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[ Guitar playing ] Oh, I knew it was too good to be true. Eddie maine has clearly not left the building. Maxie: [ Muffled ] No, mom, I mean it. You and dad have already helped me so much. I can’t allow you to jeopardize your financial future to save me from this mess.

[ Knock on door ]Nina: Come in. Hi. Nina: Hi! Is this a bad time? No! No. Never. I — I’m so happy to see you. Are you sure? Because lately, it feels like you’ve been… pulling away. Obrecht: All right, I’m here. Oh. Hi, liesl. Hey, come on, have a seat. I’m not sitting. I’m not staying. We broke up. State your business. Coffee. I thought we agreed that if we ran into each other in public, we’d be civil. We did. But this is not a chance encounter where we can regretfully nod our heads to each other in passing and continue on. You call that civil? Oh, here we go. Sit, sit. Here we go. Okay. You asked me here. To what end? Ah! Yes. The “end.” See, I think that our relationship, it ended too soon. Why do you keep coming back here? I like the ambiance. You know this place is owned by corinthos’ ex-wife. You don’t say. What if someone recognizes us? Mwah. Oh! Hello. Hi. Just us? Just us. Good morning. Hi. Hi.Hi. Anything I can get you while you look at the menu? Uh, I’ll start out with a coffee. Mm-hmm. Thanks. Double-double flat white triple sweet with legs. Coming right up. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Someone sounds like they need a pick-me-up. Did you have a late night? No. Just indulging. While I can.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Clears throat ] Excuse you. And what is that supposed to mean?

[ Door opens ]

You know? We really need to work on your people skills. Fled ] Mom, I loveyou for wanting to bail me out, but let’s be honest. If you really could just make the money back, then you’d already have it. Okay. Let me look at the numbers. Maybe we could come up with a compromise, like a partial loan or something. But I-I gotta go, mom. Okay. I love you, too. Bye.

[ Knock on door ] It’s open! Hi, maxie. Brook lynn! This is a surprise. You in the middle of something? Always, but it’s good to see you. What brings you by? Is everything okay? Yeah, fine. Great, actually. Deception is back and better than ever. You sure? Yeah. Why do you ask? Because. I was just eavesdropping on you. The bridge and tunnel twins swore up and down that you were in your right mind. I don’t know why I let them get my hopes up. Clearly, those perpetual teenyboppers prefer having eddie mayne around. You really think so? Oh, I know so. You’re exactly their type. The pink ladies from bensonhurst are probably tearing each other’s hair out, battling over who gets to wear your leather jacket. Are you quite finished, mother? It is ridiculous to s– did you just call me mother? I’m sure that’s not the only thing I’ve called you. Ned? It’s me.

[ Sighs ] No. I haven’t been distancing myself from you. No. Absolutely not. It’s just, you know, with the magazine and the metro court and the holidays, it’s just, I’ve been jammed. Do you mean that? Yes, of course I do. Okay. Because if this relationship is going to work, we have to be honest with each other. Absolutely. Are you sure I haven’t said or done something that might have upset you? You, upset me? No, no! Absolutely not. Oh, god. No, no. It’s just, um — it’s just, I’ve been really swamped lately on all fronts, you know? And — and I know people were concerned when I offered to sell my half of the metro court back to carly. They thought I was doing that to score points with you and her. But honestly, it’s really this — having two full-time jobs, it’s finally taken its toll. No, of course, I totally get it. Good. Yeah. I love you. So — anyway, I’m so glad that you’re here, because I wanted to get your input. I have some ideas, but I wanted your opinion. What do you think I should get wiley and amelia for christmas? The bond we shared was broken. You were the one who broke it when you chose to help elizabeth even though her lies contributed to my britta’s death. She was my client. You know, confidentiality — you as a doctor, you know it would have been unethical for me to have told you. And legally and medically, we are both such paragons of ethics. I’m sorry, scott. Truly I am. But our problems are insurmountable. Yeah, but we also had a lot of fun, even though we have these problems. The way I see it, liesl, is that, uh, we march to a different drum beat. That’s why I think we are a good match. That’s why we were a good match. But now… you don’t want me back, scott. You just want someone. To avoid being alone. And I, of all people, understand that. I’ve been in relationships where I felt more alone than I did when I was unencumbered. That’s how I know it’s best not to settle. Settle? I mean, you haven’t even been around. You’ve been gallivanting around the country, all these medical conventions and everything else. Now, liesl, you tell me. Are you not just a little bit lonely? I heard about the miscarriage. Molly’s devastated. It’s awful. I ran into her at rice park, and she was just bawling her eyes out. So I took her back to my apartment. We talked about things, and we decided that I’m going to be molly’s surrogate. The only person in port charles who might recognize me is anna devane, and it’s been well over 30 years since she’s laid eyes on me. Spies have very long memories. It’s part of the job. You’re living proof.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah? What’s the value at now?

