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Harris finds Paulina in the town square and says he’s glad to see her. Paulina tells him the same and thanks him for all his work against the drug operations. Harris thanks her and tells her that they made a little progress by busting a dealer who was just released from prison and may have inside information. Paulina calls that really encouraging. Harris adds that they don’t know if he was telling the truth but they are following up. Paulina worries that this crisis is spreading like wildfire and talks about it hitting close to home since it’s affected Holly. Paulina complains that Holly should be out enjoying her life instead of lying in a coma. Harris calls it a tragedy and declares that he has an idea on how to get to the bottom of this problem in Salem. Harris says if it pans out, she will be the first to know.

Everett goes to the Spectator office where Chad compliments him on his article on the drug epidemic. Chad tells him good work. Everett thanks him but asks what he has for him. Chad thinks their sources could still use an upgrade so he got them some face time with the Mayor. Everett remarks that she’s always good for noteworthy comments and that their young readers really like her. Everett mentions that Stephanie is determined to target them especially. Chad asks if that’s part of Stephanie’s new PR strategy that they discussed over dinner last night which Everett confirms. Everett asks if he wants him to get her back over but Chad says maybe another time. Chad says they should probably get over to the Mayor’s office. Everett says to let him put together some questions and then they’ll go. Chad then brings up Stephanie again and says he’s not surprised but it’s more of an observation. Chad then informs Everett that he saw them kissing on New Year’s Eve rather passionately. Chad admits that he’s just surprised and guesses so much for being just friends.

Kate and Roman sit together in the town square. Kate talks about missing Christmas. Harris approaches and says he misses it too. Harris hopes he’s not interrupting anything. Kate responds that she was just finishing a lunch date with her husband. Harris asks for a few minutes with Kate but Roman tells him that whatever he has to say to her, he can say in front of him which Kate agrees with. Harris then tells Kate that he’d like to talk to her about her son, Lucas.

Alex goes to the police station. Theresa thanks him for coming so quickly and hugs him as Alex says she had him worried from how she sounded on the phone. Rafe comes in and says he hopes he didn’t keep them waiting but he had a phone call. Theresa asks if it was about Tate. Rafe responds that they do have other cases. Theresa complains about Tate being attacked in prison which Rafe is surprised to hear about. Brady explains that Tate was punched by an adult for no reason, has a black eye, and is freaked out about it. Rafe states that he ordered for Tate to be placed in isolation so one of the guards must have made a mistake. Brady argues that the mistake was putting Tate in there in the first place and blames it all on EJ. Rafe decides to go down there to find out what happened. Theresa worries about Tate getting attacked again. Alex tells her that he’s so sorry. Theresa responds that sorry isn’t going to get them anywhere and she needs to get Tate out of there now. Theresa asks Alex to call Justin to tell him what’s going on to get Tate transferred. Justin then arrives at the police station.

Kate asks Harris if something happened with Lucas. Harris responds that Lucas is fine so Roman asks what this is about. Harris explains that they got a tip on whoever is trafficking drugs through Salem is currently in prison. Kate insists that Lucas wouldn’t be a part of that. Harris agrees that Lucas has apparently been a model prisoner so Kate asks what the problem is. Harris responds that he’s hoping Lucas can be part of the solution.

Theresa tells Justin that Tate got beat up this morning. Justin says he’s heard. Brady adds that Rafe went to go find out what he could but asks when he can get Tate transferred. Justin responds that he does have news. Theresa asks if it’s good news. Justin suggests they go in to the interrogation room to talk privately.

Everett tells Chad that he’s pretty sure he and Stephanie just got caught up in the moment as the ball had dropped and people were celebrating New Year’s with fireworks. Everett assures that right after that, he made sure she got home safely and he went back to his room at the Salem Inn. Chad says he doesn’t owe him an explanation since they are no longer together. Chad decides whatever Stephanie does is none of his business. Everett brings up that Chad felt compelled to tell him that he saw them kissing. Chad acknowledges that they were pretty serious not too long ago and they lived together. Chad says she was very close to his children and he cares about her a lot. Everett says he understands but notes that he cares about her too and always will.

