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Chanel goes home and tells Paulina about the holiday rush at the Bakery. Chanel questions Paulina still being in her robe. Paulina responds that she just had a hard time waking up. Chanel comments that it’s the middle of the afternoon, it’s not like her to sleep in, and she still looks tired. Paulina responds that she’s fine and that it’s nothing a strong cup of coffee can’t fix.

Stephanie is at home and pours a cup of coffee until the doorbell rings. Stephanie answers the door to see Chad.

Sloan paces in the interrogation room and thinks back to arguing with Leo on the phone. Sloan tells herself that Leo took the baby to blackmail her, so now she has to tell them the truth as she exits the room. Eric tells Sloan that he was getting worried and asks what’s going on. Sloan tells Eric that there is something she needs to tell him. Harris announces a lucky break and that he just got a tip on who might have taken the baby, relieving Sloan.

EJ goes down the tunnels to the wine cellar searching for Nicole. EJ enters the wine cellar and finds Nicole with baby Jude. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so sorry as he hugs her. EJ thought she accepted that this child was not their baby. Nicole responds that she did and she still does, but complains that Sloan left him. Nicole explains that she saw Sloan walk away from the stroller and leave him all alone. Nicole declares that she saved his life. EJ understands she did what she thought was right in making sure that the child was safe, but now he needs to go back home. Nicole tells EJ no and that the baby needs them. Nicole argues that EJ has all the money in the world and that he knows people who could hide them to help them start a whole new life with the baby. Nicole states that he could be their little boy.

Paulina gives Chanel a cup of coffee too. Chanel mentions that her work is not over yet since she has to go back to the Bakery to prepare for tomorrow and then do some shopping after that. Chanel suggests Paulina join her so they can shop together but Paulina says she already slept half the day and has a lot of work, so she should probably get to City Hall. Chanel asks if Paulina wants anything while she’s out. Paulina suggests Christmas lights. Chanel promises to get her a fully functioning set. Paulina mentions getting Abe some bourbon toothpicks for his stocking. Chanel jokes about getting them some mistletoe but Paulina says not to get ahead of themselves. Chanel agrees to leave that out for now as she then exits the apartment. Paulina drinks her coffee and complains that it’s still hard to swallow but says she is too busy to get sick now.

Stephanie asks if Chad came to search the place and see who else she’s getting busy with. Chad says he deserves that, but he came to apologize because he was out of line yesterday for accusing her and Alex of being together. Stephanie agrees and mentions her headache but says she’s fine. Stephanie accepts Chad’s apology and asks if there’s anything else. Chad thinks it’s time that they both say out loud what they are both thinking which is that it’s time they officially end things between them.

Eric and Rafe ask about the tip. Harris says a woman saw another woman in a hoodie walking away from the town square with a stroller. Rafe asks if there’s any leads on Nicole but Harris says nothing yet. Rafe questions Nicole and baby Jude going missing at the same time and asks how it can’t be connected. Eric brings up when Sarah’s baby Victoria was kidnapped and wonders if it could be the same person who kidnapped his son.

EJ tells Nicole that she knows what it’s like to lose a child and that’s what Eric and Sloan would be feeling now. Nicole argues that it’s different because their baby died while Eric and Sloan’s baby is safe with them. EJ knows the pain that she suffered over the loss of their son but says they can’t ease the pain by taking another couple’s baby. EJ declares that it’s time to do the right thing and take the baby back to his parents. EJ decides they will do it together.

Alex walks through the town square while on the phone with Theresa. Alex says he’ll be home later as he’s doing a little Christmas shopping. Alex tells her that she will find out what he got for her on Christmas and hangs up. Alex runs in to Chanel, who notes that it’s been awhile. Chanel says she’s been mostly good and asks about Alex. Alex mentions that things have been complicated so Chanel offers to talk about it.

