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[ Relaxing music ]

Ridge: Oh, my little girl is home. I missed you so much.

Steffy: I missed you so much.

Ridge: Being away was all right?

Steffy: I mean, I– I had to go, I had to take the kids away.

Ridge: I know. Because of Sheila, yes?

Steffy: Yeah. But I am not gonna let that monster separate me from my family ever again. Feels good being back home with the kids and Finn. Okay, enough about me. How are you? I heard about the, uh, fashion challenge.

Ridge: Yeah, that was a– that was a thing.

Steffy: Granddad and RJ beat you. They actually won? Oh, you’re really bummed about it, aren’t you?

Taylor: Okay, I’ll see if he’s in here. Thank you. Hey, Brooke.

Hope: “The collection was a tour de force. Eric Forrester has hit the prime of his career and shows no signs of slowing down.”

Thomas: Yeah, “the– the showing was a delicious feast for the eyes. The iconic Ridge Forrester created a dazzling display of couture perfection.”

Hope: They both are fantastic, but Eric just happened to come out on top.

Thomas: I know, it’s– it’s crazy though. I really thought that my dad would win. Not that I’m not proud of my granddad, just– it’s weird.

Hope: Well, I’m happy for Eric, and I’m really, really glad that he got a chance to collaborate with RJ.

Thomas: Yeah. Lucky kid. Um, well, the good news is now we can focus on what’s really, really important, which is… you. You with the new dress, that new haircut and the new star of Forrester Creations.

Brooke: Ridge told me you were back with Steffy and the kids. How was Europe?

Taylor: You know what? It was– it was good for Steffy to– to get away and clear her head with all this Sheila chaos. I’m really glad that she brought the kids home, you know. They– they missed their dads, their friends.

Brooke: Yeah, I could imagine. Well, if you’re looking for Ridge, he is with Steffy.

Taylor: I’m not. I’m looking for my son. Let me guess, he is with your daughter.

Thomas: Look, I know that my, uh, my grandfather has always been at the forefront of Forrester Creations. I mean, him and my grandmother, they– they created all of this. It’s because of them, but right now, you– you should be front and center for the whole company.

Hope: I think there’s room for all of us. We all bring something special and unique to the table.

Thomas: Sure, but you– you are extraordinary and intoxicating. And it always has an effect on me.

Steffy: How did this even come about?

Ridge: That was your granddad’s idea.

Steffy: I love it. Granddad is still spunky as ever. Oh, gosh, I can’t believe I missed you two going head to head.

Ridge: It is a moment that we’ll never forget.

Steffy: And RJ, on his first try with Granddad, wins. Ooh. You know, they’re never gonna let you live it down.

Ridge: There it is.

Ridge: I won. Beat my dad.

Eric: Ridge, for god’s sake, can’t you just tell me who won? Uh, you know, I can take it. I’ve been doing this sort of thing since before you were born.

Ridge: I don’t mean to upset you, dad.

Eric: If you think this is letting me down easy, you’re wrong, you know. Did you beat me today or not?

Ridge: Did I beat you? No, I did not. You won because you’re the master.

[ Eric laughing ]

Donna: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Congratulations.

Eric: Thank you.

Steffy: I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I’m actually kind of surprised that RJ and Granddad won.

Ridge: Well, there’s a… lot of surprises we gotta talk about, and I’ll fill you in, but right now, I wanna focus on you and the kids. So happy you’re home, but did– what about Sheila?

Taylor: Yeah. So, rumor has it that my son and your daughter– it’s never not gonna be weird. Um, are spending more and more time together.

Brooke: Yes. I am trying to stay out of it.

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Taylor: Oh, oh, really? Wow, that is– that’s a first.

Brooke: Well, this is a very trying time. It’s very emotional. Hope and Liam’s family is breaking up.

Taylor: Ah. Well, that is not Thomas’s fault.

Brooke:  Did I say it was?

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Taylor: Probably at some point, you did. I mean, you blame Thomas for everything. Why stop now?

Brooke: Oh, God. Look, I’m not thrilled about this situation. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what got into my daughter. Uh, of all the men.

Taylor: There it is right there. See, you just can’t help yourself. Brooke, Thomas isn’t responsible for these circumstances. Your daughter is. Because she threw herself at him.

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: Taylor, you know that’s not the case.

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Taylor: It is 100% the case. Hope kissed Thomas in Rome. That is why her marriage is over. Thomas didn’t pursue her. He was– he was keeping things strictly professional. Just doing his work while simultaneously working on some very deep emotional challenges.

Brooke: You’re talking about the fact that he was completely obsessed with my daughter.

Hope: Wow. The results don’t lie. Eric is the indisputable champion.

Thomas: I know. He and RJ, they– they won fair and square. I’m just a little floored by it all, I guess.

Hope: Well, it really could have gone either way. I mean, the crowd went crazy for both of them.

Thomas: Mm. Yeah. Well, Granddad definitely proved that, uh, classic is classic and he is still the king of couture.

Hope: Hm.

Thomas: But you, you are my queen of everything. Look at you. You’re so beautiful. Just can’t stop thinking about you. Can’t stop wanting you.

Steffy: What about Sheila?

Ridge: Do you think it’s okay being back here with Sheila on the loose?

Steffy: She was released from prison. There’s not much we can do about that.

Ridge: There’s something you can do. You can stay away until we figure this out.

Steffy: No, Dad, this is my home. I’m not gonna do that. Kelly is out with Liam and Li has Hayes. Everyone’s safe, everyone’s fine, okay?

