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Ridge: That ring is absolutely beautiful. Well done, son.

Thomas: Thanks, dad. I appreciate that. You know, honestly, I thought– when I told you I, uh, proposed to hope, you would… I don’t know, think I lost my sanity?

Ridge: You wanted something and you went after it. I love that. I love you. I love you. Look what I’m looking at. This. I love this. And so does hope. Or she wouldn’t be wearing your ring. Not even around her neck.

Thomas: I just wish that brooke felt the same way.

Brooke: You’ve been through a lot lately. And your marriage falling apart, that was very traumatic. And what you think you feel for thomas, that is just filling that empty hole in your heart.

Hope: So, are you saying that my feelings for thomas aren’t real?

Brooke: Honey, thomas isn’t the man for you. And if you accept his proposal, that would be the biggest mistake of your life.

Luna: Look, mom, I know you want me to let this go, but I can’T. So please, just be honest with me. Is bill spencer my father?

Poppy: I was honest with you, sweetheart. Bill is not your father.

Luna: Just like every other guy I’ve asked you about, huh?

Poppy: Okay, what does it matter, okay? I thought we were happy.

Luna: We were, mom. We are. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood, but I have questions. You know, I could get answers on my own. I could get a test or something.

Poppy: No, luna, please. Please don’T. Just don’T.

Luna: Mom, what are you hiding from me?

Ridge: Let’s not worry about that right now, okay?

Thomas: Dad, brooke is never gonna forget my past. She hates that hope and i are together. She’s gonna hate that I proposed even more.

Ridge: All right, but she knows that you’ve been making strides, that you’re a better person now. Does she want you with her daughter? Absolutely not. I also don’t think she’s gonna stand in your way.

Brooke: Honey, please, just take that necklace off and give that ring back to thomas.

Hope: I– I really am at a loss for words, mom. I mean, I– I don’t know what else I can say to convince you that I genuinely care about thomas.

Brooke: I know that you think that he’s changed and maybe he has, but that doesn’t erase the past. Erase everything that he’s done to you and your family to hurt you. I know deep down, you know that. But it just breaks my heart, honey, that you believe this is what you deserve. But you don’T. You deserve so much more. This, this is just settling. I love you, hope. And I just want you to be happy. And I know you won’t be happy with thomas. You won’T. Please, honey, you can’t accept his proposal. You just can’T.

Poppy: Please don’t pursue this.

Luna: Why?

Poppy: Out of respect for your mother.

Luna: Why? Is my father that horrible or something? Is it– is it shameful or embarrassing? Mom, whatever it is, whatever you’re hiding, you can tell me. Come on, mom, is it like a deep, dark family secret or something?

Finn: Oh, hey, luna.

Luna: Hi.

Finn: Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Aunt poppy? You know that feeling of having to re-wash dishes

Finn: Oh my gosh, aunt poppy. It is so good to see you.

Poppy: It’s good to see you too. It’s been too long.

Finn: Yeah, way too long. And I had heard you were in town. It’s– it’s been great having luna in la, and now it’s gonna be even better having both of you.

Poppy: To be honest, I wanted to reach out, but things have been a little crazy.

Finn: Oh, I’m sorry, did I– did I interrupt something?

Luna: No, no, not at all.

Finn: Well, you look amazing, as always. Beautiful and stylish.

Luna: Yeah, that’s my mom.

Finn: I think about all the time that we spent together all those years ago, and then one day, you were gone.

Luna: All the time that you spent together?

Finn: Yeah. When I started college, your mom stayed with us.

Charlie: Hey.

Thomas: Hey, charlie.

Charlie: Junior cheese.

Thomas: What?

Charlie: Oh, no, you’re right, you’re right. Rj would be junior to ridge’s big cheese, so that would make you, don’t tell me, it would…

Thomas: Charlie, can I help you with something?

Charlie: Oh, yeah, I just– just wanted your dad to know that the beautiful and breathtaking esther valentine has finished her fitting. I– I ran into her on the elevator.

