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Recap written by Suzanne

At Crimson, Drew introduces Carly to Nina as the new editor-in-chief, and she’s fired. Nina is shocked but applauds their revenge. She wonders if they’re even now. Drew points out that she had to be punished for what she did. They argue, and they tell her to get out. Carly’s isn’t sure that she can run Crimson, but Drew thinks she would be great at it. She supposes she can run both Bobbie’s and Crimson, at least for a while. They agree to be partners at Crimson, and then they kiss. Then they throw away Nina’s nameplate.

Upset, Nina runs into Olivia in the restroom. Olivia is surprisingly sympathetic and explains to a shocked Nina that she didn’t rat her out before because she wanted to keep the peace. She still thinks that’s possible and suggests to Nina that she move on gracefully. However, Nina vows to herself in the mirror that she will go to war with Drew and Carly.

Lucy is on the phone with Scott, who’s at the Metro Court. He’s waiting for Tracy to arrive. Lucy is worried what he’s going to tell Tracy. She’s about to rush out when Martin shows up, surprising her. He missed her and feels like they haven’t been connecting lately. She is intrigued by what he’s saying, but she really wants to rush off to the Metro Court. She claims she has meetings after he surprises her with spa tickets. They go to the Metro Court together. He tries talking to her, but she is watching Scott and Tracy the whole time. He realizes Lucy is distracted and gets annoyed (remembering what Tracy told him). He demands to know what’s going on with her and Scott.

Meanwhile, Scott and Tracy sit at the bar. Scott tries to warn her that Lucy is after her, but she’s clearly both amused and not buying a word he says. He tells her that he wanted to check on her because he feels she’s lonely, like he is. He takes her hand as he says that. They agree that they’re having fun and should do this again. Scott orders Champagne.

Also at the Metro Court, Chase and Brook Lynn sit down with Gregory. They ask him to officiate at their wedding. He’s honored but doesn’t think it’s a great idea because of his ALS. It sometimes affects his speech, and he doesn’t want to ruin their wedding. They both assure him that they still want him to do it. He agrees, but only if they choose a backup officiate, just in case.

At the PCPD, Laura is annoyed that Spencer let Nikolas take Ace away from Esme. Dante comes out to talk to them about the possible kidnapping, but legally Nikolas does have part custody of Ace, so it’s not necessarily kidnapping. However, he didn’t ask Esme’s permission, so Dante wants to find Nikolas as well as Esme and question them both, especially after Spencer tells him that Esme has her memory back.

Esme visits Heather in Ferncliff (or wherever she is these days) to ask her advice because she has no one else to turn to. Heather advises Esme to leave town, hide and regroup. Then Heather plans to escape, and the two of them can get Ace back from Nikolas together. Esme doesn’t like that idea. She wants to get Ace back right away and take revenge on all those that she feels wronged her.


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