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Holly starts to light up a joint in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, saying she could really use this, but stops when Johnny walks in. Holly says she didn’t know he was home. Johnny tells her that he just got back and that as he came in, he saw Tate leaving, looking pretty upset. Holly informs him that they sort of got in a fight over the fact that Tate had the nerve to make a move on him while her mom is missing. Johnny agrees that sounds inappropriate but questions her mom missing. Holly explains that EJ was on the phone with Nicole when the line went dead and he thinks she was in an accident.

In the hospital, Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t understand since Dimitri was supposed to bring her baby to the hospital and questions where they are. EJ admits that he doesn’t know as he’s spoken to several staff and security but no one has seen Dimitri or the baby. EJ adds that he spoke to an officer and they are putting out an APB. Nicole complains about not hearing an amber alert when their baby is being held by a psychotic criminal. Nicole remarks that God only knows what Dimitri has planned.

Dimitri tells Leo that he’s out of his damn mind if he thinks he’s leaving without him. Leo tells him that he has to because he’s in police custody. Dimitri reminds him that not long ago, he was in police custody and Leo helped him escape. Leo argues that was different since he was in a hospital bed while he’s surrounded by cops. Dimitri suggests hiring him a damn good lawyer.

Sloan informs Eric that the baby they were wanting to adopt was born tonight. Eric can’t believe it’s happening so soon. Sloan asks if he’s having second thoughts. Eric says of course not and that he’s elated as he can’t wait to meet their son as they kiss and hug.

Melinda is in her room with Nicole’s baby. Melinda tells the baby that she knows he misses Nicole but promises that Sloan will love him like her own and he’ll be with his real dad soon too. Melinda states that the baby, Eric, and Sloan will be one big happy family, as long as they can pull off this crazy ass plan.

Leo tells Dimitri that they don’t have money for a lawyer. Dimitri tells him not to worry as he’s going to figure it all out. Leo argues that there’s no time for that since Dr. Rolf is leaving on the submarine. Dimitri says that can wait but Leo insists that Dimitri has to leave Salem immediately. Dimitri declares that he’s not going to do that because Leo is the love of his life and he’s not going to let him rot in prison. Dimitri tells him to sit tight while he goes to get him help.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows Dimitri can be a duplicitous son of a bitch but he does not believe he will harm the baby, especially if he plans to use him as a bargaining chip. Nicole argues that she can’t just stay here and not do anything as she starts trying to get out of the hospital bed. EJ reminds her that she was just in a car accident. Nicole insists that she’s fine and tells EJ to just help her get dressed. EJ urges Nicole to rest and hugs her as she breaks down crying. Nicole questions how she can rest when she knows their baby is missing. Nicole cries that their baby needs them.

Eric tells Sloan that they have to get diapers, formula, and a car seat along with the things he’s already bought. Sloan encourages that he’s going to be an amazing father and that they’ve got this. Eric is glad to see she’s so confident. Sloan feels like everything is falling in to place and once Melinda makes the arrangements, they will finally have the family they’ve been dreaming of.

Melinda watches over the baby until there’s a knock at the door. Melinda says it’s showtime as she answers the door to see Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce admits he was not thrilled to get her call since after his case was resolved, he hoped to never see her again. Melinda asks if he’s still holding a grudge because she tried to put him behind bars. Dr. Pierce says he’s just drawing boundaries but thankfully Sloan proved he was innocent. Melinda argues that they both know he was guilty of insurance fraud. Dr. Pierce asks if that’s why he’s here. Melinda says he’s here because of what he did for money and she’s hoping for an encore performance.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room and asks Leo if he got ahold of his lawyer. Leo claims his brilliant legal team is being assembled as they speak. Leo asks if he has something to read until then. Rafe says no but he hopes Leo has assembled a brilliant legal team because he’s going to need it since he’s in such serious trouble. Rafe talks about Leo assaulting a police officer. Leo argues that he did not touch Jada. Rafe admits that Leo’s boyfriend did it and says it’s hard to keep track of who did what to whom, but it’d be a real shame if Leo went down for Dimitri’s crimes but when he’s convicted, he will spend a long time in prison. Leo tells Rafe that he’s wasting his time because he’s not going to turn on Dimitri. Rafe asks even if it’s the only way to save his own ass. Leo calls Dimitri his ride or die and admits he’s betrayed a lot of people in his life but he won’t betray Dimitri. Rafe tells Leo to suit himself as it’s his own funeral.

