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Kate goes to the Brady Pub and informs Roman that she just ran in to Kayla and apparently, Sarah Horton gave birth to their grandchild and no one told them.

In the town square, Philip asks if Rex has shared any of this news with their mother. Rex admits he hasn’t yet because he feels guilty lying to her. Philip questions what he’s lying about. Rex then reveals to Philip that he’s not really the baby’s father. Philip asks what he means. Chloe comes out of the nearby shop with her wedding dress right as she hears Rex reveal to Philp that Xander is Victoria’s father. Chloe listens in as Rex repeats to Philip that he’s not joking that Xander is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Xander visits Sarah and baby Victoria in the hospital. Xander asks if she has recovered from the scare after the birth. Sarah confirms she’s being discharged today and asks what brings him by. Xander responds that he just has something that he wanted to tell her. Sarah thinks back to Maggie arguing that Xander has a right to know he’s the baby’s father. Sarah then informs Xander that there’s something she has to tell him too.

Alex goes to Titan and tells Vivian that he got her text, so he asks what the hell she wants. Vivian tells Alex that she needs a right hand man at Titan and claims that he is her first and only choice for the position. Vivian says she has big plans for Titan and thinks he’s exactly the right thing. Alex remarks that he’s very grateful for the opportunity so that he can tell her to take her job and shove it.

Maggie and Justin talk about now knowing Victor destroyed his old will and had a new one created in Greece. They wonder if visiting Bo had something to do with it and what changes he made. Justin declares there’s only one way to find out.

Xander asks Sarah what her news is but she tells him to go first. Xander then informs Sarah that he and Chloe are getting married today. Xander says he just wanted her to hear it from him first. Sarah calls that very considerate and congratulates him. Xander then asks what she wanted to tell him.

Chloe hides as she remains listening in as Philip questions why Rex has been telling everyone that the baby is his. Rex explains that Sarah asked him to because Sarah and Xander were happily married until Sarah found out about Xander kidnapping Susan and Bonnie, so when Sarah found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t want someone capable of doing those horrible things like Xander to be the father, so he stepped in. Rex realizes that he might be bringing stuff up for Philip like with Claire. Philip feels this is totally different because Xander is a criminal so he understands. Rex continues explaining how Sarah moved to Chicago so no one found out she was pregnant, including her own mother.

Maggie tells Justin that he’s the lawyer so he should read the will. Justin then begins reading Victor’s new will. Justin reads that in the course of creating this will, his lawyer discovered that Victor’s divorce to Vivian was never finalized, therefore his marriage to Maggie was never official and he intended to rectify this as soon as he returned to Salem. Justin reads that Victor intended to finalize his divorce and make Maggie his wife as soon as possible. Justin reads that Victor left 50% of his entire estate to Maggie. Justin then hugs Maggie.

Sarah claims to Xander that she just wanted to tell him that she and Rex are also getting married today. Xander calls it quite a coincidence and asks if she’s sure she’s up for it. Sarah repeats that she’s getting discharged and now that her baby is here, they want to make their little family official. Xander understands that she wants her daughter to have her father’s name.

Chloe continues listening as Philip asks how Rex ended up playing baby daddy. Rex informs him that Bonnie came to visit Mimi and Emily in Chicago. Philip jokes that he’s not surprised Bonnie is involved. Rex adds that Bonnie came over to his apartment and found a very pregnant Sarah, so he immediately jumped in to say the kid is his but Bonnie didn’t buy it, though Sarah convinced her to stay silent. Rex adds that Justin and Maggie know as well but they are all keeping it secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. Philip and Rex agree that Xander and Sarah would be bonded for life and she’d never get rid of him if he knew. Rex asks Philip not to tell anyone. Philip says he is not loyal to Xander and he wouldn’t want to mess things up for Rex as he knows he never stopped loving Sarah and now they are getting married. Rex states that for Sarah, the wedding is just about protecting her child but for him, he’s made it very clear that he’s doing everything he can to win her back for real. Philip adds that will be a lot easier without Xander sniffing around. Philip gives his word that he will keep his mouth shut. Rex thanks him, especially since telling the truth would clear a path for Philip and Chloe.

Kate informs Roman that Sarah’s water broke after Victor’s funeral and they didn’t even make it to the hospital but Kayla said their granddaughter is fine and they named her Victoria. Roman wants to get to the hospital to see their brand new grandbaby but Kate stops him and says not so fast.

Vivian is disappointed as she thought Alex would take her offer. Alex asks why she would think that, knowing they despise him. Vivian asks what she ever did to him. Alex brings up everything Vivian has done to his family, arguing that Bonnie and Maggie are his family. Vivian remarks that she didn’t know he cared about Maggie.

