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[ Relaxing music ]

RJ: How come no one’s told me?

Ridge: We’re telling you now.

RJ: So, Steffy’s just– she’s just left? She’s just up and left?

Brooke: With her children. She’s protecting them the best way she knows how.

RJ: It’s just so sudden.

Ridge: It is, yep. She told me last night, she was going to the airport and… meeting Taylor, she’s gonna help with the kids.

Brooke: So as much as she loves Finn, she just can’t be with him right now. It’s not safe.

RJ: And all of this is because of Sheila.

Li: Oh, oh, I feel so terrible for you, Finn. What, she just took the kids and left?

Finn: Well, I mean, uh, we– we talked first, you know, she didn’t take them without me knowing. I was able to say goodbye. But, um, yeah, I mean, this is what she feels is safest, is taking the kids overseas.

Li: This is exactly what I was afraid of. Sheila interfering in your marriage.

Liam: Ah. So, good trip?

Bill: Yeah, yeah, you know, it, uh, recharged me. I mean, it’s not like I was totally off the grid, with a– with a knapsack and a solar shower.

Wyatt: What? Hey, hey, hey.

Bill: I was on the Stella Maris, where, by the way, there is every communication device known to mankind. I also had something with me called a cell ph–

Liam: Uh.

Bill: Would have been nice if you called to let me know what was going on with you.

Liam: Yeah. I know. I’m sorry, I just–

Bill: No, no, no. You– you don’t need to apologize. Marriages are tough, son. I am sorry to hear that yours seems to be coming to an end. I still can’t believe she kissed Thomas.

Wyatt: You’re not the only one.

Bill: Look, as, uh, someone who has made a mistake or two hurting the woman that I loved, gotta ask you. Any chance you can forgive Hope? Get past this?

RJ: Well, yeah. Yeah, it makes sense why Steffy would leave so quickly, considering Sheila just showed up at her door. That would freak her out. Freaked me out.

Ridge: Yep. And she was just about to move back into her house. Not that that’s something I agreed with, I know you didn’t.

Brooke: No!

Ridge: But it’s what she wanted to do.

Brooke: But, uh–

Ridge: Um, wanted to put her family back together.

Brooke: It’s– it’s hard for me to believe that Sheila is demanding to be part of the family, yet again.

RJ: And then, of course, Steffy felt like she had no choice but to leave town.

Brooke: Well, wasn’t the ideal situation, but it had to be done. The thing that’s important is that Steffy and Kelly and Hayes are safe.

Ridge: Yes, let’s look at the bright side of this, right? They’re in Rome. That means we gotta go visit.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: All the time.

RJ: Defin– we are definitely going to visit them, yes.

Ridge: All right. Gonna tell Dad. He’s been really lucid these days, did you feel that? Have you talked to him?

RJ: Um… yes. Yeah. I– I have talked to him. I, um… I’m– I’m a little worried about him, honestly. But I think you can help.

Finn: It’s beyond frustrating. I mean, Steffy, she was finally ready to come home. That’s what she came here to tell me.

Li: What happened?

Finn: Sheila! Sheila happened. She showed up out of nowhere and Steffy freaked out.

Li: You blame her?

Finn: Blame her? No, I don’t blame her. Okay? I get it. But I’m not gonna allow anyone to come between Steffy and me.

Li: Including Sheila?

Finn: Absolutely. Sheila, I mean, she’s the reason for all of this. But Liam, too.

Bill: You and hope have built quite a life. A family together. Take it from me, that kind of love runs deep.

Liam: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, that’s the thing, right? I’ll– I’ll always love Hope, which is why this is… so hard. Honestly, it– if it were anyone but Thomas.

Bill: I get it.

Wyatt: Yeah, but I mean, that’s not the only reason why Liam can’t forgive hope. Am I right? Liam has another woman that he loves. Another woman he has a child with.

Liam: Um…

Ridge: What do you– what do you mean, there’s– there’s something wrong with Granddad and I can’t help? What are you talking about?

RJ: Um… well, I– you know how he’s working on a new line?

Ridge: That’s what this is about? The new line? Listen, my dad, he is an ideas guy. He comes up with stuff. But he should know better than anyone that you can’t just start a line in the middle of the year, when we’re workin’ hard. Not just on couture and hope for the future, but Brooke’s bedroom line. There’s hundreds, thousands of man hours. You can’t just start something over.

RJ: I know.

Ridge: And that’s what I was saying to him. I said, “Listen, you just– you need to relax, and enjoy yourself. Play golf, play pickleball with Donna, I don’t know.”

