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At the Bistro, Harris asks Ava if there’s anything he can do to help. Ava says there’s not so Harris plans to go home and read a book. Harris asks Ava if he’s sure she’s alright since the last time she seemed this nervous, EJ had a hit out on her. Ava responds that she’s fine and she just needs everything to go perfect tonight.

In the town square, Stefan is on the phone with Clyde. Stefan says he heard him loud and clear but that was not part of their original deal. Stefan warns him about anything happening to Gabi but then says he’s not threatening him. Stefan questions Clyde saying he will go nuclear. Stefan then hangs up and screams in frustration.

Jada runs in to Stephanie at the Brady Pub. Stephanie tells her about dropping a water bottle on her foot and then fleeing the scene of her two jealous exes. Jada informs her that she’s cleaning out her closet and organizing. Stephanie asks if there’s any reason in particular. Jada reveals that Rafe asked her to move in with him. Stephanie asks if she said yes. Jada says she told him that she would think about it. Stephanie invites her to have a drink with her and take a break. Jada says she usually stays away from day drinking but agrees to join her.

Everett is at the Spectator with the article up about there being no leads on Victoria’s kidnapping. Chad arrives. Everett greets him and says he’s surprised to see him since he thought he was the kind of boss to stay in a mansion and be hands off, then comments on the money not coming in. Everett questions why Chad is hanging on to the Spectator now that his reason for buying it is moot. Chad responds that he thrives on a challenge so he’s going to make the Spectator a success again, which is why he plans to be very hands on.

Theresa walks through the park with a bag with the hoodie she wore while kidnapping Victoria. Theresa then stuffs the bag in the trash as Brady and Tate approach. Brady asks Theresa if times are really tough. Theresa claims that she threw a coffee cup away and her phone fell in the trash so she was just getting it out. Brady doesn’t want to know what she’s doing but says he’s glad he ran in to her since he texted her like six times. Theresa claims that she’s been busy and greets Tate. Brady explains that he’s been trying to get Tate’s school to give him another chance, so they need to jump on this opportunity. Theresa says she doesn’t have his immunization records and tells him to stop harassing her about it. Brady points out that he doesn’t have Tate’s doctor’s name but says he wanted to have a discussion with her about setting Tate up for success this time around. Brady then remarks that it seems like Theresa wants to turn everything in to an argument. Alex then arrives and tells Brady that it sounds like he’s the one looking for an argument.

Everett tells Chad that he doesn’t have a lot of time to chat as he is on a deadline. Chad acknowledges that Everett is a solid reporter. Everett mocks Chad not having much knowledge of reporters. Chad warns him about shooting his mouth off when he just gave him his job back. Everett argues that he only did it to help himself and because he has an ulterior motive, not because it’s the right thing to do. Everett calls that glaringly obvious and guesses that Stephanie forgave him. Chad reveals he hasn’t been able to tell her yet that he hired him back, because she moved out. Everett admits he’s not sorry to hear that at all.

Jada asks if Stephanie is having second thoughts about moving out. Stephanie says no but then says maybe. Stephanie talks about being so over the moon to move in, thinking it would be a lovefest. Stephanie then clarifies that she’s not implying it’s a bad thing to move in with a guy. Jada calls it a helpful reminder that she needs to take her time to decide.

Stefan goes to the Bistro and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava says she and Harris were just saying goodbye. Harris encourages her and wishes Stefan luck with the opening as he then exits. Ava tells Stefan that he’s not the only on one edge and assures that she can handle money laundering. Ava declares that they will get through this and get Clyde off their back. Stefan wishes it was that easy but reveals that he got a call from Clyde this morning and things have changed.

Everett states that he knows Chad blames him for things blowing up between he and Stephanie. Everett adds that Stephanie confided in him that things weren’t rosy between them when he arrived. Everett advises Chad to go easy on the fellow routine. Chad argues that he’s not jealous. Everett knows Chad plans to lean on him and warns that it’s not going to work on Stephanie. Chad acknowledges that Everett is good but reminds him that he’s the boss. Chad warns that Everett might know journalism, but he knows business and when it comes to the Spectator, if he has to be ruthless, he will be.

Brady tells Alex to stay out of this as it’s none of his business. Theresa declares that the conversation is now over and she will give Brady the name of Tate’s pediatrician because he apparently decided that Tate is going back to boarding school, but complains that Brady expected her to do all the leg work to get him re-enrolled. Brady argues that he asked her for one thing. Tate asks if they can just go which Brady agrees with, so they walk away. Theresa remarks to Alex that she doesn’t know what she ever saw in Brady and decides she doesn’t want to talk about him anymore. Theresa asks if Alex is ready to go. Alex says he’s been thinking about it all day. Theresa can’t believe he’s never been to a Christmas tree farm before.