Ridge: I’d like to keep it that way.

Steffy: Me too. That’s why I paid Sheila a visit yesterday.

Ridge: You did what?

Steffy: I told her to get the hell out of here. And I don’t care where she goes. She can go to Genoa City or anywhere else in the world, ’cause I’m not backing down. And I refuse to live in fear.

Ridge: And what did she say?

Steffy: Before or after I punched her in the face?

Ridge: You punched her in the face?

Steffy: I did. And it felt so good.

Ridge: I’m sure it did. But– but what if she retaliates?

Steffy: Then I keep fighting. She can’t dictate my life, affect my marriage, and I need to keep living. In fact, I’m gonna head to the office, okay?

Ridge: Yeah, you always were the tough one, I keep forgetting that. But this one’s got a screw loose, so be careful with Sheila. Promise me.

Steffy: Yeah, I promise.

Ridge: Okay.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Thomas: I want you. I want you so bad. I want to live just right now in this moment, I want you right here.

Taylor: Yes, I am back and I’m seeing clients in my office. Yeah, that should work. I will have my assistant send you a text reminder. Make sure you confirm. Okay, bye.

Brooke: Well, I guess your clients are glad that you’re back. So, are you staying a while?

Taylor: Um, you know, I honestly have no idea. Right now, all I can think about is just making sure that Thomas is safe in this situation with hope.

Brooke: Taylor.

Taylor: What? Thomas hasn’t made it this far just to make it this far. He is still healing a lot of old wounds, and Hope is one of them. You know, it’s not– it’s not fair for her to play with his mind just to– just to pump up her ego, you know?

Brooke: Hope wouldn’t do that. She’s not that kind of person.

Taylor: Ah, well, I think she is now. She hasn’t even filed divorce papers, Brooke. That makes Thomas a rebound. Whatever rebellious phase she’s going through right now, it is not fair for her to drag Thomas down with her. I don’t want to see him get hurt.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I don’t think that Thomas is the one that needs protection.

Taylor: Well–

Ridge: Hey. Heard you were here.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Good to have you back.

Taylor: Thank you. Thank you.

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: It’s good to be back.

Steffy: Whoa, whoa!

Thomas: Steffy, um…

[ Hope clears throat ]

Steffy: What the hell?

Thomas: Sorry, we should have locked–

Steffy: What the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing? This is insane.

Ridge: Well, thank you for going all the way to Europe to keep an eye on Steffy and the kids.

Taylor: Of course, of course. I wouldn’t have been anywhere else, you know?

Ridge: I just saw my beautiful daughter and she seems very happy. I’m just a little concerned about Sheila roaming around.

Taylor: I know you are. I know, but, you know, Steffy really wanted to come home. She missed Finn so much. And the kids miss sleeping in their beds.

Ridge: I get that.

Taylor: Yeah. Don’t worry, okay? Steffy has her head on straight. She’s good, I made sure of it. How’s our son?

Brooke: We were just talking about Hope and Thomas’s involvement.

Ridge: Yeah, well, whatever that is, a little unexpected, but–

Taylor: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Ridge: But look, they’re– they’re grown people. They make their own choices.

Taylor: I agree, under normal circumstances. But this is not normal. The stakes are too high for Thomas. He’s had so many breakthroughs, and I would just hate for him to have to go through–

Ridge: I get all that.

Taylor: Okay. Good. Because he has spent so much time trying to be the– the best version of himself, and gosh, Ridge, I am so proud of him.

Ridge: I am. We all are.

Taylor: Okay. And you know, the best part about it? He’s proud of himself, finally.

Ridge: Okay, well, then, maybe we can trust him to make the right decision.

Taylor: Yes, I know. And that is a challenge for me. This whole thing with– with Hope, whatever it is, it just– it just concerns me. She’s sending him mixed signals and she knows he’s really in love with her. And not only is that selfish, it’s also possibly dangerous.

Steffy: Thomas, put your shirt back on, my God.

Thomas: Oh, wow, Steff. You always knew how to make a dramatic entrance.

Steffy: Do you think this is funny, really?

Hope: No, no, and I’m sorry that you had to, uh, find us like this, but we’ve already heard it from everyone else, we really don’t need a lecture.

Steffy: This is a place of business, a shared office. What are you thinking?

Thomas: Steff, it’s been a minute. I know you haven’t been here, but Hope and I have gotten a lot closer.

Steffy: I can see that.

[ Phone chiming ]

Thomas: Oh, it’s Henry downstairs. He’s saying he’s having trouble with the delivery.

Steffy: I’d like a moment alone with Hope.

Thomas: Okay, I’m just not sure that leaving you two alone is a good idea.

Hope: Go. We’ll be fine.

Thomas: Okay. Just don’t kill each other.

[ Hope clearing throat ]

Hope: Well, I’m sure that, uh, that was a bit of a surprise.

Steffy: You and Thomas? No, no, my mom warned me about this.

Hope: Uh, yes. Taylor certainly made her feelings known, so did my mom.

Steffy: Wow, Brooke and I actually agree on something.

Hope: Look, I don’t expect you to understand.

Steffy: Why are you doing this? You know everything Thomas has been through, all of the history. You guys are working together.

Hope: Yes, and we still are, and better than ever, actually.

Steffy: Why are you gonna risk this? This could jeopardize Hope For The Future. What are you thinking?

Hope: Following my heart.

Steffy: So, what are you saying, you’re– you’re in love with Thomas?

Hope: I know that we love what we’re doing right now. And you and Taylor and my mom, you’re not going to stop it.

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