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Marlena meets with the hospital John Doe in her office. He asks if she’s figured out the cause of his memory loss. She informs him that the MRI showed a past skull fracture but the good news is that he’s in excellent health. He guesses she can’t do anything for him. Marlena says she didn’t say that. He gets up and says he has a job to do as he has to find his son.

Outside the Kiriakis Mansion, Rex asks Sarah if she’s ready to go because Maggie is probably wondering where she is. Chloe tells Xander that they should get going as well. Sarah then stops and announces that her water just broke. Rex sits Sarah down and guesses they aren’t getting married before the baby is born. Xander thinks back to questioning Sarah about her pregnancy.

In the living room, Maggie tells Bonnie, Justin, Philip, and Kate how much it means to her that they are there for her. Bonnie says they will be there as long as she needs. Kate comments that out of all of Victor’s wives, she believes Maggie brought out the best in him. Kate calls Maggie the perfect match for Victor. Vivian Alamain then appears and remarks that it’s a matter of opinion, shocking the room. Maggie tells Vivian that she’s not welcome here. Kate adds that she’s not welcome anywhere. Maggie tells Vivian that she wants her out of her house now. Vivian responds that she is here to stay.

Marlena stops and tells the man that her husband John would like to talk to him because he’s been looking in to his background. Marlena asks him to wait. He complains that he feels he’s been waiting for an eternity already and he has no more time to waste. John then arrives. Marlena introduces him to John. He asks if John has any sign of his son. John says not yet, but he does know who Joseph Bell is. John explains that he and his partner just learned that he recently discharged himself from a VA hospital and the man in charge gave them his dogtags which John presents to him. He reads the name “Joseph Bell” and says if he says so. John acknowledges him having a hard time remembering but says he did come up with other information to jog his memory. John brings up Joseph serving in the Korean War. Joseph brings up Julie mentioning her uncle Tommy being in the Korean War and how that rang a bell. Marlena suggests they all sit down, so they do. Joseph asks John to tell him more. John talks about the platoon he was serving in Korea. John calls it an incredible coincidence but reveals that Joseph was in the same unit as his biological father, Timothy Robicheaux. He notes that it does sound familiar and asks to be told all about him.

Kate questions what the hell Vivian is doing here. Vivian responds that she came to pay respects to the love of her life. Justin argues that she is supposed to be in prison and assumes she was furloughed for the funeral. Maggie questions why since she isn’t family. Vivian calls Philip her son and hugs him. Kate argues that Vivian stole her embryo but that doesn’t mean Philip is her son. Vivian argues that Kate will never share the bond she and Philip have. Bonnie questions where Vivian’s guard or ankle monitor are if she was furloughed and guesses she must have escaped, so she instructs Maggie to call the police. Vivian declares that she was released on good behavior. Kate argues that she hasn’t gone a day in her life without breaking at least four laws. Vivian asks if they can just enjoy the good times for Victor’s sake. Maggie brings up Vivian trying to kill her and all her other crimes. Maggie says she should not be on the streets and she doesn’t want her in her home. Vivian felt they wouldn’t believe her so she shows the papers for her release. Justin confirms that it looks legit. Maggie tells Vivian that if Victor were here, he would say “get the hell out of my house, now”.

Rex checks on Sarah. Chloe offers to time her contractions. Xander says he will bring the car around to get her to the hospital. Sarah tells Rex that she feels like she needs to push now. Xander has a flashback to helping Sarah give birth in the past. Sarah then declares the baby is coming now.

Justin tells Maggie not to let Vivian get to her and that they will handle this. Vivian argues that Victor cherished hospitality, so Maggie is desecrating his memory. Bonnie says that Vivian is the one doing that. Vivian calls her “Adrienne”. Bonnie then clarifies who she is. Vivian calls Bonnie the gold digger who married Mickey Horton. Justin warns Vivian to watch how she talks to his wife. Vivian mocks Justin trading in Adrienne for a carbon copy. Maggie holds Bonnie back and argues that Vivian is the gold digger, who went after Victor three times. Vivian argues that they went after each other because they were soulmates. Vivian then flashes back to past arguments with Victor. Kate, Bonnie, and Maggie all agree that Vivian needs to go now but Vivian threatens to break one of Maggie’s figurines.

