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As Ava and Stefan receive their shipment, Harris shows up behind them and questions what’s going on. Ava talks about things being rough since the Bistro reopened while Stefan notes that luckily, their shipment arrived just in time for the holidays. Harris asks if they are out here to pick it up. Ava responds that they had to make sure it was exactly what they ordered. Harris asks who is watching the Bistro then.

Tate sits at home frustrated. He pulls his gift for Holly, a book, from the trash but then puts it back. Holly shows up at the door and asks if she can come in.

Rafe and Jada wake up in bed together at Rafe’s. Rafe states that they have such great backups that he’s not even going to look at his phone. Jada agrees to taking a break all day. Rafe tells Jada that today he’s only going to focus on her as they kiss.

Tripp and Wendy sit together in the park. Wendy says getting out of the apartment was a really good idea as they kiss. Tripp mentions meeting Ava in a couple hours for an early Christmas dinner. Wendy remembers that she has to call her mom, which she’s dreading because of her mom wanting her to move to China. Tripp says he feels for her parents losing their only son, but questions if it’s really fair for them to ask her to upend her life instead of just visiting. Wendy wishes it was that simple but says with the death of her brother, she guesses having their only other living child close to them will be the only thing to give them comfort. Tripp says he gets that but worries about the thought of her moving so far away. Wendy says she hasn’t decided to do that yet. Tripp points out that she hasn’t decided against it either. Wendy admits she feels an obligation to try to ease her parents’ suffering but questions how she could leave the life she’s made for herself here and leave Tripp. Tripp hugs Wendy.

Holly asks Tate if she’s not interrupting his family dinner. Tate says definitely not since his grandparents are out and his parents are at the Kiriakis Mansion while he decided he’d rather stay home. Holly understands him wanting to be by himself without the drama. Tate asks why she’s here. Holly responds that she came to say she’s sorry.

Ava tells Harris that they aren’t worried about the Bistro as they don’t have any reservations for an hour and the staff has it covered. Stefan questions what Harris is doing out here anyway. Harris informs him that he’s investigating some suspicious activity. Stefan remarks that the only thing suspicious is Harris lurking around and asking questions. Stefan says he’s going to get some of the flour shipment inside and takes it. Ava comments to Harris that it’s freezing outside, so Harris removes his jacket and puts it on Ava. Ava points out that now he’s going to be cold but Harris says he doesn’t mind. Harris says what he does mind is being lied to.

Tripp tells Wendy that if she doesn’t want to move to China, she should be assertive about it and her mom would have to understand that she already has a life here. Wendy says that her mom is a good person and can be very empathetic, so she doesn’t think her mom would dream of asking her to give up her life here if her dad wasn’t suffering and they weren’t grieving but she’s desperate to find a way to comfort them. Tripp says as much as he wants her to stay in Salem, he will respect whatever decision she makes. Wendy thanks him for being understanding. Tripp notes how cold Wendy’s hands are and decides that he will go get some hot chocolate. After Tripp walks away, Melinda Trask approaches and greets Wendy, wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Rafe and Jada joke about the lighting in his bedroom and décor. Rafe tells Jada that Gabi and his mother decorated the house so he had nothing to do with it. Jada says she loves it, so they did a terrific job. Jada calls it very warm and inviting, commenting that it feels like home.

Holly repeats to Tate that she only came to apologize for treating him like crap since she knew he liked her and she feels terrible that only used him to get closer to Johnny. Holly calls it unfair and stupid of her because now she knows it was never going to work out for her and Johnny. Tate asks what made her realize that. Holly informs him that she was super depressed spending Christmas Eve and her birthday all alone, so she got wasted and almost drunk texted Johnny but then she got more trashed and called Johnny with a ridiculous tirade. Holly says to forget it as she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Tate asks where Johnny was when she called him. Holly explains that he was with Chanel, who was at the hospital with her mom and Johnny went to be supportive. Holly guesses Johnny was worried about her drinking so he rushed home and she says she was just so embarrassed. Tate tells Holly that he’s sorry as that’s a lot to go through on Christmas and her birthday. Holly says that made it even worse. Holly adds that since then, she’s been thinking about how much smarter Tate was about it and how he tried to warn her and she wished she listened. Tate questions why she was alone on Christmas Eve and her birthday. Holly explains that Nicole was having a tough time since losing the baby so EJ took her out of town for the night. Tate asks what she did by herself. Holly clarifies that she wasn’t alone the whole time since Johnny was there and even ordered her a cake when he realized it was her birthday but then Chanel called since her mom was in the hospital. Holly guesses she should’ve been more sympathetic but says she was just so pissed off that Chanel interrupted their time together. Holly admits she acted like a baby. Holly adds that before Johnny left, he told her that she should call Tate and she wishes she listened, but she was so focused on her fantasy that she couldn’t see what was right in front of her.

