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Mamie: Unbelievable.

Lily: What’s that, aunt mamie?

Mamie: A day set aside for giving thanks. And I’ve never been more grateful in my whole life. I mean, I’m here with my family, together, the way we should be.

Devon: Mm-hmm. It is kind of unbelievable, isn’t it?

Lily: Kind of?

Nate: And speaking of grateful, I hope you all know how much it means to me to be included. Cheers.

Mamie: Cheers.

Devon: Cheers.

Abby: Hi. Happy thanksgiving, my friend.

Lauren: To you too. Well, you look about as stressed as I am. What’s going on?

Abby: Oh, you know, just the usual restful thanksgiving. Leaving here, devon and I are having drinks with lily and daniel and nate and mamie. Then, we were supposed to go to the newman ranch, but my dad called me and said they had to go out of town unexpectedly. Something to do with nikki. I have no idea what. Which leaves us more time for more turkey with the abbott family. And then, I am heading home and having dessert with just devon and dominic.

Lauren: Wow. It sounds like you need to rack up some frequent flyer miles just for that dinner. And thank goodness this only comes once a year, right?

Abby: Yes.

Lauren: It’ll take a weekend or two to recover and then we’ll be as good as new.

Abby: Please, god.

Lauren: Yes. And thank you so much in the midst of all of your chaos to come to the rescue of the baldwin-fisher thanksgiving catastrophe.

Abby: Got you.

Lauren: Yeah, you’re the best.

[ Both laughing ]

Tucker: Yay.

Audra: Thank you.

Tucker: Is this a ball or what? Huh?

Audra: Eh.

Tucker: I got one question about thanksgiving for you.

Audra: Mm. What is it?

Tucker: Why thursday? What’s the deal with that? They just– the pilgrims were just booked for the weekend, said, “you know what? Let’s just do it thursday. Get it over with.

Audra: You know, I have no idea, but you bring up some valid points.

Tucker: And what’s with the hats? And the shoes with the big buckles on them?

Audra: You know, you said one question. You’ve asked about a dozen.

Tucker: I’m sorry, go ahead.

Audra: Kyle’s role in bringing down jabot from the inside. How do you see that playing out?

Tucker: No, no, no. I don’t want to talk business on thanksgiving. You can do better than that.

Audra: Okay. I’ll try. What do you have in mind?

Tucker: Kyle abbott.

Audra: Excuse me? But didn’t I just?

Tucker: No, no, no. Not kyle abbott and jabot. Kyle abbott and you.

Audra: Okay.

Tucker: You always claim that it’s just fun and meaningless recreational sex, but I know you too well. You can sell that to yourself, but you can’t sell it to me. I think there’s something more going on. What?

Jack: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hi.

Jack: Can I get you a drink?

Chelsea: I would love one. Oh, but nonalcoholic ’cause I’m driving.

Jack: Follow me, I have just the thing. I am so glad you are back in genoa city. I think billy is too. He missed you a lot.

Chelsea: Well, I missed him. I missed all of you. It’s so good to be home.

Jack: And connor’s doing well, I understand?

Chelsea: He’s doing great. Thank you for asking. He’s happy, jack, and he’s making friends, playing soccer and he’s loving school.

Jack: Well, when you see anita and connor later, please tell them we all said hello. I am so sorry you won’t be at our dining table, but we understand you want to spend thanksgiving with your mother and your son.

Chelsea: Well, thank you for understanding and I will send them your best.

Jack: Enjoy.

Ashley: Happy thanksgiving.

Jack: You all right, buddy.

Billy: Thank you very much.

Ashley: Hi. How are you?

Billy: Cheers.

Jack: So, you’ve made your decision?

Ashley: Well, I haven’t changed my mind.

Jack: A whole room full of people eager to have thanksgiving with you and you’re gonna leave.

Traci: Ooh, hi. Happy thanksgiving everyone. I’m so sorry I’m late. Everything took a lot longer than I thought.

Billy: We have an abbott family tradition. We take turns getting specialty desserts because uh, there’s a few of us that don’t like the uh, traditional ones that mrs. Martinez makes.

Chelsea: Like what?

Billy: Hm. Well, for instance, harrison, he doesn’t like pecans. He finds them disgusting.

Jack: Yeah. And?

Billy: I hate pumpkin pie.

Traci: It is–

Billy: I hate pumpkin pie.

Traci: A travesty, frankly.

