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[ Dramatic music ]

[ Ventilator hissing ]

Finn: And the blood gas?

Dr. Martin: Already drawn.

Bridget: So you’re worried about my dad’s co2 levels?

Finn: Worried about everything right now, but yeah.

Dr. Martin: Dr. Finnegan and I aren’t leaving anything to chance. Mr. Forrester lost a lot of blood during surgery.

Bridget: I’ve seen a lot of patients like this, just not when it’s my dad.

Dr. Martin: He could improve.

Bridget: We lost him. He was gone.

Finn: We got him back.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Bridget: I’m just wondering if ridge was right, and we should have just let him go painlessly, peacefully.

Ridge: Zende, dad would be so touched by your offer. I know I am.

Zende: This collection meant so much to him, if we can finish it–

Ridge: We will finish it. We will. Hopefully, to celebrate his recovery.

Zende: I hope so, too. But we don’t know, we don’t know if granddad’s gonna pull through or if he’ll ever be the same person. I don’t even want to think about it. The only thing I can do is–

Ridge: Is what?

Zende: Is work. That’s what granddad did. When faced with his own mortality, he kept creating, determined to make his last collection his best. If we work together, I know it will be. R.J., He’s too young. He’s too inexperienced. His time will come. But not now. Not on granddad’s last collection.

Luna: You’re finishing eric’s collection with your dad?

R.J.: Yes, yes, he really wants to collaborate with me.

Luna: R.J., That’s incredible.

R.J.: Yeah, granddad would be proud of me, right? Like, he– he would want his son and his grandson to finish this collection that means so much to him, yes? Thank you, thank you for being here for me, seriously.

Zende: Come on, ridge. It give me a chance, let me do this, I know you want to work with your son, but this project is crucial to eric’s legacy, and needs seasoned professionals.

Ridge: My dad picked R.J. To work with him.

Zende: And that made sense when eric was here to teach R.J., To show him exactly what he wanted. This is different.

Ridge: Zende… I know how talented you are. I know what you bring to the table, believe me. But R.J. Started this. He needs to finish it. But we could use your help.

Steffy: Hey, sorry, my meeting ran over, you ready? Let’s go to the hospital.

Ridge: To be continued.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Dr. Martin: I have to get to another consult.

Finn: Thanks again for stopping by, dr. Martin.

Dr. Martin: Of course. I’ll be monitoring his chart. I’ll put you on the order as well. I truly hope he pulls through.

Bridget: Thank you, doctor.

[ Ventilator hissing ] I knew this procedure was not a sure thing, but… it gave him a chance.

Finn: Your father hasn’t lost that chance, bridget. He’s still with us.

Bridget: I just want him back. I want my dad back the way he was. I don’t want to see him struggle like this.

Brooke: What’s going on?

Bridget: Mom.

Donna: Bridget, tell us the truth. Is eric gonna– is he gonna pull through?

[ Knocking at door ]

R.J.: Yes.

James: Hey, didn’t mean to interrupt, but the news about eric’s hit the media.

Luna: Yeah, we’ve been getting a bunch of calls from various buyers and friends of eric’s, just praying and hoping for the best.

R.J.: Yeah, we are. Can you do me a huge favor? Can you check in with katie, and make sure that she can point remotely? Otherwise, we got to find someone else.

James: On it.

R.J.: Thank you. Appreciate it, james. I feel bad. I feel greedy.

Luna: Why?

R.J.: Because I want more time with granddad.

Luna: It’s not greedy. That’s normal.

R.J.: Well, I mean, I got to spend so much time with him, all the time in the collection, I knew about his condition before anybody else did, and the rest of the family’s going to get to la, and it might be too late for them.

Luna: Or he might be awake, and getting better as we speak, and they’ll never have to see him in such a scary place.

R.J.: You know, granddad’s the king of pep talks, but you’re not half bad at them, either.

Luna: Well, you weren’t the only one that was paying attention to eric’s lessons.

Steffy: Hey.

R.J.: Hey.

Ridge: Hey.

Steffy: We’re going to go to the hospital.

R.J.: Did something happen?

Ridge: No, just checking in. You want to come?

R.J.: Of course. You don’t have to ask.

Ridge: All right, let’s go.

Luna: Hey, tell eric I’m keeping the faith, okay?

R.J.: Okay.

Bridget: I really wish I could tell you what you want to hear, mom. We just don’t know right now.

Finn: But I’ve ordered more labs–

Donna: More labs? More tests? Well, did the procedure make any difference?

Finn: Only time will tell.

Brooke: He’s still critical. He’s not breathing on his own.

Donna: I mean, certainly there should be some change, right, I mean, some sign that says it’s working or–

Bridget: That’s why finn is monitoring him. He’s calling all these tests and this lab work. Right now, we just have to wait and see.

[ Ventilator hissing ]

Brooke: Here you go.

Donna: Hey, thanks, um… I, um– I should really– I should get in there.

Brooke: No, wait, hang on. You need to take a moment for yourself.

Donna: What if something happens, and I’m not there?

Brooke: It’s okay. The nurse is in there. Finn and bridget are here. It’s okay.

[ Elevator dings ]

Ridge: Hey.

R.J.: Hey, mom. Hi.

Steffy: Hey, we came here as soon as we could.

R.J.: How are you holding up?

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Is there any news?