Rafe asks if Jada is hungry, explaining that tamales are a Christmas tradition in the Hernandez family from his Grandma. Rafe notes that Gabi has made them the last few years but she’s not here, so he took over and he’s not sure they will measure up. Jada is sure they will be great and says she’s so sorry that Gabi is not there for Christmas. Rafe says he’s going to visit her today and bring her some tamales even if he’s not sure they will let him give them to her, but he’s sure it will bring back memories. Jada calls Rafe a wonderful brother. Rafe thanks her but says he won’t believe that himself until he finds Li Shin’s real killer and Gabi is out of prison and back home.

Melinda sits with Wendy and talks about loving this spot in the park. Melinda says she can find a different bench if she prefers but Wendy says it’s fine and tells her to sit where she wants. Melinda tells Wendy that she’s so sorry about her brother. Wendy brings up Melinda saying that on the day he died. Melinda recalls running in to her in the town square that day. Melinda knows her relationship with Li started with a lot of games being played. Wendy argues that Melinda seduced Li to get a confession out of him. Melinda states that she’s not proud of that since that same day, she started to develop real feelings for him. Wendy argues that Li was a good man who made some terrible mistakes but only in the name of love. Wendy declares that Li’s love for Gabi drove him to some behavior that she knows he was ashamed of. Melinda calls that terribly sad but says in a way, she respects his passion for Gabi. Melinda asks what feeds the soul more than love and thinks they both know the answer. Melinda wishes she had more of that in her life and that she was less ambitious and more loving.

Harris tells Ava to just talk to him but she says she has nothing to stay to him. Harris wants her to tell him the truth. Harris argues that she says she broke up with him because he has a wandering eye but he believes that wasn’t the reason at all.

Tate questions Holly finally seeing what’s right in front of her. Holly jokes that it sounds like a line from a movie but she means it. Tate argues that she can’t possibly be talking about him as he didn’t even think she knew he existed. Holly assures that she is and brings up agreeing to a date and how he offered to take her to all these places. Tate points out that she chose the Bistro because she knew Johnny would be there. Holly acknowledges that Johnny is her stepbrother, who she had a stupid and pointless crush on, and says she doesn’t blame Tate for walking out on her. Tate says he just couldn’t take it anymore and he felt pathetic wanting to be with her while she was hung up on somebody else. Holly says she was the pathetic one as she had her head in the clouds and adds that if she was him, she’d never give her another chance. Tate questions if she’s asking for one.

Jada tells Rafe that she knows it’s really painful with his sister being in prison but it’s Christmas and he wants to be in a good place when he sees her, not angry, as she thinks it will be good for both of them. Rafe agrees but says it’s easier said than done to be in a good place. Jada suggests doing something fun. Rafe jokes that they’ve been doing that for most of the day. Jada says she means something silly and distracting like a Christmas trivia game. Jada starts by asking Rafe to name Santa’s reindeer. Rafe calls that so easy and names Dasher, Dancer, Comet, then mixes up with the seven dwarves. Jada says he loses that round and then tells Rafe it’s his turn to ask. Rafe says he has more of a request and asks Jada to sing the 12 Days of Christmas. Jada sings that her true love gave to her, tamales from his abuela’s recipe which impresses Rafe. They kiss and Rafe says he’ll be back as he gets out of bed.

Ava questions why she would lie to Harris when he cheated on her and she feels that’s reason enough to end things. Harris argues that he apologized, they were wasted, and he told her it would never happen again. Ava says maybe she didn’t believe him. Harris responds that maybe he doesn’t believe her, especially after how she and Stefan acted when he showed up. Ava claims that she was just startled. Harris suggests maybe it was because she doesn’t want him to know and then asks if Ava is in love with Stefan.

Tate asks Holly again if she’s asking for a second chance. Holly says not if he doesn’t want one and adds that she doesn’t think she deserves anything after how she treated him. Tate informs her that he bought her a gift, but then he threw it in the trash after their fight. Tate notes that it’s still there so he will get it out. Tate then pulls out the book, Pride & Prejudice, and says it’s a limited edition that he got off ebay. Holly tells him that she loves it as she loves Jane Austen. Holly thanks Tate and calls it the perfect gift. Tate is glad she likes it. Holly says she loves it and she didn’t think he’d want another chance but now she’s bravely going to ask if he wants that date with her.

