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Nina: Hi.

[ Christine sighing ]

Christine: Any news?

Nina: The nurse is waiting for the doctor to assess the damage from the bullet. It’s just– it’s too soon to tell. It’s always too soon to tell.

Christine: Chance it’s gonna be okay.

Nina: Why is it always my boy? Why is it always my son? First, it was spain, and then that bullet he took for adam. It’s just too much to take, cricket. It’s just– it’s too much for any mother to take.

Sharon: Elena.

Elena: Sharon.

Sharon: How is he? How’s chance doing?

Elena: Well, I can’t say we’re out of the woods yet, but the prognosis is good.

Sharon: Oh, thank god.

Elena: Yeah, the bullet went straight through. It didn’t hit any major arteries or any vital organs. A quarter inch in either direction and we’d be having a very different conversation. He’s a very lucky man.

Sharon: This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to be working this closely with cases. He’s the chief now, management. He should be dealing with the mayor and city council.

Elena: I understand, sharon. I’m so sorry.

Sharon: Can I see him now? Just for a little while, please?

Elena: Yeah.

Devon: Hey.

Nate: Devon.

Devon: Glad you could make it.

Nate: Yeah.

[ Nate sighing ]

Devon: You okay?

Nate: That is the million-dollar question or multimillion, given the circumstances.

Devon: I don’t know what that means. What’s going on?

Nate: It’s a personal matter. I’d rather not get into it right now.

Devon: Okay. If you want to do this another time we can.

Nate: No, no, no, no. You said you want to talk? I’m ready to listen. So, let’s hear it. What did you wanna see me about?

[ Victoria sighing ]

Nick: Looking for somebody?

Victoria: Oh, it’s you.

Nick: Does seem to be the reaction I’m getting from people lately.

Victoria: I’m sorry, I, uh, I was just looking for nate. I thought he might be here.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t see him.

Victoria: No, that’s okay. I should get home anyway.

Nick: Well, I need a drink. Seems like you could use one too. What do you say? Ok, someone just did laundry… no, I add downy light so the freshness really lasts. Yeah, most sce

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Nick: Thank you. So, nate’s upset?

Victoria: He was complete– completely blindsided. As was I.

Nick: Well, uh, dad firing nate did come out of left field, but when it comes to victor newman, don’t you have to expect the unexpected?

Victoria: Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting something like that.

Nick: Have you talked to nate?

Victoria: Briefly. He thinks that I threw him under the bus and that I sided with adam.

Nick: I mean, you did take adam’s side.

Victoria: All I said was that I didn’t think it was a good idea to send dad to a facility somewhere. The only thing I agreed with adam about was keeping it contained.

Nick: I mean, that’s fair.

Victoria: If I had had the chance to explain that to nate, I think he would would have understood, but he won’t return any of my calls. He won’t answer any of my texts.

Nick: Sorry, vic.

Victoria: Are you being sarcastic right now?

Nick: No, I’m definitely not sorry that nate is gone from newman enterprises. I do think he was setting in motion to get dad out of the company. But I am sorry that you’re hurting.

Victoria: Thank you. So, do you believe that nate was being self-serving about this plan that he had for dad?

Nick: I think nate had reason to be concerned about dad, but I think he was playing the long game. You know, to get dad out, to get you back on top and for him to move up to the co-ceo.

Victoria: And you don’t think that adam might have been planning something just as devious?

Nick: I don’t know.

Victoria: I mean, come on, nicholas, it’s adam.

Nick: I’m not unaware of that. I’m just having a hard time getting a handle on where adam’s coming from these days.

Victoria: That’s how he operates. There’s no way that we could ever trust him.

Nick: Yeah. Well, I think he was genuinely concerned about dad, for whatever that’s worth.

Victoria: Or, maybe he’s playing the long game too.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. But I’m far more concerned about you right now.

Victoria: Please don’t be concerned about me. I’ll survive.

