Days Short Recap Monday, January 29, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Roman saw someone walking in the pub after hours. She wondered who was in there. They looked in the window and saw Harris inside. Kate demanded answers about Lucas. Everett let Stephanie know that he can’t stand the friend zone. It’s not working for him anymore. Steve called out to John, but he didn’t hear him at first. He wondered why John was out at night. Steve came up with an excuse for why he was out late. John knew Marlena sent him to look for him. Steve admitted that he was worried about him. They talked about John’s memories being wiped out. Steve wished he could have some memories wiped out. Kate wanted to know why Harris was at the pub while Lucas was missing. Harris wanted a chance to explain. Everett let Stephanie know that he loves her and can’t live without her. Stephanie was surprised by what he said. He felt like he was obvious about his feelings for her. She said she was clear about her feelings too. He thought she liked spending time with him. Steve told John that he wanted to forget about working for Victor. He also wanted to forget about Konstantin because of his association with Victor. Steve and John felt like Konstantin reminded them of Victor. Harris let Roman and Kate see Lucas. He brought him to the house. Harris said that no one knew about Lucas being out of jail. Lucas knew Roman didn’t want to harbor the man who kidnapped his daughter. Roman was okay him being there.

Stephanie told Everett how she felt when he left her. She struggled wondering what she did wrong. John wanted to know what was going on with Steve. He thought it had something to do with Konstantin. Steve thought Konstantin knew about the pawn. John didn’t believe it. Steve felt they needed to find out if he knew about it. John wanted to know what they were going to do if he knew. Steve said Konstantin taunted him. John said they had to figure out how much he knew. Stephanie wondered why no one looked for Everett when he went missing. He didn’t understand it either. Everett told her that he didn’t respond to emails or phone calls so his boss thought he moved on. She wondered why his family didn’t try to find him. He told her that his memories started coming back. Everett said he world got better and stronger once he regained his memories. His goal was to get back to her. He told her that he still loved her. John arrived at the townhouse and Marlena wondered what happened. Kate let Lucas know that she panicked when she thought Harris couldn’t get him out of prison. Lucas wondered if Harris’ goal was to kidnap him. Roman wanted an explanation so Harris told him what happened. He said Lucas would have to return back to Statesville to serve out the rest of his sentence when the investigation was done. Roman reminded Lucas that he’s Kate’s son and he admired him for helping with the investigation.

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