Kate questions Harris wanting Lucas to be an informant. Harris says that’s what he’s thinking as he wants Lucas to help them nail the bastard that is trafficking drugs from Statesville. Roman brings up his experience in the ISA and the police force and says he knows this is very high risk and the odds are not in Lucas’s favor to carry it out. Kate says it may be the brave and noble thing but asks what good it does if he’s dead. Kate then tells Harris that her answer is most definitely no as she will not put her son in danger.

Everett asks Chad what time their meeting with the Mayor is. Chad tells him it’s in 45 minutes. Everett says that gives us enough time to review their strategy. Chad says that Paulina agreed to meet to go over her plan for Martin Luther King Day which Everett notes is important since she is Salem’s first female black mayor. They talk about discussing the issues and progress she’s made. Chad notes that at some point, they will have to talk about what to do about the drug epidemic. Everett brings up it hitting so close to home now with Holly. Everett recalls watching Holly and Tate on the dance floor at New Year’s Eve and having a great time, then just like that, their lives were shattered. Everett can’t help thinking if he and Stephanie didn’t leave the party early or if his investigator’s brain would’ve been working. Chad points out that Holly’s parents didn’t even know, so Everett couldn’t have done anything. Everett says it’s just that feeling of wishing he could help even if it’s too late but decides it’s not a rational thought. Chad brings up that Abigail once told him that for some investigators, a job is just a job, but for the good ones, it’s a calling and they are motivated by a strong desire to make a difference. Chad thinks Everett is one of those. Everett thanks him for acknowledging that. They then decide to go see the Mayor.

In the interrogation room, Justin informs Theresa, Brady, and Alex that Tate’s bail request was denied. Alex questions how Justin let this happen. Justin argues that he didn’t let it happen and notes that Tate pleading guilty didn’t help nor did getting expelled from boarding school. Theresa questions how the judge even knew about that. Justin brings up social media. Alex questions how it could’ve gotten out and argues that Justin should’ve made sure Tate’s name was erased from the internet. Justin argues that it’s not that simple as it takes time and money. Alex insists that shouldn’t have been a problem and tells Justin that he blew it. Alex remarks that Theresa and Brady keep saying it all falls on EJ but it’s not EJ or Rafe’s fault. Alex then blames Justin.

Harris gets that Kate is worried about Lucas’s safety but if they don’t get him involved to bust who is responsible for the drug crisis, it’s just going to keep going on and more people are going to get hurt and die. Roman admits he’s very right about that as they were heartbroken when they heard about Holly. Kate says when she thinks about what Nicole is going through, she really feels her but they are talking about her son and she’s going to protect him. Kate gets a call from her daughter Billie and steps away to answer it. Roman tells Harris that Kate is a lioness when it comes to her kids. Harris respects that but feels he may be able to get her to reconsider when he tells her how Lucas will be rewarded for his efforts.

Chad and Everett meet with Paulina in her office. Paulina talks about the Martin Luther King Day event having treats from the Bakery and the Pub with lots of volunteers to help clean up the town. Everett praises Paulina as the first female black mayor and following in Abe’s footsteps. Paulina talks about coming a long way and how it’s important to keep Martin Luther King’s memory alive. Chad agrees and says that is why the Spectator is going to be one of the major sponsors for the event and they will dedicate the next issue to covering the event which Paulina will have final say on. Paulina says she appreciates that. Chad assures that they are determined to keep the Spectator for the people. Chad then asks if Paulina has any comments on the growing drug epidemic.

Theresa doesn’t understand how Tate’s appeal could be revoked. Justin says it’s in the hands of the judge while Brady blames EJ. Justin declares there’s nothing more he can do and apologizes. Rafe enters the room so Brady asks if he found out why Tate was not in solitary. Rafe confirms it was mistake and he personally saw it to it that Tate was moved to a newer cell with security cameras and brought him some ice for his black eye. Rafe says he put the fear of God in the guards there and assures that Tate will not be in danger anymore which relieves Theresa. Rafe notes that Tate is brave and that he wanted to tell them he’s okay. Rafe adds that he’ll have a paramedic check on Tate periodically and exits the room. Alex remarks that Rafe is an example of someone getting the job done. Justin tells him that’s enough. Alex comments that if money can work for EJ, it can work for them and declares that they just need a lawyer who is doing what it takes.

