GH Short Recap Thursday, January 18, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Michael is grateful that Carly understands why he kept what Nina had done a secret from her Drew and Sonny. Willow tells Michael she understands why he kept the secret about Nina, but she doesn’t need his protection and she wants him to always tell her the truth.

Drew and Anna have a talk. Drew realizes he needs to get the toxicity out of his life. Drew later tells Carly that Nina needs to pay for what she did to their families and he knows how to make her pay.

Esme asks Cyrus for help to find Ace. Cyrus tells Esme he will call his contacts to see if they can find Ace. Cyrus calls someone on the phone and asks the person on the other end of the phone to come to the hospital because he needs their help.

TJ tells Jordan that Kristina got inseminated today.

Blaze and Kristina talk about their relationship and decide to take things slowly and see where things go between them.

Jordan talks to someone on the phone and the person tells her that they have information about the gun that was used in Chris’s shooting. Jordan is about to leave to meet the person she spoke to on the phone when she gets kidnapped by two men.

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