Brooke: Well, no, no change.

Steffy: We hear we almost lost him.

Donna: Uh, yeah, apparently, he, um, survived the procedure to crash in recovery.

Steffy: He crossed over to the other side.

Brooke: But he’s back now.

Ridge: He’s back? Is he back? This is not life for dad, this is not what he wants, he wants to create, he wants to live and eat and drink, and this is– he has a machine keeping him alive. It’s not what he wanted. We wanted this. Could have spared him this. Could have.

Zende: I was looking for R.J. Is he in the cutting room?

Luna: He actually just left with ridge and steffy. They went to go see eric.

Zende: R.J. Too? I didn’t realize. I try to go see granddad as often as I can. I mean, I was at the hospital before work. I’m going to go after work. But it would be nice if ridge invited me to come sometimes with them. My granddad is fighting for his life, luna. That’s the most important thing. But sometimes, I feel like I’m not fully a part of this family.

Steffy: Finn said there was no guarantees with the treatment.

Donna: But it could still save eric.

Ridge: And I’m not questioning anyone’s judgment, just my own, I made the call.

Brooke: And we all understand how difficult that must have been.

Steffy: It was an intense moment. Seemed like he wanted to come back to us.

Donna: He has to, I need him.

Ridge: We all need him. But he’s on a machine right now. It’s not what he wanted.

[ Muffled announcement over pa ]

Donna: Bridget, finn. Uh, how is eric? Did the panel show any– anything– anything?

Bridget: There’s no change.

R.J.: Can I go see him right now, if that’s okay?

Finn: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Ridge: So no change? What– what does that mean?

Finn: We want to take eric off the ventilator, but his pulmonary function will have to improve first.

Ridge: So can he breathe on his own?

Finn: No.

Ridge: Okay. So the thing that my dad didn’t want, to be kept alive by machines, that is exactly what’s happening.

[ Ventilator hissing ]

R.J.: Thank you.

Nurse: Of course.

R.J.: Hey, granddad. Is that okay? You know, these hands… they’ve made some great art, some truly timeless designs. I hope you know that. I know that when they stopped working, you turned to me. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. You know, I was talking with luna today about just how honored I felt when you asked me you know, and you told me that you wanted me to help you. And that I’m just laughing with you. And learning from you. I want you to fight, granddad. We really, really want you to fight. Just you– this isn’t your time. You have so much more to offer the world. I’m– I’m not ready to let go of you yet. I’m not.

James: So R.J. Is not here?

Luna: He went to the hospital with ridge and steffy.

James: Ah, okay. Well, katie said that she’s all over it, working from her phone.

Luna: Oh, thanks, james. I’ll text R.J., And update him.

James: Hey, zende, we’re all pulling for your grandfather.

Zende: Thanks, man.

[ Notification chimes ]

[ Door clicks closed ]

Luna: It’s true, you know. We’re all thinking positively for eric. And you should, too. Not just for him, but for what we were talking about earlier. I mean, I don’t think that any of your family members would want you to feel shut out.

Zende: No, they don’T. And they’re probably not even conscious of it. But lately, it’s been hard to ignore.

Luna: Um, R.J. Told me that ridge wants them to finish the line together as father and son.

Zende: Yeah, go figure.

Luna: I’m sorry, zende. I know you were looking forward to completing it on your own.

Zende: I’m not trying to trash talk R.J., I know he’s your boyfriend. In the fashion world, he is like a little kid compared to me. This line needs to be nurtured and realized by someone who’s worked with granddad for years, not weeks. I wanted to use my skill, my talent to honor my grandfather, pay my respects, finish his line. But I am not the chosen one. I’m not ridge jr.

Luna: You’re frustrated, disappointed, I understand.

R.J.: I just hate it. He’s just lying there helpless. I hate it.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart.

Steffy: Can he have another visitor?

Finn: Yeah, for sure, I’ll come with you.

Ridge: I know it hurts seeing your granddad like that.

R.J.: You know, I’m just thinking he’d want us to be as strong for him as he’d be for us, yes?

Brooke: Hey.

Ridge: I’m proud of you. Showing a lot of maturity.

R.J.: Well, thank you, dad. Appreciate it.

Ridge: We gotta do what he’d want us to do, right? The tougher things get, the more we pull together.

[ Ventilator hissing ]

Finn: He can hear you.

Steffy: I know he can. We have a special connection. We always have. Maybe it’s because I’m named after grandma. The great love of your life. You made this family. You made it great. You made it resilient. You made it strong. Now I have my own family. With finn and the kids. But it’s not going to be the same without my big-hearted grandfather.

[ Sobbing ] Is it selfish that I want you to fight? Fight to come back to us. To me. God. I know you could be at peace right now with… with grandmother and phoebe. And so many people who love you. You wouldn’t be tied up to this– this ventilator and all these tubes and machines around you, because I hate to say it, you look– you look trapped. And I don’t want you to suffer. I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’T. God, maybe dad was right. Maybe– did we not honor your wishes? Is it my fault? Ah. [ Sobbing ] I am so sorry, granddad. I am so sorry. But if you’re tired, and you don’t want to fight anymore, and you found a moment of peace, you could go. [ Sobbing ] You could go. We’ll understand. We’ll be okay.

[ Sobbing ] It’s okay to let go.

[ Sobbing ] It’s okay to let go.

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