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Marlena is in her office on the phone with Kate, who is at the Brady Pub. Marlena wants details on what happened with Vivian. Kate wishes she had more but confirms that everything she said was going to happen is now official, so Vivian is out. Kate hopes that Vivian will never darken their doorways again. Kate adds that Victor made it clear that Maggie is his widow so Vivian is entitled to nothing. Marlena says that makes her day and she’s grateful for the update. Marlena then hangs up as Talia arrives. Marlena thanks her for coming on time but Talia reveals that she came to tell her that she thinks it’s time she starts seeing a different therapist.

Shawn is at the police station, on the phone with Belle. Shawn talks about things being quiet since Rafe and Jada left for London. Belle says he doesn’t have to explain and apologizes if he felt like she was checking up on him. Shawn understands after everything he put her through. Jada arrives at the station and hears Shawn declare that he’s more determined than ever to put his life back together to be the husband that Belle deserves.

Leo questions what Gwen is talking about, claiming he would never sleep with her husband. Gwen reveals that she saw them together in Iceland. Leo asks what she means. Gwen explains that she had her suspicions and a gut feeling ever since his preposterous story about a Madonna concert but she wasn’t sure until she left to get Leo a frozen treat but doubled back to confirm her suspicions. Gwen declares that she walked in and saw her best friend and her husband going at it. Leo then admits that she’s right that he has been sleeping with Dimitri. Gwen responds by punching Leo.

Dimitri pulls a gun on Stefan and Gabi at the DiMera Mansion. Gabi pleads with him and says he can keep his shares as they have plenty. Dimitri remarks that they will make beautiful corpses. Stefan turns to cover Gabi while Dimitri is suddenly shot from behind by Vivian! Vivian states that in situations like this, she prefers to act first and ask questions later. Stefan thanks her as Vivian declares that she always had perfect timing.

Marlena asks Talia if she’s been unhappy with their sessions. Talia says no and that she’s done so much for her. Marlena thanks her and asks if she’s uncomfortable because they are colleagues now. Talia claims that’s it and that she’s just worried about things getting awkward. Marlena notes that she has several patients from the hospital and they are able to keep their professional boundaries. Marlena adds that Talia only has a couple sessions left of her court ordered therapy and she’s not sure what would happen if she switches therapists. Talia decides maybe she should continue with Marlena then. Marlena says it’s entirely up to her and asks if she wants to have a session now. Talia confirms that she just got off work and agrees to sit down. Marlena asks Talia to tell her what has happened since their last session.

Shawn tells Belle that after work, they should go out dinner and have a little makeout session like they were in high school. Belle jokes that they are too old for that but says it’s a maybe. Shawn says he’s looking forward to it and will see her at home. Shawn then hangs up and is surprised to see Jada, noting that he thought she was in London with Rafe. Jada explains that she got back a few hours ago as Rafe thought one of them should come back to keep an eye on things. Shawn asks how it went with Ava and Harris. Jada informs him that they tracked them to a hotel room but they never returned to their room. Jada then tells Shawn that they need to clear the air about the fact that he slept with her sister.

Leo complains about Gwen’s punch but admits he deserved it as Gwen yells at him for what he did. Leo apologizes and says he’ll beg for forgiveness which Gwen laughs at. Gwen asks if he really thinks she’s going to forgive him after this. Gwen states that Leo knew she was falling in love with Dimitri, yet he still went after him. Leo argues that it was not like that and talks about how he didn’t trust Dimitri when he and Gwen first got together. Gwen recalls Dimitri somehow convincing Leo that he didn’t have an ulterior motive. Leo explains that he found out that Dimitri had to be married by the age of 40 to inherit his fortune. Gwen reveals that she knew that Dimitri was using her the whole time, hence the whole whirlwind romance. Leo explains that when he first found out, he was mad and ready to go off on him but then Dimitri kissed him. Leo adds that at first he thought it was just another straight guy using him to get what he wants but it turned out Dimitri isn’t straight and was genuinely attracted to him. Gwen remarks that it worked because Dimitri screwed Leo and then he screwed her.

