Days Short Recap Friday, September 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex was surprised to see Theresa in Greece. He wondered why she was there. He reminded her that he told her not to come. Brady wasn’t going to be happy about her being there. She didn’t care how Brady felt about it. Brady was upset to see her there. She made it seem like she had sex with Alex. She and Brady argued about her being there. She said that Alex invited her, but he didn’t believe her. Alex came back in the room and told Brady he didn’t invite her there. She said it didn’t matter because she was already there. Brady refused to let her come with them. She refused to leave. She asked him if she could sleep in his room. Julie checked on Maggie and she filled her in about what happened with Vivian. Vivian surprised Julie. She talked to her about Lani and how she wanted to visit the twins. Julie wanted to throw her out for her, but Vivian told her that she couldn’t do it. She wanted to know why Maggie was still there. Maggie went off when Vivian called Victor her husband. Vivian told her that she would call the police if she’s there when she got back. Julie told her to fight back. She invited Maggie to stay with her until the situation was resolved.

Leo was thinking about Dimitri when Gwen showed up. She told him about her sex life with Dimitri. Leo snapped at her to stop. Gwen was confused by his reaction so he had to cover his tracks. He said he was jealous. Gwen wanted to know what happened to his boyfriend. He told her that his boyfriend decided to work things out with his wife. Gwen tried to empathize with him. She thought he would find someone like Dimitri. After Gwen left, he wondered what Dimitri was doing. Kristen teased Dimitri about his situation. He wanted her to stop talking so loud, but she thought he should be worried about his lawyer. He told her what he and Leo did and she wanted her money. He wanted her to be patient about the money. He said he had his own expenses. Kristen didn’t like what she heard and threatened to tell Gwen the truth. Stefan and Gabi showed up and wanted to know their secret. Vivian arrived before they could answer. Stefan and Gabi were shocked to see her. Vivian wondered how Gabi was able to get Stefan to remarry her. He said he loved Gabi. Gabi and Vivian started arguing until noticed Dimitri. She was surprised to find out who he was. She left the mansion. Later, Dimitri went to see Leo. Leo was upset at the idea that Dimitri was cheating on him with Gwen. Vivian went home and was happy to see Maggie packed and ready to leave. Maggie warned her that it wasn’t over. Kristen walked in on Gwen having breakfast. Kristen had something to tell Gwen about Dimitri and Leo. Gwen wanted to know what it was and Kristen told her about them having an affair. Gwen told her that she already knew that.

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