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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny wanted to talk about something with Chanel. Rafe and Jada talked about getting the drugs off the streets. Harris said he couldn’t believe the raid at The Bistro turned up nothing. Alex called Brady to tell him Theresa was gone. Brady said he was afraid something would happen. Alex wanted to know what he was talking about. Brady told him he was going to his apartment. Chanel wanted to know what Johnny wanted to tell her. Johnny said Holly’s situation made him realize how unpredictable life was. Chanel understood the feeling because of what her mother was going through waiting for her test results. Johnny said there was no guarantee on how much time they had left. He said he didn’t want to live another day without her and asked her to marry him. Ava told Tripp that the police raided the Bistro. She said there was nothing there. Tripp wondered if she hid the drugs. She said nothing was going on. He said something had her rattled and wanted to help her. Rafe asked Harris what he thought happened with the raid. Harris said there was one explanation. Rafe said they were tipped off about the raid. Rafe, Jada, and Harris wondered if there was a dirty cop. Brady went to Alex’s apartment and let him know that he suspected Theresa was using drugs. Alex didn’t want to believe it. Brady thought Theresa was under pressure with everything going on with Tate.

Johnny told Chanel he was thinking about proposing to her for a long time. He said with everything going on kept him from doing it sooner. Johnny said he didn’t want to wait any longer. He wanted to have a big wedding. Chanel thought they couldn’t have a big wedding with everything going on with Holly. Johnny suggested they have a small wedding. She said she would consider it if he asked her properly. While Tripp and Ava were talking, Wendy showed up. He warned Ava that he told Wendy he was worried about her and that was why they didn’t go to China. Ava said that was a big mistake. He asked if there was a reason to worry. Rafe, Jada, and Harris talked about the dirty cop. They talked about keeping their eyes open. When Jada left, Harris told Rafe he was able to see the smugness on Stefan’s face as if he got away with what happened. He said Ava was about to say something until Stefan showed up. Rafe said he would question the veracity of Ava’s claims. He warned Harris that Ava couldn’t be trusted. Alex asked Brady where Theresa could be. Brady said he had an idea. He called Jada and asked her to look through Theresa’s phone records so they could find her. Jada told him to come to the police station so they could get a warrant. He thought it would be too late if they waited too long. She said they were investigating Holly’s case. Jada asked if he wanted the police to investigate Theresa’s financial records. She asked if her records would support the investigation. He said they would. She said she would call him when she found anything. Ava told Tripp she had everything under control. Tripp wanted to know what was going on. She said she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him. He said he could take care of himself. She said she appreciated it but he had to let it go. He said that wasn’t going to happen. Harris told Rafe that he got close to Ava. Rafe said he knew how he felt. He said Harris should stay away from Ava because of her past. Alex told Brady he wanted to look for Theresa. Brady said she could come home. Jada called Brady and said she found Theresa. She told him Theresa was at a hotel and was high as a kite. Johnny proposed to Chanel. Harris told Rafe that Ava was going to change until she got in bed with Stefan. Rafe asked if he got in over his head because he was investigating a drug ring, but he was in love with a suspect. He wanted to put Jada over the case. Harris said that wasn’t necessary. Rafe asked if he was sure there wouldn’t be any bias over the case. Tripp wanted to know what was going on. Ava told her Harris raided the restaurant. She said she was in the clear or she would be arrested. He wanted to go to the police and find out what was going on. She said they couldn’t go to the police. Alex and Brady showed up at the hotel. Jada told them about Theresa’s condition. Theresa woke up and wondered why Brady and Alex were there. Alex and Brady wanted to get her some help. Theresa said she wanted to party. She wanted them to let her be happy. Alex wanted to take her to the hospital, but Brady and Jada said they didn’t need to. They all thought it was too risky to take her out of the hotel, so they decided to stay there. Chanel accepted Johnny’s proposal.

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