Roman asks Harris about Lucas being rewarded for helping him. Harris reveals that he could get Lucas released from prison. Roman questions if he’s a magician. Harris says they know how the system works and that busting a drug dealer like this would be national news in addition to his good behavior. Roman reminds Harris that Lucas kidnapped Sami and that’s why he’s in prison so he’s ambivalent about his release. Harris understands that but points out that Kate is Roman’s wife and she wants nothing more than for her son to be free. Roman says that’s true and he loves Kate with all his heart. Roman acknowledges that Lucas did help them get to Orpheus so he decides he will work on getting over his ambivalence if Kate agrees to getting Lucas involved in this. Harris asks if Roman thinks she will. Roman says he’ll have to ask her.

Paulina tells Chad and Everett that she couldn’t express all her thoughts on the drug epidemic. Everett offers to record her. Paulina starts talking about drugs being around when she was growing up in the 60s and 70s. Paulina starts coughing so Everett asks if she’s okay. Paulina claims she is and tries to continue talking about the drugs. Paulina talks about how opioids can be stronger than heroin and that overdoses are causing people to die. Paulina’s coughing increases so Everett says they can do this another time but Paulina insists that she’s fine. Paulina says her heart aches for all those who have been affected which is why she is using all her resources to warn the public about the dangers of the drugs and everyone in Salem will be informed. Paulina coughs more so Chad gets up to check on her while Everett gets her a water bottle.

Justin tells Alex that he made himself clear from the beginning that he didn’t think he was ruthless or aggressive enough to be Tate’s attorney which is unfair. Justin isn’t sure why he has to defend himself to him since Alex is not Tate’s parent but argues that he’s been as aggressive as possible and done everything he can. Alex remarks that obviously everything he can isn’t enough. Justin is sorry he feels that way and decides he will file a motion to be removed from the case. Brady tries to stop him but Justin shouts that he is not going to continue to be berated by his son as he storms out of the room. Brady questions Alex. Theresa instructs Alex to call the other lawyer. Brady suggests taking a breath and acting like grown ups. Alex responds that he’s being very grown up and should be hearing from his legal counsel any minute now. Alex says it will be very lucrative if he gets the job done. Brady questions having Tate represented by a stranger while Alex argues that it’s an old friend of his who happens to be a shark of a defense attorney. Alex says he’s up to speed on Tate’s case so he just has to give him the latest. Alex then gets a call from his friend Rodney and says he has some news for him.

Kate returns to Roman and Harris, noting that Billie just wanted to wish them a Happy New Year. Roman asks if she happened to speak to Billie about Harris wanting Lucas’s help. Kate says she didn’t because she’s already made up her mind and is sorry if she wasted Harris’ time. Roman informs her that Harris might be able to make the case more appealing which Kate questions. Harris then asks how she would like to get Lucas out of prison. Kate questions how or why he would do that. Harris says it would be to save lives and he knows Lucas is a decent human being who is not a danger to society and has been punished enough which Kate says is true. Kate decides she will have to think about it and Harris will have to promise he can really do that. Harris says he will get confirmation and understands it’s a big decision, so he will let them talk and be waiting for her call. Harris thanks them and then walks away. Kate asks Roman how dangerous this would be for Lucas. Roman states that it depends on whether Lucas could pull it off. Kate calls that a really good question and questions how he will pull it off. Roman reminds her that Lucas was able to get he, John, and Steve to Orpheus, so he’s very smart and he has complete confidence in him. Kate calls that very touching but worries that if Lucas gets caught, he could die. Roman feels that’s very unlikely while it’s more likely that Lucas gets his life back.

