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What do you guys think? Too much or not enough? Oh, well, if my mom were here, she’d say there’s no such thing as “too much.” Yes, well, your viewers may not agree. So you think we should ease up on the cowboy props? I’m all for a little western flair, but I don’t want it to devolve into kitsch. Sasha, what do you think? I think the art department did a great job. Sure, it’s a little over-the-top, but isn’t that the point? We’re selling a fantasy, right? And if you’re lucky enough, sometimes fantasies come true. Usually with a lot of hard work and some money. Not that lucy coe would have any idea about that. She’s a spendthrift with the attention span of a gnat. My fantasy is you and lucy not going at each other’s throats. I’m just glad that I missed the fireworks. Though I’m so sorry I was late. Oh. It’s okay. You were there for most of the meeting. Sasha, you never told us where you were. I was with cody. We lost track of time. Really?! Has something changed between the two of you? Yes, I need you to ask for volunteers to work on new year’s eve and new year’s day. Hopefully we’ll get enough…people in that we don’t have to call anyone who asked for the time off. Yeah. What’s next on our list? Mmm! Something smells so good! Oh, yeah. I finally got around to making that post-christmas turkey soup, so… oh! I said I wanted to help you with that. Oh, that’s right. You did. I’m sorry, honey. It totally slipped my mind. I’m sorry. But you know what? It’s done. What’s done is done. So I — you know what? I actually got to make sure that it’s on the low burner. Livvy. Yeah? Why does it feel like you’ve been avoiding me since christmas? No, honey, honestly. I’m really — I’m happy to have you here in the house. Okay, if I’ve done something to upset you, I want to know. No, no, it’s not that. Honestly, honey, it’s not you. It’s me. I-I just — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What about you? It’s nothing. It’s — honestly, it’s not a thing, I just — I really — you know what? I do — I really have to check the soup on the — olivia! Not until you tell me what’s going on with you. Did I betray you when I married ned? What brings you by, alexis? I need a favor. You never ask me for favors. This is an exception. I need you to tell me I’m wrong.

[ Knock on door ] Hi, tj. Molly’s not with you? No. Uh, just me. Come in. Come in. This was actually molly’s idea. -To come over here by yourself? -Yeah. She thought it would be better if you and I talked privately. That sounds ominous. Wait. Is molly okay? Your sister’s fine. She just — she told me about the conversation that you two had with alexis. Oh. “Conversation.” It was more like a lecture. Legal ramifications and some obscure law that only applies to surrogacy with a donor egg. It made me realize that you and i need to set some things straight. Have you changed your mind about me? Okay. Okay. So, you remember the plan, right? Yes, yes — I pick a fight with you, tracy overhears. But it’s not much of a plan as far as I’m concerned. It’s just step one. Okay? Yeah, well, let’s circle back to the part where I marry tracy. What’s in it for me? Just shh! Keep your voice down. Just focus on the task at hand. We have to make tracy believe that you and I, we’ve had this huge falling-out so then she sees you as an ally, and you’ll get a chance to charm her pants off. Well, now, wait a minute. I’m not sir laurence olivier here. No, you’re not, so just focus on a goal, and the goal is our satisfaction when we knock tracy down, down to size, and we take her for everything she’s worth. I love when you get in full scheming mode! Yeah? Well, get ready — ’cause I’m just getting started.

We’ve known each other a long time. I don’t think you’ve ever asked me to disagree with you, but I’ll give it my best shot. Don’t get used to it. I assume this is about kristina. Are you aware that she is now going to be the egg donor as well as the surrogate? Kristina filled me in. Yeah. That’s it? What? That’s the reaction?

[ Stammers ] How can you be so calm? You don’t see how this could tear the girls apart? How so? Well, for starters, legally speaking, there is no contract between tj, molly, and kristina that’s legally binding, which means that kristina, at any given point, can change her mind after she becomes pregnant. And there’s no legal remedy because it’s her biological child. I talked to kristina. She thought long and hard about it. She knows it’s a huge responsibility. You think otherwise? Yes! I mean — yes! I do think otherwise. Because she has never been pregnant before. She doesn’t know what it’s like, and I’m concerned that it might be harder than she expects. Like it was hard for you to give up sam? Well, that’s vastly different circumstances… but yes. So this could not only be problematic between kristina and molly, but for the entire family, because it would put us in a position where we would have to pick sides, which is impossible. This could be a nightmare. Is this where you want me to tell you you’re wrong? Yes! I’ve underestimated kristina in the past. So tell me — am I doing it again?

