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Tripp comes home to Wendy and apologizes for being late. Wendy says she understands his work but he’s here now and they get to spend their very first Christmas Eve together as they kiss. Wendy asks him what’s in his bag. Tripp responds that he picked up some stuff for tonight because their place could use a little Christmas cheer and she could too.

Maggie sits alone in the town square until Sarah approaches with baby Victoria. Sarah asks how she is. Maggie says she had some last minute Christmas shopping to do and wanted to see the lights and decorations before going to Doug and Julie’s tonight. Sarah sits with her and asks what’s wrong. Maggie cries that she misses Victor so much.

Alex exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Xander. Xander comments on noticing piles of unsold Bella magazines and how that must feel for him. Alex says he’ll see him around. Xander tells Alex to face that the new launch is tanking which is what he gets for putting a professional screw-up in charge, just because he’s sleeping with her.

Konstantin is in his room at the Salem Inn, complaining that Theresa thinks she can walk away with no consequences. Konstantin makes a call and declares this is not over yet.

Theresa sits in the park and rejects Konstantin’s call. Theresa’s brother Andrew then appears and greets her. Theresa hugs him and says she’s so glad to see him right now, right before Christmas. Theresa then stops and asks why he looks so sad. Andrew informs her that John and Steve asked the ISA to investigate the attempted kidnapping of Victoria from the Kiriakis Mansion. Andrew reveals that Shane passed the case over to him and they used technology to enhance some surveillance photos. Andrew tells Theresa to imagine his shock when the face in the photos was her.

Maggie tells Sarah that Victor would be so honored that she named her daughter after him, so it’s too bad he didn’t get a chance to know her. Konstantin appears in the town square and hides behind the Christmas tree to watch them. Sarah tells Maggie that she knows it must be hard as it’s her first Christmas without Victor. Maggie cries that she misses him every day, but especially the holidays. Sarah understands a piece of her heart is missing and she’s lonely. Sarah can’t help but wonder if that feels worse because Konstantin moved out.

Alex tells Xander to keep Theresa’s name out of his mouth and says she’s doing a spectacular job as new launches take time. Xander mocks that it will take forever. Xander says when he ran Titan, Bella was already on it’s last breath and that Maggie made the right decision in shutting it down while Alex made the wrong decision in resurrecting it. Alex tells Xander to focus on his third rate newspaper and keep his thoughts to himself. Alex questions why he would ever take business advice from the guy his father hired to mow his lawn.

At the police station, Rafe asks Jada if there’s a problem. Jada complains that she promised herself that she would solve the attempted kidnapping of Victoria by the end of the year but she can’t catch any breaks. Rafe tells her not to be so hard on herself as there hasn’t been any movement on that case in weeks and if the Greek mafia is involved, there probably won’t be any. Rafe adds that the baby is home safe and sound, so it’s not a pressing case and it won’t be solved by Christmas day. Rafe tells Jada that there is one mystery that he hopes they can solve right now. Rafe then asks Jada if she’s going to move in with him or not.

Andrew shows Theresa the photos and asks if it’s her. Theresa remarks that it looks like her, then admits that it is her. Andrew question what the hell she has gotten herself into. Theresa thinks back to Konstantin ordering her to kidnap Victoria. Theresa tells Andrew that she doesn’t know what to say. Andrew tells her that John and Steve think that Konstantin is somehow involved in the kidnapping and possibly even the Greek Mafia. Andrew questions why the hell Theresa would get involved with something like this. Theresa tells him that it’s not what he thinks and asks him to let her explain.

Tripp decorates he and Wendy’s apartment with Christmas decorations. Wendy thanks him for doing it. Tripp says she’s been through a lot so he knows it’s going to be a tough Christmas without her brother. Wendy cries that she misses Li so much while the rest of her family is halfway across the world in China. Tripp sits with Wendy and suggests she tell him about her Christmases growing up. Wendy talks about the Chinese not really celebrating, but spending time in Hong Kong and the US, they picked up some traditions while her parents did keep some Chinese traditions. Wendy informs Tripp that on Christmas Eve, they all give each other apples because in China it is believed that eating a peace apple means you will be blessed with a peaceful year ahead. Wendy recalls Li getting a saxophone one year for Christmas but he was horrible at it so his father made him give up on it. Wendy adds that Li later got a flute and was pretty good at that. Wendy admits she got sick of him playing it over and over, but she never told him that because he was proud of himself. Tripp is glad that she has these memories and says he wants to hear a lot more of them.

