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Lucas confronts Dimitri in the prison visiting room.

Kate goes to see Abe at Steve and Kayla’s place.

Paulina runs in to Melinda in the town square. Melinda mocks Abe not remembering Paulina. Paulina tells Melinda to mind her damn business and remarks that at least she can afford Christmas presents while Melinda is unemployed during the holidays. Melinda informs that she’s not unemployed and is making a lucrative career as an adoption attorney. Melinda adds that she just helped Eric and Sloan through the process by getting them the most beautiful baby boy.

Sloan goes to leave but Eric sees he had a voicemail from the attorney that Melinda was dealing with, who says he wanted to apologize for the adoption falling through and them not getting the baby. Eric questions what he’s talking about. Eric decides he’s going to call him back and find out but Sloan stops him and says she knows what he’s talking about. Eric asks her to enlighten him. Sloan reveals that she hasn’t been entirely honest about the adoption.

Leo goes to the DiMera Mansion where Nicole questions what the hell he’s doing at her house. Leo thinks back to Dimitri informing him that Nicole’s baby was still alive. Leo then tells Nicole that he really needs to speak to her about her baby.

Kate sits with Abe and has Christmas cookies from Sweet Bits Bakery. Abe tells Kate that he enjoys her company, but he can’t help but wonder what she’s doing here. Kate says she wanted to check on him and see how things are going. Abe responds that things are going well and mentions spending Thanksgiving with Paulina, which he calls a very nice evening. Abe states that he knows why he wanted to marry Paulina and why she had his heart, but he still has no memory of falling in love with her.

Paulina tells Melinda that she’s happy for Eric because he’s a good man who will make a wonderful father but remarks that she wouldn’t trust Sloan to raise a pet rock. Melinda states that Sloan has made her share of mistakes but asks who hasn’t. Paulina tells her not to lump her in with Sloan because not many are in Sloan’s league as far as mistakes go. Paulina remarks that she feels damn sorry for the baby and declares that the only thing that will change Sloan is a lobotomy. Paulina wishes Melinda a happy holiday and walks off.

Eric asks what Sloan hasn’t been entirely honest about. Sloan informs him that there were some obstacles in the adoption process because of her reputation. Eric points out that they have a little boy, so he thought everything was going smoothly. Sloan says that it did and they have their son which is the best thing to ever happen to them. Sloan reveals that she didn’t mention to him that Jude wasn’t the first baby that Melinda found for them and she believes that’s what the lawyer was calling about. Eric had no idea they were in the running for other babies. Sloan explains that she didn’t want to get his hopes up until she was sure and says the first mother changed her mind because of what she had heard about her, so she was devastated. Sloan says she felt so guilty that Eric wouldn’t be a father because of her past, so she didn’t have the words to tell him. Sloan apologizes to Eric and asks if he can forgive her.

Nicole tells Leo that she doesn’t want to see him now or ever. Leo says he totally understands. Nicole doesn’t want to hear an apology because her son is dead and there’s nothing he can say can bring him back. Leo asks what if that wasn’t true?

Kate tells Abe that she remembers her and Roman going to Abe and Paulina’s weddings. Kate states that their first wedding was interrupted but the second one was so beautiful and romantic. Abe responds that the harder he tries to remember, the further away those memories get pushed. Kate suggests not trying to remember. Abe says that’s what Steve and John told him, but it makes him sad for Paulina to look at him and see her whole life while he remembers none of it. Kate says she doesn’t often agree with John and Steve, but she does on this and tells Abe to take it one day at a time.

Dimitri tells Lucas that he comes in peace while Lucas complains that he held his mom captive for months and let everyone think she was dead. Dimitri argues that Kate was very well taken care of until she was rescued and calls it a happy ending. Lucas is relived that Dimitri is finally in prison where he should be. Lucas tells Dimitri that prison has a way of taking a man’s spirit and warns him to just wait.

Eric hugs Sloan and tells her that there’s nothing to forgive. Eric states that if anyone should apologize, it’s him. Eric tells Sloan that he’s so sorry that she had to go through all of that alone. Eric appreciates her for being honest and assures that she can tell him anything. Eric wants her to forget about jerks that think she’s an unfit mother because he thinks she’s a wonderful, kind, and loving mother. Eric kisses her and tells her that he and Jude are very blessed to have her with them. Eric is thankful that she made them a family.

Nicole tells Leo that her baby is dead because of him and his monster of a boyfriend. Leo wants to explain but Nicole yells at him to get out. EJ rushes to the door to see what’s going on and questions what the hell Leo is doing at his home. Nicole says he wants to talk about the baby but EJ says no way in Hell. Leo pleads that there’s something important they need to know. EJ warns that there is no police commissioner to separate them and tells him to get the hell out of his house. EJ adds that Leo is only free because he wanted to put Dimitri away for good but warns that if he catches Leo around his house or his wife again, he will put him away in a cell for life. Leo tries to say what he needs them to know but EJ yells at him to go and slams the door shut.