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Hey. Enter at your own risk. I saw you upstairs coming out of the O.R. Seemed to be in a mood. Something happen in surgery? No. Everything was by the numbers. No complications. Then why the mood? Why the mood? I guess it’s because dr. Juarez had to waste her valuable time watching over me. She didn’t assist me. She just stood there watching. Because apparently, after 25 years of doing this, I can’t operate without having someone supervise me. And I guess I’m just tired of having this lawsuit hanging over me. I know. And I know it’s beyond frustrating having your every move monitored. I have dedicated my entire professional life to medicine, to healing people, and amy just told me that three of my patients would like their files transferred to other doctors. We haven’t even gone to trial yet, haven’t a chance to defend myself, and already my reputation is taking a hit. Okay, but remember monica and the G.H. Board are behind you. I appreciate that. I do. If I lose this case… my insurance will pay out the damages and then they will drop me as a client. If that happens, I… I will be unable to get malpractice insurance elsewhere. And at that point, the hospital will have no choice but to let me go. Finn, you need to remember — you did nothing wrong. How do we make a jury believe that? Oh, come on, lucy! This is just a sales appearance! You don’t need the deception lawyer here. Besides, I’m very important. I got a lot of high-end clients. Oh, you’re so important! Stop! Look at you! You know what? I pay you a lot of money, and you come showing up in an outfit like that, all scruffy?! What’s wrong with this outfit? It’s kind of like business wrinkled! No, this is a whole fash– excuse me! Would you please…zip it! If you have to talk, modulate your voices. Try to act like professionals. Sasha. Cody. I can take you to your dressing rooms now. -Cool. -Okay. -Hi, honey! -Mom. What are you doing here? Oh, wait. Let me answer this e-mail really quick. Julie: Mr. Bell? Please follow me. Oh. Uh, yeah. Where on earth did that come from? I-I’m just sayin’. I knew that ned was your husband when I came to port charles, and I fell for him anyway. Yeah. That was like six years ago! You’ve been married most of that time. You broke up. You got back together. I mean, why is this coming up right now? Lois’ reluctance to leave doesn’t bother you? At all? Why would it? She’s my oldest friend. We grew up together. And it doesn’t bother her that you… married her former husband? Look, I know that you came to port charles because you read the article about brook lynn being fired from deception. And she’s your daughter, and that’s your priority. Yeah. Of course she is. But you’ve been here since before thanksgiving. I mean, that’s a long time. A-and you’re my best friend. And we’ve never talked about the fact that — that I married your ex-husband?! I mean, I gotta — I gotta wonder. Is there a reason for that? Are you asking me if I have thoughts about my best friend marrying my ex-husband? Yes. You bet I do!

Are you underestimating our daughter? Maybe. Maybe not. The way I see it is, I’m proud, uh, that kristina’s willing to carry her sister’s baby. And I think kristina’s proud. That’s even more important. All those years that we saw her struggling with her self-esteem. Makes sense because she has parents that are driven and successful. I mean, look, I always… I always felt that… kristina was kind of lost, personally and professionally. And I think things have changed now. You may be right. I mean, I-I have noticed that since she started developing the youth center that she is more focused and more mature. That’s because she’s gotten past the self-doubt that has held her back in the past. I think it’s wonderful that she has this newfound confidence. I do. And I — and I know that her intentions are good, but sometimes life has a way of upending your intentions. Look at us. I mean, it’s not like we planned on having a baby together. Plans change.