Rafe and Jada go in to the interrogation room. Jada tells Rafe that she’s been giving it a lot of thought and even started cleaning out her closet and getting rid of clutter in her room. Jada admits that she’s been going back and forth on the decision. Jada says her heart tells her to move in with Rafe and start their lives together with the man she loves, adding that she wants to get a moving truck and start this next chapter of her life. Rafe senses there’s a “but” coming.

Konstantin continues listening in as Maggie tells Sarah that Konstantin leaving has nothing to do with what she’s feeling now. Sarah asks if she’s sure since she knows Maggie was enjoying his company and his memories of Victor. Maggie says she was but it was time for him to go. Maggie thinks she honored Konstantin and Victor’s friendship by helping him and paying off his debts, but she couldn’t have him putting her family in danger, especially Victoria. Sarah points out that they don’t know for sure that Konstantin was a danger. Maggie wasn’t willing to take the risk. Sarah doesn’t want her to be unhappy because she’s trying to protect them. Sarah admits she thought Konstantin was trouble at first, but decides she likes him, especially after what he did to get Victoria back. Maggie thinks it’s best for him to keep his distance. Maggie says she’s glad that Sarah and Victoria are there as it’s just what she needed. Maggie invites her to join her in finishing Christmas shopping. Sarah says she has to meet Xander to go over Victoria’s Christmas schedule.

Xander tells Alex to do what he wants, but that he warned him about Theresa. Xander guesses he’s been warned by everyone who has had the misfortune of knowing Theresa. Xander then stops and says it is Christmas, so he assumes Alex and Theresa are going to Maggie’s Christmas dinner tomorrow. Alex says unfortunately. Xander says that Maggie probably wants them all to get along, so out of respect for Maggie and Victor’s memory, they can make peace for one day. Alex agrees they can put their differences aside, but remarks that Xander is the one who can’t keep his jealousy in check. Alex warns that they might break a lot more than bread if he keeps this up. Alex then wishes him a Merry Christmas and walks away.

Theresa informs Andrew that she met Konstantin in Greece and he was really nice to her, friendly and generous. Andrew asks if that means they are right that Konstantin is involved in this. Theresa says technically yes, but it isn’t some big mafia plot or something the ISA needs to worry about. Theresa says that Konstantin is just a sweet old man who really likes Maggie and wanted to impress her, so he came up with this saving the baby idea. Andrew calls it a hero complex. Theresa adds that Konstantin assured her that the baby would never be harmed and be returned immediately, so she agreed to play matchmaker and help him out since Maggie’s been so lonely. Theresa claims that she was just trying to help. Andrew says he’d call utter BS coming from anyone else, but admits this sounds like the kind of thing that she would get mixed up in. Theresa comments that he really does know his sister. Andrew calls her an accomplice and accessory to a kidnapping, then asks for one good reason not to turn her in right now.

Jada informs Rafe that she ran in to Stephanie yesterday and was surprised to learn that things didn’t work out for her and Chad. Jada says that Stephanie had just moved out and was very upset about it, so she felt the universe was sending her a sign as it brought up bad memories with her ex-husband, Bobby, and how she blamed her problems on moving too fast. Rafe notes that she had never mentioned his name before. Jada says she realized she didn’t know Bobby well enough before making that plunge, but they were madly in love and talked about growing old together so they got married but unfortunately, they didn’t know each other as well as they thought and for various reasons, they started to resent each other and then one day they decided it was over and done. Jada adds that she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. Jada mentions also running in to Eric yesterday and it was like the universe was giving her all these reminders of what can go wrong when she moves too fast.

