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Stephanie quietly exits Everett’s room at the Salem Inn. Leo then comes around the corner and comments on her getting around. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Leo reminds her that he lives at the Salem Inn and remarks that he’s looked at the guest list and knows that she does not live there. Stephanie tells Leo that this is not what he thinks. Leo jokes that his imagination is on fire. Stephanie tells him it’s a false alarm. Leo says that’s what they all say. Stephanie remarks that where she spends the night is her business. Leo says it may be Lady Whistleblower’s.

Wendy comes out from the bedroom looking to find Tripp but finds Ava. Ava tells her that it looks like Tripp’s 12 hour shift has turned in to overtime. Wendy says she’ll just go back to her room and meditate but Ava stops her and says she will make some coffee so they can have a woman to woman chat.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan paces in the living room, looking at a photo of Gabi on his phone and talks about how they made up for lost time one year ago today. Stefan wonders how they ended up here. Johnny walks in and greets him. Johnny asks if he knows if EJ is up. Stefan mocks not having EJ’s schedule. Johnny remarks that somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed and encourages that it’s a beautiful day. Johnny then announces that he and Chanel are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Stefan says good for him. Johnny questions him not congratulating him. Stefan says it’s kind of hard for him to celebrate someone else getting married when his wife is in prison. Johnny knows that sucks but brings up Stefan having a thing with Ava. Stefan warns him that’s none of his damn business.

Chanel sets up the Bakery in the town square and greets Kayla as she comes by. Kayla says she just got off a long shift and she knows she’s probably not open but she ordered banana muffins online to surprise Steve and Stephanie. Chanel says they will be ready in a few minutes if she wants to wait. Chanel then shows Kayla her engagement ring. Kayla congratulates her and states that Johnny is a lucky man. Chanel feels she’s the lucky one and reveals they are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Kayla notes that’s what she and Steve did. Chanel says it worked for them. Kayla guesses Paulina must be thrilled. Chanel confirms that it’s given her something to focus on other than her illness.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Sarah that she has a patient waiting for her in the exam room that is listed as confidential. Sarah finds that strange and goes to the room to find Paulina. Sarah asks about her being the mystery patient. Paulina guesses it helps being Mayor.

Stephanie tells Leo that she’s sorry to deprive him of mind-blowing gossip, but she and Everett are colleagues just like they are. Leo asks if they are colleagues with benefits but Stephanie says they are just friends. Leo argues that men and women can’t be friends because sex gets in the way. Stephanie calls that outdated and says her purpose for being with Everett last night is none of Leo’s business. Stephanie asks if Leo wants to keep his job. Leo senses a threat coming. Stephanie warns that she’s tight with Everett and his boss. Stephanie says she would hate to tell Leo’s boss that his column is a detriment to the newspaper. Leo says he will see her then. After Stephanie walks away. Leo comes back around the corner and knocks on Everett’s door.

Sarah checks on Paulina in the hospital. Sarah suggests doing an ultrasound on her neck. Paulina explains that she woke up feeling panicked and having a hard time breathing, so she came right here. Sarah assures that she’s in excellent hands and will get the best care possible. Sarah says she will get her in as fast as she can. Paulina asks her not to hold anyone off on her account so she’s not interfering with anyone else’s health. Sarah insists that they will make it work and asks if she wants her to call Chanel but Paulina says absolutely not.

Stephanie comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Chanel.

Kayla goes home and tries to quietly get in bed with Steve but he wakes up. Kayla tells him to go back to sleep. Steve calls it a rough night as he was out late with John. Kayla thought he was on his way bed when they last talked. Steve explains that Marlena wanted him to meet with John because she’s worried about him. Kayla asks if it’s work related. Steve says no but then says it’s no big deal. Kayla questions it not being a big deal that Marlena called him after 10 PM. Steve then admits it’s about Konstantin as he and John don’t trust him and they don’t think Maggie should either. Kayla says she’s heard this before, so she asks if he has something new. Steve says it may just be a new take on him and his history with Victor as something’s not right. Kayla asks if Maggie agrees now. Steve says she unfortunately doesn’t and that every time he and John try to warn her, she shuts them down. Kayla asks if they have any proof that Maggie is in real danger. Steve admits they don’t but insists that Konstantin is dangerous. Steve brings up his ties to the Greek mafia, the baby kidnapping, and his monumental debts. Kayla encourages that Maggie is a strong woman and trusts that Konstantin is a changed man. Steve worries that Maggie will regret it. Kayla guesses Maggie will have to figure it out herself and suggests Steve try to shake it off and sleep. Steve responds that he can’t go back to sleep now because he smells banana muffins.

Ava sits with Wendy and says she understands how awkward it can be to have her boyfriend’s mother living with them. Wendy assures that they are fine with it. Ava feels it has to be tough. Ava acknowledges that it seems like they’ve gotten close and that Wendy is really in to Tripp which she confirms. Ava brings up that Tripp has been hurt a lot, first by Allie, and Haley, Ciara, and others. Ava states that women tend to take advantage of Tripp, string him along, and then cast him away. Ava adds that she has a reputation of being direct so she’s just going to ask Wendy if she’s for real. Wendy is not sure what that means. Ava asks if she’s interested in Tripp in a serious way because if not, she’d rather that she bow out now. Wendy resents Ava implying that she’s a fickle, insubstantial person so she’s reluctant to even respond. Ava says she’s just concerned about her son and she’s just wondering if Wendy is looking at Tripp as a nice safe place to land like a security blanket. Wendy tells Ava that is not it and that she is really crossing a line. Ava argues that she’ll understand one day when she’s a mother, that she’s just looking out for her son’s best interests.

