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Thomas: Let’s do it, hope. Spend our life together. Take that ring off your necklace. Put it on this finger. The way we look at each other. We love each other. We want this. Raising the kids together, husband and wife. Say yes, hope. Say you’ll marry me.

Eric: Well, here’s what I’m hoping for. A positive prognosis tomorrow when we see the doctor. That’s what I want.

Donna: But you had some good ones back at the hospital.

Eric: I know positivity is very important. And I feel better. I feel– I feel better every day. I really do. Although, it’s, uh… it’s not like I’ll be running a marathon again very soon.

Katie: Again?

[ Donna scoffs ]

Eric: All right, ever, if you want to get technical about it. No, no, I do– I do feel better every day. That’s a good sign, right?

Donna: Of course, it’s a good sign, yes. Look, all the tests and the blood work and the meds, it’s all gonna be worth it.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Because this procedure worked and tomorrow, you’re gonna have a good prognosis.

Katie: You’ve been through so much. You both have. If anyone deserves a little good news, it’s the two of you.

Luna: First night in your new rental. You excited?

Rj: Yeah. Less about the place, though. More who I’m with.

Luna: Well, what I’m excited for is that we get to finally be alone together.

Rj: Finally.

Luna: Finally. [ Chuckles ]

[ Knocking ]

Rj: I’m just kidding. I’m joking.

Luna: Oh, my god.

[ Both laughing ]

Rj: We are absolutely… alone.

Katie: There’s no reason to think that tomorrow won’t be good. You’ve been back to the hospital several times now for check-ups, and finn is taking remarkable care of you.

Donna: Yeah, he certainly is. And I am eternally grateful to him and bridget.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, we all are. And we will continue to be.

Donna: You are not going anywhere, okay? You still have a lot more living to do, okay? Come here.

Rj: You know, I remember the first time that I met you.

Luna: What, at um, at your grandfather’s house?

Rj: Mm-hmm. I tried to hide it, but you took my breath away.

Luna: Well, I was too busy being a nervous intern walking into the forrester estate, so…

Rj: You know, I knew there was something special about you. I just had to prove it. Like, I just had to figure out what it was, but… now I’ve got all the proof I need. I feel so close to you.

Luna: I feel close to you, too. I always feel so safe and secure whenever I’m with you.

Hope: I adore you. And you are so, so important to me in my life. But thomas, I– I asked for some time and I still need some time.

Thomas: It’s okay. I understand.

Hope: Do you?

Thomas: Yeah, no, I do. We have plenty of time. Look, when you say yes, I want you to be fully committed to the idea of us. 100% in. And that’s gonna happen. I know it, ’cause I– I can see how we look at each other, how we love each other. Hope… I know we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives together. Hey… it’s me! Your dry skin!

Thomas: How settled in are you?

Hope: What do you mean?

[ Thomas clears throat ]

Thomas: Just, uh, I’m wondering if I can convince you to head over to granddad’s with me.

Hope: Of course, but is something wrong? I mean, I know he’s getting some news from the doctor’s tomorrow.

Thomas: Yeah, no, I mean, I don’t think anything’s wrong. Uh, look, my dad texted, and he was planning on going over to granddad’s with your mom, actually, but they’re stuck on one of those international calls that never ends, and so he asked me to go instead.

Hope: Well, I’d be happy to. And honestly, I think eric is probably feeling a little nervous about whatever he’s gonna find out tomorrow, so I’d love to be there for him. It would be nice for us to show a little family support. What? [ Laughs ]

Thomas: Just you. You’re so beautiful. Inside and out. It’S… every time I think about you, I think about your name, and… I know it’s cheesy. It is, but I want hope. Hope for the future. And that makes me think about the hope for our future. The future that we’re gonna share someday.

Zende: I was thrilled to get your text. I was like, party across the courtyard? Of course, I’m walking over.

Eric: No, no, I didn’t say “party,” I didn’t say that. I just thought if he wasn’t busy, he could…

Donna: Uh-huh. What’s this about a party?

Eric: No, well, ridge called and said that thomas might be coming over. And I thought that since katie’s here already, that we could just kind of have a get-together like that.

Katie: Well, I say, yes. Let’s turn the music on. This place just got a lot more interesting.

Donna: Okay, okay, all right. You should be resting.

