GH Short Recap Friday, September 29, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer is happy when Trina finally tells him she loves him. Trina and Spencer go back to their hotel room and make love for the first time.

Laura and Kevin are in Geneva and Nikolas’ banker tells Laura and Kevin that Nikolas has made several large withdrawals of money recently and that proves to Laura that Nikolas is alive. Nikolas later comes to the bank and the banker, who is a family friend, advises Nikolas that Laura loves him very much, and he should go home.

Mason arrives at Wyndamere with two men and kidnaps Ava.

Carly and Michael plan to ask Alexis to publish an article in The Invader about their suspicions that the judge in Crew’s case gave him a harsh sentence so people would know he was tough on crime. The judge is hoping to get appointed to a higher court in New York, but Carly hopes that the article in The Invader will create enough public pressure to get Crew’s prison sentence commuted.

Michael also tells Carly he has a contact at the SEC and he is getting close to finding out who turned her and Drew in to the SEC.

Willow has a dream where Harmony returns to warn her but, she wakes up before Harmony can tell her what she needs to know.

Nina tells Sonny everything that Gladys has done to Sasha in order to pay off her gambling debts to Mrs. Wu. Sonny is very upset and tells Nina he will deal with Gladys.

Sonny and Nina decide to go to his island in Puerto Rico and get married tomorrow and just elope.

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