Nick: This isn’t just about you getting over some business deal that went south. This is about how you’re gonna get over and move on from what dad did to you.

Devon: So, look, I wanted to get together and talk to you about turning this around.

Nate: Turning what around?

Devon: Us. Everything that’s been going on with us. This– this silent war we’ve been having for the last couple of years now.

Nate: Not always so silent.

Devon: Yeah. I’ll give you that.

Nate: Okay. So, how do you propose we do that?

Devon: I don’t know. I just thought we’d talk about it. Spend some time together like we used to before things all went to hell. I know that you’ve been making an effort with me to put the past behind us and I appreciate that. And I think that it’s time for me, you know, to start making more of an effort with you. And see how that goes.

Nate: Wow. This is a day for big surprises for me.

Devon: What makes you say that?

Nate: Nothing. Long story.

Devon: Well, why you keep doing that?

Nate: Doing what?

Devon: You– you referring to something that clearly happened to you today. Is it work? Is it victoria?

Nate: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, devon. You’re right. You’re right. It’s just been, uh, it’s been a big day for me.

Devon: Well, let’s talk about it.

Nate: No, no, no, let’s, uh, let’s– let’s focus on you and me.

Devon: You sure?

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, um, what changed? Because I had kind of given up hope on us ever having this conversation.

Devon: Well, I mean, it started with mamie and her enthusiasm to bring the family together and have us drop all of our resentments to each other. And I don’t know, that made– that made me and lily start thinking more and more about how neil would handle the situation like this and then, it just hit me.

Nate: What would neil do?

Devon: Exactly? I can hear his voice in my head saying, “give the man a chance.”

Nina: So, elena said the doctors were optimistic?

Sharon: Well, you know doctors never tell you anything absolutely, but everything she said was very positive. And they believe that chance can make a full recovery.

Christine: I knew it.

Nina: I just want him to open his eyes so I can tell him how much I love him.

Elena: Hey, ladies.

Christine: Hey.

Nina: Hey.

Elena: You all look exhausted.

Nina: Oh. Does it show?

Elena: Why don’t you all go and take a break, maybe get something to eat? You could go home, get some rest. That way when chance does wake up, you’ll be here.

Nina: No. What if something happens?

Elena: Then, I promise I will personally call you if anything changes.

Christine: She’s right. Come on.

Nina: No, I don’t think I wanna go.

Christine: We won’t go for long. And we’ll stay close in case we have to come back if there’s news.

Nina: Oh, god. Sweetheart. Okay.

Summer: Elena. Do you know if chance is okay?

Elena: Everything looks good. He’s gonna be fine.

Summer: Could I– could I see him?

Elena: He’s pretty out of it from the anesthesia.

Summer: It’s okay. I just, I– I just wanna be there with him for a little while, if that’s okay.

Elena: Oh, I– I didn’t realize you two were so close.

Summer: Yeah, I mean, we became friends over the last few months. When I heard about this, I…

Elena: Well, you know, his mother just left with sharon and christine, so maybe you could keep him company for a while.

Summer: Yeah, I won’t disturb him. I promise you.

Elena: Okay. You can stay as long as you’d like.

Sharon: Just a splash for you. And you.

Nina: Okay, stop.

Sharon: Enjoy. Me too.

Christine: Wait, wait, wait. To…

All: To chance.

Sharon: To chance.

Christine: And I think you can relax, mom. The worst is over.

Nina: Yeah, this time.

Christine: I know.

Nina: I don’t think I can take this again, cricket. Really. He’s gotta stop. He just has to.

Christine: Okay. Well, easier said than done with a guy like chance.

Nina: I don’t care. This is the third time I’ve had to sit in a waiting room in a hospital or– or by the phone to find out if my son is gonna make it through the night. I just…

Sharon: I know it’s hard to live with that kind of fear, but we have to accept that this is what chance has decided to do with his life.

Nina: No, I don’t accept it. Not anymore.

