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Sarah comes out of the spare bedroom at Xander’s apartment and finds Xander cooking. Xander tells her that he planned to surprise her with breakfast in bed, but notes that he would have knocked first as he wouldn’t just barge in while she was in bed. Sarah tells him that she wouldn’t have minded if he had done that.

Wendy packs her bags at home as Tripp comes home. Tripp apologizes for not making it home for New Year’s Eve as he got stuck at the hospital on a crazy night. Wendy tells him that they can make up for it in Hong Kong. Wendy talks about what a great time they are going to have and announces that she got a leave of absence from the police department since she hopes to come back someday, depending on her dad’s condition. Tripp asks how he’s holding up. Wendy says he’s still in rough shape, but her flight leaves tonight and then she’ll be there. Tripp knows her parents will be so happy to see her. Wendy responds that she’ll be so happy to welcome him to Hong Kong. Wendy asks if Tripp has made arrangements with the hospital to join her soon. Tripp reveals that he’s sorry but he can’t go.

At the police station, Brady tells Tate that he can’t wait to get him home. Justin returns and announces that he just got a call from the assistant district attorney. Rafe returns and announces that he just got a call from the judge, who has reversed his decision and revoked Tate’s bail. Rafe reveals that Tate’s not going anywhere as he has to take him back in to custody. Theresa argues against it while Brady questions how the judge could change his mind after just granting bail half an hour ago. Justin finishes a call and says he found out that EJ convinced the judge that Tate is a flight risk because of the family wealth. Brady argues that EJ probably owns the judge. Justin acknowledges that EJ holds a lot of sway. Theresa argues that this can’t be happening. Tate asks everyone to stop talking and just tell him what’s going to happen to him.

Xander and Sarah talk about Victoria sleeping through the night. Sarah thanks him for letting her stay the night. Xander talks about getting through the baby fever scare. Sarah says it all worked out which Xander credits her for. Xander comments that he ruined her New Year’s Eve plans as they flash back to taking care of Victoria and Sarah saying she’d rather be here with them to watching the fireworks together where they ended up kissing. Sarah tells Xander that she wouldn’t say it was ruined. Xander starts to apologize but Victoria wakes up crying. Xander says he’ll go check on her while telling Sarah to help herself to the food.

Wendy thought they had already decided and that Tripp wanted to go with her. Tripp says that was all before last night when Holly Jonas was brought in to the hospital after overdosing at the Bistro. Tripp explains that she was found on the loading dock, barely alive. Wendy asks if she’s going to be okay. Tripp says it’s too soon to tell but this isn’t exactly about Holly. Tripp informs her that he went to go check on Ava after he got off and she was acting really strange. Wendy feels it must have been traumatic for her to have someone overdose on her watch. Tripp feels it was more than that as he knows her mom and he knows when something is not right. Tripp says when Ava encouraged him to go to Hong Kong, he had the feeling that something was up with her but he doesn’t know what exactly. Tripp thinks something is going on that Ava doesn’t want him to know about which is why she was way too eager to have him 8000 miles away on another continent. Wendy says she doesn’t know Ava all that well but admits it seems out of character for her. Tripp insists that Ava is all about wanting to be close since he’s her only child now and making up for lost time. Tripp brings up that Ava used to be in the mob and he wants to think that she’s telling the truth when she adamantly denied being involved with drugs, but admits that he doesn’t believe her.

Brady tells Tate not to worry as they are never going to give up. Theresa argues that they can’t send her child to jail. Justin clarifies that it will be juvenile hall, not jail, and they will explore their options. Brady asks what options they have and asks if they can argue that EJ is a conflict of interest. Justin says he will file an appeal immediately and then they will explore every avenue. Alex asks if he can just pay double the bail amount and urges Justin to make the court system work that way since he’s been doing this a long time and knows judges. EJ arrives and greets them, so Alex, Justin, and Rafe have to hold Brady back. Brady asks EJ why he’s doing this to his son.

Wendy suggests Tripp get some sleep. Tripp says he’s not going to miss her leaving, noting that he’s already been up for 24 hours. Wendy asks if Tripp thinks his mom is back in the game. Tripp reiterates that he doesn’t want to think that but some things just don’t add up. Tripp brings up Ava suddenly breaking up with Harris, killing Gil right here in their apartment, and then out of nowhere she’s managing the Bistro with Stefan. Tripp says that Ava had an answer for everything as if she was prepared. Wendy understands why he’s so worried, especially given her history. Tripp says that Harris is not in Ava’s life anymore. Wendy understands that Ava needs Tripp now more than ever, so if he wasn’t here, no one would take care of her. Tripp says it hurts so much more that Wendy is being so understanding and he loves her for it. Wendy assures that she knows him and she loves him. Tripp says he’s so sorry because all of this is so unfair. Wendy admits she’s disappointed but says family is obviously very important to him and she respects him for that. Wendy says she has to take care of her parents now and she knows he feels the same about his mom, but now they have another issue. Tripp asks what this means for them.

