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[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: So then, you’ll do it then? You’ll talk to your brother?

Steffy: If that’s what it takes to finally put this to rest, then…

Finn: Okay. Well, hopefully it will, but… only if your brother’s honest with you.

Steffy: I thought he was honest with me. Just wish you thought that too.

Finn: You know that I’m not trying to make trouble for thomas. You do know that, right?

Steffy: None of this would’ve started if you hadn’t spoken to xander.

Finn: Yeah. Well, I have, okay? And he’s come to me twice now. He’s having the same accusations against your brother.

>>. Steffy: Well, it’s not true.

Finn: I know how much that you want to believe that. And for thomas’ sake, I hope it isn’T. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions, babe. Questions only your brother knows the answers to.

Steffy: I told you I– I would talk to him, okay?

Finn: Okay. You just be direct. Ask him point blank if he had any hand in emma’s death.

Thomas: I could do this all day.

Hope: Me too.

Thomas: Unfortunately, I have work to do.

[ Hope sighs ]

Hope: Oh…

Thomas: Well… yeah, I gotta finish this design and then show it to you so that you can give me pointers.

[ Thomas laughs ]

Hope: You know, actually, I think, uh, I might have a better idea.

Thomas: Yeah?

Hope: Mm-hmm. What if, uh, you came and met me later at my cabin after you finish, and we could do some more collaborating then?

Thomas: I love collaborating.

Hope: I thought you might like that.

Thomas: You know what else I love? I love that you have always seen the good inside of me. You’ve seen the person that i was, and you helped me turn into the person that I am now. You helped me grow so much. Grow into a person that feels worthy of someone as amazing as you. Still hoping for a future. I’ll never stop hoping. Steffy: Finn, my brother was cleared of any suspicions in emma’s death.

Finn: I’m aware.

Steffy: He answered all of the questions, and the police were satisfied with his answers.

Finn: So, we should be too? Like I should be satisfied?

Steffy: We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if xander hadn’t dredged all of this up.

Finn: Well, the point is, he has and we can’t just ignore it. Are you gonna see him? Right now?

[ Steffy scoffs ]

Steffy: Fine. Yeah, I– I’ll talk to him. I just think it’s a waste of time. I already know everything.

Finn: Well, maybe, but it’s also possible that he’s holding something back, all right? Something that he’s never shared before for whatever reason.

Steffy: He didn’t harm emma. She didn’t die because of anything my brother did.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Li: I saw steffy leaving. She didn’t look happy. What’s going on, finn? Were you arguing?

Finn: Arguing, no. Disagreeing, yes.

Li: About what?

Finn: Steffy’s brother, thomas.

Thomas: Please say you’ll marry me.

Hope: I’m just– I’m not ready yet for this, thomas. I hope you understand.

Thomas: Until you’re ready to put this ring on your finger, just keep it here where it belongs, right next to your heart.

Finn: But given the things thomas has done in the past, when xander accuses thomas of murder? Now, do you understand why I’m so concerned about you?

[ Door opens ]

Hope: Uh-huh. Hi, liam. What are you doing here?

Liam: Interrupting, apparently. Hey, at least you’re not in lingerie. Thomas on his way over? Hope?

Hope: Don’t do that. Don’T.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: What do you want?

Liam: I’m just– you seem distracted and, um, you know, contrary to popular opinion, I do still care about you and you can talk to me, so what’s going on?

Hope: I don’t even know if I should be telling you this, but, uh, I have two words for you. Xander avant.

Liam: Xander… hm. What about him?

Hope: He’s back in town.

Liam: And making thomas’s life hell, no doubt.

Finn: I’m not trying to stir up trouble in my marriage, but I just– I can’t look the other way either.

Li: You’re that concerned about thomas? Doubts you’re not willing to brush away?

Finn: I can’T. It just– it wouldn’t be fair.

Li: Fair to whom? Steffy? Thomas? Someone else you’re not mentioning?

Finn: No, actually, I’m thinking of hope.

Li: Hope?

Finn: You know thomas and hope are a couple, right?

Li: Well, yes. Her marriage to liam ended because of it. At least, that’s my understanding.

>Finn: Well, there are other factors too. Though it– it still baffles me.

Li: What does?

Finn: How hope could be involved with thomas after everything he did years ago.

Liam: Hey, so I know you, uh, don’t wanna hear this, but it’s not exactly easy to blame xander, right? I mean, thomas is the guy who had us convinced our daughter was dead for month after month after month. I mean, it’s not shocking that someone might also think he had something to do with emma’s death.

Hope: Okay, that is a pretty serious accusation to be throwing about, liam. Thomas was cleared. They dropped the investigation. Okay? And– and that thomas that you’re talking about from back then, that’s the old him.

Liam: Right. I forget that. Yeah, the two thomases. I keep forgetting. The old one, the new one, the good one, the bad one. You’ll forgive me if I have a little bit of trouble believing. What is that? Is that an engagement ring?

Steffy: Thanks for seeing me.

Thomas: Yeah, no, it sounded important, but I don’t have much time.

Steffy: Somewhere you need to be?

Thomas: Yeah, I’m meeting hope at the cabin.

Steffy: Hope can wait. This can’T.

Thomas: What’s on your mind, steff?

Steffy: I just came from seeing finn.

Thomas: Good. Hopefully, you were able to convince him to, you know, stop hanging out with xander and stuff.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, a little late for that.

Thomas: A little late for what?