Sharon: Well, what can you do?

Nina: I’m gonna ask him to stop. I’ll beg him if I have to.

Christine: Haven’t you already tried that?

Nina: I will try harder. He just can’t keep doing this to the people who love him. Maybe you can convince him.

Sharon: Me?

Nina: Well, I know that you guys are seeing each other and from what he’s told me, he really cares about you and maybe you could be the one to finally get through to him.

Sharon: Oh, I don’t know about that.

Nina: I would think that you would at least want to try. I mean, given the circumstances

Sharon: What circumstances?

Nina: Well, I mean, wasn’t the last man that you were involved with a cop too?

Sharon: Yes. Rey rosales. And I wasn’t just involved with him. He was my husband. And losing him really broke my heart.

Victoria: Do you know when you first told me that dad was faking his illness to set a trap? I couldn’t believe it.

Nick: That he’d do something like that? Come on. You know better than that.

Victoria: No, not that– that he would think I was a threat or somebody that would be disloyal to him in that way.

Nick: Somebody like adam?

Victoria: That is not a club I want to join anytime soon.

Nick: Which I said to dad like a dozen times, but he just kept referring back to how angry you were when you got demoted that he had stepped back in as ceo.

Victoria: Of course, I was angry. I had every right to be angry. But that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna conspire against dad or try to sabotage the company. When I heard that he thought that, I mean, it– it made me physically ill.

Nick: All right. Well, what are you gonna do about it?

Victoria: I don’t know. I– I just– I just have to think this through. I need to connect with nate and let him know that I was on his side. I’m still on his side.

Nick: Well, I don’t think all of his anger belongs completely to you.

Victoria: I hope you’re right.

Nick: I mean, he’s probably angriest at himself. He got outplayed by the master. Nate really thought he was holding all the cards. But then dad sets his trap and nate walks right into it.

Victoria: This is not over yet.

Nick: For nate? Uh, yeah, it is vic. It’s over.

Victoria: No. He can fight. He can fight to get his job back. And I’ll be right by his side.

Nick: Against dad? After everything that’s happened? I don’t recommend that.

Victoria: Why do you say that?

Nick: Dad believes he has solved the problem. Eliminated a threat. He sees nate as a defeated enemy in his mind.

Victoria: Well, I’ll just have to convince him that he’s wrong.

Nick: All right. You should also know that dad is pressuring me to come back to newman.

Victoria: Well, that’s not news. I mean, he’s been saying that ever since you left.

Nick: Yeah. Well, he wants me to take nate’s job.

Victoria: So, when did this happen?

Nick: In dad’s office. Right after he fired nate. That’s when he gave me his pitch. I guess he thought that since nate was one of the reasons why I left in the first place, if he wasn’t around, it might entice me to come back.

Victoria: What did you say?

Nick: I didn’t say anything.

Victoria: Well, did you tell him you were gonna think about it?

Nick: I literally didn’t say anything. I just walked out. But I know it’s not going to be the last time I hear about it.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: What are you gonna do?

Nick: I don’t know. Sharon and I have this new company. It’s about to launch. I can’t just walk away from it. On the other hand, this feels like it might be another one of dad’s tests. Put you, me, and adam all in the same place and see which one of us wants to wear the crown the most.

Victoria: Yeah, if dad ever gives it up.

Nick: That is a good point.

Victoria: You know what, nick? I– I just need to calm down. I can’t make any decisions when I’m this upset.

Nick: Then don’T. Let’s just get another drink.

Victoria: No. You know, I think I’m gonna head down to the club and listen to some music. I can figure out what to do about dad in the morning. Do you want to come with me?

Nick: No. I’m just gonna finish this and get home to christian. Vic, don’t worry about it, all right? We’re gonna figure it out. Then, everything will be back to normal.

Victoria: Yeah. Maybe.

Nick: Night.

Victoria: Night.

Sharon: Rey did not die in the line of duty. He, uh, was in a terrible accident and he didn’t make it.