Stephanie questions Chad wanting to end things. Chad clarifies that he doesn’t want to but he understands that she doesn’t trust him because he did something stupid which he deeply regrets. Chad wishes he could take back going after Everett but it’s done. Chad adds that Stephanie is ready for more than a commitment than he’s able to give right now, so he seems like he would just continue to disappoint her and he doesn’t want to do that. Stephanie decides that if that’s the way he sees it, then she agrees that it’s best for them to go their separate ways. Chad tells her that it all makes him sad, especially for the kids because they love her. Stephanie says that is what’s making this so hard for her. Chad suggests maybe things will change in time and he’ll be able to get over his past and be there for her fully and maybe she’ll be able to trust him again. Stephanie says maybe in time. Chad repeats that he thinks it’s best that they just let each other go. Chad tells her that she’s welcome to keep their apartment while he and the kids can move back to the DiMera Mansion. Stephanie argues that the kids shouldn’t be uprooted since it’s their home too and they are dealing with enough big changes in their life. Chad thanks her and says he will e-mail her his official resignation from SJPR. Stephanie says that’s not necessary as they are responsible adults and can still work together. Chad thinks it would be too much right now and mentions that he hired Everett back at the Spectator because he has to work with the best. Stephanie calls Everett a talented journalist. Chad apologizes as he knows he’s responsible for blowing up their relationship. Chad acknowledges that he allowed his jealousy to make him so extreme, devious, and stupid. Chad admits that he lost sight of what was right and wrong and he wishes he hadn’t. Stephanie says she does as well.

Harris tells Rafe that he sent a car to get the witness to the police station and the sketch artist is standing by. Eric encourages Sloan that Sarah’s baby was found fine so he knows that Jude will be too. Sloan prays that he’s right. Eric asks Sloan what she was going to tell him earlier before the tip came in. Nicole and EJ then arrive with Jude. Nicole hands Jude back to Sloan. Sloan and Eric are relieved as EJ says they can explain everything and asks to go somewhere private. Sloan refuses and demands to know what happened because she has a right to know. Rafe says they will handle this and takes EJ and Nicole in to the interrogation room. Harris says he knows they are overwhelmed and frustrated but the important thing is that the baby is alright. Eric mentions calling to tell Marlena and Roman the good news. Sloan offers to go with him so they exit the station together. Harris then checks his phone and sees a voicemail from Stephanie.

Rafe tells Nicole that it’s obviously a tremendous relief for all of them that she and the baby are both safe, but it’s also very concerning. Rafe asks what happened. EJ starts to explain but Nicole just says that she took him which Rafe questions. Nicole explains that she saw the baby was alone and she took him.

Alex tells Chanel about no one having any idea that he was Victor’s son until it was put in his will and blew everything up. Chanel asks why Victor would do that. Alex says they may never know. Chanel says her family had their own parent swap and it was as hard for Lani. Alex calls it crazy but says he’s learned that just because somebody gave you life, doesn’t mean they are a parent. Alex declares that as far as he’s concerned, Justin is always going to be his dad.

Chad tells Stephanie that she’s going to do great. She thanks him and then her phone rings with a call from Harris, who says he got her message. Harris says he’s sorry he had to rush out this morning but the good news is that they found the baby. Harris asks if she’s free to talk. Stephanie says she will be soon. Harris asks if she wants to call him back but Stephanie thinks it’s better if they do this in person. Harris says things are settling down at the station and suggests meeting at the park in ten minutes. Stephanie says she’ll see him there and hangs up. Chad says it sounds like she has to take care of something. Stephanie calls it just a little fire that she needs to put out. Stephanie asks Chad if there’s anything else. Chad guesses not and tells her to take care. Chad thanks her for how good she was with his kids as he holds back tears. Chad hopes she will still spend time with the kids. Stephanie says she would love that as she misses them already. Stephanie tells Chad to explain to the kids that they had nothing to do with this and it was all on them. Stephanie tearfully thanks Chad for sharing those great kids with her for awhile and says it meant so much to her, as Chad did too. Chad calls her a beautiful person inside and out. Chad says he will treasure the memories of the good times they had together. Chad starts to cry as he then exits. Stephanie then begins to cry as well.

Eric and Sloan return to the police station. Eric tells Harris that Nicole seemed off and asks about her. Harris tells him that Rafe is handling it. Sloan tells Eric that in the meantime, their baby could use his attention so Eric asks what he can do.

