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Nina: Gladys. The minute that you get this message, I want an update. You call me. Do you understand? I mean, you’re her guardian. The police must be telling you if there’s any updates on Sasha. Call me.

Lucy: That’s why I’m here. I need to know exactly what is going on with Sasha.

Blair: Hello, sweetheart. Well, aren’t you gonna be a gentleman and invite me to have a seat?  Don’t mind if I do. Thank you.

Elizabeth: I hope all these patients know how lucky they are to have your help.

Stella: I’m the lucky one. At my age to have the most fulfilling job of my life… it’s pretty special.

Elizabeth: You know, 6 out of these 11 patients have the same doctor.

Stella: You always want the best doctor you can get. And sometimes, these complicated cases take the total focus of the doctors, and the patients can be a little intimidated by some of the doctors.

Elizabeth: You mean like not ask all the questions that they need answers to?

Stella: And that’s where I come in. Hopefully, I give them the answers they need. You can see that Dr. Bronson has to deal with all kinds of neurological complications and incurable conditions.

Elizabeth: Like ALS.

Gregory: Everything all right, Esme?

Esme: Uh, yes, yes. Um, I was just arranging some things for Alexis.

Gregory: [ Chuckling ] Oh, good luck with that. She has her own very random system of order. Do you need any of my help?

Esme: Uh, no, thank you, um… is there anything I can help you with, Professor Chase?

Gregory: Uh, Alexis left a message that she’d be here for a while. I was hoping to catch her. It’s — it’s late. Shouldn’t you be getting home?

Esme: Um, it’s actually why I was finding some more work to do. I don’t exactly want to go home yet.

Chase: Got your favorite. Brook Lynn. What is it?

Brook Lynn: I got fired.

Chase: What?! But Maxie was in such high spirits when she came by earlier today.

Brook Lynn: She’s too nice to involve you.

Chase: I am so sorry.

Brook Lynn: I’m not even upset about the job. I’m upset because I lost my best friend.

Finn: I hope Molly and Kristina can work through their problem.

Alexis: Oh, so you figured it was the two of them, huh?

Finn: I just got the impression it wasn’t Sam.

Alexis: [ Chuckles ] True. The two of them are driving me crazy, by the way, but I know I need to let them work it out on their own. You didn’t share. Are you okay?

Finn: I’m just trying to honor my father’s wishes.

Alexis: I admire that.

Finn: Yeah, well, Dad wants to go on like everything is normal.

Alexis: Well, at least he finally told Chase.

Finn: No, he didn’t.

Valentin: Anna, listen to me. Whoever got in here —

Anna: What?! Is trying to get to me?! Well, it’s working.

Blair: You weren’t even gonna say hello, Marty?

Martin: Forgive me. I didn’t see you, Blair.

Blair: Oh, you saw me all right.

Martin: Trish. Excuse me. Could I please get —

Blair: Another, and I will have what I was having over there before, please.

Trish: Okay.

Blair: Thank you.

Martin: What are you doing here, Blair?

Blair: [ Scoffs ] Well, if I didn’t know better, I would think that you’re not happy to see me.

Martin: I’m not. Nor am I happy to find you meeting up with the likes of Tracy Quartermaine, of all people.

Blair: Oh, and I thought you didn’t see me.

Martin: I might have caught a glimpse.

Blair: Mm. But you were distracted by your friend.

Martin: My friend?

Blair: Yeah, the gorgeous brunette. What, you didn’t want to introduce her to ex-wife number three? I would love to meet her. Where’d she disappear to?

Nina: Lucy, if you’re looking for Olivia, she’s not here right now.

Lucy: No, no, no. I’m not. I was looking for you. I-I spoke with your assistant and she said you’d be here. I just — I just need to ask you something. Listen, Martin is down in the lobby waiting. I don’t have a lot of time. I just — please tell me. Tell me about Sasha, please.

Nina: Well, as you clearly heard when you barged into the office, I left word for Gladys to give me an update when she hears anything.

Lucy: Well, I don’t have time to wait. I need to know what’s happening with Sasha right now.

