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Johnny and Chanel lay in bed together. Chanel talks about everything around them going so wrong but this feeling so right. Johnny agrees but admits he feels guilty being this happy, knowing EJ and Nicole are down the hall, feeling miserable. Chanel says at least with Holly going to Italy tomorrow, there is some hope. Johnny talks about EJ being a patient there and it working miracles for him. Johnny says the whole thing with Holly has made him realize something important that they should talk about tonight.

Wendy and Tripp lay in bed together. Tripp talks to her about the human touch as they kiss until Wendy’s phone rings. Wendy mentions expecting a call from her mom, who is not happy with her. Tripp tells her to talk to her mom while he goes to grab a drink from the kitchen. Wendy suggests continuing when he gets back. Tripp then gets out of bed and exits as Wendy answers the call from her mom. Tripp is startled to find Ava in the living room, drinking from a bottle. Tripp questions what she’s doing in the dark. Ava responds that she’s not sure he wants to know.

At the police station, Rafe tells Jada that it was a successful night with two raids and getting some drugs off the street. Jada says the intel from the new informant really paid off. Rafe says they just got to find the source. Harris comes in and says he hoped to get closer but his raid at the Bistro was a bust as they turned the place upside down, but there was nothing and he still can’t believe it.

Brady is at home when he gets a call from Alex, who says he didn’t know who else to call but Theresa is gone. Brady asks what he means. Alex responds that they went to bed and she pretty much cried herself to sleep over Tate. Alex says when he woke up, she was gone and he’s looked all over the place and called her cell phone but nothing. Brady responds that he was afraid of this. Alex asks afraid of what but Brady tells him to just stay there and he’s on his way.

Chanel notes that Johnny sounds serious and asks what it is. Johnny says the thing with Holly made him realize how unpredictable life is. Chanel relates to everything going on with Paulina and waiting on the biopsy results that could turn their lives upside down. Johnny brings up what happened to Holly and her dad Daniel, pointing out that you don’t have to be old or sick as there is no guarantee on how much time they have left. Johnny says that’s made him realize that he doesn’t want to spend another day without Chanel. Johnny suggests they get married again.

Wendy tells her mom that she knows she’s still angry with her for not coming home. Wendy is then happy to hear that her uncle is getting her dad out of the house. Wendy tells her mom that she is doing well and not to worry about her.

Tripp asks Ava what’s going on. Ava asks if he hasn’t heard that the police raided the Bistro, looking for drugs, but they didn’t find anything. Tripp asks if that’s because there was nothing to find or because she got lucky. Ava claims there’s nothing going on. Tripp brings up her track record. Ava argues that he doesn’t understand. Tripp insists something is going on that has her rattled and she doesn’t have to handle it alone. Tripp says he is her son, he’s right here and wants to help her.

Rafe, Ava, and Harris go to the interrogation room to discuss how they had 2 successful raids but one was not. They agree that the intel was solid, so Rafe asks what is the disconnect. Harris thinks there’s only one explanation. Rafe agrees that they knew they were coming. Harris and Jada wonder how. Rafe says he signed off on every cop involved but something is not right. Jada questions if the information came from within their department as Harris asks if they could have a dirty cop.

Brady goes to see Alex, who thanks him for coming so quick. Alex asks what Brady meant that he was afraid of. Brady worries that Theresa could be using again. Alex questions why when she’s been sober and Tate is safe. Brady feels it could be a culmination of everything that has happened and she’s finally cracked under the pressure of having to say goodbye to Tate, not seeing him for months, and that they couldn’t protect him. Alex knows Theresa blames herself for a lot of this. Brady declares that they have to find her.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s been thinking about this for a long time and brings up when he wanted to do something special for their anniversary. Johnny says it was all centered around a proposal but Paulina had her health scare, the holidays happened, and the thing with Holly happened so it never seemed like the right time. Johnny doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants to have a big wedding with everyone or they could do a destination wedding if she wants. Chanel stops him and says that’s not a good idea. Johnny questions if she doesn’t want to get married. Chanel clarifies that she didn’t say that, but they can’t have a huge wedding with everything going on right now with his family. Chanel feels it would come off really insensitive while Holly is in a coma. Johnny agrees and guesses he was only thinking about them. Johnny suggests a small wedding then. Chanel agrees that Paulina would love that and jokes about Johnny asking her properly.

Wendy finishes her call and wonders why Tripp is taking so long. Wendy gets out of bed and remembers she still has to unpack. She goes to her bag and finds the Jenga block that Tripp stuck in her bag which causes her to remember when they played Jenga and she smiles.

