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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina was nervous about her test results. Everett told Chad about the footage of the drug dealers. Chad looked at the footage. Everett said he was surprised his brothers weren’t there. Ava and Stefan talked about business being bad because of the raid. She said she got Stephanie to help them. Xander told Sarah that he was going to be a better person because of her and Victoria. Sarah was glad to hear it. Paulina got a message that the results were ready. Chad said he didn’t expect his brothers to be involved. Everett wondered if they were covering up something. He wanted to find out what was going on. Ava and Stefan wanted to know how to get the customers to forget about the raid. Stephanie let them know what she was going to do to help them. Paulina told Abe and Chanel that she expected to get the diagnosis she got. She said she was ready to do whatever she had to do to get cured. Abe said he and Chanel would do whatever they had to do to help her. Paulina said she was scared about the symptoms she had. She said she hoped it wasn’t cancer. Knowing she had cancer made her feel stronger since she had her husband and daughter by her side.

Chanel talked to Sarah about Paulina’s cancer diagnosis. Sarah asked if there was anything she could do. Chanel asked her to talk to Paulina about cancer. Sarah agreed to talk to her. Chad and Everett talked to Xander about the Spectator. Xander wanted to know what was going on. Chad told him about Stephanie’s idea. Xander didn’t want to do the Scavenger Hunt. He asked them about money missing from the account. Everett said he used the money. Leo walked in while they were talking. Stephanie talked to Ava and Stefan about her relationship with Chad. She let them know she and Chad were on good terms. Stefan said he was going to talk to Chad. When Stefan left, Stephanie asked if Ava and Stefan were a couple. Ava said they were. Sarah talked to Paulina about her diagnosis. Paulina said she was reading articles about cancer and how it affects people. She said had to get surgery. Sarah said she had to get surgery, but she could live without a thyroid. She said there might be complications. Paulina wanted to know what the complications were. While Ava and Stephanie were talking, Harris came up. Stephanie told her the night with Harris was a mistake. She said she had too much to drink, but nothing happened. Ava thought she must not have been a good kisser. Stephanie said Harris was a good guy. Ava said she was seeing someone behind Harris’ back. Stephanie reminded her that Stefan was married. Ava said his wife was in prison. Stephanie told her what happened was none of her business. Ava said what happened between Stephanie and Harris was none of her business. Stephanie said she wasn’t interested in Harris. Sarah told Paulina that her tumor didn’t spread anywhere else. She said Paulina’s symptoms were normal. Paulina asked about the survival rate. Sarah said the survival rate was 95 percent. She asked if she had any more questions. Paulina asked her to be her doctor. Stefan asked Chad not to do a story about the raid in the Bistro. He said any information about it would ruin the restaurant. Stefan continued to convince Chad not to publish anything about the Bistro. He told Xander, Everett, and Leo that Stefan wanted them to kill the story about the Bistro. Xander and Everett didn’t understand why he didn’t want to write about the raid. Everett and Chad argued over Chad’s decision.

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