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by Michele

Victor's Funeral on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock


-EJ was suddenly dreaming about Susan dying. He wasn’t thinking about her before.

-EJ was able to find out where Xander and Chloe live. He has no reason to know about that.

-Theresa has been gone for years, but she is still in love with Brady.

-Theresa didn’t bring Tate with her for the funeral because he had school. Even if he’s back in school, they would have let him have time off for a death in the family.


-Sarah looked at her ring as if Rex just put it on her finger.

-It was daytime when Xander and Theresa saw each other, but it was nighttime in this episode.

-If Ava didn’t kill Susan, why was she seeing her face? She didn’t have to haunt her if she didn’t do anything to her.

-Who was keeping Theresa informed about what was going on in Salem? She knew too much about Xander’s relationship with Sarah and Chloe.


-Where did Talia get the money to change her hair? Speaking of hair, Chanel also managed to change her hairstyle.

-Jada suggested that she and Rafe go to his house. If they went to his house before, they wouldn’t have gotten caught.

-Why would Johnny defend Ava to EJ? Did he forget that Ava killed his grandmother?


– Ciara was too far along to go to Victor’s funeral but Chelsea wasn’t. They were pregnant around the same time, yet Ciara couldn’t make it to the funeral.

– Why didn’t Will come with Sonny to Victor’s funeral?

– Why didn’t Claire come back for Victor’s funeral?

-Brady and Justin were sitting in the front row, but Philip was behind them at Victor’s funeral.


-Maggie can be heard talking while Sarah was shown.

-John didn’t go to Victor’s funeral. He had a relationship with Victor because of Isabella, so he should have been there.


Victor's Funeral on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

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