Ava tells Tripp to go back to bed. Tripp refuses to walk away from this. Wendy comes out and apologizes as she didn’t realize Ava was there. Ava tells Wendy that they should both go back to bed since it’s late. Tripp refuses to leave without answers. Wendy says she’ll let them talk but Tripp asks her to stay because he wants her to hear this. Tripp informs Wendy that there was a drug raid at the Bistro tonight. Ava states that nothing happened. Tripp adds that he’s told Wendy how worried he is about Ava and that’s why they didn’t go to China. Ava calls that a mistake and says they should’ve gone while letting her handle this. Tripp questions there being something to handle.

Rafe hates to think there could be a dirty cop on his team as nothing makes his blood boil more. Jada feels they have to consider it. Harris says if they have a mole, they should keep things on a need to know basis. Rafe agrees and says he’ll pull all the jackets of everyone involved tomorrow and see if any red flags come up. Jada gets a text that she’s need downstairs for questions and says she’ll take care of it. Rafe thanks her and tells her to go home and get some rest after that. Jada agrees to do that as she exits. Harris complains to Rafe about Stefan being smug like he got away with something. Harris adds that he was talking to Ava afterwards alone and she was on the verge of opening up, then Stefan came out and she shut right up. Rafe says he would still question the veracity of anything Ava has to say. Rafe knows Harris hopes Ava will open up and he will get through to her, but declares that Ava can’t be trusted.

Alex agrees with Brady that they need to find Theresa but questions how. Brady guesses she turned her phone off, so Alex asks where to start looking. Brady responds that he has an idea.

Jada finishes a call at her desk and then gets a call from Brady. Brady tells Jada that he needs her help off the record as Theresa is missing. Brady says it hasn’t been long enough for a police report but long enough to be worried as they’ve been going through quite an ordeal with their son and she has history with substance abuse. Brady notes that Theresa’s phone is off so he hoped she could run her credit cards unofficially. Jada assumes that Brady knows she needs a search warrant to obtain those records. Brady says he wasn’t sure. Jada suggests he come to the station to file a missing persons report and that the waiting period is just a myth. Brady says after what happened to Holly and the drug epidemic, he worries that waiting too long might be too late, so he asks her to please help him now. Jada mentions that they are still investigating Holly’s overdose and asks if he’s suggesting they look in to Theresa’s financial records to support that investigation. Jada says if so, she can get a search warrant right now to do so. Jada asks if Brady is telling her that Theresa’s financial records can support their ongoing investigation. Brady goes along with it and says yes. Jada thanks him for the tip, says she will look into it right now, and call him if she finds anything.

Johnny guesses Chanel wants more of a formal proposal. Chanel points out that he was planning it for the anniversary. Johnny says he didn’t have all his ducks in a row but he’s always been a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy. Chanel knows that he knows this is important to her as they kiss. Johnny asks theoretically, when would be a good time for her to get married. Johnny brings up the calendar and asks if Valentine’s Day works for her. Chanel admits it’s kind of cliché but kind of perfect. Johnny jokes that he’ll never forget their anniversary and assures that he intends to spoil her as they kiss. Chanel suggests he start spoiling her right now. Johnny asks what she had in mind. Chanel tells him to surprise her with a midnight snack, so he gets out of bed.

Ava assures Tripp that everything is going to be fine and she has everything under control. Tripp tells her to just tell him what’s going on. Ava says she can’t because she would not be able to live with herself if anything ever happened to him. Tripp argues that he’s a grown man who can take care of himself. Tripp sees that she’s in trouble and wants to protect her. Ava loves him for that but says he has to let this go. Tripp tells her that’s not going to happen.

Harris acknowledges that Ava has a dark past and keeps her guard up, but says in their short time together, they really connected. Harris adds that they were talking on the loading dock after and it wasn’t like a cop questioning a suspect, but decides Rafe doesn’t need to hear that. Rafe gets that Ava has been trying to turn over a new leaf for quite some time but says that’s a lot to hope for with her past. Rafe states that if one’s past is an indicator of how one will act in the future, then Ava’s past says stay away.

Alex tells Brady that there has to be something they can do, complaining that they can’t just sit here and he wants to go look for her. Brady asks what if she comes home. Alex admits he has a point, so he tells Brady to go look for her since he has more experience in knowing where she might be. Brady admits he has some ideas but still thinks it will be a wild goose chase. Brady then gets a call back from Jada, who reveals that she found Theresa at the Prairie Motel. Brady says they will be right there. Jada then adds that Theresa is as high as a kite.

Johnny has Chanel close her eyes as he returns to the bedroom. When Chanel opens her eyes, Johnny is down on one knee to propose to her.

Harris tells Rafe that he knows Ava’s past is shady but he’s convinced that she was trying to walk the straight and narrow but everything took a turn when she got in bed with Stefan and got in over her head. Rafe asks if Harris is in over his head. Rafe points out that he’s a police detective, investigating a drug ring, yet he’s in love with one of the prime suspects. Rafe feels Harris may be having a hard time being objective and asks if he should appoint Jada to the case. Harris says that’s not necessary. Rafe asks if Harris is 100% sure that he will have no bias in this case.

