distant, or that he can’t depend on me, how can I blame him, or even Chelsea? All of this is on me.


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