Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Jada and Harris that they were going to question Ava and Stefan about the drug connection. Harris said questioning Clyde would be the better option. Jada wanted to know why. Harris said he had a run in with Clyde and had an update. Rafe asked if Clyde threatened him. Jada was shocked that he was open about his attack on Lucas. Harris said they were going to win the fight and take him down. Alex told Theresa that he felt like it was his fault that she was leaving. He said he shouldn’t have accused her of having feelings for Brady. Alex said she and Brady had a bond over Tate. He was afraid that her old feelings for Brady would resurface. Theresa said they didn’t. She said when she came back to Salem, she thought they would get back together, but things changed. Theresa said meeting Alex changed everything. She said she hasn’t forgiven herself for kissing Brady. That was why she had to leave town. Alex said leaving town wasn’t going to make things with Tate better. He asked her to stay with him so he could help her. Eric and Sloan talked about his new business. He let her know Leo was his client. Harris told Rafe about Lucas’ attack. When Harris took a phone call, Rafe asked Jada why she didn’t come over. She said she was exhausted and went to sleep. He wanted to know why she lied to him.

Theresa told Alex she had a flight. Alex told her he was going through a lot and didn’t know who he was. She thought about her scheme to make him think he was Victor’s son. Theresa said there was something he should know. Sloan was shocked that Leo was Eric’s client. Leo showed up at the apartment. Sloan asked Eric if she would stay for the photoshoot. When Eric left to get something, Sloan asked what Leo was up to. Leo said he wanted to make her squirm. He said he would drag her down if she didn’t do what he wanted. Theresa said Alex wasn’t the one to blame for how she felt. She said she made a mess of things. When he tried to comfort her, she didn’t want him to do it. She said she kept letting people down. Theresa said everyone was better off without her. Alex said he made terrible decisions. He said he treated Justin badly because he wasn’t his biological father. Alex said he was flawed and wanted to work on himself. He wanted to show her how much she meant to him. Rafe told Jada that she pulled Theresa’s phone records. He asked if she could explain. She told him what happened with Theresa. Jada apologized for not telling him about it. Harris told them he had news about Lucas. He said Lucas was being moved to a new location for his safety. Rafe asked where Lucas was going. Harris said he couldn’t tell him. Sloan wanted Leo to leave, but he said he wasn’t going. Leo said he liked being in the presence of the baby he helped bring into the world. He reminded her that the baby was Nicole’s. Sloan asked why he was doing that to her when she was doing everything he wanted. He told her not to play the victim when she was the one who stole a good woman’s baby. She threatened to take him down if he sold her out. When Eric got back, Sloan said she had to leave. Rafe wanted to know why Harris couldn’t tell him about Lucas. Harris thought he should keep it to himself since they didn’t know who was listening. Rafe said they still had a dirty cop.

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