Chase: Okay, what happened with Maxie?

Brook Lynn: I was trying to convince myself that there was something I could do, you know, to make it right, but Maxie made it perfectly clear that there is nothing I can do to make up for what I did.

Chase: I take it they found out that Tracy got the information on The Deceptor from you.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Deep down, I knew they would. Maxie could lose her livelihood. I mean, she just moved. She has three kids she has to support.

Chase: The case hasn’t been settled yet.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but it doesn’t look good, and it’s all my fault. And now I am getting exactly what I deserve. Maxie hates me.

Alexis: Gregory told me that he was going to Chase’s apartment the other day to tell him.

Finn: No, he must’ve — must’ve changed his mind. I — Chase called me this morning about getting a new baseball glove for Violet. He doesn’t know. It’s not gonna be easy for either one of them when he finally does tell Chase.

Alexis: It’s not easy for anyone. Certainly not easy for you.

Finn: All I’ve wanted to do since he told me was to help him. You know, I’ve been researching ALS day and night. What I’d really like to do is talk to Dr. Bronson about his case.

Alexis: But you can’t do that, can you?

Finn: It’s my dad’s illness, right?

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Finn: So legally, ethically, I’d have to get his permission. And I think — I’m concerned just bringing it up to him right now would just upset him more.

Alexis: [ Scoffs ] You and Dr. Bronson are both doctors. I’m sure that he would understand and share with you what he could.

Finn: Yeah, doctors don’t really like that, and — and I won’t go behind my father’s back.

Alexis: You’re right. That was a terrible idea.

Finn: You know, there will come a point when he won’t… he won’t be able to walk anymore. My father won’t be able to speak. But it’s still up to him when and how much he wants me to be involved.

Gregory: Why wouldn’t you want to go home to that adorable son of yours?

Esme: [ Chuckles ] No, it’s not — it’s not Ace that I’m avoiding. It’s Spencer. Um, but I don’t want to bother you with my problems.

Gregory: You are not bothering me.

Esme: Um, it’s just that Spencer and I have been spending a lot of time together taking care of Ace, and I thought that everything was going really well. You know, Spencer adores his little brother, and, you know, Ace lights up every time that Spencer walks into the room. [ Chuckles ] And I don’t know. It felt like for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to be part of a family.

Gregory: Sounds like a good start to me.

Esme: Until I overheard Spencer talking to Alexis about going out of town for the weekend with his girlfriend, Trina. He asked Alexis to check up on me, and in spite of what I thought, it is very clear that Spencer does not trust me. So much for family.

Marshall: Stella. We need to talk.

Stella: I’m a little busy here, Marshall.

Marshall: It’s important.

Elizabeth: Stella, you are due for a break.

Stella: Thanks, Elizabeth. I-I’ll finish this right after. Is everything all right with Curtis?

Marshall: He’s good. At least for now.

Stella: What is that supposed to mean?

Marshall: He’s thinking of selling The Savoy.

Stella: Bite your tongue. That’ll be the death of him.

Valentin: They were sloppy this time.

Anna: This seems very deliberate to me. This seems very personal. I just bought this. I bought it because I don’t have any clothes because they burned in the fire, all right? I’ve only worn this one time. I don’t even like it. And the only reason that it’s ruined is —

Valentin: Why, because it’s yours?

Anna: Yeah, because it’s mine. Your stuff isn’t here. I mean, it makes me feel that whoever’s doing this, they — they just — they want one thing, and that is to leave me with nothing.

Valentin: And then what? It’s more than that. The message in the bathroom. “You think you’re safe, but you’re not.” That’s a direct threat.

Martin: Oh, that woman who was just here — oh, fact is we just met. I’m not even sure I remember her name.

Blair: Lucy Coe.

Martin: Oh.

Blair: Yes. “Oh.” She owns Deception, a cosmetics company just like me. Hmm.  Some people might even consider us rivals. But I hear on the street that her company’s not doing that well.

Martin: Yeah, let me guess — little bird named Tracy Quartermaine told you that.