Xander brings Victoria in to the living room as Sarah is finishing her breakfast. They joke about Xander’s pronunciation of the word “scone”. Sarah hopes Victoria gets Xander’s accent because it’s charming and she loves it, noting that Victoria is half Scottish. Xander hoped Victoria would take more after Sarah’s side of the family. Xander tells Sarah that he likes everything about her. Sarah thanks him and decides she should get dressed and pack up Victoria’s things since it’s her night with her. Sarah tells Xander that she’ll be out of his hair and he can have his apartment back as she goes to get dressed.

Rafe warns that Brady will just make things worse for Tate. EJ says to let him go as he’s curious to see how far Brady will take it, joking that if he assaults the district attorney then he and Tate can have father-son time in jail. Justin and Alex hold Brady back as Theresa tells Brady that they need him here with them and Justin advises him not to make things worse. Theresa doesn’t think things could get worse but EJ assures that they can. EJ brings up his family and Nicole being broken at Holly’s bedside. EJ talks about an innocent girl fighting for her life because she was pressured in to taking drugs by the son of drug addicts. Tate insists that’s not what happened and that he told Holly not to do it. EJ tells Tate to save it. EJ remarks that Tate is nearly of age and committed a crime that resulted in Holly’s condition. Theresa argues that Tate is innocent until proven guilty. EJ declares that Tate will be tried as an adult and held at the local jail with the other prisoners. Justin argues that EJ can’t charge Tate as an adult for possession because the law doesn’t support that. EJ responds that it could be manslaughter or attempted murder for pedaling drugs that may have killed his stepdaughter. Theresa tries to argue but Justin acknowledges that he can charge the minor as an adult if the crime is fitting. Theresa pleads with EJ that Tate is just a child and to have some compassion. Alex argues that they should’ve got a different lawyer and that Justin should’ve changed the venue. Justin tells Alex that he’s out of his element as you can’t change the venue until there’s a trial. Alex argues that he at least could’ve found a judge who isn’t under EJ’s thumb. EJ dares Alex to make accusations to his face. Alex gets in EJ’s face and threatens to rearrange his face. EJ points out that Alex is threatening the district attorney while surrounded by cops. Alex responds that he’s no scared of him as the Kiriakis family have friends in high places. Tate yells to stop. Tate asks Theresa not to let them send him to jail.

Wendy wishes there was a way that she could stay in Salem to be there for Tripp and Ava, but her parents need her in Hong Kong so she feels like she has to go. Tripp says he gets that as they just lost their son and she feels responsible to help them through that. Tripp assures that he totally understands, but they need to talk about what happens next. Tripp asks if they are going to try long distance. Wendy says yes but acknowledges that it’s a really long distance so it won’t be easy. Tripp says they can’t spend weekends together but they can still talk, text, and video calls along with visiting each other. Wendy says that sounds all nice and doable but says they are making these plans while in the same room. Wendy declares that they both know that when she leaves and they are separated by oceans, it won’t be the same. Tripp guesses that’s true. Wendy tells Tripp that she cares about him so much and she just wants him to be happy, so she doesn’t want to stand in his way if he meets someone else as she doesn’t expect him to wait for her. Tripp says he understands and that he wouldn’t want her waiting for him either. Wendy can’t believe they are actually saying goodbye.

Sarah and Xander joke about his neighbors seeing her leave. Xander tells Sarah that she looks beautiful and she thanks him. Sarah mentions that Victoria’s bag is packed so when she wakes up, she will head out. Sarah offers to help him with the dishes since he cooked. Xander asks her not to worry about that and forget about the dishes. Sarah asks if something is wrong. Xander says that earlier when putting Victoria down, he couldn’t help but think that now that Chloe has moved out, there is a spare room. Sarah says that’s for Victoria as he’s making it into a nursery. Xander points out that there’s a regular bed in there that Sarah slept on last night which she confirms was comfortable. Xander wonders if it’s possible that Sarah would consider moving in permanently with their daughter.

Wendy can’t imagine not having Tripp in her life as he’s been her rock and support. Wendy doesn’t think she could’ve survived her brother’s death without him. Wendy adds that he makes her laugh and she loves his shrimp tacos. Tripp says she makes him laugh too and he’s so impressed by how smart she is and how hard she works. Tripp calls her brave and kind, noting that she taught him to believe in love again as they kiss.

Sarah tells Xander that she doesn’t know what to say. Xander encourages her to say yes to moving in. Sarah admits that sharing custody is hard as she misses Victoria so much when they are apart. Xander agrees and feels it would be better for Victoria to have a permanent home rather than bouncing back and forth. Sarah brings up Konstantin staying with Maggie until his ankle heals and he can leave town. Sarah says she likes Konstantin but doesn’t trust him, so she doesn’t know how she would feel about Maggie being alone with him. Xander points out that lots of people still live there including Henderson. Xander adds that Sarah spends a good chunk of her time at the hospital anyways and suggests she trust that Maggie can take care of herself. Xander then asks if Sarah is just looking for a reason to say no.