EJ agrees with Nicole that they’ve waited long enough and decides it’s time to light a fire under Rafe and his cops. EJ calls the police station, asking to speak with Rafe immediately. EJ is informed that Rafe is busy, so EJ says he’ll be right there. EJ hangs up and informs Nicole that Leo was just arrested so if anyone knows where Dimitri is, it’s him. Nicole wants to go with him but EJ says time is of the essence and it will be quicker if he goes alone. EJ says he’ll call her if he finds anything out and promises he won’t stop until their baby is back in her arms where he belongs. EJ kisses Nicole and tells her to just rest as he then exits.

Holly explains to Johnny that she remembered that she and Nicole share locations and then Eric and EJ both took off after she told them and she hasn’t heard from them. Holly sees she missed a text from Eric and finds out that Nicole really was in an accident and she had the baby. Johnny asks if the baby is okay. Holly says she doesn’t know as Eric just said that EJ took her to the hospital. Johnny says they need to get to the hospital then so he and Holly rush out.

Eric asks Sloan if Melinda told her how the birth went. Sloan tells him that Melinda said everything went smoothly and that the baby is healthy with nothing to worry about. Eric realizes that their baby and Nicole’s baby were born on the same day. Sloan pretends to be shocked to learn that Nicole gave birth. Eric says that’s what he was going to tell her when he got home. Sloan says she’s happy for them and that Nicole must be over the moon. Eric explains to her that she would be but Nicole was in a car accident with Leo and Dimitri. Sloan asks if they are okay. Eric says that Dimitri took the baby to the hospital, so EJ and Nicole should be with the baby now. Sloan thinks back to Dimitri showing up there with the baby. Sloan remarks that it sounds like everything worked out in the end.

Dr. Pierce tells Melinda that he only agreed to come because she told him that Sloan needed his help and he owes her one but he had no idea he was being summoned to do something unethical. He worries that this feels like a trap. Melinda informs him that she’s no longer the district attorney so she’s no longer interested in putting him behind bars. Melinda states that she and Sloan need a favor that requires a little coloring outside the lines. Dr. Pierce asks why he would do this. Melinda offers a sizable donation to his bank account. Dr. Pierce turns her down and says he’s going home but Melinda stops him and presents him with an amount number that changes his mind. Dr. Pierce then checks out the baby and says he is healthy and he doesn’t see any issues. He thought that was all but Melinda says there’s more to it than that. Melinda reveals that she needs him to change his diagnosis since he gave the baby a clean bill of health, but she needs the parents to believe otherwise and for him to deliver the very bad news.

Nicole checks the TV and complains there’s nothing on the news about Dimitri and her baby. Johnny arrives with Holly, who rushes up to hug Nicole. Nicole says she’s so happy she’s there. Holly asks her about the car accident. Nicole says two fugitives ran her off the road. Johnny asks how badly she was hurt. Nicole responds that the doctors said she’d make a full recovery but she went in to premature labor and had the baby. Holly notes that Eric mentioned that. Nicole informs them that they have a baby brother. Johnny asks if the baby is with EJ. Nicole reveals that the baby is missing and they can’t find him.

Sloan tells Eric that Nicole must be terrified. Eric confirms that she was but she did what any mother to do to make sure her baby survived. Sloan says she can imagine since she would already do anything in the world to protect their son. Sloan then gets a call from Dimitri and tells Eric that it’s a client so it might take awhile. Eric decides he will go see his mom and tell her the good news then and he exits. Sloan asks what Dimitri wants. Dimitri wants her help as he informs her that Leo has been arrested, so he needs her to get him out of trouble.