Thomas: Bumped into her, huh?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Total– total coincidence.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s interesting because you are the head of security. Wouldn’t you be notified when a vip arrives?

Charlie: Well, I…

Thomas: Charlie, are you, um, do you have a crush on esther?

Charlie: Oh, what? You think that little– that little kitten has old charlie smitten? Well, I… oh, how about those dodgers, huh? Ohtani, mookie betts. Ooh, yeah.

Brooke: I’m sorry, charlie, but I’d really like to speak to thomas.

Charlie: Oh, of course. Okay, see you later. Cottage cheese, huh?

Thomas: No, no.

Charlie: I’ll keep working on it.

Thomas: Okay.

Charlie: Gouda. Breingen.

[ Brooke and thomas sigh ]

Thomas: What can I do for you?

Brooke: I was with hope, so I know what you did.

Thomas: What I did? What did I do?

Brooke: You proposed to her. What were you thinking, thomas?

Thomas: Hope, you’ve transformed me. Lit up my world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a one-woman man. You’re that woman for me. You, and only you, for the rest of my life.

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Ridge.

Ridge: Hey.

Hope: Uh, if you are looking for my mom, she has already left.

Ridge: I actually came down here to talk to you.

Hope: Okay, what’s– what’s up?

Ridge: Thomas told me about the proposal and you wearing this ring, not wearing it, it’s a little confusing.

Hope: Okay, well, if you are here to grill me as well, my mom already did a pretty good job of doing that, so.

Ridge: It’s not what I’m here for. I came here to remind you what a remarkable man my son is. But I guess you already know that.

When you smell the amazing

scent of gain flings…

Rj: I can’t stop kissing you. I think about you day and night.

Luna: We need to be alone together. Please get a place of your own soon.

>Luna: I never knew that you stayed with aunt li and uncle jack.

Poppy: I mean, for a bit.

Finn: My first year of college was really tough, and she kept an eye on me. My parents were both busy with their careers. I can’t tell you the amount of just pressure I felt. Having a dad as a lawyer and a mom as a doctor, I put a lot of stress on myself. But then, there was aunt poppy. This beautiful, free spirit, just lived life the way that she wanted to. She would literally close my computer while I was doing homework if I looked too stressed. We’d have, um, was it–

Poppy and finn: Spontaneous dance party.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. We had a lot of good times.

Luna: Was I there too?

Finn: No, this was about a year before you were born.

[ Phone chimes ] Oh, this is the hospital. I need– I need to make this call.

Luna: Oh, just do it here.

Finn: You sure?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, we were about to leave anyway, so. But before we go, why did you need to see me?

Finn: Oh, I was with steffy and we just wanted to see if you and rj wanted to have dinner soon. But you know what? Why don’t we all do it together?

Poppy: Oh, no. I don’t think so.

Finn: Why? Oh, my mom. Yes. Look, I promise I am trying to get her to chill out about both of you, okay? But yeah, I need to make this. Is it okay?

Luna: Yeah. Of course.

Finn: Thank you so much.

Thomas: Brooke, I can imagine how you’re feeling, but I really don’t wanna argue with you.

Brooke: Okay, that’s not why I’m here. I’m just worried about you, thomas. Proposing to hope? Really? You wanna set yourself up for heartbreak?

Thomas: Look, yeah, I really wanna believe you’re looking out for me, but…

Brooke: I am looking out for you. You’re ridge’s son and I want the best for you.

Thomas: So, did hope tell you something, like she’s not gonna accept my proposal, or…

Brooke: No. She’s, uh, very conflicted. Whether she wants to admit it or not, I know she is not going to fully be able to commit herself to you or give you the life that you want.

Ridge: Don’t be mad at your mom. She’s just looking out for you. I lost faith in thomas too. And he’s worked very hard because he wants me to believe in him. And I do believe in him. But the more important thing for my son is that you believe in him. You know how much he loves you, right?