Rex sends Chloe to get his medical bag from his car. Xander worries about Sarah being too soon to give birth. Rex sends Xander to get towels and blankets. Sarah cries about her last birth while Rex promises that she’s with a real doctor and nothing will go wrong. Sarah worries about not being in a hospital. Sarah adds that she’s in so much pain and asks what if she slips and tells Xander that he’s the father.

John tells Joseph that he wishes he could tell him more about his father but he was adopted and spent most of his life not knowing who he was. John explains that eventually he learned that he was born John Robicheaux and that when he found his father, he had changed his name to Yo Ling and he was nothing but evil. Marlena asks if this is beginning to sound familiar. He repeats the name Timothy and has flashbacks to the war. He recalls being injured by an explosion and thinking another man was coming to help him but he stole his dog tags. John says he’s sorry about that. He tells him not to be sorry since they are helping him now. John asks if he has any idea why the other man went off with his dog tags. Marlena asks if he knows what happened next.

Rex encourages Sarah that she’s not going to slip up and tell Xander that he’s the father unless that’s what she wants. Sarah flashes back to Xander helping her give birth to her previous baby. Sarah acknowledges that Xander did everything he could to help Mackenzie then and he’s a good person, except for when he’s not. Xander then returns with towels and reminds Sarah of the birthing classes they did together, telling her to squeeze his hand as he flashes back to her previous giving birth.

Justin says there’s no reason for bloodshed this morning. Bonnie thinks Victor would approve. Philip asks Vivian to just go. Vivian refuses to leave until she gives her eulogy. Justin informs her that the funeral ended an hour ago which Vivian complains about. Kate threatens to throw her out. Vivian refuses to leave before the reading of the will. Maggie says that’s why she’s really here. Vivian claims that Victor’s money means nothing to her and that she’s only there for the interest of Philip. Kate repeats that he is not her son. Vivian argues that Philip could’ve been presumed dead when Victor’s will was last updated. Justin insists that he was the executor of the will and he’s confident that Philip is well taken care of while Vivian is not one of the inheritors. Vivian asks if she doesn’t even get something sentimental to remember Victor by. Justin states that they have not scheduled the reading of the will yet. Kate tells Vivian that they will call her but Vivian still refuses to leave. Justin decides that he will pull out the will now and prove that Vivian is not inheriting anything, so she will have no reason to ever come back again. Vivian asks Philip to get her a mimosa for the road. Justin then discovers that Victor’s will is gone.

The man recalls thinking he was going to die in the war, but he didn’t. John suggests maybe his father helped him after all. He remembers the other man leaving his own dog tags with him so that if he died, they would think it was him while he argued that his wife was pregnant and going to have a son. John realizes that means the dog tags found on him were not his own, so he is not Joseph Bell. John then removes his own tags from his neck and presents them, revealing that the John Doe is actually Timothy Robicheaux and he was right about having a son. John declares that all this time he’s been searching and now he has found him as John reveals that he is his son.

Kate asks Justin if he’s sure. Justin assures that Victor showed him the will before he went to Greece, so it has to be somewhere. Justin goes to call Victor’s estate attorneys. Kate tells Philip that neither of them are in the will but Victor had a secret trust fund for Philip while he was away in Europe. Philip says they can go then. Kate tells everyone else that she’s sure the will is going to be found and she wishes she could see the look on Vivian’s face when she finds out she’s not in it but she and Philip have to go. Kate apologizes for abandoning Maggie while Bonnie assures that they’ll be her backup. Vivian calls out to Philip that she’s glad he’s not dead as he exits with Kate. Justin finishes his call and announces that apparently, Victor called his estate attorneys while he was away and told them to destroy the will.

