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[dramatic music ]

Thomas: You’re putting me on notice? “As long as I live and breathe, you’ll never be with Hope.” Really? You think Hope deserves better than me?

Finn: She deserves a normal, stable relationship with a guy that she can trust and depend on.

Thomas: Hope trusts me.

Finn: Yeah. And I’m saying she shouldn’t.

Finn: What aren’t you telling me? No. Look, I– I understand that Thomas has done a lot of terrible things in the past, and even I wouldn’t have thought murder. Is your brother more dangerous than I realized?

Poppy: Your text said you were swamped. Too busy to get outta the office?

Luna: Um, yeah.

Poppy: Um, why do I feel like I’ve been lured into a trap?

Luna: Okay. So maybe I may have taken advantage of your maternal instincts a little bit.

Poppy: Okay. So you weren’t dying for a chai latte?

Luna: No. I am dying to know how your date went with Bill Spencer.

Poppy: It was lovely reconnecting with Bill.

Luna: Wait, so he was right? You two really did know each other?

Poppy: Mm. From years ago.

Luna: But he never forgot you.

Poppy: No, he thought he recognized me, and he did. You know, which isn’t surprising, given how many people I meet on the craft fair circuit.

Luna: Really? Bill Spencer doesn’t seem like a craft fair type.

Poppy: All right, fine. It was at a music festival. Okay. But– but decades ago, you know. Which reminds me, I’m setting up a booth at the farmer’s market in Malibu this weekend. Do you wanna help me? Like old times?

Luna: Wait, I thought you were gonna take a break after the holidays.

Poppy: Well, if you don’t want to–

Luna: No, no, no. I’d love to. Can RJ come with?

Poppy: Of course, he can. You really care about him.

Luna: Yeah. I could go on and on about RJ all night.

Poppy: You know what? Great idea. Let’s go to dinner and you can talk my ear off about him over enchiladas mole.

Luna: Ooh.

Poppy: Yes. What is it, honey?

Luna: Um… well, I think you’re gonna be having enchiladas without me. “Dinner in the salon. One hour. Can’t wait to see you.”

Poppy: Hm.

[ Luna laughs ]

RJ: Hey.

Zende: What do you want, RJ?

RJ: Listen, I just– I– I just want you to hear me out on something, okay?

Zende: Don’t you have some big important work to be doing with your father?

RJ: Come on. Really? Don’t– don’t be like that. I just, I came in here to tell you that I get it. I get it. I– I get that you wanted to be the one to work with my dad and finish Granddad’s line. And I’m telling you that you can still do that. We can all work together on this.

Zende: Oh, you’re inviting me to join your project.

RJ: I’m just saying that we’re all, you know, we’re– we could all work together. Why not? We– we all wanna honor Granddad, so let’s do that.

Zende: Okay, great. RJ, just tell me one thing. Does your dad need you to draw for him like Granddad did?

RJ: Do? No. What?

Zende: Because that’s what you are. You are a draftsman. I’m a designer.

Xander: I know it sounds crazy and I’m sure you don’t wanna believe that your brother-in-law’s capable of something like this, but Thomas, he’s… he’s not a good guy. You should be very careful with him.

Finn: You’re– you’re saying Thomas murdered somebody?

Thomas: I really wish you didn’t feel that way. I’ve proven for a long time that I’m not that person anymore. No one has to worry about Hope with me. No one has to protect Hope from me.

Finn: Are you sure about that, Thomas? Because the things that I’m hearing are making me wonder.

Thomas: I understand. But you’re not listening to what I’m saying. You’re not watching my actions. Look, Hope and I, we’ve– we’ve grown so much closer. We’re so much more connected than we were before. We’re really a couple. I’m looking forward to a relationship with her. She is my future.

Finn: You felt that way before, Thomas. She didn’t.

Thomas: I’m not a threat to Hope or to anyone. Not anymore. And I get it. Look, Xander’s coming in here and he’s telling you this story about Emma and her car accident, and it’s gotta trip you up. I get that. But remember who I am. I’m your kid’s uncle. We’re family, man. We should be on the same side. I– I really hope you can believe me. Don’t let Xander come in and drive a wedge between us. And please, please, do not drive a wedge between Hope and me.