Leo tells Rafe that he’s wasting his time as he has nothing more to say without his attorney present. Leo then brings up Dimitri being accused of trying to murder Gabi, but now Gabi has been arrested for real, actual murder. Leo asks if that clears the slate. Rafe asks if he’s serious. Leo takes that as a no. EJ then bursts in to the room and grabs Leo, asking what his boyfriend did with his baby.

Eric goes to see Marlena and informs her that the baby they are going to adopt was born tonight and is healthy. Marlena hugs him and says she’s so happy for him as it’s what he always wanted, now he’ll be a father any day now.

Sloan tells Dimitri that this isn’t a good time and she can’t help him or Leo. Dimitri reminds her that she represented Leo before. Sloan complains about how she had to play a game of cat and mouse to get paid. Dimitri promises it won’t be like that this time and that he will get her a lot of money. Sloan says no. Dimitri tells her that he loves Leo deeply and he cannot leave town without him unless he knows that someone is looking out for him. Dimitri complains that Leo is in a world of trouble and doesn’t deserve it. Dimitri swears that Leo is a good man. Sloan responds that Leo is right that Dimitri should leave town. Sloan says she’ll get Leo acquitted and then he can join him in a land far away from Salem.

EJ demands answers from Leo until Rafe backs him off and tells him to calm down. EJ wants answers, asking what Dimitri has done with his child. Rafe asks what EJ is talking about. EJ explains that Leo and Dimitri ran Nicole off the road, causing her to go in to premature labor. Leo argues that he helped deliver the baby. EJ tells Rafe that Dimitri left with the baby to take him to the hospital, only they never appeared which Leo questions. EJ tells Leo not to act like he doesn’t know, believing they devised this whole plot. Leo insists there was no plot so EJ screams at him, asking where his son is and why Dimitri has not returned. Leo assures that Dimitri would never kidnap a baby and swears this must be a misunderstanding. EJ warns that if Leo doesn’t tell him where Dimitri is, he will live to regret it.

Johnny doesn’t understand why Dimitri wouldn’t bring the baby to the hospital. Nicole responds that she’s not sure but she and EJ think he may be using the baby as leverage to get out of his legal troubles. Holly asks how he could use an innocent baby like that. Johnny swears he’ll kill Dimitri if he hurts the baby. Holly asks how they can help. Nicole suggests one of them text EJ for an update since her phone didn’t survive the car crash which Johnny agrees to do. Holly talks about how Nicole must have been so scared on the side of the road. Nicole says the baby came out like a fighter as Holly assures that he will be fine.

Dr. Pierce tells Melinda no because if he does what she asks, he could lose his medical license and it’s way too risky. Melinda argues that with great risk comes great reward and they will reward him greatly. Dr. Pierce asks what happens when the parents ask to see the baby. Melinda says he can figure something out. Dr. Pierce argues that this is incredibly cruel and the parents will be devastated. Melinda says she doesn’t feel great about it, but he’ll be making another couple very happy.

Leo swears that he doesn’t know where Dimitri is. EJ asks what his game is then and if he’s using his son as a bargaining chip or ransom. Leo insists it’s neither. Rafe asks EJ to let him handle this. EJ tells Rafe that they are talking about his son and he’s the district attorney, so he has every right to question him. Sloan then arrives and says actually he doesn’t, because her client has nothing left to say. EJ questions Sloan representing Leo. Sloan asks them to leave so she can speak to her client in private. Rafe and EJ then exit the room. Leo asks Sloan if Dimitri called her which she confirms. Leo asks if he mentioned anything about Nicole’s baby since he was supposed to bring him to the hospital but EJ says they never showed. Sloan claims that Dimitri mentioned nothing about the baby.

Melinda holds the baby and talks about him being healthy and how his new mom, Sloan, will be so pleased. Melinda says she meant what she said to Dr. Pierce as she does feel kind of bad for what they are doing to Nicole, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the benefit of the child. Melinda mentions having to do that for her own little girl, Haley. Melinda cries about having to give her to her parents to raise and calls it the hardest thing she ever had to do as it broke her heart, but she did it because she knew that was what’s best for her. Melinda adds that she knows this is what’s best for the baby. Melinda calls Eric and Sloan good people and says they will be amazing parents.