Ava asks Stefan what happened. Stefan informs her that Clyde called him this morning and plans to start moving product about the back. Ava complains that she never agreed to that and they will have every addict hanging out around back. Stefan worries about headlines writing about the head of DiMera being caught in a drug operation while Ava worries about if someone dies from the drugs they are pushing. Ava declares that she’s worked too hard to get her life back and is not having this hanging over her head. Ava says she won’t do it so Stefan asks what she plans on telling Clyde Weston then.

Stephanie jokes with Jada about men leaving their socks around and the toilet seat up. Jada talks about how her ex used to walk around the apartment with one sock because he couldn’t find the other one. Jada says she’s been on her own since the divorce and admits that she loves having her own space. Stephanie can’t wait to have her own place and declares that she is giving up on men, maybe forever. Jada points out that she said that too, especially after breaking up with Eric. Stephanie talks about her break up with her Seattle ex and how she thought he ghosted her but it turned out that he was in a coma. Stephanie explains that he came to Salem looking for her, found out that she had dated Alex and Chad, then remarked that she really gets around. Jada calls him a jerk. Stephanie wonders how many women he’s been with, noting that he’s an introvert and a workaholic. Jada remarks that he sounds like her ex. Stephanie points out that their families are so close but she doesn’t know anything about her ex. Jada responds that he’s not worth talking about. Stephanie toasts to hating him then. Jada clarifies that she doesn’t really hate him, but things just didn’t work out. They joke together as Jada states that he was everything she wanted until he wasn’t. Stephanie asks if she has a picture of him. Jada confirms that she was just looking at a photo of him earlier and brings up the picture of her and Everett on her phone. Jada goes to show it to Stephanie but Harris arrives and greets them. Jada asks if Stephanie has met her partner. Stephanie confirms that they meet in Greece where Harris helped rescue her mom. Jada invites him to join them as Stephanie offers to buy him a drink for all of his help with her family. Harris says that sounds tempting but he’s going to read upstairs. Stephanie insists that he sit down for one drink.

Everett asks Chad if he has any experience in the newspaper business. Chad says he has more than Xander and Gwen did when they bought the paper. Everett calls the bar low then. Chad informs him that his late wife had his job and shared hundreds of stories with him. Chad adds that Abigail told him that it was her civic duty to give the paper everything she had, so he plans to do the exact same for her and her memory. Everett hears what he’s saying and says he wants the paper to be the best it can be too. Everett adds that he wants Stephanie to be happy too, so he hopes they can work together and find some common ground. Everett asks if Chad thinks they can do that.

Brady and Tate sit together in the town square. Brady knows it upsets him when he and Theresa argue. Brady apologizes but says they have gotten in to a pattern and Theresa doesn’t listen which frustrates him. Tate calls it nothing knew. Tate then suggests there’s a reason that Theresa didn’t get him the paper work and that maybe she doesn’t want him to go back to school. Tate declares that maybe he doesn’t want to go back either and asks if Brady even thought to ask him.

Alex and Theresa return home with a Christmas tree. Alex points out that he doesn’t have ornaments and has never done the whole tree thing before. Theresa suggests the old fashioned way of using popcorn instead. Theresa calls her childhood like a fairy tale after her mother got over her personality disorder and her parents got married for the third time. Theresa remarks that she was the black sheep.

Stefan warns that Ava can’t back out now because Clyde will kill her son and his wife. Ava asks what they are supposed to do then. Stefan doesn’t know but warns that if Clyde even thinks they are coming after him, he will go nuclear. Stefan declares that he doesn’t care what has to be done because his wife’s life is on the line, so he is going to get rid of Clyde Weston, permanently.

Brady doesn’t understand since Tate was really upset about leaving school and being forced to move back to Salem, so he just assumed he wanted to go back. Tate points out that Brady went to boarding school and didn’t like it. Tate asks if they can just have one normal lunch without Brady ragging on Theresa, so Brady agrees not to talk about her at all. Tate complains that he knows Brady hates her. Brady says that he doesn’t but repeats that he won’t mention Theresa at all unless absolutely necessary and that’s the way it has to be which Tate agrees with.

Alex tells Theresa that he can relate to the whole black sheep thing. Theresa thinks his pales in comparison. Theresa points out that they don’t have mistletoe. Alex remarks that he never really needed an excuse for someone to kiss him. Theresa says she didn’t either as they kiss.