Nina: I’m really sorry.

Sharon: Thank you. I loved him very much. He was a good man. And he was a good officer. And yeah, being with him meant that I had to wonder every day that he was on that job if he was coming home. It wasn’t my first time through that kind of fear.

Nina: So, you know.

Sharon: Yes, of course I do. The difference is I chose to be with rey and chance, knowing the danger and just doing the best I can to accept it, but you are chance’s mother. God knows you wouldn’t have picked this line of work for him under any circumstances. There’s no worse feeling than having a hurt child and knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Nina: But maybe there is something that you can do about it.

Sharon: Like try to convince chance to quit? I wouldn’t presume to try to do that.

Nina: Even after this? Even after what you just told me about rey?

Sharon: You know, maybe secretly, I hoped that becoming the police chief would take him out of danger, but I should have known better than that. There’s no way that chance would settle for being a desk-bound chief. He needs to be out there in the action. Always.

Nina: I will never understand why.

Sharon: Maybe it’s just something deep in their core, you know? Something they feel that they were born to do and neither you or I, or anyone else can talk them into giving that up.

Nate: I appreciate you reaching out, devon. I do.

Devon: Well, that sounds like a but.

Nate: There’s been a lot of blood in the water. Yours and mine. We need to agree to let all that go.

Devon: Yeah, obviously. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re talking about it.

Nate: And I’m sure, you know, it’s not gonna happen overnight.

Devon: Of course, I know that. I mean, we did a lot of hurtful things to each other. So, obviously, it’s gonna take a minute to get past all of that. But I also know at the end of the day, we’re family. And I know that we can learn to forgive each other no matter who did what to whom. And I don’t know about you, but this weight of resentment that I carry around for you is getting pretty heavy. And I’d like to put it down.

Nate: Do you think that’s possible after everything that’s gone down between us?

Devon: Well, I think anything’s possible. And it really comes down to us making a choice about it. Right? I remember not too long ago I was playing with dominic and he did something that was really funny and i wanted to share it with you. And I pulled out my phone and then remembered that we weren’t speaking to each other at the moment and it didn’t make me feel good. It made me feel dumb. And it made me feel sad that I couldn’t share a moment like that with someone that I knew who would care. And I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I wanna choose to not have a problem with you. I want choose to remember that in spite of everything, we love each other.

Nate: You know, you should have called.

Devon: Well, hey, next time I will call.

Victoria: Nate. Um…

Devon: Hey.

Victoria: Hey. I’ve been looking all over for you. Can we talk, please? Type 2 d

Nate: I don’t have anything to say to you right now.

Victoria: I know you’re upset.

Nate: Upset? Not even close.

Victoria: Can we just sit down and talk about this? We need to just find a way to work through it.

Nate: I am having a conversation with my cousin. We are trying to repair our relationship, so I’m not gonna get into this right now in front of devon.

Victoria: Nate…

Nate: Victoria. Have a good night.

Victoria: Please don’t shut me out.

Devon: Hey, guys, we can do this another time, nate, all right?

Nate: No, no, that’s not necessary.

Devon: No, no, no, no it is. You guys clearly need to speak. Um, we made progress though today, right?

Nate: Right.

Devon: Okay. Let’s build on that, okay?

Victoria: Thank you, devon.

Devon: Yes. I’ll see you guys.

Victoria: See you. Look, I know– I know you’re angry. You’re furious. I am too. My father, he set this trap for all of us.

Nate: But apparently, I’m the only one who got caught in that trap.

Victoria: Oh, come on. That is so unfair. I will talk to him.

Nate: Victoria. Victoria, stop. Just stop. I get what victor was trying to do. He was pulling his family together. I’m just now beginning to see how important that is. But when it came time to choose sides, you chose adam. Of all people. When I needed you to have my back, you– you chose him instead because he’s family.

Victoria: No, nate. That’s not true.