Timothy and John talk about searching for each other for their entire life. Marlena explains that he got stuck in the VA system after being wounded in the war and they don’t know a lot about John’s background, but they know that John was born on a rural farm in Louisiana. John notes that he was born after Timothy disappeared. Timothy says he must have had such a hard life without a father. John declares that all that matters is that he’s here now.

Rex, Xander, and Chloe guide Sarah through giving birth. Rex encourages that the baby is almost there as Sarah gives one last push. Sarah successfully gives birth and Rex announces that it’s a girl. Sarah holds her baby and talks about being afraid that it would be like replacing her previous child but says it’s just so much love. Sarah admits she was scared of something going wrong again but she’s perfect.

Philip and Kate go to the Brady Pub. Kate wonders how the funeral reception is going. Philip notes it wasn’t much of a party even before Vivian got there. Kate thought that Rex and Sarah might come back to the house before they left. Philip guesses they decided to skip it since neither of them knew Victor very well. Kate is glad Sarah was there for Maggie and relates to how she felt having both of her sons there for the first time in a long time. Kate tells Philip that he gave a lovely eulogy and asks if he’s alright. Philip guesses it hadn’t really sank in until the funeral that this time really is goodbye. Philip always thought he’d have a chance to redeem himself in Victor’s eyes before he died and live up to what he thought he could be. Philip flashes back to an emotional conversation with Victor before he left Salem. Kate assures Philip that Victor loved him unconditionally and would’ve done anything for him. Kate adds that she was adamant about Philip not coming home, but she knows Victor would be so glad he’s here and she is too.

Maggie questions Victor asking his estate lawyer to destroy the will. Justin adds that Victor did not create a new one either. Maggie asks what happens now. Justin states that if there is no will, everything goes to the surviving spouse, so Maggie inherits the entire estate. Vivian reveals that’s not really true.

Timothy asks John about his adoption. John says it’s complicated and he doesn’t even know the whole story. Timothy asks about his wife. John says she passed a few years ago. Timothy talks about being so determined to find him because he loved her so much. Marlena knows this is a lot to take in. Timothy declares that the man who helped him find his son turned out to be his son, which he calls a miracle.

Kate tells Philip that she’s glad they had this time together and adds that he was right to get them out of there. Kate admits that she would’ve loved to have seen the look on Vivian’s face when she finds out she’s inheriting nothing…

Maggie questions what Vivian means. Bonnie argues that Vivian is just trying to rile her as she’s been in prison and doesn’t know anything. Vivian declares that she is Victor’s surviving spouse. Justin questions how she figures that. Maggie points out that they have been divorced for over a decade. Vivian reveals that the papers were never properly filed so they never got an official divorce decree, so Maggie and Victor’s marriage is null and void. Vivian declares that she is the widow Kiriakis and she inherits everything.

Sarah holds her baby and thanks her for making her a mom again. Rex notes Sarah shivering. Chloe goes to get another blanket. Xander takes the baby and holds her. Sarah starts to say there is something he should know. Xander notes that Sarah is really pale. Rex asks if Sarah is alright. Sarah responds that she doesn’t know and passes out.

Timothy says that when he dreamed his son was nearby, that was fate guiding his hand. Marlena asks John if he’s okay. John talks about wanting to know who he was and where he came from. John says when he found out he wasn’t Roman Brady, every answer he got after that was worse than the one before it from the Alamains to the DiMeras to Yo Ling. John calls it hard to believe he could’ve been a good person with that bad blood in him and there were times he wasn’t a good person. Marlena encourages that what Stefano did to him was not his fault as he made himself the man he is and she’s so proud of him. John declares that Marlena made him that man. John tells Timothy that he made him that man. John can’t believe that he has found thee Timothy Robicheaux. Timothy can’t believe it either and credits Marlena for making it happen. Timothy tells John they’ll make sure they don’t lose each other again as they hug.

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