B&B Short Recap Monday, January 22, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Today is make-out day on the show! At the beach house (formerly Wyatt’s), Bill and Poppy are half-dressed and kissing, in the bedroom. Meanwhile, RJ and Luna are in the living room, admiring the view (Wyatt rented it out to RJ). Then they start kissing as well. The show goes back and forth between the two couples, teasing us. Will RJ and Luna walk in on Bill and Poppy having sex? Thankfully, no.

Bill tells Poppy that he thinks their meeting was not random. She came back into his life for a reason. Luna hears some sounds, so RJ shows her around the beach house (but oddly, doesn’t go into the bedroom). They go back to kissing, but Luna is uneasy. She’s apparently psychic because she feels like something is not right.

Poppy hears voices and recognizes Luna’s voice. Bill thinks that’s highly unlikely, but he texts Wyatt to find out that he rented the place to RJ. Whoops! Poppy starts to freak out a bit.

Finn is texting Steffy from his office when Li drops by. She praises him on how he saved Eric’s life. Finn is modest about it, but she is proud of him. He thanks her but suggests she more supportive of Poppy and Luna. She doesn’t want to hear that and talks about how Poppy is a gold digger who preys on older rich men. She has to protect her family from that (she at least does admit, finally, that Luna is innocent of all this). Finn is disgusted by what she says. They argue.

At Forrester, Thomas and Steffy chat about how much better Eric is doing, and how he’s settling in at home. They’re very grateful to Finn for saving him. They think they should celebrate Eric and Finn. Phone calls have been pouring in to wish Eric well. Thomas makes a point of telling Steffy how grateful he is to him for what he did for Eric.

Later, Finn and Steffy make out in his office. They talk about Eric, too, and she credits Finn for saving him. Finn is modest about it, as always. As she talks about how great Finn is, they show flashbacks to when they first met (when he saved her life), when they had a baby, when he proposed, and when he found her again (after she thought he had died).


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