[ Sighs ] Right? No. I’m just saying. They change. Okay. That’s my point, though, you see? When she agreed to be the surrogate, I was concerned, but I thought, “okay. That’s doable.” But now that the baby is gonna be biologically hers, it just makes the whole thing a lot more complicated. Can you imagine a life without kristina? Regardless of how she got here? No. Of course I can’T. You know why? Because babies change everything. See, this is exactly what I was so afraid of. You never really wanted me to be the surrogate, not really. You only went along with this because it was what molly wanted and it was what my sister wanted. And now that my mother has announced that there’s no legally binding contract, you’re having second thoughts. Kristina, can you stop telling me what I think long enough for me to actually talk? Yes. Sorry. G-go on. Part of me loves the idea that if we use your egg, molly and I will both be biologically related to the baby. On top of that, it’s a huge relief that you and molly have reconciled and gotten past your differences. It makes me happy to see molly this happy. Okay, so then what’s the problem? Thank you. In many ways, you are the ideal egg donor. But alexis is right about the legal situation. So I need to hear for myself from your lips that molly and I will be the parents of this baby and you will be the aunt. Nothing more. Nothing less. Can you honestly live with that? You have been very distracted since you got that call from chase. Gregory was taken to the hospital. Why? What happened? He took a hot yoga class. So chase said they’re hoping it’s just dehydration. Maybe it’s his als. Gregory’s been admitted to the hospital. He’s spending the night. So they’re gonna check everything, make sure everything’s okay. Julie. Yeah. Hi. Can you, um, give the director a note from the deception team? Mm-hmm. When the models come out and are on stage, can you please tell him to make sure that the products are all featured in every camera angle? I know that sasha and cody are very good-looking people, but we are selling products, not models, okay? I’ll pass on the note. Thank you. Good note. Very astute. I appreciate the support, mom, but I also know you don’t stop by my work for no reason. Are you still on the… “cody is mac’s son” train? Maxie, I’m really proud of you. I think it’s great that “home & heart” booked deception as a repeat performance so soon after the last one. Our last appearance here, we sold out in 20 minutes, and I have a feeling this is gonna be just as good, if not better. I think it’s safe to say deception is back. Ah! Yes!

[ Laughs ] Felicia’s only hanging around because she’s suspicious of me. Or you could see it as felicia wanting the husband she loves to know that you’re his son. Yeah, I already told you why that can’t happen. Not only does mac deserve a better son than me, but I already signed a document saying that I’m taub’s son. It’s fraud and perjury. I can’t risk that coming out. Hey. Try not to worry. I promise I’m gonna help you keep an eye on felicia. Hairstylist: Cody? Uh, yeah? I’m ready to start working on your hair. Okay. Right here?

So…dennis muldoon. Mm-hmm. You guys were chatting at a school function. He mentioned he was having symptoms. You suggested he come see you as a patient. Yes, uh, mr. Muldoon had been a patient here at general hospital for several years. I think we’re in-network for his insurance. And before he came to see me, I went over his entire history, and he seemed overall in pretty good health. But the man had stage iv colon cancer. He must have had

some symptoms. Hm, we both know people that have ignored physical symptoms for months, right? I mean, sometimes it’s people that they’re — they’re too busy to see a doctor. Other times they’re too afraid to see a doctor. Unless he — unless muldoon saw a doctor out of network. You mean like when he was overseas? It’s possible. I was thinking maybe something closer to home. You know, I remember him mentioning something about having a vacation home in beechers corners. He used to try to juggle his schedule so he could spend at least a month there in may or june. Do you think he might have seen a doctor at beechers corners? Well, if he did and he paid for it out of — out of pocket, I mean, that — that wouldn’t show up in his chart here at G.H. And if he did see a doctor within two or three months of seeing me for the first time, that means there’s another doctor that didn’t detect the cancer, either. This isn’t a closed adoption where kristina is not gonna know what happened to the baby. She’s always gonna be in the child’s life as the aunt. She’s gonna watch that baby grow and thrive with terrific parents like tj and molly. And you and jordan. Don’t you think that would make things worse, possibly? I mean, how hard do you think it’ll be for kristina to stand on the sidelines and watch somebody else raise her biological child? And what if she doesn’t like the way molly and tj are parenting? Like how? Molly’s a vegan. Kristina is not. How long do you think it’ll be before she slips the kid a cheeseburger at charlie’s? What if i slip the kid a cheeseburger? I mean, biologically, I’m the grandfather, right? No, you’re not! That’s just my point! You’re not the grandfather. Y-you’d be the great-uncle. Because molly — you’re molly’s uncle. Right? You see how confusing this is? I mean, if it’s this confusing for us, think how confusing it’ll be for them! This is gonna tear the whole family apart. I love ned. He’s the father of my child. And we have been through so much together. But I am not… in love with ned. I haven’t been in love with ned for years. For years and years and years. And I only want what’s best for him. And you, my friend… you are the best. It does my heart good to see how happy you two are together. It does? Really? Yes. Of course it does. Thank god. I don’t — I don’t get it. I mean, you thought that I would have a problem with you being married to ned? That I, lois cerullo, who you have known your whole life, would sit on my feelings? Come on. Does that even sound like me? Okay, okay, I get — I don’t know what I was thinking. I was a big dummy. Alright. Okay. So then what happened at christmas that got you so freaked out? Tracy. Tracy. Mm-hmm. Of course it was tracy. What did tracy say? Well, it’s not so much what she said. She insinuated that I should be very eager for you to leave because of your history with ned.

