GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Finn is shocked when Mrs. Muldoon drops the lawsuit against him. Gregory notices that a large donation was made to Mrs. Muldoon’s MyFace fundraising account and Tracy hypothetically tells Gregory she had a talk with Mrs. Muldoon and told her what a good doctor Finn is and she thinks Mrs. Muldoon may have posted on her account that she dropped the lawsuit and someone must have made a sizable donation to her fundraiser. Gregory hypothetically tells Tracy he is grateful that Finn has a friend that would put herself on the line for him.

Curtis, Laura, and Portia head to Paris to find Esme before she can hurt Spencer and Trina.

Spencer surprises Trina with a private cruise through the Parisian countryside but they don’t know Esme is also on board the ship.

Mr. Brenan tells Anna and Jordan that someone is smuggling guns through Port Charles and if they find the smuggler they will find the person who shot Curtis.

Sonny, Ava, and Avery arrive on Sonny’s island in Puerto Rico with Dex and double the guards to protect them. Sonny and Ava explain to Avery that Nina and Sonny are separated for a while because they need to figure out some grown up problems. Dex calls a mayday when one of the guards is shot and Ava and Sonny take cover as more shots are fired.

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