Wheels. I got it. Okay. All right. And how about amelia? I know amelia is too young to understand what she’s playing with, but if you decide to get her a doll, I’d prefer it be a doll with a career. A doll with a career. Okay. All right. So like a doctor. A lawyer doll. Or even a magazine editor/hotelier like her grandmother. Or a nurse like her mom. All good ideas. You know, um, willow, I just have to tell you, I, um — thank you for coming here. I really appreciate you. Well… right back at you. And you’ll let me know if I overdo it, okay? Total honesty means total honesty. Oh, since we’re discussing christmas, michael tells me we’re spending christmas eve with you and sonny. Yeah. That okay? It’s great. In fact, I was thinking maybe the kids can open up their presents from you and sonny when we’re there. That way, you can see their reactions. My ned, I missed you so much. And I faked that amnesia for months just to hear you say that. You want another head injury?

[ Chuckles ] Not that I don’t deserve one. I’m sorry for how I behaved toward you when I thought I was eddie. No apology necessary. Really? Really. Actually, it’s eddie maine that owes me an apology. But his nonexistence in and of itself is a gift. I am so grateful to have my son standing in front of me again. You know I love you, right? Of course. What’s not to love? I love you, too. What? You have wasted so much time! Saying we love each other? You let me go on and on about you being eddie maine still. Have you ever tried to stop you? I want you to put this guitar in the attic. You need to focus and stop michael from taking control of elq. I thought you wanted nothing to do with elq. I don’T. But it doesn’t mean I want to see alan’s surprise offspring and his grandson run away with it. You need to get your head in the game. Before you say anything, I know how you feel about this. You already told me that you didn’t think it was wise of me to be molly and tj’s surrogate. No, I never said that. Well, okay, I don’t know, but what I — what I meant to say was being pregnant and giving birth, they’re bigger than you could ever imagine. They have to be experienced to be understood. I just wanted you to think about it carefully before making such a big commitment. And you’re right, 100%. I was not ready. And now I am. And so is molly. I know you’ve met corinthos face to face. A few times, yes. Is there anyone else in town who could recognize you? A few of his guards and business associates. Other than that… maybe it’s time for you to head back to D.C. Whatever the circumstances require. But before you go, find the report that forsyth stole from anna devane. I may be alone in my travels, but I’m never lonely. I’m interacting with peers, offering my expertise, and I’m learning so much. Discoveries and developments in disease, state of the art technology and treatments. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it all is. That’s it. I want you to tell me that stuff. Scotty, stop. I’m going to say something. Um, we may never see each other again — an ominous prologue. I think you’ve been doing all this traveling ’cause you’re hiding from your grief. Auf nimmer wiedersehen, scott. Have a good life. Liesl. Liesl, liesl, wait a second. Come on. Hang on a second. Okay? Now, talk to me, okay? Let me in. I understand the grief that you’re going through more than anybody. I buried three children. Our children, they were forces of nature. And I think that if we talk about them and we share our grief, I think that would bring us closer together. And that is precisely why we are not together. Because you could not be more wrong. Well, what can I say? At least you’re admitting up front this time that you’re spying. I’m not spying… this time. I — your door was a little bit open, and I just happened to hear part of your conversation. Okay, fine. I guess that is the definition of eavesdropping. Since you’re not here for corporate espionage, what are you here for? I wanted to share some news. Oh, my god. You and chase?