Stefan checks on Dimitri and says he’s bleeding pretty badly so they need to call an ambulance. Gabi questions why they would do that when he just tried to murder them and says he deserves to die. Vivian can’t believe she’s saying this but she agrees with Gabi.

Gwen states that all it took was one night of sex for Leo to stab his best friend in the back. Leo insists that he felt awful for betraying her. Leo says he’s not making excuses but Dimitri was in a bind as he couldn’t marry a man and he was running out of time to find someone to marry. Gwen guesses no other woman would be as stupid as her to fall for his act. Gwen says she was such a fool, going on to Leo about how deliriously happy she was to find a man who loved her and only her. Gwen remarks that Leo and Dimitri must have been snickering behind her back the whole time. Leo assures there wasn’t and that he has been racked with guilt. Gwen shouts that Leo doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, otherwise he never would have let her walk down the aisle with Dimitri. Leo says he tried to stop it. Gwen points out that he didn’t stop it and he threw away their friendship for Dimitri and his magic penis. Leo argues that it wasn’t just about the sex and declares that he loves Dimitri. Leo says this is him being real with her. Gwen mockingly congratulates Leo for being real. Gwen hopes his love is real love because when it comes to money, they won’t see one cent of Dimitri’s inheritance. Leo asks what she is talking about. Gwen calls it revenge and asks if he honestly thought she’d just suck it up and let them make a fool of her. Gwen tells Leo that she and Kristen are cooking something up. Leo thought Kristen was Dimitri’s ally. Gwen responds that she was until Dimitri swindled her out of her half of the prize money. Gwen adds that Kristen didn’t like that and told her that Leo and Dimitri already got the first part of the installment when they tried to pass Leo off as Gwen with a wig. Leo says that didn’t work as expected, but now that she knows about everything, he’s certain that Dimitri would be happy to share the money with her. Gwen responds that won’t be necessary because she went to the bank today to pull out a very sizable withdrawal. Gwen then presents Leo with the check and says she’s never seen so many zeroes. Gwen adds that Dimitri is lucky that his money is all she took because Kristen originally wanted to kill him.

Stefan argues that they can’t just let Dimitri die. Gabi tells him to speak for himself as she’s not lifting a finger to help him. Stefan reminds her about the DiMera shares and that Dimitri needs to be alive to sign over the stock certificates which Vivian questions. Stefan explains that Dimitri has full control of he and Megan’s shares of DiMera and that he and Gabi were in the process of blackmailing him for them. Vivian asks why he didn’t say so as Dimitri begins to regain consciousness, so she demands the stock certificates. Gabi warns Dimitri to sign over the shares right now or they are going to let him bleed out. Dimitri laughs her off and says “screw you”. Stefan tells Dimitri that he’s been vouching for him but if he stops cooperating, that ends now. Dimitri gives in and gives Gabi the combination to his briefcase which she opens to retrieve the certificates. Gabi brings them to Dimitri to sign them which he does. Vivian remarks that now they can let him croak but Stefan says he’s a man of his word so he will hold up his end of the bargain.

Shawn takes Jada in to the interrogation room and assumes that Talia confided in her. Jada says not exactly and explains that she ran in to Eric, who said that Shawn claimed she let him stay the night in her room which was not true. Jada notes that she didn’t tell Eric it wasn’t true, but when she spoke to Talia, she figured it out and then they talked. Jada asks when Shawn is going to get it together. Shawn says he’s trying. Jada tells him to try harder because he’s not just hurting himself but everyone around him, mostly his wife but also her and Rafe and now Talia.