Sarah tells Maggie that she should get going as Xander is waiting for her and she’ll see her at Doug and Julie’s tonight. Sarah calls it Victoria’s first Christmas and tells Maggie that she loves her and will see her later as she walks away. Alex then walks through the town square. Maggie greets him and wishes him a merry Christmas Eve. Maggie mentions meaning to call him as she’d like a word with him about Titan. Alex reminds her that it was her choice to not be involved in Titan. Maggie points out that she inherited half of Victor’s estate and she’s seen the numbers, so she was disturbed to realize the cost of the first issue of Bella far outweighed the ad revenues. Alex says it’s just startup costs and assures the next issues will have no trouble. Maggie understands he was resurrecting Bella to make a point to her, but says you don’t make business decisions based on emotion. Maggie argues that magazines are dying and everything is going computerized. Maggie adds that Alex not only brought it back but put someone unqualified in charge of it, just because he’s in a relationship with her. Konstantin continues to listen in.

Theresa sits with Andrew and tells him that she’s really sorry as she feels really terrible for what she did. Andrew responds that she always does, but nothing seems to change. Theresa cries that she doesn’t want to disappoint their parents and worries that everyone is going to hate her. Andrew asks what she expected and tells her that she’s so lucky the baby is okay and that Konstantin moved out. Theresa asks what Andrew is going to do. Andrew responds that he’s first going to tell John, Steve, and Shane that they were unable to reveal the kidnapper’s face. Andrew then says he’s going to tell Theresa what she’s going to do.

Tripp has two apples delivered to the apartment which Wendy calls so sweet. Wendy thanks him for the wonderful gift of peace apples. Wendy now wants to hear about Tripp’s Christmas traditions growing up. Tripp responds that he actually didn’t have any but he vaguely remembers his adopted mom always trying her best to make things nice when he was little, but after she died, he just tried to stay out of the way. Tripp says his adopted dad was abusive, so this isn’t the most cheerful topic for Christmas Eve. Wendy apologizes as she didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Tripp says it’s okay as it’s in the past. Tripp declares that it’s time that they start making their own happy holiday memories.

Jada hopes Rafe understands that she really wants to be with him, but she really wants to take things slowly and do it right. Jada guesses that Rafe is disappointed. Rafe says he has a string of exes too and maybe if he took things slower, he would’ve avoided some heartache himself. Rafe tells Jada to set the pace of their relationship as he loves her and wants her to be at peace with the decision she makes. Rafe says she can let him know when she’s ready.

Alex tells Maggie that he thinks it’s better that he and Theresa don’t come to Christmas dinner tomorrow. Maggie argues that they have to come and apologizes for bringing up business now. Maggie promises to not talk business during Christmas dinner and tells Alex that Justin really wants to see him there and misses him. Maggie adds that Victor would want the family together on Christmas. Alex says he gets that, but all they do recently is fight, so he doesn’t care what it means if it’s just going to be another miserable experience. Alex tells Maggie to have a wonderful Christmas, but to consider him out, as he walks away. Konstantin watches with a smile as Maggie looks on disappointed.

Andrew tells Theresa that he needs no more funny business or antics from her and that she’s going to walk the straight and narrow from now on. Andrew tells her to stay the hell away from Konstantin. Theresa claims that he left town anyway so she’s never going to see him again. Andrew advises Theresa to stop getting involved in schemes that she knows are wrong which she promises to do. Andrew warns her to keep that promise because he will be watching. Andrew says this will be the last time he covers for her. Theresa hugs him and thanks him. Andrew adds that he’s only giving her this chance because she’s his sister and he loves her. Andrew asks her not to jeopardize his job or her future. Theresa assures that she will take his advice. Andrew says he has to get going as the ISA jet is waiting for him. Andrew wishes her a Merry Christmas. Theresa calls him the best and says she really loves him. Andrew then walks away.

Maggie complains that she made things worse on Christmas Eve. Konstantin then appears and greets Maggie, surprising her. Konstantin says it’s so wonderful to see her. Maggie didn’t know he was still in town. Konstantin says he hasn’t been in town and that he was staying with his cousin in Cincinnati but he went off with his wife’s family for Christmas, so he ended up back in Salem which he finds a very special place. Konstantin calls it very fortunate to run in to her and offers her egg nog as he invites her to have a Christmas Eve drink together. Maggie hesitates but agrees.