Luna: Dinner in the salon.

Poppy: It’s very romantic. And being invited like this, so much sweeter than a text.

Luna: Yeah. Well, and that’s RJ making sure everything’s perfect. Oh, god. But the dinner’s gonna be like super fancy, too. I can’t show up like this.

Poppy: What? You look fantastic.

Luna: No, no. I’m dressed for work. Okay. This is like a let’s-go-and grab-burgers-after kind of outfit. It’s not a secret-note-through-the-door kind of outfit. What am I gonna wear? I don’t have time to go back home.

Poppy: Fortunately, you work at a fashion house.

RJ: I’m just trying to find some common ground here, Zende. That’s all I’m trying to do, man.

Zende: No, what you’re trying to do is make me feel okay with you finishing Granddad’s collection.

RJ: Yes. Obviously. And– and you’re not.

Zende: RJ, I support your interest in design. I think it’s great that you wanna be part of the family business. I know how much it means to Ridge and to Granddad, but this collection is different.

RJ: How is it different? Grand– Granddad said that I could handle this.

Zende: You were his assistant, not his protégé.

RJ: Oh, we’re gonna go back to this again? I thought you understood when you found out about Granddad’s condition, Zende.

Zende: Listen, his condition is the most important thing right now. Nothing is more important than Granddad’s recovery.

RJ: I agree with that. So, what could be better for him right now than seeing all of us pull together?

Zende: I did not understand why Granddad chose you to be on his team for the showdown. I didn’t know the whole story. Now, I do. But it doesn’t change the fact that you have been given more opportunity around here than everyone else. And we all know why. ‘Cause you are the golden child, Ridge, Jr.

Steffy: Xander isn’t as innocent as you think. He was part of the whole baby Beth lie.

Finn: So, you think he’s making these accusations against Thomas as payback?

Steffy: That’s exactly what I think. Look, what happened to Emma, it was terrible, but it was an accident. I will tell you it again. Thomas is not to blame, so drop it, okay?

Finn: I am not gonna debate this with you, Thomas.

Thomas: Well, we probably should ’cause you have it all wrong.

Finn: Okay. Look, I’m– I’m trying to figure out the truth.

Thomas: You’re not gonna get that from Xander.

Finn: Or from you. Am I, Thomas?

[ Phone chimes ]

Finn: You’re very smooth. You deflect my questions. But Xander didn’t come to my office to start trouble. He was stunned when he realized that I was married to Steffy and related to you.

Thomas: Xander’s wrong. His accusations are false. And Hope, she’s not some damsel in distress. She can make her own decisions about who is in her life.

Finn: And she’s making the wrong one with you.

RJ: I’m not gonna apologize to you because I’m Ridge and Brooke’s son, Zende.

Zende: You need to know what that means. The leg up it gives you.

RJ: I know the leg up that it gives me. I know how lucky I am. It was incredible, all the time I got to spend with Granddad. I’m not taking a single second of this for granted.

Zende: It’s not luck, RJ. It’s who you are.

RJ: Who I am? You are a Forrester, Zende. We’re both Forresters. What’s your argument?

Zende: You do not have the chops to work on a historic collection like this. That’s it.

RJ: Well, may– maybe I– I don’t, but I– I– I’ve learned a lot from Granddad. I learned hell of a lot from him. I– I–

Zende: Listen, you spent a few weeks learning from the master and now you feel entitled to help finish his collection? What am I saying? Entitled? Of course, you are. You are doing exactly what a Ridge Forrester does best. Flirting with the interns, camping out in the CEO office, walking around with your noses–

RJ: Stop it! You know what? I’ve been– I’ve been trying to see this from your side the whole time, and now, I’m done. Okay. Good luck, Zende. I have plans.

Poppy: This is the one.

Luna: You think?

Poppy: Mm-hmm.

Luna: Angela was nice enough to let me borrow it.

Poppy: You look stunning.

Luna: Well, I hope RJ feels the same way.

Poppy: You’re gonna take his breath away. RJ is one lucky guy.