Kate admits that she is a hopeless romantic, so she hopes Abe falls madly in love with Paulina all over again and they have a clean slate. Kate adds that she would envy that because she sometimes wishes that Roman didn’t remember parts of their history since she made some big mistakes. Abe states that they all make mistakes and he’s sure that he made plenty himself. Kate jokes that he’s not even batting in her league. Kate thinks it’s important to find a romantic partner who accepts them for who they are because that’s what love is about. Kate tells Abe that she really enjoyed sitting with him, but she needs to get going. Abe tells Kate that he was so glad to see her again and he really enjoyed her company. Kate tells Abe to promise not to give up hope. Kate then goes to leave as Paulina shows up.

Lucas calls Dimitri a sick, twisted bastard. Lucas wishes he was there when the police busted him and says that would’ve been great to see. Dimitri clarifies that he turned himself in. Lucas asks what the hell he did that for. Dimitri responds that it was for love.

Melinda goes to see Sloan and asks what’s going on as she sounded frantic on the phone. Sloan tells Melinda that she has no idea and that she had to convince Eric to take Jude to the park so that they could talk. Melinda encourages her to breathe and calm down. Melinda asks what exactly got her so freaked out. Sloan complains that she can’t calm down and explains that Nicole saw the baby and was convinced it was her baby. Sloan says Nicole kept going on about how she would never forget her baby’s face and they tried to convince her otherwise but she wouldn’t let it go. Sloan then informs Melinda then without her knowledge, Holly and Eric decided to run a DNA test, so she thought she was done and was going to buy a one way ticket out of here or blow her brains out but thankfully they couldn’t get enough DNA off of Nicole’s toothbrush, so they used a sample from EJ and it didn’t match because EJ is not the father. Sloan says she lucked out but it feels like every time she puts out a fire, there’s another one burning in the distance.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s so sorry that he had to let Leo out of jail, but he’s going to make sure he never shows his face around here again. EJ vows to have a judge sign a restraining order by the end of the day. EJ and Nicole head in to the living room where EJ suggests they take the rest of the day off. Nicole instead says she needs to get out of here. EJ offers to go with her but Nicole says she just needs air and some alone time. EJ doesn’t think that’s a good idea but Nicole insists that she’ll be fine. Nicole kisses EJ and then exits. Leo then emerges from the tunnels through the secret door. EJ can’t believe it and begins to call the police, saying he doesn’t want to hear another word out of Leo. Leo asks even if it’s to tell him that his baby is alive?

Melinda praises Sloan for handling things like a pro since Eric totally bought it and the DNA test worked out so that Nicole can’t say the baby is her baby. Melinda adds that Dr. Pierce won’t say anything and her lips are sealed so Sloan’s secret is safe. Sloan reminds her about Dimitri and reveals that he came in to her home and threatened her since he knows everything about the baby and said he was going to tell EJ. Sloan thinks she convinced Dimitri that it wouldn’t help anyone but she doesn’t think she can trust anybody. Sloan points out that she did hold up her end of the bargain and got him a deal, so he owes her. Sloan wishes they could put a muzzle on him. Melinda declares that she has an idea.

Lucas questions Dimitri falling on his sword for Leo and asks what is wrong with him. Dimitri argues that Lucas has no idea who Leo really is and calls him a very funny, charming, and caring guy. Lucas guesses he should be grateful to Leo for getting Dimitri locked up, but calls Dimitri an idiot for giving up his freedom for Leo. Dimitri adds that he gave Leo a parting gift that he could use to make a better life for himself and he hopes that Leo is cashing that in now.

EJ punches Leo down and questions him showing up and spouting his cruel nonsense to his grieving wife. Leo tries to explain but EJ warns that if he says another word, he’ll be picking up his teeth. EJ calls Leo a sewer rat but he didn’t think he would stoop this low. EJ doesn’t know what Leo’s angle is but warns that he should be thankful that Nicole wasn’t there to hear him spewing nonsense. Leo pleads with EJ to hear him out but EJ yells at him not to say another word unless he wants him to break his legs. EJ screams at Leo to get out.

Eric walks through the park with Jude in his stroller. Eric talks to Jude about Christmas and thanks God for giving him a son. Nicole then approaches. Eric says they were just passing through. Nicole tells him that he doesn’t have to run every time he sees her. Nicole acknowledges that the DNA test was conclusive, so she just has to accept that this is not her baby.

