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Harris goes to the Brady Pub and sees Chad seated at a table. Harris notes that he wasn’t expecting to see him as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Chad asks if he’s meeting someone but Harris says he was just about to request a table for one, so Chad invites Harris to join him. Harris asks what he’s doing here alone on Christmas. Chad says he just needed to get away and think about all the mistakes he’s made this year and the people he’s disappointed. Harris says he gets it but hopes Chad isn’t beating himself up too bad. Harris asks about his kids. Chad says they are at Doug and Julie’s. Chad asks what brings Harris here. Harris informs him that he has nowhere else to be as he planned to spend the holidays with Ava, but the universe had other plans.

Stefan meets Ava out back behind the Bistro. Ava complains about how cold it is and how long it takes to wait on a shipment. Ava remarks that this isn’t how she planned to spend her Christmas while Stefan points out that he didn’t plan to spend most of his Christmas in the prison infirmary. Ava asks how Gabi is doing. Stefan responds that he’s never seen Gabi so scared.

Justin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Sarah and Maggie as they wish him a Merry Christmas. Sarah mentions that they are sad that Bonnie isn’t joining him. Justin says Bonnie had to fly out to Chicago to see her daughter Mimi. Justin asks Sarah where her baby is. Xander then enters with Victoria as Sarah talks about how much she missed her. Xander talks about the night he had with Victoria. Justin comments that it looks like Xander has certainly taken to fatherhood. Xander confirms he has more than he ever could’ve imagined. Alex and Theresa then arrive. Alex wishes Justin a Merry Christmas as they hug and Theresa does the same. Maggie welcomes Alex and Theresa. Theresa and Maggie wish each other a Merry Christmas. Maggie tells Alex that she’s so glad he came. Alex brings up that he wasn’t going to, but out of respect for Victor, he decided it was the right thing to do. Maggie is glad that he did, especially since this is the first Christmas since Victor died and he would want all of his family together, so that’s the very important reason that she wanted Alex here to make peace.

Stefan tells Ava that Gabi is in pain and he can’t expect the prison infirmary to be like University Hospital. Ava asks if Gabi knows that what happened to her is because of them. Stefan confirms that she does and says it’s bad enough that she’s in prison for a crime she didn’t commit and he doesn’t want to imagine what could happen if he doesn’t get Gabi out soon. Ava remarks that they have to keep Clyde happy until he does.

Harris tells Chad that he wishes he could say this was his first Christmas breakup but tells a story of a few years ago he was dating a girl and things were going well until she gave him a breakup letter as a stocking stuffer. Chad calls that brutal. Harris notes that she didn’t even tell him what he did wrong. Chad states that breakups are always rough but worse around the holidays. Chad would like to think he learned from his mistakes but says he can pinpoint exactly why he deserved to be broken up with as he made a terrible mistake. Harris relates that he made a mistake as well and explains that it was with a good woman and they were both drinking a lot. Harris says nothing happened but they kissed and Ava can’t forgive it. Chad says that’s too bad. Harris asks Chad if there’s any chance he and Stephanie will work things out. Chad says unless there’s a Christmas miracle, he doesn’t think so. Everett then enters the Pub and greets Chad. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Chad introduces Everett to Harris as the guy who replaced him in Stephanie’s life. Everett says that’s not exactly true as he and Stephanie are just friends as she made it clear that she’s taking a break from men and relationships. Chad invites Everett to pull up a chair then.

Maggie thanks Justin, Alex, Theresa, Sarah, and Xander for being there for Christmas in her and Victor’s home. Maggie says they are all family and hopes they can put their differences aside and work through those differences in the new year. Victoria starts to cry. Theresa offers to take Victoria to give Sarah a break. Sarah thanks her but declines, feeling like she just needs her mom. Xander explains that they have been hesitant to let her go or even let anyone hold her after the kidnapping which Theresa calls understandable. Brady then arrives. Theresa hugs him and they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Theresa mentions speaking to Tate earlier and it sounded like he and Brady had a great Christmas morning. Brady confirms it was but admits he missed his daughter. Theresa is sorry that Kristen wouldn’t let him see Rachel and calls that cruel. Theresa can’t imagine if she or Brady deprived each other from seeing Tate on Christmas. Theresa says they’ve been through a lot but she’s grateful it never came to that. Maggie presents Alex with a Christmas present that she thinks he would like to have. Alex opens it and it’s Victor’s watch. Maggie explains that Victor’s father passed it down to him, so she knows he would like Alex to have it. Alex thanks her and says it means a lot to him as he hugs her. Maggie, Brady, and Justin finish a video chat with Will, Sonny, and Arianna. Justin hopes next year they can all get together in person as they wish them a Merry Christmas. Maggie calls it great that family can be so far away and they can still have video chats. Maggie mentions getting flowers and call from Philip and a call from Hope, who said there’s no change with Bo as he doesn’t even know that Victor is gone. Konstantin arrives and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Maggie invites him in. Konstantin says he hopes he’s not interrupting and tells Maggie that he came to give her a gift and to say goodbye as he has a flight out of Salem tonight, surprising Maggie.