Chelsea: And I am only hearing this now?

Billy: I know, I apologize.

Traci: I know. Chelsea, it’s a lot to process, honey. Listen, if you need to talk, you just call me.

Diane: Chelsea, I know that you’re having dinner with your son and, um, your mom, but please stay for some appetizers.

Chelsea: Well, thank you, diane. They look delicious.

Billy: I’m almost afraid to ask, but is adam joining you?

Chelsea: No. I had a conversation with connor and I explained that adam and anita don’t particularly get along and connor didn’t want to put ’em through that, so they’re going to spend some quality time together this weekend.

Billy: Well, good for connor. That’s very mature of him.

Jack: It absolutely is. Understanding the importance of avoiding conflict on a family holiday that’s about love and unity is not only mature, it is wise.

Ashley: Have I ever complimented you on your subtlety, jack?

Jack: No, I don’t think you have.

Ashley: There’s a reason for that.

[ All chuckling ]

Jack: That’s not that funny.

Audra: You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re a little jealous I have any connection to kyle abbott.

Tucker: Protective. You are, after all, an essential participant in my plans for jabot.

Audra: Fine. Have it your way. We can call it protective.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. If I didn’t know better, I would say I heard a twinge of disappointment in your voice just now.

Audra: Ah, don’t read too much into it. You know bourbon makes me nostalgic.

Tucker: You know, I’ve been thinking. In some alternate universe, you and I would have– we would have been a perfect match. Unfortunately, in this one, despite everything we’ve been through emotionally and– and personally and professionally, I think maybe we’re just too– we’re just too alike to have a shot at being more than what we already are.

Audra: You really believe that?

Tucker: Absolutely, audra. What’s not to fall in love with? You’re brilliant and talented. And look at you, you’re stunningly beautiful. Hey. I think I am a little jealous. I just think in some other world, we would have been a couple for the ages. You’re never gonna get anything approaching that with kyle abbott. And I think you deserve it.

Lauren: You are such a lifesaver, abby. Letting us use society for our family dinner. I mean, leave it to gloria to show up from singapore with michael unannounced. No phone call. No heads up, no nothing and she expects a thanksgiving dinner. Homemade, right?

Abby: Well, it is gloria. What do you expect? At least she didn’t show up with a whole entourage.

Kevin: That is exactly right, abby. Leave it to gloria to change everybody’s– hi. Holiday plans at the drop of a hat. That thai food and football we were looking forward to, forget it. Instead, we’re having a family reunion nobody wanted.

Abby: Well, hello, kevin and chloe. How are you?

Chloe: Oh, festive. Look, we all have to endure this, so just put on a smile and pretend like you want to be here, like the rest of the adults.

Kevin: You know I don’t like surprises.

Lauren: Oh, come on. You want to see your brother and your mother.

Kevin: Michael, of course, for sure, but gloria? After she has been in and out of prison for the past six months fighting even more potential jail time? It is anybody’s guess what her demeanor is going to be, but I think we can all rule out stoic.

Michael: Come on. Come on. Come on. Hey guys! Ah, kevin! Look at you all. Ah, sister, one. My love. Love, abby. Thank you for making this happen for us today.

Abby: Of course.

Gloria: Hola. Over here. I haven’t slept in months, but I am putting one foot in front of the other because that’s how much you mean to me.

[ Chuckling ] Grandbabies. Where are my grandbabies?

Chloe: They are home with my mother, gloria.

Kevin: We’re gonna see them later for dessert.

Gloria: Oh, yay. Thank god for that because I haven’t seen them in such a long time and my life is not complete without them. They are the air that I breathe, the blood that flows through my veins. They are my legacy. They are my reason.

[ Gloria muttering ]

[ Gloria snoring ]

Kevin: Honestly, I thought it would be worse.

Devon: So, hey, aunt mamie. Since we’re all together like this as a family, I think it might be a great opportunity for you to share with us what tucker’s real intentions are.

Lily: And not the intention he’s trying to sell us all.

Devon: Yeah, because that changes depending on who he’s talking to. Remember that nate coming back to chancellor-winters depends on this information.

Mamie: And I have every intention of telling you whatever it is that I know, but not today. Today is not about business plots. Today is about family, gratitude, us loving each other.

Daniel: Well, you know, I don’t know the man like you all do, but I’d be willing to bet that even tucker mccall isn’t gonna be making any big moves on thanksgiving day.