Blair: Possibly.

Martin: All right. Enough is enough. What exactly are you doing here with her tonight, Blair?

Blair: Marty… you’re an intelligent man. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Nina: All we know for sure, Lucy, is that Cody Bell apparently took Sasha out of Ferncliff.

Lucy: What?! How did he manage that?

Nina: Well, he got checked in as a patient.

Lucy: [ Scoffs ] Cody is not crazy.

Nina: No, he’s not crazy, but he convinced someone that he needs help, and he’s on the verge of being charged for kidnapping.

Lucy: [ Scoffs ] There is no way that Cody kidnapped Sasha.

Chase: Maxie may be angry, but once she has time to think it through —

Brook Lynn: Think what through, Chase? I betrayed her — and Lucy and Sasha.

Chase: You made a mistake. And I know for a fact that Maxie has made a number of mistakes in the past, and they know Tracy and what she is capable of. They’ll understand the pressure you were under.

Brook Lynn: That’s the part I feel the worst about — letting Tracy blackmail me because I was too afraid of you finding out the truth. I should have trusted you enough to tell you the truth myself.

Chase: Yeah, well, it’s too late for that.

Alexis: You’re a good son, you know that? And I know it’s even harder for you to let your father handle his own medical decisions because you’re a doctor.

Finn: Between you and me, it is tearing me up inside, but at some point, I have to admit and accept my limitations.

Alexis: Mm. Yeah, good luck with that. Whenever I try, it doesn’t always work out so well for me.

Finn: My dad’s lucky to have you in his life.

Alexis: I feel lucky to have him in mine, and I’m just trying to keep things as normal as possible because he said he wanted to maintain a normal life for as long as he could.

Finn: It’s not easy to go along with it, is it?

Alexis: I think that we all have our own u-unique ways of imagining how we’re gonna deal with the…

Finn: The transition?

Alexis: I hated that word when people used to substitute that for dying, and now…I think it’s really appropriate. I don’t know if it’s gonna make things any better for you or not, but you are not alone. We are in this together.

Finn: It helps a lot.

Gregory: Sometimes, even family can let you down, Esme, but they will almost always be there for you when you really need them. The bonds of family don’t easily break.

Esme: I realize that I was this horrible person before, but I am trying really hard to make a new beginning. I want to be the best receptionist, and, more importantly, I want to be the best mom that I can be for Ace, and I’m trying really hard to build a new relationship with Spencer based on respect because he is Ace’s big brother. But what’s the point? Because Spencer only sees me for who I was and not the person that I am now. Just like everybody else. [ Sighs ]

Gregory: If it means anything, Alexis had her doubts, but she sees you for who you are now, and so do I. Is it okay if I give you a little advice?

Esme: Anything, please.

Gregory: Sometimes when you only look at the big picture, it can be really frustrating and infuriating, so try to focus on the short term, like maybe the one thing that happened today that made you smile.

Esme: Does that work for you?

Stella: Curtis can’t sell The Savoy. He’s so proud of that club. It keeps him motivated and inspires him.

Marshall: You’re right about that.

Stella: And that’s more important than ever for him to keep fighting to recover. He’s got friends and coworkers there. Didn’t he go back to work?

Marshall: He did. And you can see while he’s at the club, the way he interacts with all the people, it’s like he has his finger on the pulse of Port Charles.

Stella: That’s exactly what he needs to keep fighting to recover. Why on earth would he want to sell?

Marshall: He may have gotten an offer he can’t refuse.

Anna: Don’t you think that someone who’s burned down my house and broken in here has had ample opportunity to kill me already?

Valentin: I’m not saying someone isn’t enjoying torturing you a little bit, but you know that message in the bathroom is a threat.

Anna: Yes, I know that. But this — this doesn’t look like someone who works for Pikeman or the WSB would resort to this, right?

Valentin: Okay. So it’s not professional-looking, but burning your house down, taking a shot at you at The Metro Court pool, now this — this is not a coincidence.

Anna: Okay.

Valentin: And I’m not taking any chances.