Nate: Did adam get fired? Did you or nick? Look, I should have seen that coming. I should have known that when it comes right down to it, the newmans will always circle the wagons to protect themselves. So, how am I supposed to feel about that, huh?

Danny: Hi. Is, uh, is everything okay here?

Christine: Chance was shot earlier tonight.

Danny: Oh, my god. What? Is– is he all right?

Sharon: The prognosis is good. We’re just waiting to hear something more.

Danny: I’m so sorry. I– I– I don’t even know what to say.

Nina: No. That’s okay. I’m just really happy he’s alive.

Danny: Yeah. Yeah, we all are. Is there anything I can do?

Nina: Well, no, thank you so much. That’s very sweet.

[ Phone ringing ]

Sharon: Oh, that’s elena. She says we can go back to the hospital now.

Nina: No, cricket. Stay here and talk to danny.

Christine: No, no I want to be there for you.

Nina: No, I’m fine. And believe me, you have been there for me. I would be even a bigger wreck if it hadn’t been for you. All right? I’ll keep you posted.

Christine: You promise?

Nina: Yes, I promise.

Danny: Love you. Wow. Well, listen, the most important thing is that it sounds like he’s gonna make it, right?

Christine: Yeah. Yeah.

Danny: You okay?

Christine: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve just– I’ve been trying to keep it together for nina, but you know, this one was– this one was hard. This one– this one scared me. I– I’ve known chance since he was born. We worked at the justice department together. He helped me through the whole phyllis ordeal. He’s such a good guy. Why did something like this have to happen to him?

Danny: I wish I had an answer for that.

Christine: I– I have to tell paul. He and chance are really close.

Danny: You might want to wait on that, at least until the good news is official, all right?

Christine: Okay. Yeah, you’re right. Thank you.

Danny: It’s gonna be all right.

Christine: I know. I know. It’s just– it’s such a shock when you hear something like this. Especially when it’s someone that’s close to you.

Danny: Yeah. It’s a terrible feeling, but a good example of how your life can change in an instant. In a blink of an eye, your– well, your whole world turns upside down. It’s a good reminder to seize each and every day. As if it could be last.

Christine: Carpe diem?

Danny: You got it.

Christine: I couldn’t agree more.

Summer: I wish that you would wake up. I mean, I know you are going to wake up. But maybe you could wake up right now and just let me know that you really are gonna be okay. I wasn’t prepared for this. I– I know that your job is is dangerous, but I just– I wasn’T…

[ Summer sighing ] When I heard that you got shot, I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like what if? What if I never saw you again? What if I never talked to you? What if I could never bore you with my problems again? Chance, I– I need you to know that I really don’t think that I could have gotten through everything with my mom if you hadn’t have been there for me. You became my friend when I really needed one. I just want you to know that I’m grateful. I’m really grateful that you’re in my life. So, you gotta be really strong and you gotta get through this because… I– I can’t bear the thought of losing you. (Man)

Christine: What was that?

Danny: Uh, it’s daniel. He’s had a change of plans. Uh, looks like we have to reschedule our dinner.

Christine: Oh. Well, that’s too bad.

Danny: Yeah. I was really looking forward to it. On the other hand, I– well, I am free for dinner. Care to join me? What?

Christine: Uh, I’m trying to figure out how to respond to that.

Danny: Well, uh, yes or no works pretty well.

Christine: Yes.

Danny: Okay.

Christine: On one condition.

Danny: Name it.

Christine: That neither of us looks at this as something that could be misinterpreted.

Danny: As a date? Okay. Got it. You want to make sure you, me, everybody else understands, this is not a date. Confirmed.

Christine: Right. Because I mean, it’s just two friends hanging out eating.

Danny: Sure. Absolutely. In fact, you know, you could help me with some new lyrics I’ve been struggling with.

Christine: Yeah, that’ll be the day.

Danny: Hey, I’m serious. I wrote some of my greatest songs when you were in my life.