Eric tells Marlena that first, he was skeptical because Melinda was helping arrange the adoption but she really came through. Marlena is so happy because Eric has wanted this for so long and it’s finally going to work out this time. Eric notes that he just hopes things work out for Nicole too. Marlena asks why he says that.

EJ returns to the hospital where Nicole asks if Leo told him where Dimitri is. EJ informs her that Leo swears he doesn’t know where Dimitri is and admits that Leo seemed perplexed as to why Dimitri didn’t show up at the hospital. EJ adds that Leo is of no use to them now since he’s lawyered up now. Nicole asks what they are going to do. EJ mentions that Rafe says he’s on the case but he’s going to have to find their son himself and promises not to stop until he does. Johnny decides he’s going with him. Dr. Pierce then enters the room and introduces himself to Nicole, saying he has news about her baby. EJ says he’s the father and asks where he is. Dr. Pierce claims that earlier tonight, a man showed up with a newborn in his arms that he said belonged to Nicole. Nicole guesses that Dimitri did the right thing after all. EJ argues that it doesn’t make sense since he was there and was told that no baby was ever brought in. Dr. Pierce guesses there was a mix up since word never got back to him. Nicole asks where her son is then. Dr. Pierce suggests talking in private but EJ says it’s fine as everyone here is family. Nicole asks what’s going on as she knows her baby was born prematurely. Nicole asks if her baby is okay. Dr. Pierce responds that he’s sorry but her son didn’t make it, leaving Johnny, Holly, EJ, and Nicole in shock.

Dimitri calls Dr. Rolf about holding the submarine but is told that it’s now or never. Dimitri says he will head to the docks then and asks Rolf not to leave without him as he hangs up. Dimitri says goodbye Leo and that he loves him.

Leo asks Sloan if Dimitri left town and is gone. Sloan says she believes so. Leo calls that a relief. Sloan says it’s too late tonight to get him arraigned but she will do her best to get him out of this predicament. Sloan then gets a call from Melinda and says she can’t talk long as she’s in a meeting with a client. Melinda informs Sloan that Dr. Pierce agreed to help them and is delivering the very upsetting news to EJ and Nicole as they speak.

Nicole argues that it’s not possible because her baby was perfectly fine when Dimitri left with him. Dr. Pierce brings up the car accident causing her to go in to labor and says it appears the infant sustained internal injuries in the crash. Dr. Pierce reveals the blanket that the baby was wrapped in. Nicole breaks down crying as she confirms the blanket was the one Dimitri wrapped him in. Nicole cries that this can’t be happening. Dr. Pierce understands it’s a lot to process and says he will give them privacy. He says he’s terribly sorry for their loss as he exits the room. Holly hugs Nicole as she cries. Johnny tells EJ that he’s so sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do. EJ asks Johnny to take Holly outside to give them space. Holly tells Nicole that she loves her and exits with Johnny. EJ hugs Nicole. Nicole cries that this can’t be happening and asks EJ to tell her it’s not real.

Eric informs Marlena about what happened to Nicole. Marlena comments on her being through such an ordeal. Eric hopes that the worst is behind her. Eric then gets a call from Holly and asks how Nicole and the baby are. Holly informs Eric of the news that the baby didn’t make it. Eric is shocked and says he’s so sorry. Marlena asks him what happened.

Nicole tells EJ that the doctor has to be wrong. Nicole talks about how she was just telling Holly how strong their son is and that he’s a fighter. EJ breaks down crying as well as Nicole repeats that it can’t be true, asking how it can end this way after everything they’ve been through to keep the baby healthy. Nicole argues that she took all the vitamins and medications. Nicole cries that she took care of herself because she knew how risky the pregnancy was, so she doesn’t understand. Nicole states that she and EJ have lost two babies before they were born, but this one made it. Nicole says it would be so unfair and breaks down crying as EJ hugs her.

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