Talia tells Marlena that her job is going really well and everyone has been super welcoming. Marlena then asks about her personal life with Chanel. Talia informs Marlena that Chanel broke up with her and admits she was completely blindsided, but guesses she should’ve expected. Talia adds that she was a mess and went straight to the Brady Pub to get wasted. Marlena understands her reaction but warns that getting wasted can become a very self destructive behavior and she doesn’t want that. Talia responds that it’s too late which Marlena questions. Talia states that she did something really stupid and self destructive after getting wasted. Marlena asks what she did. Talia reveals that she slept with a married man. Talia cries that Marlena must be thinking she’s a terrible person. Marlena reminds her that she’s here to listen, not judge. Talia appreciates that but feels she’s a terrible person. Talia says they didn’t plan to sleep together but it just sort of happened which Marlena questions. Talia explains that it was a chance meeting at the Pub as she and the guy were both going through so much, they started talking and the drinks were flowing. Talia says they went up to her room to have more drinks and one thing led to another, then they were in bed. Belle comes in to see Marlena but apologizes, noting she didn’t know she was in a session. Talia tells her it’s okay as she just got a text that the hospital wants her back on duty due to being short staffed. Talia thanks Marlena for listening and tells Belle that it’s nice to see her as she exits the office. Belle apologizes to Marlena for interrupting. Marlena says she was about to reach out to Belle to ask how it’s going with Shawn. Belle says that’s actually why she is here.

Jada tells Shawn that she knows Talia is not blameless but wishes Shawn would’ve thought about how this would affect her as now Talia has to keep secrets from Belle and Marlena. Shawn says he knows and apologizes for screwing up bad. Jada assumes Shawn is going to tell Belle. Shawn says he doesn’t know because he loves her so much and he can’t lose her as he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. Jada gets a text and tells Shawn that she has to go because there’s been a shooting at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn wants to go with her but Jada says she’d prefer if he didn’t. Shawn knows she’s upset with him but says that doesn’t change the fact that they are partners and she might need him. Jada gives in and they leave together.

Stefan informs Gabi and Vivian that the ambulance just took Dimitri away. Vivian questions what they are going to tell the police. Gabi suggests the truth but Vivian says that’s the last thing they should do.

Leo questions Gwen saying that Kristen wanting to kill Dimitri, saying he knew she was a bitch but no that she was bloodthirsty. Gwen explains that when Kristen found out Vivian was claiming to inherit everything from Victor because he didn’t have a will, she deduced that Dimitri didn’t have a will so if he died, everything would go to Gwen as his wife. Leo calls that pure evil. Gwen says lucky for Dimitri, she convinced Kristen to settle for a one time payout. Gwen adds that she will be divorcing him immediately which will result in Dimitri losing his inheritance. Leo then gets a call from a paramedic, informing him that Dimitri has been shot. Leo says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Leo then tells Gwen and says he knows she’s behind this. Gwen denies that and repeats that she talked Kristen down. Leo questions if she did and shouts that if Kristen did this then Gwen is just as responsible as he storms out of the room.

Leo arrives at the hospital and asks Talia for help as he’s looking for information on Dimitri. Talia asks if he’s family. Leo responds that he’s his boyfriend. Talia says she’s sorry. Leo pleads with her, arguing that Dimitri is his entire world so there must be something she can tell him. Talia informs him that Dimitri was just taken in to surgery to extract the bullet. Leo asks if he’s going to be okay. Talia says it’s too soon to say as he lost a lot of blood. Leo starts to panic. Talia tells him that she will let him know as soon as she knows anything. Leo thanks her. Gwen arrives. Leo questions what the hell she’s doing there and if she came to finish the job.

Gabi asks Vivian what is wrong with telling the truth since she shot Dimitri to stop him from shooting them, so she won’t go to jail for that. Vivian reminds her that she just got out of prison and for her probation, her second amendment rights were taken away from her. Gabi questions why she has a gun then. Vivian says it’s for protection. Stefan questions what they are supposed to tell the police then. Vivian suggests saying Gabi did it which Gabi turns down. Vivian argues that she just saved Gabi’s life so she owes her one. Stefan doesn’t think they should change the story in case Dimitri contradicts it. Vivian argues that it’s their word against his. Gabi tells Stefan not to listen to Vivian as they should tell the truth. Vivian reminds Stefan that she protected him and asks him to return the favor. Jada and Shawn then arrive. Jada announces they are here about the shooting and asks what happened.

