Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady found out Holly was in a coma. Rafe questioned Tate about the drugs. Tate said the drugs were Holly’s. EJ walked in and said that he was lying. He said the drugs were Tate’s. EJ wanted Tate arrested. He said Holly was fighting for her life because of Tate. EJ said Brady and Theresa were drug addicts and promised to make Tate pay for what he did. EJ promised to make Tate pay for what he did. Theresa and EJ argued with each other. Rafe let EJ know there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest Tate. EJ said he was responsible for criminal charges and decided when charges were filed. He said Rafe had to do what he said. While Tate was talking, Brady told him to stop. He said Tate was lying to protect him. Rafe wanted EJ to sit with his family. He said he would take Brady to the station. Rafe told Brady that EJ wanted someone to pay for what happened to Holly. He informed Brady to get his story straight because he knew he was protecting Tate.

Stefan got orders from Clyde and gave them to Ava. They argued over not wanting to get involved since people were dying because of the drugs. Ava thought lives would be ruined if they continued to do nothing. Stefan wanted to stop what they were doing. Ava said she had an idea. She said she had people to call who could make Clyde an offer he wouldn’t refuse. Stefan reminded her that she cut ties with her family. She remembered but said once a Vitali always a Vitali. Ava said they didn’t have a choice. She said she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if Holly died. Ava called in a favor but Stefan thought she might regret it. Tripp went to the Bistro and told Ava and Stefan that Holly’s condition didn’t change. He wanted to talk to Ava alone. Tripp asked Ava if she had anything to do with what happened. She thought he was judging her. He told her his suspicions. When she lied, he asked her to tell him what was going on. EJ talked to Stefan and accused him of hurting Holly. Theresa and Tate told John and Marlena what was going on with Holly. They told them Brady was arrested. John wanted to go to the police station to check on Brady. Theresa wanted Tate to let Brady take the blame for what happened. John showed up at the police station and told Rafe he was getting a lawyer for Brady. He asked Rafe not to question Brady until his lawyer was present. Rafe said it wasn’t his decision.

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