Nate: Listen, whatever tucker is or isn’t up to, I have to say it again. The fact that you’re even considering letting me return to chancellor-winters after everything that went down, it means a lot to me. And I won’t let you down.

Mamie: You’re darn right that you won’T. Because you’re our blood and we won’t allow it.

Abby: Well, it is so good to see all of you. Michael, gloria, I’m glad that you’re home and I’m glad that you kept her out of prison. Just so you know, the chef prepared everything. It’s all in warming trays in the kitchen, but I did give my waitstaff the day off, so you’ll have to serve yourselves the wine and the dinner.

Gloria: Hey, hey, hey. No, waitstaff? Let me tell you, when I owned glow, there was–

Michael: Oh, your employees must be very grateful and I’m pretty sure that we can manage. Thank you so much.

Abby: Well, um, I hope you have a beautiful thanksgiving, and thank you for making society a part of your celebration.

Kevin: Thank you, abby.

All: Bye.

Lauren: How amazing is she that she put this whole family dinner together with no notice?

Gloria: I guess so. But after eating nothing but prison food for all these months, a warm, home-cooked thanksgiving dinner would have been so nice. Is that too much to ask?

Lauren: Frankly, yes.

Kevin: Chloe, why don’t we have a look in the back and see how our food is coming along?

Chloe: Genius.

Kevin: Thank you.

Lauren: You know, if you had your heart set on a home-cooked meal, it would have been great if you had given me some sort of heads up that you are on your way to genoa city, instead of just showing up on my doorstep.

Michael: To be fair, that wasn’t all gloria’s fault.

Lauren: Oh, how so?

Michael: I sent you several texts and they never went through. Every call I tried to make went dead. I mean, what should we have done? Stayed in singapore?

[ Gloria snoring ]

Ashley: I’m gonna split the difference, okay? I’m gonna go to the club, hopefully have a drink with tucker and devon and then I’ll be back here in time for dinner.

Jack: I guess that’s the best I can hope for. Though I can’t help feeling you’re wasting your time.

Ashley: Well, I guess it’s a good thing it’s my time and not yours.

Jack: I know you’re trying to bring out tucker’s humanity.

Ashley: We’ve been over this, jack. Yes, I want to help mend the rift between tucker and devon. And hopefully, that’ll show tucker that there’s no point in attacking jabot. I don’t know. Maybe.

Jack: There is no decency in that man. There is no civility left.

Ashley: I guess we’ll find out. Okay, I will see you all at dinner.

Billy: All right. Bye.

Ashley: Chelsea, don’t miss me too much.

Chelsea: Hurry back.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Audra: So, what you’re saying is that I deserve someone like you, just not you.

Tucker: It’s complicated.

Audra: Enlighten me.

[ Tucker sighing ]

Tucker: Oh, brother.

Audra: What is it?

Tucker: See for yourself.

Audra: Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Clearly, you didn’t either. You’re not answering?

Tucker: Nope. I don’t trust that invitation any more than I trust ashley. You heard kyle’s recording of her conversation with jack? There’s nothing vague about that. She’s setting me up.

Audra: Mm. It sounded to me like she’s trying to turn you into a human being. And if she is setting you up, so what? You know, cat and mouse, you love the game. You miss it. And I think you’re holding out hope she does too.

Tucker: What’s your point?

Audra: My point is you can love and hate someone at the same time. Which you should know better than anyone since I think that’s exactly how you’re feeling about ashley. You love her every bit as much as you hate her right now. If it’s a lost cause, then tell her no. Exactly.

Billy: There you go.

Jack: Thank you.

Billy: You’re welcome.

Diane: Hey. Are you okay?

Kyle: I’m okay. Why?

Diane: Ah, you just seem a little preoccupied.

Kyle: Yeah, I guess I am.

Diane: Is it– is it because harrison is spending the day with summer?

Kyle: No. No, not at all. They were both excited about it and I got to spend time with harrison in the park this morning.

Diane: Then, let me guess. It’s about your involvement with audra for this plan of yours? Kyle, I have to tell you, I’m a little worried too.

Kyle: Did I say I was worried about it? I’m not. And you shouldn’t be either. I’ve got this and I’ll be using her way more than she would ever use me. You can take my word for it.

Tucker: You want me to say no to ashley? I don’t think so.

Audra: Then, I rest my case.