Marlena asks Belle about her and Shawn’s recent fight. Belle says they are better now but Shawn went off the deep end, disappeared and got drunk, then she didn’t hear from him until the next morning. Marlena notes that she must have been so worried. Belle says she was playing every worst case scenario in her head, but it turned out that Shawn ended up crashing at the Pub in Jada’s room since she and Talia were at work. Marlena comes to a realization and thinks back to Talia telling her about sleeping with a married man. Belle asks Marlena what’s wrong. Marlena claims it’s nothing and that she just realized how bad the situation had gotten between her and Shawn. Belle says it’s getting better and that Shawn was very apologetic. Belle talks about Shawn committing to turning his life around, sounding authentic, and going to an AA meeting. Marlena advises Belle to remain cautious. Belle says she will but she is hopeful and is glad that Shawn is continuing his sessions with Marlena. Marlena states that she will do all she can to help. Belle states that for a long time, she really feared their marriage was in deep trouble but she really thinks that she and Shawn have turned a corner and that the worst is behind them…

Jada asks who wants to go first. Stefan says he will tell them and claims that he and Gabi were upstairs where they heard a gunshot, so they came downstairs and found Dimitri bleeding badly on the floor so they called an ambulance. Jada asks if Dimitri said who shot him. Stefan claims that he was out of it and he couldn’t make out what he was saying. Shawn questions if he didn’t see or hear anyone leaving. Stefan says no but whoever did it must have taken the gun. Jada bags Dimitri’s gun which they claim to not recognize. Shawn asks if Vivian has any insight. Stefan claims that Vivian arrived afterwards and didn’t see anything. Jada asks if any of them have any idea who might want to harm Dimitri. Stefan claims to have no idea.

Gwen swears to Leo on everything she holds dear that she did not shoot Dimitri. Leo guesses Kristen did then which makes Gwen an accomplice. Gwen says it wasn’t so Leo questions why she’s even there. Gwen argues that Dimitri does not get to die before she cuts him off first. Leo warns her that he’s not letting her anywhere near Dimitri. Gwen reminds him that she is his wife. Leo responds that he’s the man he loves. Gwen realizes that Leo and Dimitri really are in love. Leo apologizes and admits they should’ve come clean to her from the beginning. Gwen cries that he was supposed to be her best friend and the one person in the world that she thought had her back. Gwen adds that they have done underhanded things to each other in the past but this is beyond. Leo admits he messed up and asks what he can do to fix it. Gwen tells him that he can’t do anything and declares that their friendship is over. Leo pleads with her. Talia then comes over and tells Leo that Dimitri is out of surgery if he’d like to see him now. Gwen tells Leo to go as they have nothing left to say to each other. Talia then takes Leo to Dimitri’s hospital room.

Leo sits at Dimitri’s side in his hospital room. Leo doesn’t know if he can hear him but tells Dimitri that he loves him more than he’s ever loved anything and he’s not leaving his side ever. Leo declares that now that Gwen knows the truth, Dimitri is all he has left in the world.

Gwen calls Kristen and leaves a message, asking where she is since Dimitri has been shot and she prays that Kristen was not the one who pulled the trigger.

Vivian thanks Stefan for covering for her. Stefan asks what Gabi expected him to do and argues that he had to protect his mother. Gabi remarks that at least this time Stefan didn’t have to take a bullet for her. Vivian says she knew she could count on Stefan and that’s why she is here. Gabi questions Vivian not being at the Kiriakis Mansion. Vivian reveals that Victor did have a will, so she has nothing except a son that takes care of his adoring mother.

Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway.

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