Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Audra goes back to work with Tucker because Tucker wants to keep an eye on her since he suspects she is planning something against him.

Nate warns Audra not to go up against Tucker because she will lose. Audra tells Nate that people have always underestimated her but, her plan to take Glissade from Tucker will work and she will take Glissade away from Tucker.

Victor tells Nick and Victoria that there was a fire at the prison where Jordan was being held and they don’t know if Jordan died or escaped from prison. Victor tells Nick and Victoria not to tell Nikki about Jordan because it will only upset her.

Victoria tells Nikki that Victor mentioned to her that she fired Audra. Victoria offers to step in as temporary COO until Nikki can replace Audra. Nikki assures Victoria that she can handle things until she can replace Audra and she shouldn’t worry about her. Nikki calls Jack for an update on the search for a new COO for her and he tells her he will find a new COO for her soon but she is capable of handling things at Newman Media on her own for now.

Victoria and Cole decide not to tell Claire about Jordan until they find out more information about the fire. Nikki finds out about the fire at the prison while she reads the news on her tablet. Nikki is worried that Jordan escaped from prison and will come after her.

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