RJ: Dad, don’t you think that’s incredibly insulting to a man who is as vital and– and capable as Granddad?

Li: You still think Liam is–

Finn: Mom, look. First and foremost, I take full responsibility for some of the issues that Steffy and I have been having lately.

Li: You mean by embracing Sheila and calling her “Mom?” Still don’t know what you were thinking, Finn.

Finn: I don’t know. I– I was– I was stupid, but look, I’ve repeatedly apologized to Steffy and assured her that Sheila will never have a part of our lives.

Li: And right on cue, Sheila shows up.

Finn: Yeah.

Li: So, all that’s happening and what? You think Liam is seeing this as an opportunity? Finn, you have enough to deal with than blaming Liam for–

Finn: Look, I am not making this up. I’ve had a few run-ins with Liam recently. And he admitted, to my face, that he still loves Steffy and he wants her back. My wife! He says that they have some sort of history that I’ll never understand.

Li: Who the hell does he think he is?

Bill: So, yes. I was working remotely for a while, and in my absence, I expected you guys to keep this place running smoothly. Now, I return to find that your marriage is coming to an end and your brother has been playing the sounding board for your misery. Do I have to remind you both that there was a business to run?

Wyatt: I– I thought we did good job at the end.

Bill: And you both did a phenomenal job. So much so that, uh, you know, maybe I could do this every once in a while.

Wyatt: Hey, now that you’re here, um, maybe– maybe I could work from the Stella Maris.

Bill: Or not.

Wyatt: Okay. Fair enough.

Bill: So, your feelings for Steffy have been reignited?

Wyatt: Ah, I don’t think they ever went out.

Bill: Well, you have always felt connected to her, you share quite a history, not to mention a daughter. And for a long time, you were the great loves of each other’s lives.

Liam: I mean, yeah, I– I never thought I’d have another chance with Steffy. We both kind of just moved on.

Bill: And now Hope has moved on with Thomas?

Liam: Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening with those two right now, and frankly, the less I know, the better, but I– I admit it, I’m– I’m… thinking about Steffy a lot lately, and, um, Sheila has definitely driven a wedge between her and Finn, so much so that, uh, Steffy came to see me here. She told me she’s leaving L.A.

Wyatt and Bill: Because of Sheila.

Liam: Steffy feels that, uh, she– she just can’t keep herself and– and the kids safe, as long as Sheila feels entitled to this– this relationship with Finn and I don’t know how she could re-commit to Finn, knowing that Sheila’s just, you know, out there. Ready to strike at any moment.

RJ: Granddad founded this entire company with grandma. I think, because of that, he should be able to do whatever he wants, right?

Ridge: Yeah, easy. RJ, eas– easy. No one’s trying to put your granddad on the shelf, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re trying to protect him and this company.

RJ: I don’t think that Granddad sees it that way.

Ridge: Ah, Brooke, help me. I don’t know what to–

Brooke: Okay, wait. I think what your father’s trying to say is that nobody deserves to relax and enjoy life more than Eric does.

Ridge: Yeah. Good. That’s exactly right.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: It’s very sweet, he’s trying to protect him, though, right? It’s really nice. We got this covered. Everything’s gonna be okay. I promise you.

Li: Seriously. The gall of this guy. How can Liam stand there and say he wants Steffy back?

Finn: Yeah, well, it’s not happening. Steffy and I have a family. We’ve built a life. She’s my wife.

Bill: I cannot believe that soft judge let Sheila off on a technicality.

Wyatt: Dad, you did everything you could, right? Your– your heart and your mind were both in the right place, even if they were cozied up with Sheila.

[Liam snickering]

Bill: Really, Wyatt?

Wyatt: Sorry.

Bill: Seriously? You want– you want me just to throw up on– on the table here?

Wyatt: We got wipes.

Bill: Now, let me tell you something. Yes, I used my contacts at the agency to fast track some things and cut some corners, but that’s how it gets done in the real world and I’ve done it quite successfully.

Liam: Bottom line– bottom line… we all want Sheila locked up again. And hopefully, soon, Steffy and the kids will be able to return.

Bill: And that’s when you Hope to start your life with her again.

Brooke: It’s moments like those that makes me feel like we must have done something right as parents.

Ridge: Oh, A, absolutely, and B, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

[ Brooke chuckles ]

Brooke: I am talking about our sweet son, RJ. How concerned he was for Steffy and the kids. And how he feels about Eric, how he just wants him to be happy. So sweet.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: But?