[ Laughing ] We’re engaged! Aah! Congratulations. Thank you. Okay. Wait. No. I need to look. Does it meet with your approval? Oh, yes, it does. That is a good stone. Okay, my feelings are a little hurt chase didn’t consult with me, but whoever he did go to steered him in the right direction. He made sure to do his research and be really thorough. Chase is so sweet that way. Oh! Have you and detective adorable set a date yet? Not yet, but we’re thinking early in the new year. Oh. I see. What are you — what are — no! Knocked up for real this time? I am not pregnant, maxie! Then why the shotgun? There is no shotgun or weapons of any kind. We just — violet doesn’t believe in long engagements. All right, then. If you need a wedding planner… like I would consider anybody else. And I’m sure you have planned my entire wedding already. Oh, I have a file. And a vision board. I have color samples, dress choices, dinner and dessert menus, dj playlists, a few venues. You haven’t picked the band yet? You’re the one that knows all the musicians. I’ve missed us. Me, too. And since you are going to make me the happiest woman on my wedding day, maybe there’s something that I can do for you in return. Such as? Depends. Tell me what’s going on with you.

[Deep exhale]

yeah. Yes. Sonny and I would love to watch wiley and amelia open up their gifts. Yes. As long as michael is okay with it. It’s christmas. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Knock on door ] So — this is convenient. I can kill two birds with one stone. Oh. Do you have something to discuss with both me and nina? As a matter of fact, I do. Drew. What about drew? I just wanted to make sure you both knew that drew would be spending christmas in australia for a business deal. Yes, I knew that. Nina? No, no, that’s — that’s news to me. I’ll just make sure that sonny knows that. Thank you so much for coming by and telling us. That might change carly’s holiday plans, which in turn might change our plans. Ah, yes. The domino effect. One decision sets in motion a whole chain of events. Well, I’ve got to run. Nina, I’ll text you if I think of any more gift ideas for the kids. Yes. Thank you. And I’ll do the same. Excellent. Okay. Bye, ned. Bye, willow. See you at home. I can’t tell you just how tempted I was to finally let willow know that I wasn’t the one who turned in carly and drew into the sec. It was you. So why didn’t you, ned? When tracy’s lawsuit froze deceptor sales, our stocks plummeted, and I stopped drawing salary. Oh, maxie, no. Yeah, I went from paying my credit cards off monthly to only making the minimum payments, but I still had bills, so I was still charging. I basically blew through my savings and dug myself into a major hole. But deception is recovering, right? I mean, your salary’s going to kick in soon. If only. What are you going to do? Well, my mom and mac want to liquidate part of their financial portfolio to help me out of this debt. But I don’t feel right about doing that. They’ve worked their entire lives to earn that money so their portfolio can grow. Okay, how about I loan you the money? No, I-I appreciate the thought, brook lynn, but I can’t accept that. Why not? I’m a trust fund baby. I have tons of funds in an account that I didn’t earn. I would be putting it into good use. Thank you for the offer, brook lynn, but my parents are going to help me. Let me ask you a question, okay? Would you even be in this position if it weren’t for tracy’s lawsuit or me spying? No, no, I wouldn’T. So let me fix this. I-I owe it to you. This is not your problem to solve, brook lynn. It’s mine, and I will. Now, I really need to get back to work. Why? It’s not like you’re getting paid. Oh, I can’t wait to plan your wedding. Even more than I already have. I don’t understand why you won’t let me comfort you, help you here, I mean, I — forget about a relationship. Why won’t you let me help you? But I don’t want you to. I don’t want anyone to. When I lost nathan, I didn’t think I could go on. But I did, in part because I still had my britta. Some people might find comfort that their child died heroically. I envy them. All I feel is grief. I doubt I will ever make sense of why I am still alive when my children are gone. Perhaps it’s so I can redeem myself with my grandson, james. He reminds me so much of my beloved nathan. Listen. Liesl, liesl. I understand the whole grandkid thing. Elizabeth’s kids, they’re — they’re not mine by blood, but I think of them — I am their grandfather. I like it that way. It’s good that we can still count what few remaining blessings we have. But I-I think that we can have more blessings. Just when it was going so well.