Rafe questions why Nicole would take the baby. Nicole argues that Sloan doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Rafe tells her that isn’t her call. EJ tells Nicole to just explain what happened. Nicole explains that she went out for fresh air and saw Sloan in the town square, walking away from her baby and leaving the stroller unattended. Nicole adds that she knows it’s not her baby and she’s accepted that, but when she saw him all alone, she felt a bond that she can’t explain and declares that taking him home felt like the right thing to do.

Chad goes to see Paulina and says he was in the area so he figured he would drop some papers off. Paulina says she’s glad to see him as she was wondering if he took her advice and talked to Stephanie. Chad confirms that he spoke to her, so Paulina asks what happened and if they are back on good terms.

Harris meets Stephanie in the park. Stephanie is glad that he found the missing baby. Harris calls it a huge relief. Harris asks how she is. Stephanie admits she’s a little freaked out and confesses that she doesn’t remember how she wound up in his bed or much of anything after they left the Pub last night. Harris is not surprised as she was wasted. Stephanie reveals that she remembers they kissed which Harris confirms. Harris notes that he was a little drunk too and he shouldn’t have let it happen. Harris tells Stephanie that it was a mistake and he’s sorry.

Sloan tells Eric that she wants to hear Nicole’s story but she is exhausted so she just wants to go home with their baby. Eric says he understands and says he can handle things here. Rafe then comes out of the interrogation room and calls Eric and Sloan in, telling them that they need to hear this. Rafe asks if Nicole wants to tell them what happened. Nicole admits to them that she didn’t find the baby, she took him.

Alex asks Chanel what’s going on in her world. Chanel informs him that she and Johnny are back together. Alex calls that great. Chanel says she really loves him still but she has one worry that he has to keep between them. Chanel notes that Johnny always has some other girl after him and that he can be a player, but admits that she can be too. Alex jokes that he is the #1 player in the universe but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good guys too sometimes. Chanel says she often thinks about the very interesting time that she, Alex, and Allie had. Alex agrees that it was certainly interesting and calls it pretty great which Chanel agrees with. Alex tells her that he still feels bad about what happened between he and Allie afterwards as he’s sure she really misses her and he does too. Chanel admits that she does miss Allie, but says sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

Paulina is sorry to hear Chad and Stephanie have broken up as she was praying they would work things out. Chad says he was too but the truth is he knew that because of his stupid mistakes and issues about being in a serious relationship, he knew it was over and it just took him time to accept it. Paulina points out that they will still see each other at work so maybe they will feel different but Chad reveals that he resigned from SJPR which Paulina says she’s sorry to hear, but she understands. Paulina says she will miss working with Chad since he’s smart, talented, and makes her laugh. Chad says that anybody who gets to work with Paulina or be in her orbit is very lucky.

Harris and Stephanie sit together in the park as Harris explains that he took Stephanie to his room since he couldn’t take her to Jada’s room since she was passed out. Harris notes that Stephanie was in no shape to travel and could barely make it up the stairs. Stephanie questions waking up in his t-shirt which Harris explains was because she threw up all over her clothes. Harris says he gave her his shirt, she changed, he put her to bed and they both passed out. Stephanie asks if nothing happened between them then. Harris realizes what she thought but assures that nothing happened and he wouldn’t lie to her about that. Stephanie asks if they can keep this between them and forget that it ever happened. Harris responds that he’s sorry but he can’t.

Sloan questions Nicole taking her baby as she thought they were done with her thinking their baby was her baby, but she’s clearly still totally deluded. Nicole says she just saw the baby all alone and she lost control. Nicole knows it was wrong and swears it will never happen again. Sloan agrees because she’s going to be behind bars. Sloan declares that she doesn’t care that Nicole is EJ’s wife, she wants her prosecuted. EJ suggests they all take a breather but Sloan refuses as she wants Nicole in prison. Sloan warns that if EJ won’t make that happen, she will call the state attorney general.

