Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris wanted answers from Ava about what was going on at the restaurant. She tried to keep the truth from him, but he demanded answers from her. Xander and Sarah got settled moving in together. Stefan talked to Gabi on the phone. He wanted to make sure she was okay. After his call with Gabi, he looked for Ava. Harris wanted to know what was going on with Ava. She tried to leave, but Harris stopped her. He thought she was back in the mob, but he knew that wasn’t it. She avoided telling him the truth. He wanted to help her. Ava told Harris that he didn’t find anything in the restaurant. She informed him that he scared off her customers. Ava wondered what he wanted from her. He said he wasn’t a cop. Harris cared about her and wanted to help her. Xander was aware that the apartment was crowded. He wondered if they needed everything in the apartment. She agreed they could get rid of things. Sarah wanted to get rid of his trunk. He didn’t want to get rid of it because it had sentimental value. Harris continued to ask Ava to open up to him. The Johnson family gathered for dinner. Steve grilled Everett about his relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie was embarrassed by Steve’s questions for Everett. Stefan interrupted Harris and Ava while they were talking. He informed Harris that he had to talk to his lawyer if he wanted info from them.

Stephanie let her father know that she was embarrassed by his questions. Steve wanted to get to know Everett better. Everett seemed okay with Steve’s questions. Tripp announced that he and Wendy had an announcement. Xander was in pain because he had to move Sarah’s gnomes. She thought is trunk was the reason why he was in pain. Sarah offered to give him a massage. She thought they should go to bed since Victoria was going to be up soon. Xander grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a kiss. Ava didn’t appreciate Stefan ordering her around. He thought she was going to open her mouth to Harris. Harris walked in the restaurant and saw the way Stefan manhandled her. He wanted to know if Ava would press charges against him. Stefan pulled Ava into a kiss. Tripp and Wendy talked about a scavenger hunt that they could try in Salem. Stephanie thought they could do it for charity. Harris didn’t approve of Stefan cheating on his wife. Stefan and Ava allowed him to believe they were together. Harris walked out of the restaurant. Ava couldn’t believe Stefan kissed her. He said he didn’t mean anything by the kiss.

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