Eric: Yeah.

Zende: It looks like I got you in trouble, granddad. Maybe I should just head on back to the office.

Eric: No, no, no, no. We have something to celebrate. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, I’m gonna get a positive prognosis about all this stuff here.

Zende: Yeah, you got this, granddad.

Eric: Yeah, I do. Especially surrounded by this wonderful family.

Zende: Is rj coming too? I assume you texted him.

Eric: No, rj has plans tonight. Something with luna.

Luna: Mm, that was so good. Thank you. I mean, delivery from my favorite restaurant? You’re getting all the brownie points tonight.

Rj: I do have a confession, though. I was nervous about that order. I didn’t know if I got it right.

Luna: No, you did good. I mean, you know me so well.

Rj: Yes, I do. I, um, yeah, I still feel like I have a lot to learn, though.

Luna: What, about my food preferences?

Rj: Yes, yes. Those specifically. Just– you’re just beautifully fascinating.

Luna: Fascinating?

Rj: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] You know, I’ve– I’ve traveled the world and I’ve met so many people. Nobody has been able to capture my imagination and my heart like you do. You jimmys john’s still waking up

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: I mean, it still amazes me. Every time we come in here, it’s like you’re happier and healthier than ever. I still couldn’t believe it when we walked in the other day and you were playing the piano.

Thomas: I know. Best feeling ever.

Eric: I got through a little bit of it before I had to quit.

Thomas: You definitely did.

Eric: Well, I’m doing better. I’m just– I’m not completely cured. I think I have a long way to go. I really do.

Donna: Well, hopefully when we hear from finn, it’ll be the first step in the right direction in a full recovery.

Eric: Yeah.

Hope: Um, actually, do you mind if I text rj and invite him over? I just– I think he would really love to be here.

Katie: I think he has plans tonight.

Eric: Yeah, a special evening with luna that I insisted he not change.

Thomas: Ah. Is he, uh, settling into the new digs?

>>Donna: Didn’t he, uh, rent from bill spencer?

Hope: Yep, the beach house.

Zende: Lucky for rj.

Eric: I agree with that. I think that’s terrific. I mean, any young person needs to move out of their parents’ house sooner or later. And with what’s going on with– with him and luna, you can imagine the, uh, the memories they’re gonna make. Young love. It’s wonderful.

Luna: I cannot believe my life right now. I mean, is this– is this really happening? I– I– I– get an internship at forrester, which is like my dream job. And then what happens? I meet the coolest guy. The guy that I just walked hand-in-hand with at the beach. In malibu. Malibu. Like, is this really happening right now? It’s like… in the blink of an eye, my entire world shifted.

Rj: I feel the exact same way. My world shifted, and… god, you’re just beautiful.

[ Luna gasps ]

Luna: Oh, my god. How did you…

Rj: I, uh, I just– I just wanted this to be beautiful. I wanted it to be everything that you ever imagined.

Luna: You’re everything I ever imagined. So kind and handsome and funny. Who understands me and… trusts and respects me. And loves me.

Rj: I love you.

Luna: I love you too. Hi, I’m greg.

Eric: Look at me waxing on about, uh, young love. Sometimes, the love you find later in life can be even more fulfilling, darling.

Thomas: Hey, zende.

Zende: Yeah?

Thomas: Did you, by chance, uh, get those designs over to rj, like I asked?

Zende: I did.

Thomas: Yeah? I actually got a good look at his new love shack. I was a bit surprised to learn that rj is renting a multimillion dollar house on the beach. He’s, uh, he’s an incredibly lucky guy, so I guess you can’t blame him for that, right? Everything just seems to fall into his lap. Including luna.

Hope: Oh. Well, I’m sure luna feels lucky to be with a sweet man like rj, and it is pretty clear that they care about each other.

Zende: Sure. Yeah, clear as day.

Luna: Rj, that was… wow.

Rj: Are you okay?

Luna: Yeah. That was amazing. You were amazing. I used to dream about this, you know? My first time, and what it would be like. But what we just shared, that was… that was more than I could have ever imagined.

Rj: You’re so beautiful.

Luna: I’ve never felt closer to anyone than I do to you right now. I just– I want you to hold me in your arms and never let me go.

Rj: I love you.

Luna: I love you too.

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