Harris asks how Everett knows Stephanie. Everett says they worked together awhile back in Seattle. Chad calls it a bit more than a working relationship. Everett says he didn’t feel the need to get in to all that right now. Chad comments on Harris not knowing Stephanie so he might not know why he and Everett were so smitten by her. Chad calls her irresistible while Everett calls her a wonderful person. Harris changes the subject by asking Everett where he’s from and how he ended up in Salem. Everett responds that as a journalist, he’s much better at writing stories than he is telling his own, so he asks about Harris being a Navy SEAL instead. Harris says that was awhile ago. Everett calls it a hell of a skillset to bring to the police department. Harris says you would think so but it hasn’t been a help so far on the case he’s on right now.

Stefan tells Ava that he’s so desperate to get Gabi out of prison that he went to EJ to ask for help getting rid of Clyde. Ava asks if he’s crazy. Stefan confirms he told EJ everything. Ava worries about if EJ goes to the cops and blows things wide open. Stefan points out that EJ is also a DiMera and has beef with Clyde but it doesn’t matter since EJ turned him down.

Konstantin gives Maggie a gift of a tablecloth which he assures is 100% handmade from Greece. Maggie says she will cherish it but that he didn’t have to go through such expense. Konstantin assures that it was manageable thanks to her. Konstantin mentions that his flight doesn’t leave for several hours so Maggie invites him to stay for dinner. Konstantin says he couldn’t impose but Maggie insists that they have plenty of food. Maggie asks Theresa to have Henderson set another place at the table.

Chad jokes that it’s a lucky turn of events that three lonely guys showed up at the same place and same time on Christmas Day and that they should make it a tradition. Chad says it beats all the awkward drama of holiday dinners with family. Harris agrees since he doesn’t have a family and calls it a great distraction from work. Everett questions Harris working on Christmas and asks if he drew the short straw. Harris clarifies that he volunteered so that someone with a family could have off. Harris notes that fortunately, it’s been pretty quiet so far.

Ava questions what the hell Stefan was thinking by spilling his guts to the district attorney and worries that now they will have more than Clyde on their back. Stefan complains that Ava hasn’t done anything to get rid of their problem. Ava says turning against each other isn’t going to get Clyde off their backs and that it’s hard enough working together but will be nearly impossible if they try to do it on their own. Ava suggests they just focus on what’s going on here tonight. Stefan states that they are accepting a delivery with Clyde Weston’s drugs mixed in it. Stefan adds that since rejecting the last shipment resulted in Gabi getting a broken leg, he’s not even going to think about what would happen if they reject this one. Stefan declares that they can’t afford to piss off Clyde anymore.

Justin proposes a toast in Victor’s honor. Maggie suggests Konstantin start the toast in Greek, so they toast to Victor’s memory being eternal. Theresa exits the room. Konstantin comments on Sarah having a beautiful child and suggests bring her to visit Greece someday. Xander goes to get Victoria’s bottle. Konstantin comments on Xander being a loving father. Sarah confirms that he loves his daughter. Konstantin comments that Victoria is lucky to have two loving parents as he then steps out. Xander returns and tells Sarah that he’s glad that Konstantin is heading back to Greece tonight. Sarah admits part of her is too, even though he has been a comfort to Maggie so she does worry that Maggie will miss him.

Outside the living room, Konstantin tells Theresa that it’s a lovely Christmas. Theresa remarks that it’s not for her with him here. Konstantin questions where her Christmas spirit is. Theresa responds that it will be back when she knows he’s on his way back to Greece. Konstantin says he’s afraid it won’t be back then because he’s not giving up on Maggie and he’s not leaving town. Konstantin declares that he plans on being back in the house tonight.

Alex gets drink refills for himself, Sarah, and Xander.

Everett asks Harris what his current case is if he’s free to discuss it. Harris talks about drugs being a nationwide problem and there’s always been a drug related scene in Salem but there’s been an uptick lately with more potent product and they have no idea where it’s coming from or how it’s being distributed. Harris believes there’s a new player in town and the mayor and city council are breathing down Rafe’s neck, so Rafe is breathing down his neck. Everett comments that Harris and his jobs as a cop and a reporter aren’t that different as they both have to keep digging, follow all the leads, and leave no stone unturned. Harris says he intends to do all of that.

Ava asks Stefan how long they are supposed to stand out here and freeze. A black cat knocks over an empty bottle nearby and passes by them. Stefan is starting to think maybe Ava shouldn’t have broken up with Harris as it would’ve been nice to keep tabs on what the cops know and what they are doing. Ava calls it kind of infuriating that he kept telling her how dangerous it was for her to be involved with Harris and now he’s telling her it was a mistake to break up with him. Ava tells Stefan to make up his mind and clarifies that she didn’t break up with Harris because she was afraid of him finding out but to keep him from getting caught in the crosshairs if things go sideways. Stefan guesses she really cares about Harris. Ava says she’s not talking about it and declares it’s done between the two of them. Their shipment then arrives.

