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Donna: Here you go. It’s finally happening.

Nurse: We’ll miss you around here.

Eric: Been nothing but trouble for you since I’ve been here.

Nurse: Good trouble.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you for all your attentiveness and taking such good care of me. Thank you. And you, doctor. It wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening, so I– I don’t know how to thank you. I– I can’t thank you enough.

Donna: I second that.

Ridge: If you’d told me a few weeks ago that we’d be here waiting for Dad to come home… I don’t know. I thought it was the end.

Brooke: So thankful it wasn’t Just so happy he’s gonna come home from the hospital. Just think what would have happened if you told Finn not to go through with that procedure.

Ridge: I hope he understands why I did what I did.

Sheila: And I’m gonna need two sidecars for table six, when you can do it, please.

Deacon: You know, I think I’m regretting giving Hollis the day off. I didn’t expect it to be this crowded.

Sheila: It’s become the norm lately. I– It’s understandable. It’s the best pizza in town.

Deacon: Best waitress in town too. That’s what keeps them coming back.

Sheila: Are you flirting?

Deacon: I could be.

Sheila: Are you flirting with me? That might get you lucky later. But what about the people that stopped coming because of me?

Deacon: I don’t want you worrying about that now, right? We’re doing just fine. Fantastic. I can’t get Brooke or Hope to come down here and this guy, it’s like three meals a day.

Sheila: You better go wait on your favorite customer, honey.

Deacon: Welcome back. So, a table for two?

Bill: Please.

Deacon: You’re in luck. We have one right here. And we happen to have a very special mushroom risotto. Best of all the lovely, charming Sheila will be your server. Here you go.

Bill: Interesting. When you said luck, I thought you meant the good kind.

Bill: I’m glad you agreed to see me again. The truth is, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.

Poppy: A memory of the night we spent together all those years ago.

Bill: Yes, that. And the new memories that I’m hoping to make.

Sheila: Why’d you put them in my section? What? Did you do this on purpose? You thought it would be funny?

Deacon: I thought you could have a little fun with him. Hey, who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky. We’ll get a crying toddler that comes in and we can seat him next to their table. Better yet, better yet, Tell Bill every time he uses his credit card that it’s declined.

Sheila: You know, he’s gonna pay with hundreds.

Deacon: That’s why they call him–

Both: Dollar Bill.

Sheila: Yeah, here goes. Hello. Hello. Bill, welcome back to Il Giardino. Uh, I don’t– I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your new friend.

Poppy: I’m Poppy.

Sheila: Hi, Poppy, I’m Sheila. I’ll be your server. Can I start you with a drink?

Poppy: Uh, I’d love a still water.

Sheila: Okay.

Bill: If you don’t know my drink order by now, you’re an even worse waitress than I thought.

Sheila: Oh, no, I’ve got your number. Uh, would you like to know the specials?

Bill: No.

Sheila: Very well. I’ll get those drinks right up.

Bill: Just so you understand, I’m not normally rude to waitresses.

Poppy: Okay.

Bill: In fact, quite the opposite.

Poppy: So, this Sheila person…

Bill: Is the same Sheila who tried to kill your sister.

Ridge: He wanted to go. And I took that away from him.

Brooke: Are you serious? Eric is so happy to be alive. Ridge, he loves you. He loves his entire family. His work. There’s a reason he fought to be here. Trust me. If he wanted to go, he would have.

Eric: I really didn’t think I was ever gonna get out of here and certainly not to walk out on my own two feet. I don’t know. I don’t know if I can even process this.

Donna: Well, let’s just process this at home, shall we? It’s time and we’re done, right? All the paperwork’s good and…

Finn: Yeah, we’re good. Get out of here before I have to kick you out.

Eric: Oh, I don’t think it’s gonna come to that.

Finn: Eric. Congratulations. I know you– you credit me with this, but this is because of you and your hard work and your determination.

Eric: This is about the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Donna, I– I– I was gone for a while. I went somewhere and I… And what happened there, I’m never going to forget. I’m never gonna forget it for the rest of my life. I thank you for everything– everything you did. I’m so grateful. I’ll never forget.

Sheila: Here we go. A still water for you, Poppy. And a scotch neat for Mr. Spencer. I’ll be right back to take your order.

Poppy: I’m gonna throw my drink in her face, you know? And give her a piece of my mind for what she did to my sister.

Bill: As much as I would like to see that, and I really would, you know, I do remember, you had a bit of a feisty side. Oh, listen, now it’s– it’s not worth it. Sheila is legitimately dangerous and eventually, she will snap and find herself back behind bars.

Poppy: You think?

Bill: I do? Hey, uh, that could be our next date. Just, you know, a fun night out visiting Sheila in prison.

Poppy: Mr. Romantic here.

Bill: Oh, we’d take you to the finest penitentiaries. I noticed you didn’t say no, so that must mean you’re open to seeing me again.

Poppy: Very open.

Carter: Hey, is that Eric? Is he–

Ridge: He’s not here yet.

Brooke: Donna texted and said they’re on their way.

Carter: Oh, must be thrilled. And I hope it’s okay that I’m here. You know how much I care about Eric and I wanted to be here to welcome him home.