Alex finds Theresa in the park and asks what she’s doing here. Theresa says he scared her half to death. Alex asks if everything is okay.

Jada tells Rafe that she hopes they can keep having lots of sleepovers which Rafe agrees with as they kiss. Rafe surprises her with a gift of keys, even though they aren’t moving in together, so she can come and go as she pleases. Jada calls it the best gift she will get this Christmas as they kiss.

Xander and Sarah sit together at the Brady Pub. Xander thought it was his turn to have Victoria tonight but Sarah explains that she wanted to take Victoria to Doug and Julie’s for her first Horton Christmas and adds that Maggie’s been having a tough time without Victor. Xander says he understands and tells Sarah to drop Victoria off with him afterwards because it’s his first Christmas with her too. Sarah gets upset and points out that means she won’t get to spend Christmas morning with Victoria. Xander says one of them has to miss her first Christmas morning and he’s willing to give up her first Christmas Eve. Sarah decides this isn’t working.

Tripp brings out Jenga but Wendy thought they could play a different game and they start kissing until Wendy gets a phone call from her mom. Wendy says she knows it’s been difficult lately. Wendy says she’ll call her back later and to give her love to her dad as she hangs up. Tripp asks if everything okay. Wendy informs him that it was her mom, who is very concerned with her dad as he hasn’t been doing well since Li’s death and his health is declining. Wendy then reveals that her mom wants her to move back to China.

Jada suggests to Rafe that they take things elsewhere. Rafe agrees and jokes that it is Christmas Eve so they have to go to bed early as they exit the police station together.

Xander reminds Sarah that they agreed to shared custody. Sarah clarifies that it isn’t working tonight since Victoria is only going to have one first Christmas and she won’t remember it, but they will. Xander says that’s why he wants to spend time with her too and points out that she chose Christmas Eve, so he gets Christmas Day. Sarah then suggests Xander came to Doug and Julie’s with them. Xander questions participating in the hanging of the Horton Ornaments and said he would be honored, but asks if they would even have him. Sarah says of course and reminds him that they got married in their living room. Sarah tells Xander that it would mean so much to Maggie and her.

Konstantin and Maggie sit together in the town square as he tells her about his past Christmas traditions with Victor. Maggie asks what his plans are for Christmas. Konstantin says he has no plans at the moment as he doesn’t know much about American Christmas traditions. Maggie tells him that there is one unique tradition that is very special to her late first husband’s family. Maggie invites Konstantin to accompany her to the Horton tree trimming. Konstantin calls that unexpected and wonderful, saying he’d be most grateful to attend with her.

Alex asks Theresa what’s wrong. Theresa claims she’s just really feeling the Christmas stress as it’s already Christmas Eve and she hasn’t done her Christmas shopping. Alex tells Theresa that they aren’t going to Maggie’s because of family drama, so they can forget about it all and enjoy the holiday. Alex informs her that he made a reservation for them at the Bistro to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Theresa says that sounds really nice, but she really does have Christmas shopping to do so she’s hoping the stores are still open. Alex tells her to go finish up while he goes home to change and he will see her soon. Alex then walks away.

Konstantin was starting to worry that he would be alone this Christmas but thanks to Maggie, he has reason to celebrate. Maggie says she’s happy he’s still there and that they ran in to each other, calling it an unexpected gift. Konstantin tells her that he will pick her up at her place and they will go to Doug and Julie’s together. Maggie says she will see him later and walks away.

Theresa makes a call about a Christmas gift. Theresa then hangs up as she gets another call and it’s Konstantin, who says he didn’t appreciate her hanging up on him earlier. Konstantin warns that he can make her life very difficult if she does not cooperate. Theresa says there’s nothing she can do for him and tells him not to call her again. Theresa adds that she cannot help him with Maggie at all. Konstantin responds that she can and she will.

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