B&B Short Recap Monday, January 8, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

After hearing Finn tell Hope that she deserves better than him, Thomas tries to convince Finn that he’s not a bad person, but Finn doesn’t believe him.

Poppy stops by to see Luna, who’s happy to hear that her date with Bill went well. Luna gets a text that she thinks is from RJ, asking her to meet him in the salon. She borrows a Forrester dress from someone name Angela. Poppy can tell how much Luna loves RJ, so Luna gushes about how great he is.

RJ tries to get Zende to work with him and Ridge on Eric’s collection, but Zende accuses RJ of being the golden boy. He says RJ doesn’t have the experience or training to be getting such great design opportunities over him. RJ gives up after it’s clear that he’s not getting anywhere with Zende. He goes to visit Eric, who’s not in his room because he’s having tests. The nurse tells him that Eric is getting better every day.

Meanwhile, Luna goes to the salon and is stunned to find that Zende is there and has set up a romantic dinner for them.

Steffy keeps hearing her earlier argument with Finn in her head about how he thinks Thomas is dangerous. Thomas drops by to see her. He tells her about his run-in with Finn and asks her not to let Finn intefere with his relationship with Hope.

Meanwhile, Xander goes to see Finn again and tells him that, while he can’t prove it, he’s convinced that Thomas ran Emma off the road.


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