Paulina apologizes to Chad and Everett and thanks them for the water. Chad asks if she’s sure she’s okay. Paulina claims she’s fine and it’s just something that she’s getting over but decides she should rest her voice before the big celebration tomorrow so they can continue this later. Everett thanks her for her time. Paulina asks if she gets final approval on copyright which Chad promises. Paulina then gets a phone call but says she can call them back and ignores it. Paulina thanks Chad and Everett, adding that she will definitely feel better. Chad and Everett then exit the office while Paulina looks worried over her phone.

Brady complains to Rafe that if Alex and Theresa are done with Justin, he needs someone he can trust. Brady says he’s going to call Belle and if she’s not available, he will call Carrie. Justin returns and announces it’s all done on his end and he will go in to the interrogation room to let Alex and Theresa know. Rafe stops him and says before he makes it official, he thinks it would be smart for Brady to get a second opinion first. Brady brings up Belle and Carrie. Justin points out that Alex not only insulted him but persuaded Theresa that he’s incompetent and asks if he really wants to put Belle or Carrie in that line of fire. Brady admits he doesn’t but argues that Tate is his son and he knows that Justin is his best option. Brady says he was passive before but he’s done with that. Justin tells him to just let it go and focus on Tate as he doesn’t want to be a distraction. Brady refuses and insists that Justin is best for Tate while Alex needs to butt out and shut up. Brady declares that Tate is his son, not Alex’s, so he’s going to call the shots here.

Kate worries to Roman about anything happening to Lucas because of her agreeing to this. Roman believes in Lucas and trusts Harris. Roman encourages that Lucas could regain his freedom and come home to his family. Kate then agrees to take Harris to Lucas. Kate then calls Harris and tells him that she and Roman discussed it. Kate says she still has reservations but agrees to go to the prison with him. Harris appreciates her trusting him and says the sooner they go, the better. Kate agrees to let him know when she’s free and hangs up. Roman is glad that Kate made that decision. Kate asks if Roman will be okay if Lucas is free early. Roman confirms that he would and that Lucas messed up but he’s paid for it. Roman declares that if Kate wants Lucas home, he does too. Kate thanks Roman for this.

Paulina tells herself that she will be okay as the first diagnosis might have been wrong and she just has a bad cold. Paulina starts coughing again and changes her mind, so she then grabs her phone and calls her doctor back. Paulina tries to talk up tomorrow’s event but the nurse asks her to come in tomorrow. Paulina argues that she has to be at the event and asks the doctor to just give the results over the phone. The nurse insists that Paulina come in person, so she reluctantly agrees to be there and hangs up.

Chad and Everett walk through the town square, deciding to just focus on the positives of Martin Luther King Day for this issue. Everett says he will let Stephanie know. Chad talks about how passionate Paulina was. Everett agrees that she’s definitely great with words. Chad then admits he was a bit concerned with all of her coughing. Everett says he happened to see her phone when it rang and she was ignoring a call from the hospital. Chad asks if he thinks there’s something more to this cough.

Alex argues with Rodney on the phone that they know money talks but Rodney hangs up on him. Brady comes back in to the interrogation room and tells Alex that this is his son’s case, so he’s going to make the decisions about this and he’s decided he wants Justin on the lead. Brady asks if he missed something. Alex reveals that his lawyer friend told him that there’s nothing more he can do other than what Justin has already done. Justin enters the room, so Brady tells him what Rodney told Alex which confirms Justin is doing everything he can. Brady asks Justin to continue what he’s doing and rescind the motion to remove himself. Justin agrees to stay on the case, but warns that he will no longer be reprimanded or disrespected by Alex since he busted his ass to help Tate. Justin says he will only stay on if his efforts are appreciated and acknowledged which Alex agrees to. Justin then exits the room. Theresa then asks Alex to give her and Brady some time to figure out their next move and says she’ll see him later. Alex questions her wanting him to leave. Theresa responds that she and Brady are Tate’s parents, so they are going to figure things out from here on out. Alex says fine and wishes her luck as he exits. Brady notes that was a little harsh. Theresa declares that she can’t care about hurting people’s feelings as she only cares about what is happening to their son.

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