Rafe brings Jada tamales. Jada tastes them and calls it perfect which relieves Rafe. Rafe says he was worried since Gabi usually makes them and hopes that next year, Gabi will be back home to make them. Jada says she looks forward to that. Rafe reveals that he made the tamales yesterday and reheated them, so they can be reheated again, as they start kissing.

Harris asks Ava if he’s right. Ava tells him that she’s not in love with Stefan, but then claims it hasn’t gotten that far yet but they are seeing each other. Harris says now it makes sense why she ended things because he knew it couldn’t just be what happened with Stephanie. Harris asks how long they’ve been seeing each other. Ava says not long and that it just kind of happened since Stefan reminds her so much of his brother Jake, who she hasn’t really gotten over. Ava claims that working with Stefan brought back all those feelings. Harris says he gets it but wishes she would’ve been honest with him. Ava says she wishes so too. Ava gets a phone reminder about her dinner with Tripp tonight. Harris tells her not to be late. Ava apologizes for deceiving him and says he doesn’t deserve it. Ava knows it will ring hollow but calls him a really great guy and says she will remember every moment they shared together. Ava tells Harris to take care of himself. Harris tells her the same as Ava then heads back in to the Bistro.

Wendy tells Melinda that she’s right about love being the most important thing feeding the soul. Wendy knows Melinda wishes she was more open to being loved, but says there’s obviously still time for that. Melinda says she supposes but admits that she didn’t really like herself very much lately so she doesn’t feel very deserving of love. Wendy calls that too bad. Melinda hopes that is not the case for Wendy because she is so young and beautiful. Melinda says she can tell Wendy has a great mind, a good heart, and integrity. Wendy calls that very kind of her but asks how she knows all that. Melinda calls herself an excellent judge of people. Wendy accepts her compliments and says she’ll even ask for her advice. Melinda tells her to go for it. Wendy explains that she’s torn between love and duty to her parents. Wendy adds that she came to the United States to escape her parents’ demands about how she should present herself to the world. Melinda imagines her parents are demanding more of her with Li gone. Wendy confirms that her father is in deep grief right now and her mother said he’s barely functional, so she wants her to move back to China to be there for them. Melinda asks if that’s what Wendy wants. Tripp then returns with hot chocolate, apologizing for taking so long because of the line. Tripp greets Melinda and asks if everything is okay. Wendy says it’s more than okay as Melinda holds back tears.

Stefan returns to bring more of the flour in to the Bistro but runs in to Harris. Harris tells Stefan that they need to talk about Ava because she told him the truth. Stefan starts to say that Ava is still delusional but Harris says he believes what she told him, so now he’s telling him not to screw with Ava because she’s a good woman who has been through a lot and doesn’t need to be dragged through it. Harris reminds Stefan that he has a wife in prison. Harris doesn’t think even Stefan can deny that Gabi’s involvement with him is part of the reason why she ended up there. Stefan asks where he’s going with this. Harris warns Stefan that he’s watching him and then walks away.

Rafe and Jada continue kissing in bed and joke about never getting out of bed. Jada admits she hasn’t felt like this in a long time. Rafe says he hasn’t either. Jada doesn’t think she’s ever felt like this before. Rafe asks not even with her ex, then says he doesn’t want to know. Jada says maybe he does want to know because the answer is not even with her ex. Jada tells Rafe that what they have is deeper and stronger as she feels safe with him. Rafe responds that he feels the same about her and he’s grateful that she is in his life as they continue kissing.

Tate jokes with Holly that it’s a tough question and he might need a few weeks to think about it, but says it wouldn’t be fair to keep her waiting. Tate then asks Holly how New Year’s Eve at the Bistro sounds. Holly appreciates him being so considerate and says she wouldn’t want him to wait either, so she agrees that it sounds great. Holly asks if he’s sure he doesn’t mind returning to the scene where he walked out on her. Tate declares that they will erase the bad stuff from their memories and do it right this time.

Ava meets Tripp and Wendy in the town square for dinner as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Ava tells Wendy about how she usually makes a really big Christmas dinner so she feels bad that she didn’t do it this year because she couldn’t get away from the Bistro. Wendy tells her that she’s just glad they could all be together. Ava notes their reservations are in a few minutes so they might as well head on over. Tripp stops her and says they have something to tell her first. Ava asks if they are getting married and if it’s because Wendy is pregnant but they assure it’s not that so Ava asks what it is. Wendy then announces she is moving to China and Tripp announces that he’s moving with her, shocking Ava.

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