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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo caught Stephanie coming out of Everett’s room. She questioned why he was there. He said he lived in the building. She said it wasn’t his business why she was there, but he thought it was. Johnny told Stefan he was engaged. Stefan didn’t care about his engagement when he couldn’t be with his wife. Johnny asked him if he was with Ava. Stefan told him to mind his business. Stephanie continued to let Leo know what went on with Everett was none of his business. She threatened to get him fired if he continued to pry. He agreed to let it go. When she walked away, he went to Everett’s door. Paulina went to the hospital so Sarah could check on her. When Sarah examined her, she said the lump was still the same. Sarah said she would make sure she could get checked out as soon as possible. Steve talked to Kayla about Konstantin. He said he and John didn’t trust him, and Maggie shouldn’t either. Steve said Konstantin’s history with Victor wasn’t right. Kayla said Maggie was taken with Konstantin at first. Steve said Maggie was still taken with him. He said whenever he and John try to tell Maggie about Konstantin, she shuts them down. Steve said Konstantin was a con man. Kayla thought he should try to sleep. Ava and Wendy talked about Wendy’s relationship with Tripp. Wendy was upset when Ava thought she was using Tripp as a support system. Leo went to see Everett. He asked Everett about Stephanie. Everett took Leo away from his room so they could talk.

Sarah was able to get Paulina an examination room so she could get checked out. She tried to get Paulina to call Chanel so she could support her. Johnny told Stefan that he didn’t know Ava was going to set him off. Stefan told Johnny to stay out of his business. Johnny reminded him about kissing Ava. Stefan told him he would understand things better when he grew up. Wendy wanted to know why Ava was insulting her. Ava said she was being protective of her son. Wendy said she loved Tripp, and he loved her. She said they were going to be together. While they were talking, Wendy noticed Harris calling Ava. Wendy asked if she was in love with Harris or Stefan or both. Stefan told Johnny that he didn’t have a right to judge him. Johnny said he wasn’t judging him. He said he openly kissed Ava in front of his family. Johnny wanted to know why he was doing this to Gabi if he loved her. Stefan said he vowed to be faithful to Gabi. He said he was worried sick about when she was getting out of Statesville. Johnny asked why he was doing this. Stefan said Ava was a beautiful woman and he is alone. Johnny said he hoped he could live with what he was doing. Stefan said he hoped he could too. Leo and Everett talked about Stephanie. Everett said he and Stephanie talked. When Leo jokingly flirted with him, Everett wondered if he used humor to compensate for problems in his life. Chanel and Johnny showed up to be there for Paulina. Johnny called Ava and warned her to stop talking to Harris. While they were talking, he wondered if she was with Harris. They argued over having to flirt with each other.

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