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Recap written by Suzanne

Heather drops by Daniel’s place. He invited her, but things are awkward, since she told him that she loves him. He reminds her that he’s involved with Lily. She asks if he’s in love with Lily, but he replies that he and Lily are not in that place yet. She wonders if it would be worth it to him, to choose Lily over getting back with her and being a family with their daughter. He’s not sure. She really puts the pressure on him to reunite with her and make a family, so they kiss and then end up having sex.

Victoria meets with Nikki. They briefly chat about Seth. Victoria tells her that Claire is allowing her and Cole to visit her, and she actually hugged her. She’s not happy that Victor summoned Cole to the ranch in order to butt into her business. Nikki thinks that Victor is just looking after her, like he should, and he worries that she and Cole will be getting back together, since they hurt each other before. Later, Nikki goes to visit Claire (but it looks creepy because Claire is asleep in bed).

Victor and Adam chat at the office for a minute about their E-Ventures and how well things are going with Adam and Nick. Victor is very proud of his sons working together, finally. Adam wonders if he and Nick will be shuffled around again if/when Victoria comes back, but Victor assures him that he and Nick are more than just placeholders. They chat about Sally. Although Victor admits that he doesn’t think Sally is good enough for either of his sons, he knows that she loves him and that the heart wants what it wants and can’t be denied. He agrees to try to trust her feelings for Adam. Adam is bowled over that Victor has basically given his support to the relationship. Later, Victoria drops by and tells Victor to leave Cole alone. They argue a little about Claire. Victor asks him to trust her to make her own decisions and to let her, Cole and Claire work it out. He agrees with a sigh. She then asks him to accept Claire once she’s released. He’s doubtful that Claire can shake Jordan’s conditioning, but he hopes it works out. If she does, then he will accept her into the family. They hug.

Sally and Nick are at Company. They agree to be friends and hug. After Sally leaves, Sharon confronts Nick about whether that was all an act or not. He protests that it’s not. He’s just worried that Adam will hurt her again. Sharon agrees that love is a risky business. Nick confides that after everything that’s happened to his family lately, he’s decided that the most important thing is to protect his family and to concentrate on making things work at business and with his brother. He is hopeful that things will continue to go well with Nick and is excited to be working at Newman again. They both agree that falling in love is exhausting. Sharon comments that they’ve both finally found themselves. He asks her to lunch.

Adam greets Sally at Society. He tells her about getting Victor’s approval. They kiss. Sharon and Nick arrive and say hi. Sally can tell that Adam keeps watching Sharon and Nick together. He wonders if Destiny is real because he thinks that fate always put Nick and Sharon together, and he thinks it may be destiny that he and Sally are back together, too. Nick and Sharon catch up and laugh a lot together.


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