Tucker: You don’t have a case. Think about it. This is a golden opportunity for me to find out how far she’s willing to take this thing. No, really. I’d be a fool not to respond. In fact, I think I’ll do just that. Sure. Meet me in the jazz lounge.

Audra: You just did the exact opposite of what I proposed.

Tucker: That shouldn’t surprise you. Oh and for the record, don’t pretend to have more insight into me than I do.

Audra: Except I do, tucker.

Tucker: How do you figure?

Audra: Well, you know, that other life, alternative universe thing? You say that I know your heart there, but I know it here too. And to be brutally honest with you, I think you’re gonna end up blowing this whole plan of yours right out of the water because you can’t get ashley out of your head.

Chloe: Okay everyone, we can do better than this. It’s thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. We are at our favorite restaurant. We have it all to ourselves. Michael and gloria are home safe and sound from halfway across the world. We are healthy.

Gloria: If you don’t count jet-lagged, malnourished or sleep deprived.

Chloe: Let’s make the most of it, shall we? Michael, kevin, how about you pour us some wine? And lauren, why don’t you help me in the kitchen?

Kevin: Great idea. Mikey?

Michael: Yes.

Gloria: Chloe, you just did that a few minutes ago.

Chloe: Yeah. It’s a very elaborate dinner. It just needs extra attention. I promise you are going to love every bit of it.

Lauren: Oh, well, then there’s no place I’d rather be.

Kevin: It is so good to see you, mikey. I really missed you.

Michael: I really missed you too. It feels like it’s been forever.

Kevin: So, how was your trip?

[ Gloria sighing ]

Michael: You can’t even imagine.

Kevin: You two were gone so long, chloe and I were starting to think you and mom were relocating to singapore.

Gloria: Oh, dear god. Perish the thought. All the while I was away, all I could think about was getting home to my family. It’s the only thing that kept me alive, angel.

Michael: All of which could have been easily avoided if you had managed to stay out of trouble for once in your life.

Gloria: Oh, sure, like it’s all my fault.

Lauren: Well, I think we’d all love to know what happened in singapore and why it took michael so damn long to exonerate you.

[ Gloria sighing ]

Devon: So, mamie. Listen, I think that it’s fantastic that you’re trying to bring the family together like this. I think it’s a great goal to have, but I’m sure that you understand that it hurts a lot more when you get betrayed by your own family than anybody else. Which is why this has been so difficult for us to get past.

Mamie: And I understand that, devon. It looks to me like all of you are inching your way back towards each other, towards family. And for now, that’s good enough for me. It’s a start. To progress. Hm? Look, I’m a realist enough to realize that not every family is so united.

Abby: And if you don’t believe her, you could head over to society and hang out with the baldwins and the fishers.

Mamie: Yeah. You know, I spent many years in the abbott house. I know how close they are. Now, that’s the strength of their bond. Their family business has thrived because of the– oh, you know what? I said I wasn’t gonna talk about business today. All I care about today is my belief in the core of my soul that our family is headed for something truly magnificent.

Lily: Well, then maybe you can tell us how tucker plays into all of that. Because I think we deserve to know.

Mamie: Well, all righty then. Since you’re all sitting here staring at me. No. This has nothing to do with tucker grabbing chancellor-winters for himself. This is all about you, devon.

Devon: All about me? What does that mean?

Mamie: Your future. His legacy for his grandson.

Devon: And that’s all this is about? That’s it?

Mamie: Tucker just never believed that jill had any rights to own katherine’s company. He believes that you are the true chancellor heir.

Devon: Okay. So then what? His plan is to push jill out of the company? Okay. Uh, I think we should probably warn jill.

Lily: Well, I mean, jill is already expecting this. Mamie hasn’t told us anything we don’t already know.

Devon: Yeah, that’s very true. Mamie, do you think you can share with us any specifics on what tucker’s plan is to overthrow jill?

Chelsea: He’s good.

Jack: Fantastic.

Billy: So jack told me that you rethought your potential future at jabot and that you have decided to come back in the coo position?

Kyle: Yes, I have.

Billy: That’s exciting. What changed your mind?

Kyle: Does it matter?

Billy: No. I guess it– I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you’re being sincere.

Kyle: What? You question my motives, billy? Relax. You have nothing to worry about.

Billy: Believe me, kyle. I’m not worried about it. But I am protective.

Kyle: Of what?

Billy: The company. Family. Jack.

Kyle: What, you think you need to protect my father from me?

Billy: I didn’t say that.