[ Laughs ] I want love. I think you do, too. I knew how badly molly wanted to be a mother, of course, but I never really grasped it until I saw her in the park that day. I want to be her surrogate. I want to give her and tj what they want more than anything. We’ve been attempting to reconstruct forsyth’s movements from the night he retrieved the report until his death. When will you have actual results? I’ve been assured we’ll have something very soon. None of this would be necessary if someone hadn’t jumped the gun, quite literally, and eliminated forsyth prematurely. He was much more valuable alive. Will there be anything else? Uh, no. That’s it. Thank you. Then I’ll leave you to it. Thank you for choosing our bank.

you’ve really thought thisthrough, with molly and tj, and I just know they want this so badly. And I want to be a good sister. I want to give this to them. Okay. Hit me. Thoughts, concerns, questions. Objections. God knows you’ve got them. Okay, I do. And I can see that you have thought this through, and it’s coming from a place of love. And I support you all the way. Dante: Who are you? I know that we were crazy about each other. A while back, but I think we could be crazy about each other again. Is that so? Yes. Yes, it is. And I-I have another point. I mean, time is ticking away. We’re not getting any younger, so I say we strike while the iron’s hot. You feel that we need to embrace this opportunity because another, better one might not come along? Yeah, we should take this opportunity. Why wait for another opportunity? Mm. An admirable attempt.

[ Chuckles ] What maxie would call a “nice save.” But if one of us is settling, then we both are. And I never settle. I hope you know that even though we will not have our own happy ending, I hope you find one yourself. Okay, well, you can let haven know that we will consider booking sasha and cody for another appearance, but haven will have to agree in advance to limit her own camera time. Oh, hi. Sorry. You’re on the phone, so I’ll just — I’ll come back. Okay, well, just give haven the message, and let us know what she decides. We’re not in a hurry. What’s up? Nothing. Mm, nothing really. No, nothing. Uh — I think I made a mistake. Brook lynn: Got a minute? For my granddaughter? Always. Look at these pictures. Isn’t sasha radiant? She always is. I don’t really get the point of cody, though. Well, everyone has a different demographic, right? I suppose so. She’s got the department store and boutique crowd, and he maybe increases foot traffic. But can you imagine lucy coe wanted to replace her with a random singer? That random singer’s name is blaze, and she happens to be wildly popular and extremely talented. Good for her. She’s also my client. Good for you. She’s definitely not the face of deception, nor will she ever be. Which, coincidentally, is what I wanted to talk to you about. The singer? No. Um, deception. I don’t know. Why didn’t i expose you to willow and blow up your newfound detente with her? You know, there’s one thing that everyone seems to be conveniently forgetting. Regardless of who turned in carly and drew to the sec, it doesn’t change the fact that they committed insider trading. So drew at least got what he deserved, including a beating in prison. No, he didn’t deserve to get attacked, but that has nothing to do with the insider trading. He wouldn’t have been in pentonville in the first place if you hadn’t turned them in! If drew and carly hadn’t committed a crime. If this had been about justice or doing the right thing, you wouldn’t have used martin as your go-between. So now you’re scrambling, scrambling, because you want to keep all of this quiet, because you don’t want to lose sonny or lose any chance of having a relationship with willow, your sweet, beautiful daughter. And so far, it’s worked. So far. You know, ned, if you wanted to blow up my life, you wouldn’t be talking to me right now. You’d be out there talking to sonny and michael and willow and whoever. But here you are, standing here talking to me. So tell me. What do you want? What I want is to make a deal with you.

I thought you wantednothing to do with deception. I thought you wanted your sole focus to be music. And you couldn’t have deception as backup, because it would prevent you from going all-in on your dream of being a so-called manager of so-called talent. Wow. You were listening. Oh, yes. I heard every word. How else could you use it against me later? So did you just drop by to remind me you turned your nose up at my generous offer? Actually, I dropped by to tell you I’ve reconsidered. Reconsidered what? What’s the mistake? I had drinks with scott. You’ve done that billions of times. Not literally billions, but at least in the thousands. I am not making myself clear here, am I? Can’t believe I’m saying this to you, of all people, but could you please elaborate? Okay. Um, scott asked me to join him for drinks, and like you said, a billion times. Nothing unusual. So I agreed, and it quickly became clear. Scott’s really lonely. You know, he’s kind of out of sorts. He had the breakup with liesl, and — I never thought he was good enough for her. What? I always felt exactly the opposite. Scott has faults, I agree, many, many faults. But he also, you know, deep down, underneath it all, he has a great, big heart of gold. And therein lies the problem. That you think scott has a big heart of gold? Yes. Well, it’s just, me, I can’t help myself. I sympathize with him. And you see, sympathy always leads me down this road that I’ve traveled many, many, many, many, many, many times. And the last time I traveled that road, I lost my doc for good. And I just do not want the same thing to happen with marty. No, of course not. Right. And I think you’re thinking the same thing. Scott and i are just friends, right? We’re best friends. We’re just friendly friend-friend-friends, and we can never be anything else but just friends. Because if we cross that line of romance, it leads ultimately to total disaster. I end up heart-sore, humiliated, and broke, usually. And sometimes all three happen at the same time. But at the same time, it’s not always scott’s fault, you know? He — he really is a wonderful, unique, funny man. And he’s also the catalyst to absolutely some of the worst decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