Hope: I do.

Ridge: And I hope that the feelings that you have for him are genuine, because if they’re not, it’s gonna crush him. And I gotta tell you, even wearing this ring around your neck, it makes him feel like there’s a chance. Makes me feel like there’s a chance.

Hope: So, what are you– what are you saying?

Ridge: You guys are good together. You’re– you’re great parents to douglas, you’re good collaborators, you’re– you’re great friends. But more than that, you found a way to forgive him. And that’s extraordinary. You– you’re a remarkable young woman, and I would be so happy if– if you were my daughter-in-law. If you’ve had sensitivity, those zingers can really cause

Luna: Feels good to be in your arms.

Rj: I feel the same way. That’s why I was texting you. You talk to your mom?

Luna: I did.

Rj: So, what’d she say?

Luna: That bill spencer is not my father.

Rj: Seriously? I’m– I’m so sorry. Are– are– are you okay?

Luna: She was upset that we were even having the conversation. Like, it terrifies her that I’m even curious about who my father is. I mean, she does exactly the same thing whenever I bring up a man from her past. First, she deflects, and then she says “nozawa power.” Mother and daughter, just the two of us.

Rj: She– she does understand that you, like, wanting to know who your father is, it doesn’t change how you feel about her, right?

Luna: And I actually told her that I could, um, look into a paternity test on my own.

Rj: Okay. Well, what’d she say to that?

Luna: Like, freaked out. She begged me not to do it.

Rj: Begged you? Why?

Luna: I have no idea. I mean, she always says that I was made from love, right? So, I don’t understand why she’s acting like the truth about my father is some, like, dark family secret.

Rj: Do– do you think she knows who your dad is?

Luna: She says she doesn’t, but I’m pretty sure she does.

Rj: I’m sorry, luna. What are you gonna do?

Luna: I don’t know why it upsets her so much, but I also– I– I don’t wanna hurt her, so. I guess I’ll just have to stop worrying about who my father is.

Finn: Uh, what about mrs. Allen? What were the results on her ct scan? Okay, okay.

Brooke: I love you, hope, and I just want you to be happy, and I know you won’t be happy with thomas. You won’T. Please, honey. You can’t accept his proposal. You just can’T.

Ridge: I don’t know. I’M… you guys are good together. You– you’re great parents to douglas. You’re good collaborators. You’re great friends. But more than that, you found a way to forgive him. And that’s extraordinary. You– you’re a remarkable young woman, and I would be so happy if– if you were my daughter-in-law.

Thomas: Hey, you.

Hope: Oh, hey to yourself. Uh, so, your dad was just here.

Thomas: Huh. That’s interesting. Your mom actually stopped in on me.

[ Clears throat ] So… guess the proposal’s not a secret anymore.

Hope: Well, I mean, realistically, we would’ve had to tell the parents eventually.

Thomas: And their reactions couldn’t be more different.

Hope: Hope my mom wasn’t too rough on you.

Thomas: Oh, no. I mean, it’s just the same old, same old. She thinks I can never make you happy and all that jazz. She’s also looking out for me, making sure that I’m not gonna be heartbroken and disappointed. What did my dad say?

Hope: Had a lot of nice things to say about you, and also said that he would be happy if I was his– if I were to be his daughter-in-law one day.

Thomas: Wow, really?

Hope: Mm-hmm. No, it was actually… it was really sweet that he took the time to come here and say that to me.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: So, um, about my mom.

Thomas: Hey, it doesn’t matter.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Look, hey, no, no, honestly, this is…

[ Laughs ] It’s the status quo at this point. She doesn’t have faith in us. She doesn’t believe that we could have a fruitful relationship. That’s okay. And hey, look, I am not here to pressure you, okay? You can take as long as you need making all the decisions you want. I know that it’s well worth it. Because I know… this ring will be on your finger. I have faith.

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