Leo knocks on Everett’s door and claims to be room service. Everett answers the door. Leo asks if he’s alright. Everett calls it a long night. Leo tells him that he just saw Stephanie leave and that she called When Harry Met Sally outdated. Everett questions what he’s talking about. Leo says he saw Stephanie leaving, so they spent the night together. Everett tells Leo that he’s so out of line. Leo asks if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Everett tells Leo that they need to talk, but not here, so he exits with him.

Chanel brings Stephanie a coffee and says she looks like she could use it. Chanel asks if Stephanie is heading home, noting that she just missed Kayla being on her way home from the hospital and that Kayla didn’t see her. Stephanie guesses she’s probably wondering why she’s leaving the Salem Inn at this hour. Chanel says she wasn’t because she’s a grown woman and whatever she does is her business and no one else’s.

Sarah tells Paulina that they can get her in for the ultrasound now and asks how she’s feeling. Paulina says she’s a whole lot calmer thanks to her. Sarah goes over it being a simple procedure and it will be done in about 30 minutes. Sarah knows if her mom was in the hospital, she’d want to be there to support her, so she asks if she’s sure she can’t call Chanel for her.

Stephanie thanks Chanel and wishes the rest of the town didn’t feel so free to nose around in other people’s business. Stephanie talks about people being fixated on her love life which is not that interesting. Stephanie then notices Chanel’s ring and asks about it. Chanel confirms that she and Johnny are engaged. Stephanie congratulates her. Chanel informs her that they are getting married on Valentine’s Day which she heard is what Stephanie’s parents did. Stephanie calls it wonderful and says it lifts her spirits to know people are happy and in love. Chanel’s phone rings so she steps away to answer as Stephanie congratulates her again and walks away. Everett and Leo then come out from the Salem Inn. Leo comments on not wanting to talk on an empty stomach. Everett says he just needs him to listen. Leo remarks that since this was Everett’s idea, breakfast is on him as he sits at a table in the town square.

Johnny apologizes to Stefan as he had no idea bringing up Ava would set him off like that. Stefan warns that he has no right sticking his nose in his personal life and whatever he’s implying is completely untrue because he’s madly in love with his wife. Johnny brings up Stefan kissing Ava in the living room right in front of Chad. Stefan responds that things in life aren’t always black and white and he’ll understand better when he grows up a little bit. Johnny asks what age he needs to be to figure out that he can always find a way to justify cheating on his wife.

Steve eats banana muffins and says it’s really hitting the spot, calling it the second best way to wake up as he kisses Kayla. Kayla says she needs to go to sleep as she is beat. Kayla mentions that she’s sure Stephanie will want a muffin when she wakes up. They then hear the front door and call out to Stephanie. Stephanie comes in and asks if she woke them. Kayla says no and that banana muffins are in the kitchen. Stephanie goes to get them while Steve wonders if she’s just getting home.

Wendy questions Ava insulting her using the excuse of protecting her son. Ava responds that she doesn’t need an excuse to protect the most important person in her life and says she wasn’t insulting her, just trying to make things clear. Wendy tells Ava that she is completely off base and that she and Tripp love each other and want to be together, so she’s not going to suffer the third degree from anyone about their relationship as it is nobody else’s business. Ava’s phone then rings with a call from Harris which Wendy questions. Ava says to let it ring as if it’s important, he will call back. Ava then asks Wendy where they were. Wendy says they were both being direct, so she asks if Ava is in love with Harris Michaels, Stefan DiMera, or both?

Stefan tells Johnny that he has no right to judge him. Johnny argues that he’s not judging him, he’s just telling him what he’s observed. Johnny questions Stefan being so madly in love but openly kissing Ava in front of his family so he doesn’t get it. Johnny says Stefan loves Gabi so much and they waited so long to be together and questions why he’s doing this to her. Stefan admits he’s screwed up a lot of relationships in his life and Gabi is the one woman that he vowed to be faithful to and he meant it. Stefan says he thinks about her every minute of every day and it makes him sick not knowing when or how she will get out of prison. Johnny asks again why he’s doing this. Stefan responds that Ava is a beautiful, fascinating woman and he is alone. Johnny decides he doesn’t have to explain himself to him, but he hopes he can live with where ever this is going. Stefan then exits the room.

Stephanie returns to Steve and Kayla’s room. Stephanie gives Steve the last of the banana muffins. Kayla asks how her night was. Stephanie says it was fine. Steve asks her to let them know when she’s going to stay out all night. Stephanie promises to do so next time. Kayla asks if she thinks there will be a next time then decides it’s none of her business. Stephanie says she’ll be out of their hair soon but Steve says no one is pressuring her to leave. Steve then asks where Stephanie was last night. Stephanie responds that she spent the night at a friend’s.