Tate pleads with Theresa not to let them take him. Theresa asks for a minute alone with Tate. Brady assures Tate that they are going to get him out as soon as possible. Tate says he’s scared. Brady insists that he did nothing wrong. Theresa tells Tate that he’s innocent and they are going to fight like hell to prove it. EJ remarks that even if the drugs weren’t Tate’s, he didn’t pull the trigger on calling 911 and that could be the difference in whether or not Holly survives. Tate says that he’s so sorry. EJ calls it a little too late for sorry.

Sarah admits maybe she is looking for a reason to not move in. Sarah talks about how complicated this is for her and how she feels conflicted about them living together. Xander brings up that they kissed last night and they hadn’t talked about it. Xander asks if Sarah is worried that he only asked her to move in, in hopes that they would sleep together. Sarah talks about their emotions being heightened, worrying about Victoria, and getting caught up in the fireworks so it happened in the heat of the moment. Xander says that’s true but admits that he’s wanted to kiss her for a long time. Sarah admits she wanted to as well and calls their kisses amazing. Sarah adds that she’s scared of going too fast and falling madly in love with him again and regretting it.

Wendy guesses her car should be there soon. Tripp tells her to cancel it so he can take her to the airport, feeling that they should be together until the last minute. Wendy doesn’t think that’s a good idea, feeling it would just make it harder. Tripp wants to take her but Wendy says she’d rather he didn’t. Tripp says he understands. Wendy goes to freshen up before she leaves. Tripp puts a piece from their Jenga game in to Wendy’s bag. Wendy returns, having gotten a text that her car is there early. Tripp and Wendy then embrace one last time.

Theresa calls this a nightmare and repeats that her son is innocent and a good, caring person who would never willingly hurt someone he cares about. Alex tells her it will be okay. Theresa doesn’t know if she believes that as she says the look in EJ’s eyes isn’t a husband worried about his wife grieving, she just sees bitter hatred. Rafe tells Tate that he needs to get out of his suit, so Justin exits with ate. Rafe then asks for a word with EJ so they head in to the interrogation room. Theresa then agrees with Alex that she should’ve gotten another lawyer. Alex hugs her as she cries.

In the interrogation room, EJ tells Rafe to make it quick because he doesn’t want to miss Tate being taken away in handcuffs. Rafe questions what the hell is the matter with him and why he’s doing this. EJ thought since Rafe was in Holly’s life, that they would be on the same side. Rafe asks when the hell he’s ever been on the same side with EJ on anything. Rafe says even if Tate gave Holly the drugs, he’s just a kid who never meant for any of this to happen. Rafe adds that Holly took the drugs willingly. EJ calls that a baseless assumption, arguing that Tate could’ve drugged her drink for all they know. Rafe declares that soon they will know a lot more because he’s going to the high school to interview eye witnesses and maybe they’ll find out things about Holly that EJ didn’t even know. EJ warns Rafe to stay away from Nicole and not to try to make the victim the criminal. Rafe shouts that he’s trying to get EJ to see the reality of the tragedy when all he can do is lash out as a poor kid who is already traumatized. Rafe asks EJ if it makes him feel good to make Tate feel worse. EJ decides that this conversation is over. Rafe tells EJ to imagine if someone was doing this to Johnny when he was Tate’s age and how it would make him go nuts. Rafe urges EJ to think about it.

Justin and a cop escort Tate back in to the police station where Theresa hugs him.

Xander tells Sarah that if she agrees to move in, they would be roommates and co-parents. Xander promises to be a gentleman and respect her boundaries. Xander is sure that she would respect his boundaries as well. Sarah asks what his boundaries are. Xander jokes that she should never eat something from the fridge that he was saving for himself and he’d prefer if she didn’t put his phone, tablet, or laptop where he can’t find it while straightening up. Xander then asks what Sarah’s boundaries are. Sarah jokes there’s too many to state right now so she’ll have to make a list. Xander asks for her answer. Sarah responds that she’d be willing to give it a shot which excites Xander. Xander then presents Sarah with a key and welcomes her to her new home.

Wendy tells Tripp that it’s time for her to go. Tripp tells her that he’s going to miss her so much as they kiss goodbye. Wendy then takes her bag to leave and tells Tripp that she loves him. Tripp says he loves her too, always, as she then exits in tears.

Brady tells Tate to have faith that Holly is going to wake up and set things right. Justin adds that they will do everything in their power to prove his innocence and they will fight this. Tate says he never meant for any of this to happen. Brady insists that he’s innocent and they will get him home as soon as they can. Theresa tells Tate that they love him so much and hugs him. Rafe and EJ come out from the interrogation room. Rafe announces that it’s time to take Tate to his cell. EJ jokes about not keeping the other prisoners waiting. Theresa calls EJ a monster and warns him about if anything happens to her son. Alex holds her back and says he’s not worth it. Brady hugs Tate and encourages him to stay strong as he’s going to move Heaven and Earth to get him out. Rafe tells Tate that he’s sorry but it’s protocol for the transfer to jail as he then handcuffs Tate. Rafe escorts Tate out while Brady warns EJ that this is not over by a longshot.

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