Ava asks Wendy to talk some sense in to Tripp and tell him to stay away from this. Tripp asks who she is so worried about and who she thinks she needs to protect him from. Ava tells Tripp that Harris is the one who raided the Bistro tonight and he was obviously way off base or else she would be locked up in jail. Ava adds that Stefan thinks Harris did it because she dumped him. Tripp doesn’t believe Harris would raid the Bistro without a damn good reason. Tripp wants to call Harris but Ava tells him no. Wendy feels that if Ava’s in trouble, the police can help but Ava says they can’t. Ava tells them that they cannot go to the police.

Brady and Alex join Jada at the motel where Theresa is passed out on a bed. Brady thanks Jada, who says she didn’t find any cocaine but she’s guessing ecstasy. Brady tries to talk to Theresa and tell her they are here to help and to get her out of here. Theresa wakes up and asks what Brady is doing there. Brady repeats that he’s here to help her. Brady says they are going for a ride in the car. Alex says they are going to get her help. Theresa tries to say she doesn’t need help. Brady helps her up as Theresa complains that they are boring. Brady wants to get Theresa home but Alex feels she needs to get to the hospital to detox. Theresa says that’s not going to happen and she just wants to party. Theresa sits back down and tells them to let her be happy and not ruin it. Theresa complains about Brady raining on her parade. Jada checks on Theresa, who claims she feels so good. Theresa then starts saying she’s feeling hot and dizzy. Brady encourages her to breathe. Alex brings her water and still thinks they should get her to the hospital. Brady points out that Theresa isn’t overdosing, she’s just high. Jada agrees that she doesn’t think it’s related to the tainted drugs. Theresa says they are wasting their time. Brady says they need to get her to the car and keep it on the down low. Alex agrees that after everything that happened with Tate, if this gets out, it will kill her. Theresa calls him so dramatic and claims she can fine and can handle anything. Jada worries about taking her out in public right now. Alex says they definitely can’t go to the apartment where the college kids will be out and asks now what. Brady decides they have no choice but to stay here for the night.

Harris tells Rafe that he cares about Ava but swears that it’s not to the detriment of the case or his job. Rafe says for what it’s worth, he’s sorry that things didn’t work out between them. Rafe adds that he’s had his share of failed relationships and now he’s feeling lucky in this one. Rafe encourages Harris not to give up as it will work out and get easier.

Tripp asks Ava why they can’t go to the police. Ava argues that the cops can be corrupt and can’t be trusted. Tripp questions her not trusting Harris. Ava says after tonight, hell no and complains that she did not come home to be interrogated again. Ava then storms off to the bedroom.

Chanel questions this being Johnny’s formal proposal. Johnny asks what she says. Chanel says yes to marrying him and they kiss. Johnny puts a temporary ring on her finger. Chanel guesses the engagement ring was one of his ducks not in a row yet which Johnny confirms. Johnny promises she will have a formal diamond ring on her finger soon as they kiss. Chanel reminds him about the midnight snack. Johnny remembers he left a hot fudge sundae melting on the counter and goes back to get it. Johnny brings the sundae and they eat it in bed. Chanel tells him that tonight has been so romantic and perfect. Johnny tells her that he loves her so much and he can’t wait to be her husband again. Chanel says she can’t wait to be his wife again. Chanel suggests practicing for their wedding night as they kiss in bed.

Alex comments on Theresa looking really sleepy. Brady says that’s normal. They agree to call 911 if anything weird happens. Alex asks how long this stuff lasts. Brady doesn’t know what she took or how long ago she took it, so he guesses it will take a couple hours to get out of her system and they will have to ride this one out.

Rafe thinks they can do all they can do for tonight and decides they’ll jump back in tomorrow with fresh eyes. Harris calls it a frustrating day. Rafe says it happens to the best of them but they will get to the bottom of it. Rafe apologizes for saying his feelings for Ava could potentially undermine the investigation as he appreciates his commitment to the investigation. Rafe then exits.

Tripp tells Wendy that he has to help Ava. Wendy says they do but Tripp doesn’t want her involved because Ava is scared and she doesn’t scare easily. Wendy informs Tripp that she found the Jenga piece in her suitcase. Tripp wanted to make sure she was taking a piece of him with her. Wendy points out that she didn’t go, she’s here and they are stronger with all their pieces together. Wendy declares that whatever the danger, they are in this together.

Ava paces in her room with her phone and sits down on the bed. Ava thinks back to her relationship with Harris.

Harris remains in the interrogation room and slams his case file down in frustration.

Ava looks at Harris’ number on her phone and thinks back to their last conversation. Ava then throws her phone in frustration as she holds back tears.

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