Leo gets excited about his breakfast while Everett remarks that it feels like having breakfast with a toddler. Leo calls him a buzzkill. Everett warns that he better not see a word about him and Stephanie in Leo’s column. Leo asks if he’s saying they were up all night working on a PR plan for the Spectator. Everett says they were just talking and they fell asleep, insisting they are just friends. Leo jokes about him, so Everett questions why he hits on every guy he encounters. Leo says it’s only the hot ones. Everett feels Leo is using humor to hide deep-rooted pain. Leo feels that’s how everyone uses humor. Everett asks if Leo has a therapist. Leo says not at the moment, but he does read a lot of self help books which encourage him to live out loud. Everett says self help books can be great, but talking to somebody might be helpful. Leo says he’s glad Everett is there then.

Chanel joins Paulina and Sarah in the hospital. Chanel questions that Paulina wasn’t going to call her. Paulina says she didn’t want to drag Chanel away from anything important, but Sarah insisted. Chanel says that she’s glad she did. Paulina laments that she just doesn’t want to be a bother. Johnny then arrives. Paulina questions calling him too. Johnny points out that she’s going to be his mom too in a couple of weeks. Paulina admits she’s a very lucky lady. Johnny asks how she’s feeling. Paulina guesses she’s alright since her blood pressure went down and she’s breathing better. Sarah says they will have the results from the ultrasound in a few days. Paulina thanks her for getting her in so quick. Paulina mentions being starving and offers breakfast on her. Paulina says she will get dressed and be ready to go. Johnny says he’ll wait outside and he’s glad she’s feeling better. Johnny exits with Sarah. Paulina tells Chanel that she is one lucky lady too.

Wendy asks Ava again if she is in love with Harris Michaels. Ava responds that she’s not a fan of being interrogated either, so she’s not going to dignify that with a response. Ava asks if they are good. Wendy says sure and that she has to go meditate now. Wendy heads back to her room as Ava remarks that talking to her can do that to a person. Ava then gets another call from Harris and rejects it. Ava then gets a call from Stefan and instinctively answers it, telling Harris to give it a rest but Stefan informs her that it’s him, not Harris. Stefan questions if Ava is still talking to Harris after what he pulled on her at the police station, warning her that it’s not safe since Harris is hellbent on blowing Clyde’s operations sky high. Ava hopes Stefan is somewhere private. Stefan tells her not to dodge the subject, repeating that Harris is dangerous, and questions why she’d even answer his call. Ava says she doesn’t know and she won’t do it anymore. Ava tells Stefan to let it go. Stefan then questions if she’s with Harris right now, where she is, and what she’s doing. Ava asks if he misses her already after one day off. Ava tells him that she’s at home and just finished giving her son’s girlfriend the third degree. Ava assures him that everything is good as Wendy and Tripp are genuinely happy and in love so at least somebody is. Stefan remarks that they are too. Ava says they are in lust. Ava adds that she’s happy to have the day off from faking it. Stefan asks if pretending to be hot for him is such a chore for her. Ava argues that Stefan isn’t as hot as he thinks he is and calls him kind of creepy. Stefan complains that Ava has no sex appeal and he can’t even look at her sometimes. Ava guesses it must be a chore for him to fake it too. Stefan remarks that kissing her is taxing and that he’d rather make out with a toilet seat. Ava says she can relate because he smells like a toilet seat and she cringes every time he’s near. Ava decides she’s going to take a nice hot bubble bath, telling Stefan that she’s lying naked in her room so she’s going to rub hot oil all over her body. Ava then tells Stefan to sleep well and hangs up.

Everett tells Leo that he has to get to work. Leo says he has to get to bed. Everett suggests Leo try working one day when he grows up. Leo argues that he is working by trolling the streets at night for gossip with the occasional stop at dance clubs. Everett says as long as he keeps delivering brilliant columns on time, he can’t complain about his hours. Leo adds that as long as Everett says nothing happened between he and Stephanie, then he’ll believe him. Leo pinky swears that anything Everett shared will remain classified.

Kayla falls asleep. Stephanie recalls Kayla coming home exhausted when she was a kid and how it was just the two of them. Steve wishes he hadn’t missed so many years with her and says he would do anything to get those years back and watch her grow up. Steve tells Stephanie that as soon as he was able, he made it right back to them. Stephanie admits it was hard not having him there, but having him there now makes her appreciate him so much more. Steve hopes she knows how much he has always loved her. Stephanie says she loves him too. Steve adds that he worries about her. Stephanie thinks she knows where this is going so she’s going to cut right to it. Stephanie then confirms she was with Everett last night but nothing happened and admits she may still have feelings for him, but she’s not going to rush back in to a relationship with him. Steve says that answers all his questions and thanks her. Steve is glad she’s taking it slow, but advises her that if she wants something and it feels right to her, she shouldn’t let what anyone says keep her from going for it. They hug until Stephanie gets a call from Everett. Stephanie answers and thanks him for last night. Stephanie agrees that it was like old times as she exits the room. Steve sits back down on the bed.

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