Ridge: You’re family, Carter.

Donna: All right. Just take your time, take your time.

Ridge: There he is.

Carter: Man of the hour.

Eric: I should get at least a week.

Brooke: Oh, you’re here, Eric.

Eric: Hi.

Brooke: You’re really here.

Eric: I– Don’t hug me. Don’t. I wanna hug everybody, but I can’t. I– I– I’m so glad to be here. Hi. All right.

Carter: So good to see you out of that hospital.

Eric: Thanks.

Carter: Healthy.

Eric: Thank you. Ridge.

Ridge: Welcome home, Dad.

Deacon: All right, good.

Sheila: Okay.

Deacon: Date seems to be going well. She’s letting him hold her hand.

Sheila: She probably thinks she hit the jackpot. Handsome, wealthy man, like Bill. Poor, poor Poppy though. She doesn’t realize he is not what he seems.

Deacon: Poppy. Cute name.

Sheila: Yeah. Cute name, cute personality. I can– I can see why he’s interested.

Deacon: Poor Poppy. She has no idea what she’s in for.

Bill: Uh-oh, another one of your special mints. Don’t tell me you’re nervous.

Poppy: Should I be?

Bill: Not at all? I have very high hopes for us.

Brooke: I was so close to inviting everybody over to surprise you.

Donna: But then common sense won over and we decided not to overwhelm you.

Eric: It’s all right.

Ridge: You okay, Dad?

Eric: Yeah, I’m okay. I’m okay. It’s just– I, uh, I was never sure I was gonna be able to set foot in this house here.

Brooke: We weren’t sure about that either, but we are all so happy that you’re back home, Eric.

Carter: You never count out the great Eric Forrester. You’ve been like a father to me, Eric, and you believed in me. You, uh, you saw promise in me and I accomplished so many goals thanks to you. What’s most important is that you opened up your home and your family to me. You’ve shown me so much grace and forgiveness and for that, Eric, I am so grateful. And I’m glad I get to tell you that now, with you here. Because I wasn’t ready to lose you.

Bill: You know something I remember about you from the festival, besides how gorgeous you were? Was the way you made everything seem so carefree and magical. Now, here we are some -plus years later and you still have that same quality. To me, you haven’t changed a bit. Uh, except for the fact that you’ve raised your– your beautiful daughter, of course.

Sheila: Look at her. Her eyes are just glazing over. She’s probably falling for every single lie he’s telling her. Okay, what? All right. Okay, so the lies were easy to fall for.

Deacon: You– you’re not really helping your cause here. Cut some more limes. Yeah.

Poppy: Well, it’s very kind of you to say that I haven’t changed, but let’s face it, I’ve aged.

Bill: Oh, come on now. I mean, we’ve all aged. But the essence of you, your style, that smile. Yes, that– that exact smile right there. I can see you dancing in the moonlight, smiling at me. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure you were dancing to this.

Bill: Oh, you bet I have it. I could never forget those moves.

Poppy: Turn it down.

Bill: Oh, I’m gonna turn it up, if anything. In fact, I’m daring you. Huh? Double dare you. Let’s see you girl.

Bill: You are really Let’s see you girl.

Bill: You are really something, you know that?

Poppy: I’ve been told.

Bill: Transporting me back in time, just watching you moving so beautifully, gracefully, and effortlessly. What a surprise you are. A magical surprise when I– when I needed it most.

Eric: I’m sorry that Carter had to leave. I’m sorry. He said wonderful things.

Ridge: You made a huge impact on his life, obviously.

Brooke: On all of us.

Donna: Especially me. I mean, where would I even be without you? And we came a little too close to finding out.

Brooke: Carter said it the best. He wasn’t ready to lose you. None of us were. It just feels so good to have you here now and we get to spend more time with you.

Ridge: More time with the greatest man I know. We weren’t ready to say goodbye. Were you? You said you went to the other side? We haven’t talked about it. Did you want to stay?

Eric: Well, I– I– I’ll tell you, Ridge. Everybody fears death. Everybody’s afraid of it. I was just like everybody else. I was afraid to die. I was scared. God knows I was– I was scared. And then I went to this place, this– It’s a crossing place, crossing over place and I saw, I heard, uh… You know how people say that, um, they saw the light?

Donna: Yeah, of course.

Eric: I said I did. And– and hearing and seeing are the same thing in there. They’re not separate. You can hear the light and you can see the music and– and, uh, everything that I felt, I was part of it. Uh, It was coming through me. I saw your mother. She’s there. She’s… waiting for me And, um, I was relieved of, uh, things that I was feeling that were bad. My body felt fine. I– I was– I was free of all pain and ache and it just– It was– it was gonna be the perfect exit.

Ridge: Dad, I–

Eric: No, wait, I wanna– I wanna say this to you. And I wanna say that to you too. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s wonderful there. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place and– and as– as wonderful as life is here, just you wait. Just– just you wait. It’s– it’s full of love and light, love and light. And so, uh, I was ready. I was– I was going there. And now, I’m back here.

Ridge: Did I let you down? Did I make the wrong decision? Did you wanna go?

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