Christine: Danny…

Danny: I heard you the first time. It’s not a date, confirmed.

Christine: Um, will I get some royalties this time?

Danny: I think we can figure something out.

Christine: Okay.

Victoria: I wish there was some way that I could make you understand.

Nate: I don’t think it’s that complicated. You had a choice to back me up and you chose not to.

Victoria: No, nate. I didn’t fight for your plan because I didn’t agree with it.

Nate: Oh, so you would rather have your father locked up in some corporate cocoon instead of getting him the help we all thought he needed.

Victoria: Yes.

Nate: Then, you’re right. I don’t understand.

Victoria: Look, I was raised to put protecting the family above everything else, no matter what. So for me to think that my father was losing his mental capacity was overwhelming for me. He’s always seemed so invincible.

Nate: Which is how he got us to believe he was losing it in the first place. Gotta give the man credit. I usually have a pretty good bs detector and he sold it like a pro.

Victoria: I was scared. I was scared if we lost control of the narrative and if word leaked out that victor newman was acting erratically, the fallout from that would make things much worse for him and for the company.

Nate: Well, the joke turned out to be on us, didn’t it?

Victoria: Yeah, I did. But be honest, nate, wasn’t there a small part of you that saw the opportunity for me and you to be in control of newman again.

Nate: No, victoria. I saw it as an opportunity for you to take control. And why shouldn’t you, given the circumstances? What is wrong wanting the best for you? Victor needed to be somewhere controlled. I stand by my choice. That is if any of this had been true.

Victoria: Look, you explained why you went ahead and signed dad up for the clinic and I chose to believe that. I did. But can’t you see and understand for one minute how my father could have thought you were trying to push him out so that I could step in? It’s not a totally irrational reaction on his part.

Nate: That you choose to believe me, I guess it’s something, but not enough.

Victoria: We can salvage this.

Nate: I don’t think I want to salvage this. After seeing victor willing to put you and your family through whatever cruel game he was setting up, why on earth would I want to be a part of that?

Victoria: Because I don’t think that you’re ready to turn your back on newman enterprises just yet.

Nate: I’m gonna need some, uh, some time before I make a decision about my future.

Danny: What’s the word from the hospital?

Christine: It is all good. Nina is with the doctors right now and they’re telling her chance should make a full recovery.

Danny: That is incredible. I– I am so happy for them.

Christine: Me too.

Danny: So, what are you thinking for dinner? You, uh, you know, thai, sushi, your choice, whatever you like.

Christine: I don’t know.

Danny: What do you mean you don’t know?

Christine: Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Danny: Eating?

Christine: You know what I mean.

Danny: Yeah, I do. Look, I know this is a very hard, confusing time for you. You and paul have been together for a long time and you have things to resolve and you need time to resolve them. I get that and the last thing, the very last thing that I’d ever want is to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. I’m just really hungry and I don’t like to eat alone.

Christine: Okay. I could use a burger.

Danny: Still medium, no onions?

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: Okay.

[ Phone chiming ]

Victoria: I want you to know something. I– I would hate for my father’s actions to cause things to fall apart for us.

Nate: I have to be honest. After today, I’m gonna have a hard time trusting where I fit in your list of priorities.

Victoria: Which is why I want to find a way to make things up to you. And I will.

Nate: I know you mean that now.

Victoria: No, nate, I’m not just saying it to smooth things over. I really do mean it. I want to fight for us.

Nate: So, what happens when another issue comes up that puts me at odds with your family? Your parents don’t trust me. Nick never did. And adam–

Victoria: I don’t care what adam thinks.

Nate: But you did earlier today. You know when you told me that you were raised to protect your family at all costs, I already knew that. My aunt mamie warned me that no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I would always be an outsider to the newmans. So maybe what this is, is a– is a wake-up call. For me to work on reconnecting with my family. Put that above everything else. But, whatever the answer is, I’m gonna need some time to find it.

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