Martin: You gave Tracy the rights and copyright on your attempts to develop a beauty wand, didn’t you?

Blair: Nope. I gave Tracy absolutely nothing. But, however, she did pay a very handsome sum for those rights. You’re a lawyer, Marty. You know by only owning those rights, Tracy could file a suit against Lucy and Deception.

Martin: The fact that you would do something like that with someone like that to hurt someone like Lucy Coe — shame on you, Blair. That is just vile.

Blair: No. What is vile is you whispering my original idea into your girlfriend’s ear and making her think that it was her idea just to get her in your bed.

Martin: That is not how it happened.

Blair: [ Scoffs ] Right.

Martin: Anyway, Lucy’s product actually works. Yours never did.

Blair: She never would have got it off the ground if it hadn’t been an idea that you stole from me. Well, you know what, buddy? It is gonna cost you big time.

Lucy: Sasha didn’t want to admit it, but, um, I think that Cody does care for her much more than just as a friend. He did come to her rescue, you know, when she had that “problem” at the home & heart show.

Nina: Oh, yeah. That was a terrible trick that somebody played on her.

Lucy: Yeah, it was. It was so cruel. But, you know, she did handle it. Sasha was okay. She did. And Cody was there for her then, too, and I’m just wondering if maybe he feels like he’s rescuing her, you know, by breaking her out of Ferncliff. He’s coming to her aid.  You know, I really am worried about her, but Deception is also in a very precarious position right now, and if Sasha can’t come back, you know, I need to know. If she’s not gonna be able to come back, then I have simply got to replace her as soon as possible.

Finn: Well?

Elizabeth: Well, what?

Finn: Well, you were on your way to say hello, and then you took this sudden detour.

Elizabeth: I actually wasn’t gonna say hello. I was, um — I was gonna tell you something, and now I’m not sure it’s such a good idea.

Finn: Well, now you have to tell me.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ] Okay, but first, I-I recognize this isn’t my place. TJ told me about an incident he had with Dr. Bronson, and then Stella was just telling me about some of her patients, and it only confirmed what I’d been feeling since I took over as head nurse.

Finn: What’s going on?

Elizabeth: I don’t think Dr. Bronson is the right doctor for your dad.

Brook Lynn: Too late for what? For us?

Chase: No. No, too late for you to regret not telling me.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Chase: Because you did. You shared everything with me.

Brook Lynn: And you were so understanding.

Chase: Brook Lynn, you did what you did because you were desperate for me to get my job back, and I love you for that. I love you for so many reasons. But I don’t want to spend time, the two of us, just rehashing the past.

Brook Lynn: No. Look, I know that everything is gonna turn out all right as long as I have you by my side. I just — I hate what I did to my friends.

Chase: You know what I don’t understand, is how could your grandmother put you in that position? She knew how close you were to Maxie, and yet she still made you feel like you had to betray your best friend. Who would do that to their granddaughter?

Gregory: Actually, it has been working for me. I find if I focus on a good thing during the day that happened, you know, big or small, it makes a difference in my outlook.

Esme: What about today?

Gregory: Oh, today was really special. Today, I tried lavender ice cream for the first time.

Esme: [ Chuckles ]

Gregory: Amazing. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.

Esme: [ Chuckles ]

Gregory: What about you?

Esme: Oh, that’s easy. Today, after Ace burped, he gave me the biggest smile. I could — I could tell he thought it was funny, and it just made me think how lucky I am that I’m his mom.

Gregory: That sounds even better than my lavender ice cream.

Esme: Little bit.

[ Both chuckle ]

Gregory: Look, why don’t you get on home to Ace? I think I can handle rearranging your boss’s desk.

Esme: Thank you.

Gregory: My pleasure.

Alexis: Hi.

Esme: Oh, you’re back.

Gregory: Whoa.

Alexis: Gregory. Whoa.

Gregory: [ Grunts ]

Alexis: You okay there?

Gregory: Mm.

Valentin: You gonna be okay on your own?

Anna: Where are you going?

Valentin: I’m gonna go check for some security footage and see if we can’t identify who did this.