Steffy: Xander showed up at finn’s office again. He still says that you’re responsible for emma’s death. Attention medicare beneficiaries

Li: Word of advice from your mother. Don’t get too caught up in being hope’s protector. There is a complex history between her and your wife. You don’t want to inadvertently–

Finn: Look, mom, I hear you, okay? But that’s not what this is about.

Li: It’s not? You sure?

Finn: Yes, I’m sure. I mean, yes, of course, I want hope to be safe and happy, but my family is my first priority. Nothing will ever come before them.

Li: As it should be.

Finn: Believe me, I know how lucky I am to be married to steffy, to raise our children with her. I would never do anything to hurt what we have together.

Li: Still, this thing with thomas, whatever it is, if it’s causing tension–

Finn: Not in the way that you think it is. It’s just– look, steffy thinks that her brother has changed and grown, and thomas says that he has changed and grown for the better.

Li: But you’re not convinced.

Finn: Look, I would love nothing more than to tell my wife that she’s right. That her brother is who she thinks he is. But thomas has a checkered past. He has done harmful, hurtful things and I will always be wary of thomas until proven otherwise.

Liam: So, thomas proposed, gave you a ring.

Hope: Yes–

Liam: Only that ring is not where rings go. That ring is on a chain around your neck. Why?

Hope: It’s really none of your business.

Liam: Hey, no matter the status of our relationship, I still care about you and you can still confide in me. So, when did this happen?

Hope: Not long ago.

Liam: Not long ago? Anybody else know? They don’t, do they?

Hope: Okay, I am not discussing this with you anymore, all right?

Liam: Oh, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t say “yes.”

Hope: Not yet.

Liam: Honestly, between you and me, that thing shouldn’t even be on a chain, much less your finger.

Hope: Hm. That’s not exactly up to you, is it?

Liam: No, clearly not. Clearly not. All I can do is keep the old fingers crossed that one day, somehow, you’ll come to realize how much this relationship with thomas is costing you and get out of it before he hurts you again.

Steffy: I realize how frustrating this is for you. That night on mulholland is rearing its ugly head again.

Thomas: Yes, because xander, for some reason, couldn’t just stay away.

Steffy: Well, he’s back here now, thomas, and he’s making waves.

Thomas: Yeah, he’s definitely got your husband sucked in. I wonder if he’s gonna convince you.

Steffy: What? He’s not gonna do that. Look, I– I support you, I do. Look, what happened to emma, it was an accident. I don’t know why finn keeps pointing the finger at you.

Thomas: Finn blames me for what happened.

Steffy: He has questions. Questions that xander put in his head. I told him not to go there.

Thomas: Right, but he won’t let it go, steff.

Steffy: I– well, finn asked me to come here and… he wanted me to ask you one more time if you knew anything about emma’s death. Xander has these accusations. Are any of them true?

Thomas: He’s right about one thing.

>>Liam: I swear, hope, I would never judge you. I– I– I never have, I never would. I just– you know, just– just think about how many people thomas has hurt. Think about how much he’s hurt you.

Hope: Oh, gosh. Um, hate to break it to you, uh, but thomas isn’t the only one who’s hurt me. Yeah, I haven’t forgotten about that whole, you know, moment of you running to steffy and acting like what we shared meant absolutely nothing to you. So, um, I may have been naive and trying to be– you know what? No. This is not even worth it because we’ve both moved on, right?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. No, we’ve– we’ve– we’ve moved on. I just, um, it’s just a shame that you’ve moved on with thomas, especially given that xander’s back in town spitting all this truth, and that’s got to be–

Hope: Okay, what xander is saying isn’t true, liam.

Liam: Well, I don’t know.

Hope: No, while thomas, yes, has done horrible things in the past, things that he has regretted, things that he has taken accountability for, being responsible for emma’s death is not one of them. He’s not capable of that, as much as I know you’re not going to be convinced of that.

Liam: Well, you know, what– let me ask you this– why? Why now? Why is xander here? What’s in it for xander?

Hope: Because he has an axe to grind. He was fired from forrester, liam, and more importantly, he was very close to emma. So, while the investigation cleared thomas, xander needs someone to blame and who better than thomas?

Liam: So– just so I understand, in this parable, thomas is the victim?

Hope: That is not what I am saying. That is not what I am saying.

Liam: Kinda sounds like it.

Hope: You’re just committed to misunderstanding me. No, what happened to emma was an accident, not a crime. And I get that you and finn and– and everyone else has your judgment and has your doubts and are trying to protect me. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. Especially not from thomas and that whole period of my life, that dark chapter that everyone just keeps trying to bring up, I am wanting to move past it. So, can we please not go back there again?

Liam: I just hope that you understand that as long as you’re in a relationship with thomas, you’re never gonna be able to move past emma’s death.

Steffy: Xander was right about something?

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: What? Tell me.

Thomas: First, I wanna say how sorry I am about what happened to emma. That she lost her life. The police, they know that she went off the road. They think that she was distracted while driving.

[ Tires squealing, crashing ] The thing that xander has right is that I was a person of interest and I should have been. But I was cleared, and the case was closed. The thing is, is xander won’t let it go. He believes that I intentionally killed emma, and, steffy, I didn’T. I didn’t kill emma, okay? I– I don’t know if she was texting while driving, but no matter what, it was a senseless car accident.

Steffy: Yeah. It– it explains a lot. But not everything. Somehow, the truth needs to come out. All of it, thomas.

Thomas: Yeah, it does. I totally agree.

Liam: Hope, given thomas’s past, don’t you think anything is possible? He knew our little girl was alive. He wanted us to think she was dead and he watched us suffer month after month. If he’s capable of that, I think he’s capable of anything. Even murder.

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