Alex complains about having to write all the Happy New Year e-mails to the Titan staff about how grateful he is to them, asking if the paycheck isn’t enough. Maggie calls that a terrible attitude and argues that Titan owes it’s success to their staff. Alex says he is grateful but doesn’t think he needs to kiss their asses. Maggie declares that she believes Victor wishes she would step back in to help Alex run Titan. Alex thinks Maggie is overreacting to what he said and says that he treats their employees very fondly, but doesn’t like sending phony e-mails. Maggie complains that Alex’s words showed how he feels about the staff. Xander chimes in that he thinks it’s a great idea for Maggie to step back in and help. Xander adds that he’s happy to help as well as a consultant or whatever Alex needs. Alex mocks the idea of taking advice from the ex-gardener. Xander argues that he was a better CEO of Titan than Alex will ever be.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she has no idea what he’s up to but begs him to go away. Konstantin tells her to watch his old trick as he cracks his ankle to pretend to be injured.

Alex calls Xander a pathetic CEO who didn’t have a clue. Xander argues that Alex doesn’t even have a clue how to be a decent human being. Justin tells them to stop. Xander calls Alex a child and a spoiled brat. Brady tries to argue that it’s Christmas. Alex brings up Xander posing as a clown and kidnapping two women. They then hear Konstantin scream from outside the room. Konstantin comes back in and claims he tripped on the stairs and hurt his ankle. Brady and Xander help Konstantin to the chair. Justin tells Alex that he’s not sure he believes this. Sarah checks on Konstantin and says she doesn’t think his ankle is broken but it is swollen so it might be a severe sprain. Sarah suggests he get an x-ray in the morning. Konstantin calls that impossible as he has a flight tonight. Sarah says he’ll have to postpone. Konstantin claims he does not want to be a burden. Maggie tells him that he’s not and says he’ll be set up in the guest room and will get an x-ray first thing in the morning as Theresa rolls her eyes. Konstantin claims he’s sorry about all of this. Brady whispers to Xander, asking if it’s possible for this family to have one uneventful dinner. Xander says there’s no chance with this family. Theresa asks Justin how he’s doing. Justin says it’s been difficult as Alex seems to think things are different between them and notes that tonight, he’s been especially distant which is sad for him. Theresa says she understands but she knows Alex really loves Justin as a father and it’s just the shock of not being his biological son is still taking a while to wear off. Theresa encourages that Justin is still the wonderful father to Alex that he’s always been so nothing has changed. Justin responds that everything has changed for Alex it seems, but not for him as his heart tells him that Alex is his son and always will be.

Ava tells Stefan that this has to be a new low to be making a drug deal on Christmas Day. Stefan remarks that addicts and dealers don’t take a day off but he hopes the marks do.

Chad decides he should check on his kids. Everett calls them very sweet. Chad calls the kids his proudest accomplishment. Chad starts to text Julie to check on the kids while Harris gets a call about a transaction happening now. Harris asks how reliable this is. Harris then says he’ll check it out and hangs up. Harris says he hates to cut the evening short but he has to go. Everett offers to go with him but Harris says not tonight and suggests he fill out all the paper work in case he gets himself killed. Everett gives Harris his business card and tells him to call him if there’s a development. Harris agrees to do so. Chad asks if he thinks this is it. Harris responds that it could be nothing or it could be the break he’s waiting for. Harris then exits the Pub.

Sarah wraps Konstantin’s ankle and advises him to stay off of it and keep it elevated. Maggie says she will make sure he follows her orders as Sarah rejoins Xander to check on Victoria. Xander suggests they take Victoria for a ride in the car since she’s crying. They say goodbye and exit while Brady decides to walk out with them. Alex decides he’s had enough family fun for the night and asks Theresa if he’s ready to go. Maggie questions them leaving so soon. Alex says they had a blast but they don’t want to wear out their welcome. Alex wishes Justin a Merry Christmas and thanks Maggie for having them as he and Theresa exit. Maggie sends Justin to get ice for Konstantin’s ankle. Maggie tells Konstantin that she was so hoping tonight would be about warmth and forgiveness and that they would all make peace. Konstantin calls that a noble aspiration and says she did her best, but families are so complicated. Konstantin calls family their greatest strength and weakness. Maggie calls that something Victor would say.

Everett tells Chad that the drug problem in Salem is pretty distressing. Chad agrees and says he’s been reading about the overdoses trending upwards but they’ve been pulling through so far. Everett felt from Harris that the situation is spiraling out of control. Chad admits the crack in this could be pretty big for the Spectator. Everett comments that some people who might not talk to a cop might talk to a reporter. Chad asks if he’s ready to earn his stripes.

Ava and Stefan note the shipment being a lot of pills. Stefan states they will get the crap inside when Harris shows up behind them and questions what’s going on.

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