[ Laughs ] Oh, olivia. Oh. Think about it. Come on. Of course tracy wants me out of this house, because, like oil and water, we do not mix. And we both have major differences of opinion about what’s best for brook lynn. I get it. Okay, okay. I know. I’m sorry. I can’t believe that I fell for all of tracy’s nonsense. Nah, nah, nah. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You know, tracy excels at getting into people’s heads. It’s a typical quartermaine trait. For what it’s worth… mm? …Honey, I’m so happy to have you here. And not just for brook lynn’s sake, but for me, too. Ohh, well, you know, you could just think about it like it’s payback. Well, you know, back in the day, growing up in the neighborhood, you were the coolest chick I knew. And when all of those mean girls started coming after me, you’re the one who had my back. Uh, that’s not exactly how I remember it. I remember you being plenty tough, and you learned very quickly how to take care of yourself. Ha! Yeah. Well, that is true. But you — you have always been way tougher than I’ve been. I mean, this — this proves it. You’re living with the quartermaines.

[ Scoffs ] I couldn’t do it. But, honey, you can. Hey, sasha, can I talk to you for a second? Sure. Yeah. What’s up? I just wanted to see how it was going working with cody. You guys look great together on camera, but I know it’s probably a strain for you working with him because you have feelings for him. Cody has been great. I really enjoy working with him. Maybe too much. That’s good. I know you’ve had a tough year. I trusted the wrong people. One more reason why I really need to work on myself before I can even think about starting a new relationship. But that’s for me and cody to figure out. Professionally, we’re great. Good. Because you guys are becoming one of deception’s biggest assets.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, where did your mom go? Alright. You’re ready to go. Appreciate it. Excuse me, but I heard the producer was looking for you. I’m sorry, cody. I lost track of felicia. Oh, I need to take care of something right now. Cody, sasha, we are ready for our spokesmodels. Yes. And, by the way, you look awesome, but… I don’t know. Something’s missing. Something’s not quite right. Okay. I got it. Ha ha! Kind sir, we will place that on your head — and voil. Look at that. You are definitely a romantic, rugged cowboy image we need. No, no, no. It’s all wrong. Casts a shadow on his face. You can’t see his beautiful eyes. I think tracy’s right about the cowboy hat.

[ Chuckling ] What? Really? Did I ask for your input? You’re the only one that’s allowed to have an opinion here? Well, you’re an attorney. What do you know about fashion?! Obviously. Well, I’m just trying to give you a guy’s point of view here, lucy. Well, obviously, scotty, you don’t know the female perspective. No wonder liesl dumped you.

