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Vivian goes to Gabi’s room at the DiMera Mansion and says she’s glad she caught her before she left. Gabi tells Vivian to leave because she was about to get changed for a meeting at DiMera. Vivian tells Gabi that it doesn’t matter what she wears because she’s going to be the one sitting at the meeting which Gabi questions. Vivian responds that since Maggie kicked her out of Titan, the only place for her to be is at her son Stefan’s side.

Maggie returns to the Titan office and dumps Vivian’s nameplate in the trash before putting her own back on the desk. Alex walks in and asks what she’s doing there.

At the hospital, Leo complains about needing service for Dimitri. Kristen then arrives off the elevator.

Dimitri wakes up in his hospital bed to see Gwen, who says she could kill him for worrying her like that and then calls him a bastard.

Stefan sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, reading the Spectator article about Dimitri being shot in the DiMera Mansion until Jada walks in. Stefan assumes that she’s there for follow up questions about Dimitri’s shooting. Jada responds that she just has one and asks why he lied to her.

Kristen greets Leo. Leo responds that he knows what she did because Gwen told him about her diabolical plan to kill his boyfriend. Kristen thinks back to pulling a gun on Dimitri. Leo argues that Kristen went through with it even after Gwen told him that she called it off. Kristen insists that she did call it off. Leo questions if she’s going to claim to have had a change of heart. Kristen swears to Leo that she did not shoot Dimitri. Leo doesn’t believe her but questions who the hell did if it wasn’t her.

Vivian tells Gabi that she doesn’t need to worry about business now that she’s here and she can just be a real housewife of Salem. Gabi responds that she hates to disappoint her, but no matter how much Vivian tries to charm them, she is not going to take her job. Gabi warns Vivian not to get too comfortable in the house either. Vivian acknowledges Gabi as her new daughter in lie and advises her not to underestimate her. Vivian declares that she’s not leaving the house and warns Gabi that if she gets in her way, she will regret it.

Stefan repeats to Jada that he and Gabi were upstairs when they heard a gunshot, then they came in and found Dimitri bleeding on the floor. Jada informs him that they dusted the gun for prints and found Dimitri’s but they also found Kristen’s prints on them too. Stefan says it must have been Kristen that shot him then. Jada says that Kristen didn’t and the prints don’t even matter because the bullet didn’t match the gun. Jada states that Dimitri was shot with another gun.

Dimitri asks Gwen what happened. Gwen informs him that he was shot and asks if it’s much of a surprise considering what a dirtbag he is that it was bound to happen eventually. Gwen states that Dimitri lied to her and got her to marry him so he could inherit the Von Leuschner fortune, while having an affair with her best friend. Dimitri admits that was a despicable thing to do and says he is so sorry. Gwen mocks him and says that sorry just isn’t going to cut it as he pulls out a scalpel and says that will.

Alex tells Maggie that he didn’t expect to see her at Titan. They talk about Vivian trying to mark her territory. Maggie explains that she had the pleasure of ousting Vivian from the house and the company and reclaiming her job as CEO. Alex says he’s glad and wishes he could’ve been there to see Maggie kick Vivian to the curb, but reveals that Victor left him in charge of Titan according to his will which shocks Maggie. Alex brings a copy of the will to prove that Victor named him as CEO of Titan. Maggie argues that Victor didn’t name a CEO in his will. Alex shows her where it says that controlling interest in Titan is to go to him. Alex says he might not have named him CEO but he clearly spelled out his wishes. Maggie argues that Victor made his wishes clear when he was alive by making her CEO and he could’ve made Alex CEO but he didn’t. Maggie feels that if Victor wanted Alex to be CEO after he died, then he would’ve mentioned it. Alex argues that maybe Victor was in a hurry when he made the will or didn’t think it was necessary because he gave him controlling interest which means he’s in control. Alex tells Maggie not to fight him on this as he’s considered his options very carefully and he wants the job.

Stefan questions Jada saying that Dimitri was shot with another gun. Jada warns that if Stefan knows what really happened and is trying to hide it, she will get to the bottom of it and won’t hesitate to lock him up. Gabi then rushes in and tells Jada that she can’t lock Stefan up because he had nothing to do with this. Gabi then reveals that the person who shot Dimitri was her mother in law, Vivian Alamain, upsetting Stefan.

Vivian checks her purse in the hallway and wonders where her gun is.

Jada questions that Vivian shot Dimitri. Gabi confirms it by presenting the gun to her.

Kristen tells Leo that she doesn’t know who shot Dimitri and argues that Leo is hardly in a position to judge anyone since he was screwing Dimitri while screwing over Gwen. Leo argues that Kristen doesn’t care about Gwen and only cares about her half of the money. Leo declares he’s going to go check on his boyfriend and walks away.