Maggie says thank you to Victor and realizes that Victor knew that he was still married to Vivian. Justin notes that the changes were already in motion. Maggie calls it so much to process. Justin encourages that Victor was madly in love with Maggie and couldn’t wait to marry her. Maggie wishes they got that chance as it is painful to know their marriage wasn’t real. Justin brings up being at their wedding and being the one to pronounce them husband and wife. Justin talks about the love in the room that day and throughout the years they spent together, so an improperly filed paper doesn’t change that. Maggie admits the mystery surrounding Victor’s will hasn’t been easy on her. Maggie says she doesn’t care about the money but it was knowing Vivian was going to get everything and she wondered if Victor’s feelings about her had changed. Justin encourages that she no longer has to worry and he can’t wait to see the look on Vivian’s face when she finds out she is inheriting nothing. Maggie points out that’s unless Victor left Vivian the other 50% of his estate. Justin says there’s no chance, but he is curious about the other half.

Xander asks Sarah where she and Rex are getting married. Sarah says Rex is going to ask his parents if they can just do it at the Pub. Sarah asks Xander the same. Xander explains that Chloe’s family are all in New York, so they are going to hop on a plane in a couple of hours. Xander adds that it will be his first time meeting Chloe’s son Parker, so he hopes he doesn’t hate his guts. Sarah encourages that he’ll be fine and to just be himself. Sarah tells Xander that he’ll be a great dad. he asks if she really thinks so.

Chloe remains listening in as Rex tells Philip that if Xander found out, there’s a good chance that he would try to get Sarah back which would free Chloe up for Philip. Philip responds that he’s not going down that road again. Philip admits he still loves Chloe but feels it’s too late for them because he screwed up too many times. Rex disagrees with that. Philip states that Chloe is with Xander which is better for Rex, Sarah, and the baby which is all that matters. Rex hugs Philip and says he appreciates him. Rex tells Philip that he has one more favor and asks Philip to officiate the wedding. Philip says he would be honored. Rex tells him that getting ordained online is really quick. Rex says he has to pick up Sarah and the baby, so he’ll meet him at the Pub as he rushes off. Chloe then walks away as well.

Roman questions Kate not wanting to meet their granddaughter. Kate says she does but complains that Rex didn’t even tell them so she thinks they should wait. Roman knows she’s hurt but thinks she is being petty. Kate argues that Rex had two days to text or call. Roman argues that she knows what it’s like having a newborn with total chaos and no sleep. Kate feels it’s more than that. Kate talks about Rex not telling them from the beginning that he and Sarah were back together. Roman acknowledges it was a little strange. Kate declares that something’s not right about this.

Alex tells Vivian that he and Maggie are getting along just fine now and she’s also grieving the husband that she just lost. Alex says he wants no part of compounding her pain. Vivian remarks that Alex reminds her of his mother, Anjelica Deveraux. Alex questions her knowing his mother. Vivian says she knew her through Victor and she was cut throat and shrewd, which she thinks are Alex’s instincts too. Alex admits Victor said the same thing about him having a killer instinct. Vivian encourages him to embrace that instinct and come work for her at Titan to make Victor proud.

Justin continues reading the rest of Victor’s will and reads that the other 50% of his estate including controlling interest in Titan would go to his son. Maggie questions which son. Justin says Victor knew Bo was in a coma, so he wouldn’t think it would be him. Maggie points out that it must be Philip then. Justin says it’s possible but Kate said they had a separate trust made for him. Maggie tells Justin to keep reading, so he continues reading about how Victor made medical arrangements to take care of Bo and Philip indefinitely but neither of them are the son that he’s referring to. Maggie doesn’t understand. Justin reads that Victor’s son receiving the other half of his estate is one that he has never acknowledged.

Sarah encourages Xander that she thinks he’s capable of being a very loving father or stepfather as she saw how he was with Mackenzie. Sarah acknowledges that he switched the babies to spare her pain. Xander knows he just made things worse. Sarah says that he makes bad decisions and sometimes they come from a good place but sometimes they don’t and either way, people get hurt. Xander talks about wanting to be a good man for Parker and hopes this time it will be different. Xander says he should get going so he doesn’t miss his flight. Xander wishes Sarah luck with her wedding. Sarah hopes he and Chloe are very happy together as he then exits the room.

Roman tells Kate that she’s right that Rex’s behavior has been a little off. Roman suggests maybe Rex is angry at them. Roman wonders if maybe Kate did something to rub Rex the wrong way since she has been known to alienate her kids from time to time. Philip arrives and jokes that he knows that. Kate asks if Philip knew that Sarah had her baby. Philip confirms that Kayla told him. Kate feels at least they aren’t the only ones then if Rex didn’t even tell his brother. Philip mentions that he actually just ran in to Rex. Kate asks if he mentioned why he neglected to tell the family about his baby. Philip says he better let Rex answer that as he’s coming to see them after he picks up Sarah and the baby. Kate feels now Philip is acting just like Rex as she questions what is going on and what he’s not telling her. Philip claims it’s nothing which Kate calls an obvious lie. Philip remarks that he thought Vivian was being aggressive in offering him a job at Titan but he turned her down flat. Kate can’t believe Vivian is trying to draw him in to her web again and declares this is not going to happen. Philip repeats that he already told her no. Kate has a few more things to say to Vivian and decides she’s going to give that bitch a piece of her mind. Kate then storms out of the Pub.