Ridge: But I don’t know, I– I’M… what if there’s more to what RJ was saying?

[ Brooke chuckles ]

[ Eric grunts ]

[ Eric grunts ]

RJ: Hey, there’s Granddad!

Eric: Hey, how you doing?

RJ: How are you? Oh, hey, is the, uh, is the hand cooperating a little more today?

Eric: Uh, hardly. Every time I try to draw, I just– I just can’t, I’d– I tried to use the tablet, but I can’t remember that– the password, you know.

RJ: Well, I got you… your very own dedicated one. Eric Forrester only. I set it up just like mine, and I’ll help you, uh, sync our designs so that we can see each other’s changes.

Eric: Very thoughtful.

RJ: Eh, well, you know. I put it on the company card.

[ Both chuckle ]

Eric: And resourceful. Thank you.

[ Eric sighing ]

RJ: What? What is it? What’s goin’ on?

Eric: Nah, it’s just– it’s the same thing. Every time I pick up a pencil and to try to put something down on paper, I just can’t. It hurts too mu– I can’t do it.

RJ: Granddad, listen. I know that this is tough for you, but like you said, nobody dares count out the great Eric Forrester. And I’m here for you. I’m here for you to help in any way that you need, okay? We are gonna get your new line down. Together.

Li: They have history? Well, so do you and Steffy. You both almost died and then fought like hell to reunite, halfway around the world. Doesn’t Liam realize what you went through to get back together? Does he have no honor?

Finn: First thing he did when he saw Sheila and me embrace, which I know was wrong, pulls out his phone, records me, and runs straight to Steffy to show her.

Li: Says a lot. But… he is not you. Even though you were vulnerable to Sheila, it shows your compassion, loving spirit. But you’re also strong and determined.

Finn: Who else does that sound like?

Li: I know you won’t let Sheila, or Liam, break up your marriage and family.

Liam: I just want to be perfectly clear here. I never set out to break up Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

Bill: Sounds like Finn’s doing a good job of that all on his own, embracing that psycho birthmother of his.

Wyatt: Yep, see? That’s what I’ve been saying. Dude, you have no reason to feel guilty about anything, all right? You b– you were trying to protect your family and keep your loved ones safe.

Liam: Well, thanks for the support. I– I appreciate you guys, and– and honestly, you know, I’m– I’m not gonna pretend my– my feelings for Steffy don’t exist, especially given the history we share, the daughter we share. But at this point, you know, my– my priority right now is– is Steffy’s happiness and– and her safety. It’s just… you know, I– I… I’d be a fool not to… jump at another chance with her if it came up, because… I do love Steffy. Too much.

Brooke: Mm, oh!

Ridge: All right. Let me see it. I showed you mine.

[ Brooke gasping ]

Brooke: You did?

Ridge: No, hey! Wedding dress.

Brooke: Oh, okay.

Ridge: I wanna see it, let me see it.

Brooke: Hang on. The buildup is part of the fun, right? I can’t wait to surprise you this time.

Ridge: You always surprise me. Your zest for life. Your positive way of looking at the world. I wish my dad could take a page out of your book.

Brooke: Well, like you said to RJ, everything is going to be okay.

Ridge: You think so?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Should always listen to you, huh?

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Eric: You’re a good kid, RJ. I appreciate your help so much, I do. But I can’t– I can’t, uh… I can’t draw.

RJ: No! And it sucks, but Granddad, it’s the only problem, right? I– I mean, you can still– you can still walk, you can still talk. And you can still play the piano, I mean, hey. God knows you can knock back the martinis, yes? Granddad, listen to me. This is your Everest right now, okay? And unlike countless other people that have tried to scale the summit, and they’ve failed, you have succeeded. And you’ve done it countless times. I– I know that this– it– it– it’s driving you nuts, and I feel for you, I do, but it’s just proving that you still have passion. So, let’s channel it! I am– I am here for you, to help you in any way that you need, but you need to believe that this is not game over. You were one of the most iconic figures in fashion history, ever. And you aren’t ready to retire. You’re– you’re brimming, full of great ideas, so let’s take those ideas and let’s bring ’em to life. Together. Don’t– don’t listen to what my dad said.

Eric: Okay.

RJ: Yeah? Come here.

Eric: Come here, you come here. Yeah. Good boy, thank you. Thank you.

[ Brooke chuckles ]

Brooke: Okay, back to work. Come on.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: Hmm.

Ridge: Here.

Brooke: Oh. Thank you.

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