Dimitri questions Gwen finding a scalpel. Gwen explains that somebody left it out on a tray. Dimitri asks what she plans to do with it. Gwen responds that she had a few ideas and then she remembered how Leo just wouldn’t shut up about Dimitri’s magic penis. Gwen suggests she could work a little bit of magic of her own and make it disappear. Dimitri pleads with her. Gwen remarks that it’s been awhile since she’s seen it herself and admits she was infatuated with it, but she’s not remembering why. Gwen suggests refreshing her memory as she lifts his blanket. Gwen comments on Leo falling in love with Dimitri. Dimitri tries screaming for help. Gwen tells him it will only take a minute as Leo walks in and questions what the hell she is doing.

Stefan questions what the hell Gabi is doing. Gabi responds that she’s telling the truth and she knows he wants to protect his mother, but if she has to choose between Stefan and Vivian, she’s choosing him every time. Gabi shouts that she’s not going to let Stefan go down for Vivian which Stefan calls unfair. Vivian then walks in, asking if anyone has seen her gun.

Maggie understands that Alex’s world has been turned upside down by finding out that Victor is his father. Alex argues that Titan is his birthright and that Victor knew he was cut out for the job. Maggie asks if this is payback for firing Alex. Alex admits he didn’t agree with some of the things that Maggie did while running Titan, but claims it’s not retaliation and that he’s taking the job because Victor was his father and this is clearly what he wanted.

Vivian complains about Gabi giving her gun to Jada and argues that Dimitri was threatening to kill Stefan and she couldn’t go through that again. Vivian adds that shooting someone in self defense is not illegal. Stefan confirms that Dimitri was trying to kill him and Gabi and that he likely would have if Vivian did not intervene. Stefan states that is why he had a hard time turning her in. Gabi adds that they want to press charges against Dimitri. Gabi and Stefan say they are willing to testify. Jada points out that this might mitigate Vivian’s attempted murder charge, but they lied to police and having a gun is in violation of Vivian’s parole, so she will be speaking to her parole officer. Jada then exits the mansion while Stefan and Vivian glare at Gabi.

Marlena is in her office, on the phone talking about Susan being alive. Kate walks in and tells Marlena that she’s sorry to barge in. Kate mentions hearing that Susan is alive but says she needs to talk about Philip. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Kate responds that he’s fine but she’s not because Philip is leaving town with Chloe.

Leo stops Gwen and tells her to put down the scalpel, calling this insane. Leo declares that he can’t let her hurt him. Gwen argues that it will hurt Leo a lot more. Leo complains that it’s going to destroy them and that Gwen wouldn’t be able to live with herself. Leo tells Gwen that she’s not a violent person. Leo talks about Gwen having a hard life and going to extremes to get revenge against people who have hurt her but says this is cruel and out of character for her because she is a kind and decent person. Leo adds that seeing Gwen trying to ruin someone’s life in the most horrific way is like she’s not the person he knows and loves and it’s breaking his heart. Gwen responds that Leo has no heart. Leo calls that untrue and says he’s not trying to make excuses but admits he messed up and he’s miserable a lot of the time. Leo talks about using humor to cover up how much he hates himself. Gwen argues that he’s just trying to make her feel sorry for him. Leo insists that he never meant to hurt her but his desperate need for love caused him to betray her. Leo acknowledges that he hurt her more than Dimitri did. Gwen agrees, pointing out that he was supposed to be her best friend. Gwen cries that she’s used to romances falling apart but they were supposed to be forever as she thought they would grow old together and comfort each other. Leo says he thought so too but then he did what he always does and sabotaged himself, because he felt like he had finally found love and a way to be happy which made him horribly selfish. Leo states that he sabotaged the only friendship that’s ever meant anything to him. Leo wishes they were honest with her from the start but guesses he was stupidly hoping that there was some way they could all get what they wanted out of this. Leo says he knows words are cheap but tells Gwen that he loves her and he’s always felt so lucky to have her as a friend and ally. Leo adds that he would be willing to do whatever he had to in order to make it up to her. Leo asks if she’s willing to let him try. Gwen says no and that she hopes Leo and Dimitri both rot in Hell as she then walks out of the room.

Maggie tells Alex that when she learned that he was Victor’s son, it warmed her heart because she thought she could be there for him since that’s what Victor would want. Alex asks if she has a point. Maggie says the point is that Alex is important to her and always has been, but now seeing Victor in him makes her feel even closer to him. Maggie believes that if Victor wanted Alex to be CEO, he would have made him CEO. Maggie suggests maybe Victor wanted them to work together as co-CEOs but Alex doesn’t see that working out since they don’t see eye to eye on how to run the business. Maggie questions just taking her job instead. Alex doesn’t see it that way but argues that he has controlling interest, so all he has to do to get her removed is call a board meeting.