Alex tells Vivian that he is not a traitor, so he will not be betraying his family and partnering up with the enemy. Vivian argues that he’s already working for the enemy since Basic Black is owned by DiMera Enterprises. Alex says he doesn’t have to explain his career choices because his answer is no and that’s not going to change. Alex tells her to leave him alone and walks out. Vivian questions if anyone wants to work anymore.

Maggie asks Justin who the other son is. Justin has no idea and continues reading that Victor says this decision is not to punish his other sons but to make amends with the other son for cutting off his birthright since the day he was born. Victor wrote that after visiting Bo, he came to reflect on his legacy and realized this was a secret he could no longer keep as his son deserved to know the truth and he planned to tell him upon his return to Salem, but he’s also officially documenting it so there will be no confusion. Justin read that the attached letter would explain everything. They look in to the stack of letters from Victor’s briefcase and Maggie finds one that says it is to be included in the will. Maggie then begins reading the letter to Victor, saying they are so glad they’re finally on the same page about this because nothing is more important than the future of their son. Maggie reads that Victor was told to stick to the plan that no one could know he was the father of the child because it would cause immeasurable pain to a man they both love and it would devastate him. Justin realizes that this means Victor’s son was raised by someone in his own family. Maggie wonders who.

Kate goes to Titan and tells Vivian that they need to talk as she warns her to stay away from Philip. Vivian says she thought Philip would want to be part of his father’s legacy. Kate says not if it means working with her. Vivian asks if Kate is jealous of seeing her in this office. Kate says it makes her sick and Philip must too because he rejected her in record time which she must be used to from Kiriakis men. Kate tells Vivian that she will have to find someone else to do her dirty work. Vivian then asks how about Kate.

Rex joins Sarah in her hospital room as she just got the baby set up and got discharged so she was about to get dressed. Sarah asks if Rex asked his parents about the Pub. Rex responds that he thought they could ask them together when they go over there so they can meet the baby. Rex asks about the baby. Sarah says she’s great and even managed to sleep through a visit from Xander. Rex asks what he was doing there. Sarah informs him that Xander came to tell her that he and Chloe are also getting married today. Rex guesses it’s a big day for weddings. Rex knows he’s said a lot that it’s a big decision and asks if Sarah is having any second thoughts. Sarah declares that marrying Rex is the best decision for her, Victoria, and everyone.

Chloe goes home to Xander with her wedding dress. Xander talks about getting packed so they don’t miss their flight. Chloe thinks back to overhearing Rex and Philip talking about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s. Xander asks her if something is wrong. Chloe says she just can’t believe this is finally happening and goes to get packed.

Maggie tells Justin that someone in their family is Victor’s son and doesn’t know it. Justin advises her to keep reading the letter. Maggie continues reading that the secret was something to take to their graves while their son would never know Victor as their father, he would know him as an uncle. Maggie reads that the letter said it was best for everybody, especially little Alexander, revealing the letter was from Anjelica, shocking Justin.

Chloe returns to Xander with her bag packed and asks if he’s ready. Xander says he is and thanks Chloe for looking past all his faults and finding it in her heart to love him anyway. Xander can’t believe he got so lucky that she’s agreed to spend the rest of her life with him. Xander promises to work so hard to prove himself worthy of her love every day. Xander kisses her and gets ready to go but Chloe starts to cry and stops him, saying she’s sorry but she can’t marry him. Xander asks why. Chloe says it’s because of Sarah. Xander argues that they talked about this plenty of times and he’s totally over Sarah. Chloe then reveals to Xander that Sarah lied to him as Rex isn’t the father of her baby, Xander is.

Rex and Sarah bring baby Victoria to the Pub to meet Roman. Roman congratulates them and says he would’ve sent over a lot of food if he knew she had arrived and asks why they didn’t tell them. Rex explains that there was just a lot going on. Roman tells him not to worry about it and that all is forgiven now that he’s met his beautiful granddaughter. Roman adds that Kate is a whole different story as she’s pretty ticked off at him. Rex says he figured and asks where she is.

Kate questions Vivian thinking she’d want to work for her. Vivian admits she’s not her first choice but she admires her chops as a business woman. Kate argues that Vivian never admired anything about her. Vivian disagrees and says she always thought she was a worthy adversary. Vivian suggests they stop the animosity and team up together. Kate says if she thinks that’s ever going to happen, she’s completely out of her mind. Vivian tells Kate that it’s her loss and she can see herself out. Kate calls it a travesty that Vivian is in charge. Vivian says Kate can insult her all she wants, but she runs Victor’s company now and no one can stop her.

Justin argues that it can’t be right. Maggie points out that Anjelica signed the letter. Justin can’t believe that the child she’s talking about is Alex. Alex then walks in to the room.

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