Paulina gives Chad coloring books for his kids as a parting gift from the mayor’s office. Chad says they will be thrilled as they’ve been having a rough time since Stephanie moved out. Paulina encourages that they are lucky to have such a loving and caring dad. Chad thanks her but he’s concerned he’s not enough. Paulina suggests that at some point when he’s ready, he can get them a mom. Chad doesn’t know since he couldn’t make it work with Stephanie, so maybe it’s time to accept there is no one else for him and he will never be able to get over Abigail as she was just his one great love. Paulina tells him to stop talking nonsense. Paulina knows he’s been through Hell and that the pain of losing his wife is something he’ll never completely get over. Paulina adds that they are not meant to live their lives alone and says he needs someone to love and for someone to love him. Chad argues that lots of people get by fine being alone. Paulina brings up raising Chanel on her own after her father died, so she knows what he’s going through and she thought she could do it all on her own too but she was miserable. Paulina says once she got another chance at love with Abe, she got to fully experience again how great life can be. Chad assures that he takes her words seriously but his only thoughts right now are to be the best father he can be and he will have to hope that’s enough.

Stephanie doesn’t understand why she and Harris can’t forget what happened yesterday. Harris points out that he and Ava are dating and if their relationship is going to grow, it has to be based on honesty and trust. Stephanie asks if he can keep her name out of it since she doesn’t want the mafia princess who tried to kill her mom finding out that she made out with the guy she’s dating. Harris assures that Ava won’t react bad once he explains the circumstances. Harris believes that 100% transparency is the way to go in any relationship, so he has to tell Ava. Stephanie calls him a good man. Stephanie wishes he was like the rest of the people in Salem with deep dark secrets, but totally respects that he wants to be honest with Ava and says she’ll just have to deal with that. Harris tells her to take care of herself and to stick to club soda tonight. Stephanie assures that she learned her lesson and wishes him luck with Ava. Stephanie then leaves the park. Harris calls Ava and says he’s coming to the Bistro because they need to talk about something.

Chanel returns home from shopping and finds Paulina asleep on the couch. Chanel remarks that Paulina said there was nothing to worry about.

Alex runs in to Stephanie in the town square and swears that he feels like he’s running in to everyone he knows today as Chad then appears as well.

Baby Jude wakes up crying. Eric suggests to Sloan that they step outside to talk so they don’t upset Jude as he worries that he can sense their stress. Eric and Sloan exit the room. Rafe then announces that he’s sorry but under the circumstances, he has to arrest Nicole.

Eric tells Sloan that he doesn’t believe Nicole did this with malicious intent. Sloan asks how he can say that when she stole their baby. Eric suggests Nicole could’ve prevented a tragedy if someone else would have taken the baby. Sloan asks if he’s saying this is her fault. Eric says no and just thinks they should show compassion to Nicole and be grateful that their son was brought back safe and unharmed. Sloan argues that Nicole could come and take their baby anytime she wants. Eric assures she won’t do it again and believes that she’s going to get help. Eric declares that Nicole is going to heal and they need to as well. Eric insists that forgiveness leads to peace as he hugs Sloan.

Nicole argues that she brought the baby back and was just trying to protect him. EJ adds that Rafe knows damn well what Nicole has been through lately. Rafe states that what happened is still a kidnapping so he’s going to have to read her rights. Sloan and Eric then return to the room with Jude. Sloan declares that won’t be necessary and claims that she asked Nicole to babysit because she was tired and there was no crime here. EJ says that’s good enough for him as district attorney. Rafe gets what they are trying to do and says he feels bad for Nicole too, but tells EJ that she needs help. Nicole insists that she will get it. Eric declares they are done here as he and Sloan exit with Jude. Rafe then follows them out. Nicole asks EJ what just happened. EJ responds that he has no idea.

Sloan asks Eric to take Jude to the car while she stops to use the restroom so Eric puts Jude in the stroller and exits.

EJ tells Nicole that he will make sure everything is good with Rafe and then they will go home. EJ kisses Nicole and exits the room. Sloan then storms back in and tells Nicole to shut up and listen to her. Sloan swears that if Nicole ever comes after her child again, she will make her life hell in ways she cannot even imagine. Sloan then storms back out.

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