Y&R Short Recap Thursday, January 11, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria persuades Victor to let her take the Newman jet to Oregon along with a security team so Claire can go see Jordan and get closure. Nikki is upset because she doesn’t think Claire should go see Jordan since Jordan could be setting another trap for Victoria. Nikki is upset with Victor, so she goes to her office to get drunk from the flask hidden in her desk.

Nikki goes to the Athletic Club and drinks some more. Nikki sees Nick at the bar and tries to sneak out so Nick doesn’t see her, but Lauren does and takes Nikki upstairs to a room to get some coffee into her. Nikki tells Lauren about the ordeal she and her family have been through with Jordan.

Victor calls Nikki. Lauren answers Nikki’s phone and tells Victor she and Nikki are having dinner and a girls’ night. Lauren hangs up the phone and tells Nikki she will stay with her all night so she doesn’t drink any more tonight.

Adam and Sally have dinner and go upstairs to Sally’s room and make love.

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