Chelsea: Hey, billy. Um, I have to go meet my mom and connor.

Billy: Yes, of course. Excuse us.

Ashley: What a surprise. Look at how cozy you two are. Happy thanksgiving.

Tucker: You’re surprised to see us here? I don’t see why. We’re– we’re trendsetters. We always have been. We decided that turkey and mashed potatoes and family gatherings are passé and if you’re hip, what you’re doing is drinking whiskey and eating cheeseburgers at a hotel bar on thanksgiving. Right? Probably a little too avant-garde for you though, ashley.

Audra: Well, uh, you have clearly a lot to talk about, so if you’ll excuse me. Tucker, thank you so much for dinner. Ashley, uh, happy thanksgiving to you as well.

Ashley: Thank you so much.

Tucker: Speaking of surprises, I didn’t expect to hear from you today of all days.

Ashley: Yeah. Today of all days.

Tucker: I would expect you to be gathered around the sacred abbott dinner table, laughing and enjoying mrs. Martinez’s sweet potatoes and arguing over who gets the wishbone and…

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna be home in plenty of time for all the festivities.

Tucker: So, what are you doing here?

Ashley: Well, you know, I started thinking about you and how are you gonna be all alone on thanksgiving. Yeah. Um, made me kind of sad for you and also, you know, devon, so I thought today would be a great day to start trying to bridge the gap. I’ve never been healthier.

Shingles doesn’t care.

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Tucker: Ashley, don’t waste a minute of your time pretending to feel bad for me. I’ve been through calamities worse than the one you and I went through. And here I am. Please, can we leave devon out of it? I still don’t trust your motives when it comes to helping us reconcile.

Ashley: Okay. I know that you’re in a lot of pain, even though you act like such a tough guy. And I know the pain keeps piling on.

Tucker: Devon?

Ashley: Among other things.

Tucker: Hm.

Ashley: I texted devon and I asked him to join us here. You know, to try to make peace.

Tucker: Did you? Wow. How presumptuous. But you don’t actually expect him to show up any more than I do. So, what is the real reason you’re here? What do you want?

Ashley: That’s the real reason. Although, you know what? I have a proposition for you.

Tucker: Ah.

Gloria: For your information, lauren, I have been yearning to reunite with my family for months now. I am not going to contaminate this occasion by recounting the most unspeakable nightmare I’ve been through.

Michael: That’s a bit overstated, but I agree. There’s no point in dredging it up.

Gloria: Thank you.

Kevin: Um, I’m sorry, mikey, but I disagree. Our mother did something that landed her in a singapore jail and now she’s trying to shrug it off with a wave and a simple, “I hate when that happens.”

Gloria: Honey, it was just a simple case of mistaken identity.

[ Michael laughing ]

Michael: Well, that was the defense. But come on, gloria. Now that it’s all out in the open, let’s stop pretending, shall we? There was no case of mistaken identity. Per usual, you were as guilty as hell of the crime you were charged with.

Chloe: Guilty as hell of what?

Kevin: You know, we’re not gonna let up until you tell us, so you may as well get it over with.

[ Gloria sighing ]

Gloria: I think all of you are very cruel, asking me to relive the most horrible experience of my life. You don’t seem to comprehend the pain that this unfortunate incident caused me. Don’t you realize it is a miracle that I am alive?

Michael: Oh, good god, woman. You are really gonna milk this for all it’s worth. As if you kidnapped the prime minister’s children or committed a capital crime.

Gloria: My persecution was almost that bad.

Michael: Oh, enough! That’s enough! Let’s get our dinner, sit down, give thanks and then we will clear up this mystery once and for all. And if you don’t tell them, I will.

Chloe: Mangia.

Lauren: Let’s go.

Kevin: Having fun?

Chloe: Oh, merci.

[ Gloria sighing ]

[Deep exhale]

Lauren: So even though this was a shotgun thanksgiving, it brought us together, especially michael. No offense, gloria, but my husband has been gone way too long and I couldn’t be happier that he’s home where he belongs. We have quite the most interesting family, but we have each other. And that’s what I’m grateful for. Okay, your turn.

Kevin: Well, uh, michael, lauren, and chloe pretty much covered it all, but uh, I will just add that I am so– so grateful for our happy and healthy children. I’m thankful for my own health so I can enjoy and appreciate every single moment with them. And oddly, I’m thankful for this moment. Right now with my beautiful, happy and healthy family. Okay, gloria, you’re up.