So if another doctor or even multiple doctors missed muldoon’s colon cancer, then that could be good for your case. Martin stressed how difficult it is for juries to understand medical complexities in malpractice suits. You know, from the jury’s standpoint, this man came in with a simple stomach ailment and somehow ends up dying of cancer, leaving a family behind. Since I found the tapeworm but I didn’t discover the cancer until later… they assume that must be negligence on my part. So if we can prove to a jury that another doctor also missed the cancer… it might help them to understand how difficult it is to make a diagnosis based on muldoon’s symptoms. I don’t know. What do you think? I think this could work. Tj, I get why you’re asking these questions. I do have A… a well-earned reputation for leaping before I look. But I can assure you, I have really done a lot of soul searching about this, and I — I don’t want children of my own. At least not right now at this point in my life. You’re sure? I mean, I’m pretty sure. And I’m excited to be pregnant and to go on this journey, of course. And I’m going to love this baby. I mean, it’s a little more intense now that we’re using my egg, of course. But it’s gonna be special. And maybe i will even have a special connection to it, right? But once this baby is born, I am more than content to step back and let you and molly be parents so that I can just keep being a cool aunt. You have no idea how good it is to hear you say that. Look, I’m so happy that I can help you and molly finally have a baby. And I’m also happy, after the baby is born, to focus on running my center. I promise you, I know what I’m getting myself into. Lucy, I know that you can fight dirty, but this is an all-time low! You know what? I’m not gonna be your lawyer anymore. Find yourself another top-drawer attorney. I quit! Fine! Fine, fine! Good! I’m glad you quit! I’m just gonna find another attorney tomorrow! So…about the hat. I haven’t changed my mind about the hat. Neither have I. Um, if — if you don’t mind hearing from one of the models, I have an idea that might be able to make both lucy and tracy happy. What’s your idea? Okay, so how about — if I may — um, we start off the hat on… and then we take it off. Okey-dokey. I guess that might work. Let’s try it. Felicia. Are you enjoying yourself? Yes! [ Chuckles ] Being backstage is always so fascinating. So much goes into making a tv show. Rehearsal is starting soon. Do you want to watch?

[ Gasps ] Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Life here is definitely more difficult with tracy in the house. Oh, you say it like she’s the exception. Quartermaines have been bickering about everything all the time — even my own brookie. Don’t tell her I said that to you. Oh, your secret is safe, but, you know, ned can be reasonable. Really? Unless he’s going against drew and michael, right? Yeah. True, true, true. Okay. To be clear… all of the quartermaines have their good points individually. I just hate to see what it does to ned when he’s around his family. You’re living in the past, lois. Ned has — ned has changed. He’s really become his own man now.

[ Chuckles ] Really? Yeah. Oh, olivia, I know he’s your husband and you have to defend him, but, I mean, can you really say that ned is his own man when he ratted out his own cousin to the sec? What did you say? What? Ned turned his family in to the sec. Okay. You don’t understand. Well, no. I understand that — that drew is ned’s cousin and that carly is michael’s mother. If somebody had turned my mother in to the sec, I’d never forgive them. So — so michael should forgive ned? No way. Okay. Ned is not the rat! Ned is allowing everyone to think the worst of him for the sake of the family.

Oh, hey, tracy. Glad you’re here. I thought you quit. Well, I did, but I-I wanted to apologize to you for the other night. You know, those horrible things I said about luke. I know that you really loved him, and it was very disrespectful of me. Thank you. I guess. Why the change of heart? Well, that stuff lucy said about my ex-girlfriend, liesl. It — it really hurt me. So I thought, you know, I probably did the same thing to you, and that’s why you threw that martini in my face. Yeah, well, apology accepted. But you do it again, I’ll do it again. Never. And you were right about that cowboy hat. I don’t think lucy pays attention to all the little — the little details. Not a good trait in the head of a company. No, no, but you’re here to keep her in line. I’ll catch you later, tracy. Say something. You raised two strong, intelligent women, not to mention compassionate. But I want them to stay that way. If kristina is not able to keep her promise to molly, molly will be devastated. And on the other hand, watching somebody raise your biological child might be too painful for kristina, and maybe she’ll just have to leave town. If this were court, you know the judge would overrule your speculation. I know that I’m worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. Tell me that I’m wrong. I’m not gonna say you’re wrong ’cause I’m — I’m a little worried, too. Lucy, does everything have to be a battle with tracy?