Luna: Mom, I have never met anyone like RJ. I mean, he’s the most thoughtful, empathetic person ever. I mean, if he really cares about someone or something, you can tell. And he puts his heart into everything. I mean, his work and his family, but especially with his surprises. I’m talking chocolates, lunches, uh, flowers. He just, he pays attention to every detail.

Poppy: You two are having quite the effect on each other. The way you talk about him, you sound like a girl in love. Good for you. Enjoy it.

Luna: Mom, I’ve been waiting my entire life for a guy like RJ.

Thomas: Your timing of texting is excellent.

Steffy: Oh, I’m sorry. Why? Did I pull you away from something?

Thomas: No, I was just getting an earful from your husband.

Xander: Your assistant said I could come in.

Finn: Shut the door.

Xander: Thanks for seeing me again, Dr. Finnegan. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that you would.

Finn: Yeah, I was surprised. I thought our first meeting would be our last.

Xander: Right. Right. Sorry, it’s just, um, after seeing that picture and, you know, everything with Thomas, it just kinda freaked me out a little.

Finn: No, to be honest, what you told me about Thomas freaked me out, too.

Xander: So, you believe me?

Finn: Right now, I don’t know what to believe.

Xander: Because I– I mean, I’d understand if you– if you didn’t. I’m just some guy that walked into your office, told you something horrible about your family. But I– I promise I’m telling the truth.

Finn: Can you prove it?

Xander: Beyond reasonable doubt? No. Neither could the cops. I mean, that’s why Thomas isn’t in jail, but he should be. But Doctor, I’m telling you, Thomas is dangerous. And he’s responsible for Emma Barbara’s death.

RJ: Hi. Uh, where’s Granddad?

Nurse: Downstairs getting some tests.

RJ: Oh, okay. How’s, uh, how’s– how’s he doing? Is he– is he doing okay?

Nurse: Getting stronger every day.

RJ: Glad to hear it.

Nurse: If you can wait, I know he’d be happy to see you. You’re a wonderful grandson to visit so often.

Luna: Zende.

Zende: Hi.

Luna: Hi.

Zende: You look fantastic.

Luna: Thanks. Uh, have you seen RJ?

Zende: No, I haven’t.

Luna: Oh, I– I was supposed to meet him here.

Zende: Are you sure?

Luna: Yeah. He, uh, slipped me a note.

Zende: “Dinner in the salon. One hour. Can’t wait to see you.” I’m so glad you’re here, Luna. I’m really looking forward to our evening together.

Steffy: You were with Finn?

Thomas: Yeah. I overheard him bashing me to Hope.

Steffy: Bashing you.

Thomas: He told her that she hasn’t been herself lately. That I have been corrupting her, and that she’s just been lashing out since we’ve been together.

Steffy: You want me to disagree?

Thomas: Yeah. That’d be nice to have, you know, some family support.

Steffy: Well, I– I don’t think you’re corrupting Hope, but she’s changed. Finn isn’t wrong about that.

Thomas: He told Hope that she deserves a one-woman man, but not me. He looked her directly in the eyes and said that I’m not good enough for her. Especially after hearing Xander’s accusations against me.

Xander: I understand if you don’t wanna believe that Thomas is capable of murder and that you’re worried about Hope. I mean, you should be. It seems like she’s getting closer and closer with Thomas and… I’m sorry. Are they seriously in a relationship? You know, they’re– they’re working together. He’s– he’s the lead designer. Is that true?

Finn: No, I’m– I’m concerned, too.

Xander: Okay. Then tell me that you’ll listen to me. Emma was an innocent young woman with her whole life ahead of her until Thomas ran her off Mulholland Drive. He couldn’t risk Hope knowing the truth about Beth and was willing to do anything to make sure that Emma didn’t tell her that her child was alive.

Finn: Okay, Xander, understand that’s a very serious accusation.

Xander: Look, that’s why I’m back here, to make you– look, I don’t care if– if the investigation is over, okay? Thomas threatened me, and I know what he’s capable of. He’s capable of murder.

Thomas: Please, Steff, you may not wanna hear it, but I love Hope and I believe that she loves me, too. We could have a wonderful relationship together, and think about how amazing that would be for Douglas. He would love it so much. So please, talk to Finn. Convince him I’m not a threat. Don’t let him interfere in my relationship with Hope.


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