[ Gloria chuckling ]

Gloria: Well, of course, I’m happy and grateful for my beautiful family too. Of course. But I am most especially grateful for michael. My brilliant son who saved me from a fate of unspeakable suffering.

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: For god’s sakes. You have drained this table of all the sympathy that you were ever going to get out of it. Or you’ve tried to. Just tell them.

Gloria: Oh, all right. Fine. If it will help you get on with your life. I had an affair with a diplomat. And then one beautiful, sunny fateful day, his wife showed up unexpectedly and caught us together.

Chloe: Uh-oh.

Lauren: That’s not good.

Kevin: How dare she?

Gloria: And she was one of those drama queens.

Kevin: Oh, one of those.

Gloria: Oh, yes. And then she had this completely over-the-top meltdown. Hurling insults at me. Unwarranted, all of them, of course. And then, she threw me out like a common trollop.

Michael: But wait, ladies and gentlemen, there’s more. Mother?

Gloria: All right. I went into the closet to retrieve my clothes. And yes, I happened to take one, two, three pairs of her designer shoes and this divine silk cocktail dress on my way out.

Kevin: You did what?

Lauren: You took the woman’s clothes?

Chloe: Despicable.

Gloria: Well, after everything I’d been through, I thought I deserved them. And the worst part, the husband’s the one who pressed charges. I mean, imagine the gall.

Lauren: And you got her off on a mistaken identity defense? What?

Michael: Yes. I am that good.

Chloe: Well…

Michael: Hear, hear.

[ Michael laughing ]

Ashley: You know that company that we acquired as a foundation for simply ashley?

Tucker: Oh, uh, glacade?

Ashley: Glacade.

Tucker: Yeah. What about it?

Ashley: Well, you know, it’s solid as a rock. Has a lot of potential. Why don’t you take it? Like just pick up right where we left off. And then you can just go forward in a positive, productive, fantastic direction.

Tucker: While you do what?

Ashley: Absolutely nothing. Yeah. You know, consider it a, uh, a gesture of goodwill because I reneged on our business partnership. And then maybe, uh, for the sake of our children and our grandchild, we can have some kind of peace and tranquility. And then, you know, it’ll make it easier for everybody. What do you think?

Tucker: Yeah. That’s okay. Deal.

Ashley: Yeah. Great. Sure.

Mamie: Tucker and I came into this with two common goals. Mine was to get back with my family and tucker’s was to get rid of jill so that he could clear a path for devon and lily. I’m for both of those goals, aren’t you? Ask yourself this. Would it really be so bad if jill didn’t have equal control of chancellor-winters anymore? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not have to run every decision past her? To be able to own your company without outside interference? Have you ever secretly wondered what that might feel like? Hm?

[ Jack sighing ]

Traci: Jack, it’s long past time to eat and we’re all starving.

Jack: Yeah. I’m starving too. I was just trying to figure out whether to wait for ashley.

Traci: Okay. Um, let’s– let’s think that through together, shall we? We all know where ashley went and we all know who she’s with. So, do you want to let our thanksgiving hinge on what may or may not happen between ashley and tucker?

Jack: You ever get tired of being the voice of reason around here?

Traci: It’s a dirty job, but you know.

Jack: Can I have everyone’s attention, please? Um, dinner will be served momentarily. I just wanted to say a couple of words. I have so much to be grateful for in my own personal life. I married the woman of my dreams this year and it has brought a richness, a level of meaning and joy that has changed who I am as a man. As far as the family goes, I probably don’t have to say this has been a challenging year for the abbotts, on several fronts. More than once, I think it looked like we were going to, well shatter, splinter. But in the end, we got through it. Why? Because as strong as we all are as individuals, we all know from life that we are decidedly stronger together. Strong enough to handle anything that life throws us. We have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. Yes, there will be challenges. Yes, there will be setbacks, but we will grow and learn and thrive as long as we face those challenges together. Happy thanksgiving.

All: Happy thanksgiving.

Traci: Hear, hear.

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Nikki: You did this to me.

Jordan: No, nikki newman. You did this to yourself.

Victor: I’m through playing games with you.

Jordan: This is no game. This is as serious as a heart attack. Which is what you will all be experiencing very soon thanks to the poison that you just drank in your water bottles. You don’t have long to live. And it’s going to be my utmost pleasure to stand here and watch you die.

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