Anna: Don’t you think a professional will know that there are security cameras on every floor? And will have disabled them, or at least hidden their identity as best they can?

Valentin: Well, we’re gonna find out. Listen, in the meantime, you call the police and have them meet you here.

Anna: Yeah, maybe forensics will find something.

Valentin: Yeah. We’re gonna find who did this. We’re gonna stop them.

[ Door closes ]

Martin: What do you mean it’s gonna cost me? Lucy’s the one being sued by Tracy Quartermaine.

Blair: Yeah, and I’m the one paying you $50,000 a month in alimony.

Martin: Well, if you didn’t want to pay, maybe you shouldn’t have spent so much time jumping in and out of the sack with David Vickers. Wasn’t exactly discreet. As I recall, you were caught in flagrante.

Blair: Mm-hmm, because you hired that stupid detective.

Martin: [ Chuckling ] Oh, he had nothing to do with the money. No, no, that was all that sweet southern judge decided $50,000 was adequate and reasonable compensation for my pain and suffering.

Blair: Oh, and you’re just suffering so much with Lucy Coe.

Martin: No, no, no, no, no. She’s definitely what I call a step up.

Blair: Well, Tracy says that you’re really hooked on her. So when Lucy loses Deception — and she will — you’ll have no choice but to make her wife number four. Marry her. And you know when that happens, I won’t have to pay you another single dime.

Stella: What is this “Godfather” talk?

Marshall: A prominent business woman named Selina Wu offered Curtis a lot of money.

Stella: And he wants to sell?

Marshall: Not sure. But she’s trying to convince him that in his current condition, it’d be too difficult for him to run the club.

Stella: Too difficult because he’s in a wheelchair? Oh, these people make me crazy when they automatically assume that anyone with a disability is incapable of holding down a job like running a club or a thousand other jobs. If they saw a fraction of the grit and bravery I see people display every day, they would be ashamed of themselves.

Marshall: As well they should. Stella, I — I know what you do here is very important to the doctors and to the patients. I’m hoping that maybe you can find a way to lift Curtis up the way you do your patients.

Stella: I’m gonna do my best. Curtis needs that club. It’s his lifeline to get out of the house.

Marshall: Make him feel like he’s doing something worthy. My son can’t lose that club.

Esme: Professor Chase, are you all right?

Gregory: I’m — I’m fine. I’m sorry.

Alexis: It’s my fault. It’s that corner rug keeps coming up. We’ve got to get maintenance to take a look at that and tape it down. Yeah. So, um, thank you for staying late. I’m sure that your son needs his mom, and I’ll see you in the morning.

Esme: Yes, um, thank you again, Professor Chase.

Gregory: So how much did you hear?

Alexis: Enough to know that you lifted Esme’s spirits when she needed it.

Finn: Are you accusing Dr. Bronson of something?

Elizabeth: No, no, no, I’m not accusing him of anything. I think he’s a great neurologist.

Finn: Okay. Tell me what you really think.

Elizabeth: I think diagnostically, there’s no one better than Dr. Bronson. But there are things that happen or they should happen after the diagnosis… in my opinion.

Finn: That’s what I want to hear — your opinion.

Elizabeth: Okay, I can only compare him to you and some of the other specialists we have here.

Finn: [ Chuckles ] All the nurses make fun of my bedside manner.

Elizabeth: And we still think you’re an amazing doctor because you’re responsive to your patients. You listen to them, you answer their questions, you treat them with respect. You don’t just diagnose and then follow standard procedure. Dr. Bronson does.

Finn: And you think that’s how he’s treating my father?

Elizabeth: He diagnosed the ALS. His main focus is treating the ALS by the book rather than treating Gregory, the patient.

Nina: Let me get this straight. Uh, your concern for Sasha is what she is going through might cost you money?

Lucy: No, no, of — of course not. I adore Sasha. Everybody does. But you’re a businesswoman. You know that we just can’t be responsible for our own personal feelings. I’m responsible for employees. They could lose their jobs, the whole company. Don’t you see that — Frankly, it’s just the timing of Sasha’s predicament is really bad because Tracy is coming after us, and we could lose absolutely everything.

