Why I think Days is Ridiculous 2023

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Random Rant by Jonathan Massey Moss

Leo (Kevin Rikaart) and Susan (Stacy Haiduk) on "Days of Our Lives' on Peacock

They just revealed that Susan Banks is alive. I’m not surprised – nobody dies in Salem! I doubted her death from day one. Some people hate her, but I find her hilarious. Some people also hate Leo, but I also find him hilarious. He has the funniest lines. I don’t care about the Dimitri triangle, but I guess he and Leo are well-suited. It’s obvious Dimitri will lose out on the money.

I don’t like Alex; he’s very annoying. I liked him much better when he was having casual flings – at least people don’t normally do that on the soaps. Perhaps Abby will return alive just before Chad and Stephanie get married…. that would be fun!

I am thankful the story line with Nurse Nuts and Abe is gone – that plot was tortuous. Speaking of tortuous, I liked the idea of Theresa coming back, but her character has been just annoying so far. It’s been a decade, so couldn’t she find someone else by now?

The residents of Salem have quite a few secrets. I’m not sure why they bother keeping them because they always come out. Salemites must have memories like goldfish.

I would hate to be Sloane when EJ finds out the baby isn’t his. Such a shame. I think Nichole and EJ are better suited. Wendy and Tripp are pretty boring, but it’s a good excuse for Lucas Adams to be shirtless. Xander and Chloes romance is obviously doomed – why are we even bothering with them?

Sonny is back, but what about Will? Oh, great, now I sound like some ridiculous fan whining about casting decisions…one of those who doesn’t realize that the showjust can’t afford lots of returnees.

People on social media were upset that Victor died in a plane crash instead of in his sleep. I don’t know what difference this makes, he’s dead either way. I did like Victor, though… he was funny and is already missed. RIP John.


John Aniston (Victor) on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock (photo from NBC)

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