La la, la la I do not take behavior tips from a traitor. Fine. Lucy, this has to stop because I cannot take the constant fighting. I’m sorry. Okay. I will do better. I p– I promise. I-I’m sorry. I probably did overreact a little bit. I will. For you. I will be better with tracy. Okay. Good. Because none of us like it, but right now tracy is our cross to bear. Yeah, I just can’t wait till tracy gets what’s coming to her. Are you saying that ned wasn’t the one who turned in carly and drew to the sec? You know what, honey? Don’t listen to me, alright? I misspoke. It’s not a thing. It’s not a thing. And I didn’t know what I was talking about. So — so why — why — why is everyone saying that it’s ned?

[ Sighs ] You know what? Ned denied all the accusations at first. Then he had his accident and he turned into eddie. And eddie couldn’t have cared less. Eddie didn’t have any of ned’s memories, and eddie could not be bothered. So, wait.

[ Chuckles ] Are you saying that when ned got his memory back, he also remembered that he wasn’t the one who turned in carly and drew to the sec? Then — I mean, does he — does he know who the real rat is? I mean, why is he taking the rap for somebody else’s bad deeds? There’s got to be a reason! You got to remember — carly is my second best friend, but she did commit insider trading. She bought up all the aurora stock after michael told her that elq and aurora were gonna merge. No, no, no. But they didn’t merge. And the sec would have never gone after carly unless someone else provoked them. Let it go. Okay? Just let the sleeping dogs lie. So who turned in carly and drew to the sec?! Who are you protecting and why?!

No, I’m not gonna tell you who the real rat is. I don’t understand why you won’T. Because — because it was ned’s choice. And you’re not gonna explain to me why? The only thing that I can tell you is that ned and i both agreed that it was the best for the whole family for us to both keep the identity of the rat a secret. What could be more loyal than that? Whatever happened to telling it like it is? I would think that, by now, the two of us might have learned that sometimes it’s best to just keep our big mouths shut. You know? Sometimes the truth can hurt. And right now it would really hurt some of the people that we care the most about. And they’ve been through enough these last three years. I just don’t want another disaster, okay? Not right now when there is finally hope for a little bit of joy. Honey, please. Please promise me that you’re not gonna say anything. I don’t know anything! But fine. Fine. I vowed long ago to stay out of quartermaine business. Really? What? Why the hell were you pushing back so hard if you agree with me? You asked me to talk you off the ledge. I did my best. And all of a sudden you’re being cooperative? If it’s — if it’s hard for me to accept not being the grandfather, can you imagine how hard it is for kristina to accept not being able to feel like the baby’s mother? Yeah. So what are we gonna do about it? Well, there’s nothing we can do. She says she knows what she’s doing. I’m gonna take her word for it. Well, I don’t think she’s lying to us. I-I just worry that she’s lying to herself. You’re worried. I get it. But, ultimately, it’s — it’s kristina’s decision. We’re just gonna have to stand by and love her no matter what. Right. Because I’m so good at standing by. You did the right thing by not going to kristina and venting and coming to me and talking to me. Thank you. And thank you for being here so you could listen. Always. I appreciate you talking this out. Really. You wouldn’t be a good dad if you didn’t ask the tough questions. And I can already tell that you are going to be a fantastic father. Thank you. Thank you for loving my sister and for supporting her through all of this. I really — I-I admire both of you. Then it’s mutual because we both admire the hell out of you for doing this. You know, y-you’re making mine and molly’s dreams of becoming parents come true. Well, I love that I’m stepping up for her. She’s done it for me countless times. Can’t wait to see who your child grows up to be. We’ll see you then. Is your dad up for dinner with us? In his room? Yeah. Yeah. He — he pulled the old “I don’t want to be a burden.” But then he slowly came around. Are you at all concerned about violet seeing him in the hospital? Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. I think I’m gonna tell her the literal truth, that grandpa overdid it in hot yoga. Never thought I’d say those words. And that he is staying in overnight so the doctors and nurses can keep an eye on him. Perfect explanation. And while we’re there, we can — we can celebrate. Celebrate what? Well, I reached out to a couple nurses I know in beechers corners, and it turns out muldoon did see a doctor there… about a month before he came to see you. So, how is it — being the male “face of deception”? Well, I-I still think I’m an odd choice as a spokesmodel, but, uh, you know, if it makes sasha happy, I’ll muddle through. You guys make a great team. I think so, too. Thank you for getting here so quickly. Make sure this goes straight to the lab. Expedited testing.

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