Nina: [ Clears throat ] I think it’s time for you to leave.

Lucy: What?

Nina: You heard me.

Valentin: Nina. I could use your help.

Lucy: No, wait. We are not finished with our conversation here.

Nina: Conversation is over. Goodbye, Lucy.

Lucy: Wow. Okay.

Valentin: Listen, I can explain everything, but right now, I need you to show me whatever security footage you have of the hallway outside of Anna’s hotel suite.

Gregory: Glad I could help Esme. She’s dealing with a lot.

Alexis: She’s not the only one.

Gregory: She’s young. Her life is just beginning.

Alexis: And yours is not over.

Gregory: [ Exhales deeply ]

Alexis: I thought you were gonna tell Chase that you have ALS.

Gregory: I was, and I went to his apartment with every intention of doing just that, but… Brook Lynn had just moved in and the two of them seemed so very happy and I just couldn’t ruin it.

Elizabeth: You don’t seem surprised.

Finn: I’m not. I’ve had the same reservations about Dr. Bronson, but I thought maybe because he was treating my father, I was too close to be objective.

Elizabeth: Well, I’m being objective. And I’m not saying that Dr. Bronson isn’t a good doctor for certain people, but your dad…

Finn: Is dying, and he needs a more compassionate kind of care.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Finn: The problem is he chose Dr. Bronson, and I just can’t step in now and start dictating treatment.

Elizabeth: Finn. You’re an excellent doctor with exceptional experience. This is your lane. And I think your dad would feel reassured and supported by your opinions. You wouldn’t be telling him what to do. You’re just offering an alternative.

Brook Lynn: You’ve been in Port Charles long enough now to have heard the infamous stories of the Quartermaine family’s, you know, bickering and backstabbing.

Chase: Yeah, but all those stories can’t be true.

Brook Lynn: I never wanted to believe they were, either. And I’ve done my fair share of conniving and deceiving my family, but I really thought we were in a good place, you know, that we could really count on each other. Now my dad thinks he’s someone else, and my grandmother, I mean, she’s always been calculating and tough. I-I actually admired her for it. But now I realize she is deliberately destructive. She’s taking down Deception because she can, and I helped her do it. You have no idea how lucky you are, Chase, to come from a family that’s open and honest with each other.

Martin: What the hell are you talking about?

Blair: Follow the breadcrumbs, Marty. I won’t hesitate to tell Lucy and prove to her that you stole The Deceptor idea from me and you gave it to her, and then she’ll lose everything. And then being angry and broke, she’ll have no choice but to sue you, and I will be her star witness. So I think you losing 50 grand a month is a small price to pay, don’t you? I mean, you won’t lose Lucy, and you won’t lose the rest of your money. So think about it, okay? It’s so nice to see you.

Nina: Yeah, I can, um, pull up the security footage from Olivia’s computer, but first, Valentin, you need to tell me what’s going on. Is Anna okay?

Valentin: No, she’s not okay. Someone broke into our hotel suite while we were at dinner tonight. There was a threatening message written on the bathroom mirror. The room was ransacked and, uh, her clothes were strewn all over the place, covered in red ink.

Nina: Oh, my god. Okay, you said dinner… that would be the latest footage from tonight.

Valentin: In the last two, three hours.

Nina: I am so sorry. I thought Anna would be okay here.

Valentin: I was hoping so, too. Now I just want to know who did this.

Dante: Gun! Everybody down!

[ Gunshot ]

Lucy: [ Breathes deeply ] Wow, I do not know what that was for, but you almost made me forget all my problems.

Martin: Mm.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] Phew. [ Clears throat ]

Martin: That’s what I’m here for, darlin’.

Gregory: It felt really good just now with Esme to be able to lift someone’s spirits instead of depress them.

Alexis: You do not depress anyone. On the contrary. You bring joy and happiness into many people’s lives, including your son’s and yours truly. And your work here, I mean, forget about it. It’s invaluable.