Stefan questions why Gabi would give his mother up to the cops. Gabi insists it was either Stefan or Vivian. Stefan argues that now Vivian gets charged with attempted murder. Gabi points out that Jada said that’s off the table. Vivian mocks her and asks if Stefan is just going to let Gabi throw her under the bus. Stefan is afraid there is nothing they can do it about it now since Jada knows Vivian violated her parole and if she acts on it, the US Marshal is going to be at the door any second. Vivian supposes there’s nothing she can do now other than leave town, which Gabi celebrates.

Gwen runs in to Kristen, who promises she did not shoot Dimitri. Gwen questions who did then. Jada arrives and informs them that it was Vivian Alamain. Kristen questions why Vivian would shoot Dimitri. Jada explains that she apparently walked in as Dimitri was going to kill Stefan and Gabi, so she’s here to arrest Dimitri. Gwen exclaims that’s the best news she’s heard all day.

Maggie tells Alex that calling a board meeting won’t be necessary as she will go, but she must say that she’s very disappointed that she didn’t get through to him at all. Maggie says she knew Alex was a womanizer and somewhat full of himself, but she didn’t think he was so callous that he wouldn’t respond to what she said from the heart about seeing Victor in him and how it moved her. Alex says he’s not saying there’s no role for her at Titan because he will need capable people. Maggie agrees that something tells her them teaming up would work about as well as it did the last time. Maggie then gathers her things and exits the office.

Jada states that she needs to read Dimitri his rights and heads to his room. Gwen tells Kristen that Dimitri is finally getting what’s coming to him. Kristen says he’s not the only one because they are going to get what’s coming to them too which Gwen questions. Kristen explains that Dimitri will go off to prison while someone is going to get the Von Leuschner fortune.

Leo checks on Dimitri, who confirms that Gwen did not hurt him. Leo asks how this happened. Dimitri explains that he had his gun on Gabi and Stefan, then he got shot in the back. Leo argues that he promised he wasn’t going to kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri says he meant it but before that, Kristen pulled a gun on him. Leo questions who shot him. Dimitri reveals that it was Vivian and says he aimed the gun at Gabi and Stefan as an impulse move, then Vivian walked in and shot him. Leo kisses Dimitri and says the important thing is that he’s alive and now that the truth is out, they have nothing to worry about. Jada then enters the room.

Kristen tells Gwen that it’s time for her to pay her in-laws a visit to explain how poor, deranged Dimitri is going to prison, therefore his new wife is entitled to his fortune. Gwen asks if she really thinks that will work. Kristen asks why not since they are still married and they fulfilled the conditions, so she sees no reason they shouldn’t pay her. Gwen is not sure the Von Leuschners will see it that way. Kristen encourages that Gwen will have to persuade them. Gwen declares that there is nothing left keeping her in Salem and that the Spectator is tied up with Xander, while the only friend she had was Leo. Kristen tells her that she’s always got her. Gwen thanks her but says ever since she arrived in Salem, it’s been one debacle after another. Gwen decides maybe it’s time she sees what else is out there for her.

Vivian tells Stefan that she would never leave him, but she has no choice. Stefan asks where she will go. Vivian suggests back to Alamainia as their home. Vivian tells Stefan not to worry about her because she will always rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Marlena asks Kate if Chloe and Philip are back together. Kate hopes not and says Philip got the help he needed and was doing so well, but his obsession with Chloe is what made him lose his mind in the first place. Kate worries about that happening again. Marlena points out that Philip is a grown man and Chloe must have believed he has changed to agree to go to New York with him. Kate supposes so and admits she was hoping Philip would stay in Salem, especially now but that it was silly of her to think he’d want to be closer with her after losing his father.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and looks at her and Victor’s wedding photo on the mantle. Maggie places her old CEO name plate in front of the picture as she holds back tears.

Alex picks up a photo of Victor in the Titan office and says he really hopes he’s not mad about Maggie, but he doesn’t think Victor would’ve dangled this opportunity in front of him if he didn’t want him to grab the brass ring. Alex then places his own CEO nameplate on the desk and takes his seat in the chair.

Leo asks Jada what they can do for her. Jada responds that for once, this doesn’t concern Leo. Jada then informs Dimitri that he is under arrest for attempted murder.

After Vivian leaves, Gabi questions Stefan being upset to see her go and complains about her. Stefan knows Vivian is impossible but she’s his mother and he feels bad for her. Gabi argues that misery follows Vivian where ever she goes. Gabi states that he may not see it now, but she did him a huge favor.

Vivian goes to the airport and says she better be careful as she never know who she will run in to. Vivian walks on as Gwen prepares to board her flight. Gwen remarks that Salem hasn’t always been fun but it’s certainly been interesting. Gwen adds that there were things about Salem that she loved as well as things she hated. Gwen promises that this might be goodbye for now, but Salem hasn’t seen the last of her as she walks around the corner with her bag packed. Brady then comes around the corner of the airport, followed by Theresa (now played by Emily O’Brien, who portrayed Gwen)

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