Stefan asks Ava if she’s sure she’s ready to do what it takes to get rid of Clyde. Stefan understands she’s reluctant and wishes it hadn’t come this far but declares that they can’t have any part of selling drugs. Ava remarks on Stefan reminding her of his twin brother Jake and says it gets to her that she works with someone that looks like Jake but isn’t him. Stefan asks if she misses Jake. Ava says of course she does as he was the closest thing to a normal relationship with a guy that she ever had. Stefan asks about Harris and says he seems normal, but warns that dating a cop right now is dangerous since Clyde already made her compromise him once with stealing his keys. Ava argues that she and Harris aren’t even officially a couple and questions Stefan getting onto her about her love life as she accidentally calls him Jake.

Everett knows civil is a loaded word and says he means they can barely tolerate each other but be polite. Chad says it wouldn’t be the first tumultuous partnership in the Spectator’s history. Everett reveals that he thought Abigail was an amazing reporter and that he actually wrote her a fan letter once. Everett recalls Stephanie talking about how cool, smart, and talented that her cousin Abigail was. Chad gets a call from his son Thomas. Chad says he left him snack money on the table but forgot his lunchbox account. Chad asks if he can share with someone today but Thomas hangs up. Everett notes that his son sounds angry and asks if he wants to bring him something from the office. Chad says he’ll be fine and admits that Stephanie was handling all of the lunch stuff but he probably had her doing too much. Chad talks about his kids being through a lot since losing their mom. Everett calls it a terrible tragedy and says he’s really sorry.

Harris sits with Stephanie and Jada for a drink. Stephanie rambles while drinking. Jada informs Harris that Stephanie has sworn off men. Jada brings up being in a relationship with her boss. Harris finishes his drink and says it’s been a pleasure but now he’s heading up. Stephanie tells him that he can’t leave because they have a very important question to ask him. Stephanie asks Harris how he is with socks. Harris calls that the weirdest thing anyone has ever asked him in his life. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to answer, but he can’t leave because the party is just getting started as her and Jada laugh together.

Ava tells Stefan that she’s sorry she called him Jake but it’s understandable since he looks just like him. Stefan says he has Jake’s heart but that’s where the similarities end. Ava agrees since Jake was kind, generous, and took him in when she had nowhere to go. Ava can’t imagine Stefan being so kind. Stefan says she’s damn right, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to solve the Clyde Weston problem.

Brady tells Tate that he remembers what it was like to be his age. Brady states that he was an entitled jerk to Marlena and gave her crap on a daily basis. Brady says if he was that much of a trainwreck, Tate’s damage to the school gym is nothing. Brady asks Tate to tell him about school and his friends. Brady asks if Holly is one of the reasons that Tate wants to stick around. Tate admits that he really likes her, but she’s not in to him. Tate adds that Holly said she would go out with him, but has blown him off so far. Brady suggests it’s time they fix that. Brady hands Tate his gold card and declares that he wants Tate to have fun on him.

Alex and Theresa decorate their Christmas tree. Alex asks what else they need to do to make the place Christmas ready. Theresa suggests stockings but Alex says he doesn’t have any, so she says he can use socks. Alex jokes about not keeping track of his socks. Alex mentions that his family really cared a lot about Christmas too, especially Adrienne and Victor. Alex calls Justin his dad but corrects himself. Theresa then kisses Alex and tells him to just shut up and make love to her right now.

Stephanie tells Harris that this is better than reading a book. Harris calls it a definite 180. Stephanie suggests ordering another drink while Jada thinks she should slow down. Stephanie instead takes Jada’s drink and toasts to love in life being overrated.

Alex and Theresa have sex on the floor in front of the Christmas tree.

Tate questions Brady wanting him to have fun with his credit card. Brady says within reason. Tate excitedly thanks him. Brady tells him to call Holly and have a great time. Brady says he’ll see him later and walks away. Tate then calls Holly and reminds her that she agreed to go on a date with him. Tate reveals that he has a gold card that is ready to start tapping and asks if tonight would work.

Everett tells Chad that he hates to cut their bonding short but he does have six stories to edit. Chad clarifies that they weren’t bonding as he still doesn’t like him and is sure that Everett doesn’t like him. Everett says no comment. Chad states that Everett is back on board but warns that he will be watching him and if he makes one wrong step, he’ll make his life Hell. Everett responds that if he means what he thinks he means, then he will just have to fire him. Chad responds that he would love to. Chad declares that he and Stephanie may be separated but they belong together. Everett points out that if it wasn’t for his accident, she and Chad would’ve never crossed paths as they were in a fully committed relationship. Chad repeats that his eyes are open. Chad then tells Everett that he’s at his desk so he’s going to need him to move his stuff somewhere else. Chad then exits the office.

Ava tells Stefan that maybe Clyde was just screwing with him and trying to keep him in line since he never had them run drugs through before. A man then arrives with six cases of canned tomatoes, courtesy of Clyde Weston and asks if they want them in the back.

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