[ Knock on door ] Am I interrupting? In exchange for you keeping quiet about me turning carly and drew in to the sec, you want what? I am willing to continue taking the blame for drew going to prison if you get me some useful insider information. Wow. You don’t lack for audacity, do you? I see the irony hasn’t escaped you. Okay, so this isn’t a joke? You — you want me to get insider information on what, crimson? Or the metro court? Drew and michael have been double-teaming me again with elq and aurora. And what I want, what I need, is an advantage. Specifically inside information about crimson’s parent company, aurora. Sorry, sis, I gotta run. Everything okay? Yeah. I was just, um, hoping to hear back from dante. He’s working a case, and I want to make sure everything’s okay. Dante is a badass. Full stop. I’m sure he’s fine. You know, when you’re right, you are right. I’m sorry, what? Say that again. I want to make that my ringtone. When you’re right, you’re right. I love you. Bye. Mwah. Bye. Continuing to search for the report could leave us exposed. That is the risk. But is it worth taking? If that report were to fall into the wrong hands, it would not only compromise the wsb. It would compromise pikeman. So tell me, do you think it’s worth it?

[ “Deck the halls” playing over speakers ]

Don we now our gay apparel

fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la

troll the ancient yuletide carol willow: Sam. Oh, my god. I am so sorry. I did not mean to startle you.

Now that chase and i are engaged, I have realized that you were right.

[ Laughs ] I’m always right. You’re going to have to narrow that down. Well, until I get more clients and get them more gigs and contracts — and you start making money? It’s going to be tough for us to live on chase’s salary. So it seems like a good idea to find something more stable, you know, to supplement my income. So if your offer is still on the table… my offer is still on the table. I would be delighted to have you join me at deception. Thank you, grandmother. And someday in the future, the company will be yours. But until then, you have a lot to learn. And I cannot wait to start teaching you. Maxie and I were, uh, in the middle of a very, very important conference. You aren’t here on deception business, are you? No, maxie. It’s personal. Well, lucy and i were in the middle of something. Yes. Thank you. We’re fine. Thank you. Oh, great. I need to check in with H.R. Oh —

[ Clears throat ] So, um, what is it exactly that you want? Well, I’m flying down to florida to see serena for christmas and say hello to the manatees. Aww, that — that’s really nice. So, um, go ahead. Give her my love. Well, why don’t you tell her yourself? Wanna tag along? You think I can get insider information on aurora? Crimson is one of aurora’s biggest assets. That gives you access. No, it doesn’t, ned! Aurora is all michael and drew. Michael hates my guts. And drew, we’re not exactly best friends. Well, if you think he’s not crazy about you now, wait until he finds out that you are the reason why he almost died in prison! Okay, ned. Even if I set up a meeting to discuss with drew about crimson and aurora, he’s not going to talk to me about anything other than crimson. He’s not going to give me any relevant details about aurora or elq. Nina, think back to those bygone days in nixon falls. Oh, dear god. When you kept sonny’s identity hidden from him, and you kept his existence hidden from everyone here. And you’re bringing this up, why? To remind you just how resourceful you can be. Especially when your back is up against the wall, which it most certainly is right now. Nixon falls is a very small town. All I had to do was not say anything, and people still found out. Get me the intel. Otherwise, I’ll just make that short little three-minute walk from the mansion down to the gatehouse and share some insider information of my own with willow about just how low you can stoop. Christmas eve, michael and i are taking the kids to sonny and nina’S. Oh. Dante and I are going to take all the kids to the quartermaines’ on christmas day. Sounds… …perfect. Worst-case scenario, forsyth passed the report on to someone else. And if that is the case… whoever has it now will have to be dealt with.

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