Gregory: Well… take advantage of me for as long as you can.

Alexis: I intend to. How are you feeling?

Gregory: You saw. More unsteady more often. Dr. Bronson has made it clear I’m deteriorating more rapidly. But I have every intention of living the best life I can for as long as I can.

Alexis: Good.

Gregory: But, Alexis, there’s something… I need to know.

Alexis: Of course.

Gregory: Have you ever tried lavender ice cream? Oh, my god.

Alexis: Yum!

Gregory: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: You’re right. I’m gonna talk to my dad about his treatment, and hopefully, he won’t be too resistant to sharing information.

Elizabeth: And then you could just take it from there.

Finn: Yeah. In the meantime, I’m gonna research some neurologists in the surrounding areas and New York City. I-I have some colleagues. They should be able to give me some good names. That way when I talk to him, I’ll have some alternatives.

Elizabeth: And if you need help with the research, I’m here.

Finn: I’m counting on it. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the push I needed.

Chase: My family wasn’t always open and honest. Growing up, Finn wasn’t around.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but you guys worked that out.

Chase: Yeah. And I’m glad we did. Because of all that time we missed, I feel like what we have now is even more special. [ Chuckles ] I never would have thought that my father, my brother, and myself having a tea party with Violet, that that would be the highlight of my week.

Brook Lynn: I felt the same way about spending time with my dad and Leo.

Chase: And now I don’t just have my family together. I’ve got you, too. I’m the luckiest guy I know.

Brook Lynn: I’m pretty lucky, too.

Marshall: So glad you’re back in town. Doing the work you love here at this hospital.

Stella: I didn’t mind being a jet-setter for a while, but I did miss my family and this job.

Marshall: Are they working you to death?

Stella: Oh, it’s fine, but it will be nice to get a little lighter load. Felicia Scorpio is going to be joining our staff, and I got a feeling she’s got the fire to make a difference.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ] It’s not surprising that you would be attracted to someone with the fire because you, Stella, are the original firecracker. [ Chuckles ] It’s good to have you back. And the family closer together.

Stella: You didn’t always feel that way.

Marshall: Hey, that’s — it’s water under the bridge. I lost Irene, and somehow, it feels that she’s still a part of us, especially with Curtis and Trina and you.

Stella: We’re lucky to have the family we have.

Marshall: Yeah, we are. [ Chuckles ] So we’ll, uh — we’ll keep this together. You’re going to talk to Curtis about the club, and I think between the two of us, we’ll be able to set him straight and keep him from making a mistake he’ll live to regret.

Stella: Yes.

Nina: All right, I pulled up the footage. You said the last three hours?

Valentin: Yeah, maximum.

Nina: Okay, I can just — I’ll fast-forward it.

Anna: Why are you involved with Sonny? And who is the third party?

Valentin: The defense contractor.

Anna: What’s the name of the company?

Valentin: Pikeman.

Valentin: Wait. Go back a little.

Nina: Uh, Valentin, I didn’t see anything.

Valentin: Just go back.

Dante: He lied to you about working for Pikeman?

Anna: He didn’t lie to me.

Dante: Well, he was dishonest. He withheld the truth. I-I just — why did he tell you? Wha– why then? Why would it come out of nowhere?

Anna: I was putting together the pieces, and he came — came home.

Dante: You told him what you knew, and he realized he had no choice but to come clean. So yeah, we don’t have to call that a lie if you don’t want to. But we both know he did lie to you about where he was the night of the fire.

Anna: Hello. I’d like to report a break-in.

Valentin: Stop there. Go back a little. Freeze it.

Nina: Oh, my God. Valentin, it can’t be.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Sasha (to Cody): We have to stop this before it gets any worse.

Selina (to Marshall): If you truly were loyal, you’d reconsider.

Curtis (to Portia): You know why she came by, don’t you?

Ned (with Olivia): I might just take you up on that, my friend.

Officer (to Anna): Do you want to start an investigation?

Valentin (to Nina): Please don’t show this to anyone else.

Sonny (to Dex): I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

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