Paulina tells Abe that she was just doing some Christmas shopping when she walked past a shop window with a mannequin wearing a three piece suit and it made her want to see him, so she hopes he doesn’t mind. Abe tells her that he’s always glad to see her. Paulina asks if he recognizes her bracelet. Abe assumes that he should. Paulina explains that he gave it to her last Christmas and she’s worn it every day since. Paulina apologizes and says she shouldn’t have. Abe looks at the bracelet and calls it very pretty. Paulina points out that Abe has great test.

Melinda tells Sloan that one of her former ADAs is now a prosecutor and Dimitri was recently wanted for numerous federal crimes. Melinda believes his current crimes are trivial by comparison, so a maximum solitary prison might be a better place for Dimitri with no visitors. Sloan calls her brilliant. Melinda decides she’ll make the call and have Dimitri transferred this week. Sloan excitedly tells Melinda that she owes her for everything and she can’t believe how much Melinda has done for her. Melinda says she’s glad she could help, especially since she only got to be her own daughter’s mom for a short time, she misses it and this gives her vicarious pleasure. Melinda tells Sloan to cherish every moment she has with the baby. Sloan recalls when her parents died and says now that her brother is in prison, she doesn’t really have family. Sloan says meeting Eric gave her a purpose which is why it’s so important to her to give him a child, even if she’s not the mother. Melinda insists that she is the mother and the only one the baby will ever know or need.

Eric sits with Nicole and tells her that he wishes there was something he could do to help her pain. Nicole says everyone is trying to get her spirits up and mentions EJ suggesting they have another baby but she said that’s not what she wants right now. Eric asks why. Nicole cries that this was her miracle baby as she thought she could never carry a baby to term again but then she did and before she could do all she dreamed about, he was taken from her. Nicole says she can’t go through that again and declares that she’s never going to have another child.

Lucas tells Dimitri that he sees through him and doesn’t buy that he did it all for love. Dimitri calls him a cynic who has never been in love before. Lucas argues that Dimitri doesn’t have a heart and brings up Dimitri slamming in to Nicole, causing her to lose her newborn baby. Dimitri then grabs Lucas and shouts that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano, questioning how he suffered so much loss but stayed so strong and never let it kill his drive. EJ wishes he could take after him in that.

Outside the DiMera Mansion, Leo complains about getting punched for trying to do the right thing. Leo declares that he may have fallen off the horse, but he’s going to get right back on it and walks away.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s sorry that memories of Christmas past have eluded him. Paulina understands he’s trying his best and invites Abe to join her and Chanel for Christmas and make some new memories. Abe agrees that he would like that. Paulina says she’ll be in touch. Abe says he will see her soon as she exits. Abe then gets a text from Kate with a photo of he and Paulina.

Dimitri and Lucas fight until Kate arrives and calls for the guard, questioning what is going on. Dimitri remarks that Lucas is the one who can’t keep his mouth shut. Dimitri tells them to have a lovely visit and walks off. Kate asks Lucas to stay away from Dimitri. Lucas declares that he’s going to make sure he pays for what he did to Kate. Kate doesn’t want to see Lucas get in any more trouble. Lucas assures he’s good friends with the warden and he’ll put in a good word for Dimitri to get a job in the kitchen.

Nicole tells Eric that she keeps playing the accident over and over again in her mind. Eric encourages that in time, the pain will lessen. Nicole says it doesn’t feel that way now, maybe because there are so many reminders like Leo coming to the house to talk about the baby. Eric questions why he would do that. Nicole suggests he wanted to apologize and ease his conscience but she doesn’t give a damn. Nicole says seeing Leo’s face made it all come back and she never wants to look at him or forgive him. Eric says he understands. Nicole tells Eric that what’s strange is that when she told Leo there’s nothing he could say to bring back her child, he said that wasn’t true. Nicole wonders what Leo meant by that. Jude then wakes up crying so Eric guesses his nap is over and he should get him home. Eric tells Nicole that if she ever wants to talk about anything, she can call him. Nicole thanks Eric as he then walks away.

Melinda tells Sloan that she’s got this and encourages her to stay calm and stick to the plan while she will handle Dimitri. Melinda says that every day that passes, the secret gets buried deeper until one day it’s gone and forgotten. Melinda tells Sloan to just concentrate on her precious new family. Sloan agrees to try and thanks her for talking her off the ledge and for everything. Melinda then exits.

Nicole remains in the park as EJ joins her and hugs her as she cries.

Sloan looks at a photo of her and Eric with Jude on her phone and declares that they are going to have the most wonderful life and put the past behind them so everything will be perfect. Leo shows up at her door and tells her that they need to talk.

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